Charlotte Thompson World War I Photographs, circa 1915-1922

Collection number: UA 17/7
Size: 4 boxes (1.3 cu.ft.)

About Charlotte Thompson

Miss Charlotte Thompson served as the librarian for the Durham Library Association before it was combined with the New Hampshire College Library in 1907. She was appointed assistant college librarian and in this position, she won the regard and affection of students (to whom she was known as "Aunt Lottie") for more than two decades. During World War I, many of the students who served overseas sent letters and photos to Aunt Lottie describing their experiences. A box of these letters was housed in the library for many years after her death in 1939 until a previously unnoticed note in Miss Thompson's handwriting was discovered amongst the letters. The note requested that the letters all be burned at her death. Regretfully, the librarian felt she had no choice but to obey, but since the note made no mention of the photographs, they were spared.

About the Charlotte Thompson World War I Photographs

This series contains portraits and in some cases descriptions of the men from New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts who served in World War I.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Abbott, W.S
Box 1, Folder 2Adams, Forrest E.
Box 1, Folder 3Atkins, Harry C.
Box 1, Folder 4Barker, Lt. Forrest A.
Box 1, Folder 5Batchelder, George H.
Box 1, Folder 6Batchelder, Philip
Box 1, Folder 7Batchelder, Vance W.
Box 1, Folder 8Bell, Lt. Ernest L.
Box 1, Folder 9Bennett, Lt. Charles A.
Box 1, Folder 10Booma, Lt. Frank
Box 1, Folder 11Brien, Corp. Armand A.
Box 1, Folder 12Brill, Lt. Milo H.
Box 1, Folder 13Cann, Frederick B.
Box 1, Folder 14Carlisle, Sumner
Box 1, Folder 15Clay, Ansel R.
Box 1, Folder 16Colby, Lt. Oliver M.
Box 1, Folder 17Corriveau, Lt. Paul E.
Box 1, Folder 18Cowell, William H.
Box 1, Folder 19Crockett, Capt. Dura P.
Box 1, Folder 20Dame, Lt. Ralph L.
Box 1, Folder 21Daniels, Sgt. C.R.
Box 1, Folder 22DeMeritt, Stephen
Box 1, Folder 23Eldredge, Leston F.
Box 1, Folder 24Fitts, Perley I.
Box 1, Folder 25Fogg, Leander H.
Box 1, Folder 26Fogg, Sherburne H.
Box 1, Folder 27Foster, Perley A.
Box 1, Folder 28Gamash, Albert W.
Box 1, Folder 29Gay, Paul B.
Box 1, Folder 30Graham, Capt. Roy C.L.
Box 1, Folder 31Grant, Lt. Arnold J.
Box 1, Folder 32Haggerty, William J.
Box 1, Folder 33Haseltine, Franklin Lowell
Box 1, Folder 34Hatch, Wallace E.
Box 1, Folder 35Helper, Lt. J.R.
Box 1, Folder 36Hewitt, C.E.
Box 1, Folder 37Hill, Benjamin F.
Box 1, Folder 38Holmes, Russell
Box 1, Folder 39Humiston, John
Box 1, Folder 40Hunt, Col. Charles A.
Box 1, Folder 41Hunt, Lt. Cyril T.
Box 1, Folder 42Jones, Leslie Millard
Box 1, Folder 43Knight, Lt. Richard A.
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Knox, Warren P.
Box 2, Folder 2Langley, Harold E.
Box 2, Folder 3Langley, Lester Libby
Box 2, Folder 4Langley, Marlan George
Box 2, Folder 5Lewis, Willard P.
Box 2, Folder 6Libby, Lt. Donald W.
Box 2, Folder 7Marston, Sgt. James A.
Box 2, Folder 8Marston, Charles E.
Box 2, Folder 9Mathes, Carl F.
Box 2, Folder 10Mathes, Lt. Roy W.
Box 2, Folder 11McConachie, Lt. Max
Box 2, Folder 12Melkonian, J.H.
Box 2, Folder 13Miltimore, Lt. John E.
Box 2, Folder 14Minichiello, Albert
Box 2, Folder 15Montgomery, Corp. Earle R.
Box 2, Folder 16Moody, Alden H.
Box 2, Folder 17Morgan, Arthur R.
Box 2, Folder 18Morse, Adrian O.
Box 2, Folder 19Nelson, Lt. Wesley Joseph
Box 2, Folder 20O'Leary, Christopher J.
Box 2, Folder 21Parnell, Lt. George D.
Box 2, Folder 22Paul, Edward A.
Box 2, Folder 23Perley, George Arthur
Box 2, Folder 24Petmezas, Constantine A.
Box 2, Folder 25Pettee, Charles Swett
Box 2, Folder 26Pettee, Sarah
Box 2, Folder 27Pitman, Ralph R.
Box 2, Folder 28Powers, Sgt. John "Jack" W.
Box 2, Folder 29Prescott, Frank W.
Box 2, Folder 30Purington, James A.
Box 2, Folder 31Pyne, Leo
Box 2, Folder 32Randall, Frank Wiggin
Box 2, Folder 33Reid, Walter D.
Box 2, Folder 34Rice, Lee L.
Box 2, Folder 35Richardson, Clisson W.
Box 2, Folder 36Roberts, Ray T.
Box 2, Folder 37Rogers, Walter E.
Box 2, Folder 38Rogers, William E.
Box 2, Folder 39Sanders, Elmer Nason
Box 2, Folder 40Scott, Charles Field
Box 2, Folder 41Shirley, Raplh W.
Box 2, Folder 42Sleeper, Clarence W.
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Smith, Lt. Howard B.
Box 3, Folder 2Smith, Lt. Victor H.
Box 3, Folder 3Soper, Private Otis Edmund
Box 3, Folder 4Stevens, Clark L.
Box 3, Folder 5Stevens, Corp. George O.
Box 3, Folder 6Stone, Fred W.
Box 3, Folder 7Sullivan, Capt. Lynde
Box 3, Folder 8Swain, Charles A.
Box 3, Folder 9Tarbell, Luther A.
Box 3, Folder 10Thomas, Michael
Box 3, Folder 11Thomas, Lt. W.H.
Box 3, Folder 12Thompson, Charlotte "Aunt Lottie"
Box 3, Folder 13Thompson, William H.
Box 3, Folder 14Tibbetts, Lt. Carleton B.
Box 3, Folder 15Torrey, Sgt. Prescott H.
Box 3, Folder 16Wagner, Edgar R.
Box 3, Folder 17Waterman, Clarence S.
Box 3, Folder 18Watson, Lt. Philip W.
Box 3, Folder 19Wentworth, Stephen Neal
Box 3, Folder 20Westover, Lt. Kyle C.
Box 3, Folder 21Wheeler, William C.
Box 3, Folder 22Whoriskey, Richard
Box 3, Folder 23Wiggin, Lt. Rohl C.
Box 3, Folder 24Wiggins, Edwin A.
Box 3, Folder 25Wilber, (first name unknown Class of 1920)
Box 3, Folder 26Willard, Lt. P.S.
Box 3, Folder 27Dedication of N.H.C. Memorial Field, 1922
Box 3, Folder 281921, Certificate from United States to New Hampshire College for Participation in Student Army Training Corps
Box 3, Folder 29Lists of Students in Military Service
Box 3, Folder 30Charlotte Thompson's "War Book"
Box 3, Folder 31Group Photos
Box 3, Folder 32Miscellaneous Photos
Box 3, Folder 33Unidentified Portraits
Box 3, Folder 34History of the 91st Aero Squadron, 1917-1919
Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Folder 1Barker, Forrest A.
Oversize Box 1, Folder 2Bell, Lt. Ernest L.
Oversize Box 1, Folder 3Croghan, John T.
Oversize Box 1, Folder 4Lovell, Moses R.
Oversize Box 1, Folder 5Ordway, Frederick (Jr.)
Oversize Box 1, Folder 6Paine, Lansing M.
Oversize Box 1, Folder 7Paine, Ralph D.


Photographs, Slides & Negatives