Freshman English Files, 1955-1968

Collection number: UA 9/11/1
Size: 5 boxes (1.65 cu.ft.)

About Freshman English Program

With the exception of a seven-year period between 1939 and 1946, when a student could test out of taking English, the Freshman English course has been a university-wide requirement. During the years covered in this collection, all freshmen were given a standard test on the fundamentals of English before their arrival on campus or during the orientation period. Those whose performance was found to be unsatisfactory were required to take English A (Improvement in Writing), a one-semester, non-credit course as a prerequisite to English 1. Students could also be remanded to English A at any time during their college careers if an instructor in any department of the university noticed instances of severe grammatical deficiency in the student’s work.

English 1-2 (Freshman English) is described in the undergraduate catalog as “the training of students to write correctly and with force and to read with appreciation and discernment the chief types of literature.”

In 1964, English A became English 301 and English 1-2 became English 401-402.

About the Freshman English Program files

This series contains the files of the chairs of the freshman English program from 1955-1968: John C. Richardson, 1955-56, Edmund “Ted” Miller, 1956-1962, Lee S. Baier, 1962-1966 and James T. Sullivan, 1966-1968 respectively. Included are course outlines and expectations, test results, reading lists, and correspondence.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], Freshman English Files, 1955-1968, UA 9/11/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred from the English Dept. in July, 1993.

Collection Arrangement

The original file titles and contents was maintained.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11955-1956English A
Box 1, Folder 21955-1956English 1-2
Box 1, Folder 31956-1957English A
Box 1, Folder 41956-1957English 1-2
Box 1, Folder 51957-1958English A
Box 1, Folder 61958-1959English 1-2
Box 1, Folder 71957-1958English 1, outline
Box 1, Folder 81957-1958English 1-2, correspondence
Box 1, Folder 91958-1959English A
Box 1, Folder 101958-1959English 1, outline
Box 1, Folder 111958-1959English 1-2
Box 1, Folder 121958-1959English 1-2, correspondence
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11959-1960English A
Box 2, Folder 21959-1960English 1-2
Box 2, Folder 31960-1961English A
Box 2, Folder 41960-1961English 1-2
Box 2, Folder 51961-1962English A
Box 2, Folder 61961-1962English 1-2
Box 2, Folder 71962-1963English A
Box 2, Folder 81962-1963English 1-2
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11963-1964English A
Box 3, Folder 21963-1964English 1-2
Box 3, Folder 31964-1965English 301
Box 3, Folder 41964-1965English 401
Box 3, Folder 51965English 301
Box 3, Folder 61965-1966English 401-402
Box 3, Folder 71966English 401-402
Box 3, Folder 81966-1967English 401-402
Box 3, Folder 91967-1968English 401-402
Box 3, Folder 101967Honors and Exemptions
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Exempts' Performances
Box 4, Folder 21966-1968Experimental Sections
Box 4, Folder 31967-1968Library Test
Box 4, Folder 4Extension
Box 4, Folder 5English 2, library paper
Box 4, Folder 61956-1965English A, reports
Box 4, Folder 71949-1966English 1, finals
Box 4, Folder 81947-1966English 2, finals
Box 4, Folder 91959-1962English 1-2
Box 4, Folder 101963-writing sample material
Box 4, Folder 111962-1967notices sent
Box 4, Folder 12English 401, book orders
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11965-1966English 401-402 meetings
Box 5, Folder 21967-1968correspondence
Box 5, Folder 31963-1966English committees
Box 5, Folder 41966Freshman English Planning Committee
Box 5, Folder 51967English 401-402, EPC business
Box 5, Folder 61966Freshman English Planning Committee
Box 5, Folder 71967Freshman English Planning Committee
Box 5, Folder 81968Freshman English Planning Committee
Box 5, Folder 9Freshman English reading lists


Letters & Postcards
Manuscripts & Typescripts
Minutes & Reports