Gifts and Wills, 1849-1982

Collection number: UA 1/1/3
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About the University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire was founded in 1866 by the state legislature as the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. First situated in Hanover in connection with Dartmouth College, the NHCAMA was removed to its Durham campus in 1893 after Benjamin Thompson, a prosperous farmer, bequeathed land and money to the state for educational use. In 1923, the state legislature granted it a new charter as the University of New Hampshire.

About Gifts and Wills

This series contains information about gifts that the University has received. There are also copies of the wills of individuals who have bequeathed items to the University.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Gifts and Wills, 1849-1982, UA 1/1/3, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transfered to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Arrangement

This collection has been organized into two series: Series 1: Gifts; and Series 2: Wills.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Gifts, 1897-1982

(1 box)

This series contains information about gifts that the University has received.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11923List of trust funds held by or in behalf of the University
Box 1, Folder 21954Champlin, W.H., Jr.; Champlin Fund for the study and advancement of aeronautics
Box 1, Folder 31954Concord Alumni Association scholarship fund
Box 1, Folder 41911-1915Davis, Thomas Jones dairy and household, science prizes and Davis Park land
Box 1, Folder 51978Erickson, Richard fishing boat
Box 1, Folder 61952Felker, Andrew L. Scholarship
Box 1, Folder 71974(Family of) Philip Foster; Philip Foster collection
Box 1, Folder 81982Hamilton, Helen to UNH; 2 parcels of land on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals (quitclaim deed)
Box 1, Folder 91921-1930Hood, Charles H.; Hood Prize fund and gift to construct infirmary; File #62.2
Box 1, Folder 101981Ingram, Russell F. to UNH; To support the Campaign for Distinction (Quitclaim Deed)
Box 1, Folder 111952McDaniel, Arthur W.; tract of land in Strafford County
Box 1, Folder 121976Milne, Helena Vance to UNH; Barrington property; 76-020 (Deed)
Box 1, Folder 131907Onderdonk, Edith Angela; girl's dormitory
Box 1, Folder 141933Pearson, John; Receipt of John Pearson for 1 kiosk given to the University of New Hampshire
Box 1, Folder 151961Plaistow Fish and Game Club and UNH; establishing memorial scholarship fund
Box 1, Folder 161897-1903Smith, Hamilton; Valentine Smith Scholarship Fund, gift of $10,000; File #62.6
Box 1, Folder 171944Smith, Roderick W.; Roderick Wheeler Smith, Jr. Scholarship
Box 1, Folder 181934Spaulding, Huntley N.; $15,000
Box 1, Folder 191949-1959Stillings, Charles E.; establishment of trust fund
Box 1, Folder 201944-1945Wellman, James A.; scholarship
Box 1, Folder 211917-1921Whidden Farm; copy of resolution submitted by John W. Plummer, State Treasurer, relative to Whidden bequest

Series 2: Wills, 1849-1972

(2 boxes)

This series contains copies of the wills of individuals who have bequeathed items to the University.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11952Bartlett, John H.; fund
Box 1, Folder 21928Boutwell, Harvey L.; $3,000 Scholarship, preference to students from Malden, MA; File #61.7
Box 1, Folder 31923-1931Brigham, Eunietta; dwelling house and land on Wheelock Ave., Norwood, MA; to provide scholarship to be known as "Edmund L. Brigham Scholarship"
Box 1, Folder 41929-1932Carbee, Mary D.
Box 1, Folder 51915-1918Cate, Edwin F.; File #62.15
Box 1, Folder 61942-1943Chesley, Winifred E.
Box 1, Folder 71941Coburn, Corinne H.; scholarships for students from Exeter, NH
Box 1, Folder 81868-1890Conant, John; Scholarship Fund for agricultural students
Box 1, Folder 91928Creutzborg, Mary F.; relating to Alvirne Industrial School or Alvirne Professorship, University Interest - Endowment for industrial work or professorship
Box 1, Folder 101949-1864Culver, David
Box 1, Folder 111926-1929Erskine, Dr. James B.; $5,000 student loan fund after annuity to Louise McCombs; miscellaneous and medical library to University; File #61.5
Box 1, Folder 121945-1947Evans, Harry W.
Box 1, Folder 131940-1956Godding, Adelaide M.; Pertinent papers pertaining to will, trustee's accounts, etc.
Box 1, Folder 141938-1940Godding, Adelaide M.
Box 1, Folder 151933-1936Goodhue, Charles F.
Box 1, Folder 161930Goodwin, George H.; annual scholarship to be known as the Sophronia J. Goodwin Scholarship; File #61.6
Box 1, Folder 171927-1931Haines, John N.; $2,000 scholarship, preference to resident of Somersworth, NH
Box 1, Folder 181950-1952Hale, Irene - agreement of compromise
Box 1, Folder 191951-1952Bequest: Hayden, Grace T.; Willis D.F. Hayden Scholarship
Box 1, Folder 201972Hoar, John
Box 1, Folder 211960-1962Kainu, Ilmari
Box 1, Folder 221966Lerch, Vernon
Box 1, Folder 231939-1940Linen, Margaret G.
Box 1, Folder 241940Lord, Effie
Box 1, Folder 251933Lord, Frank S.
Box 1, Folder 261920Bequest: Lougee, Amos D.; $5,000 creating and supporting scholarships known as "Nancy El Lougee Memorial", Strafford county residents preferred
Box 1, Folder 271924Lyford, Honorable James; Bequest of $100
Box 1, Folder 281935-1952Lyman, Theodora
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11944-1952Estate: McIndoe, Addie L.
Box 2, Folder 21944-1952McIndoe, Addie L.
Box 2, Folder 31954-1955McLaughlin, Helen F. Estate
Box 2, Folder 41928Merrow, Lyford A.; Power to recommend assistance to students from Ossipee; File #61.4
Box 2, Folder 51895-1921Ordway, Martha H.; $2,000 to benefit students from Sandown or Hampstead. If none, then for indigent students at New Hampshire College
Box 2, Folder 61897-1906Paul, Harriet A.
Box 2, Folder 71948-1953Paul, Isabel
Box 2, Folder 81947-1948Pierce, Arthur J.
Box 2, Folder 91966Sanborn, Victor P.
Box 2, Folder 101932-1934Sander, Charles H.; Bequest of $3,000 to UNH
Box 2, Folder 111945-1954Shipley, Walter N.; $2,000 to benefit needy students
Box 2, Folder 121900-1948Smith, Alice Hamilton; File #62.4
Box 2, Folder 131907-1927Alice Hamilton Estate; For general purposes of Dartmouth and NHC; File #62.4; Settlement of Estate
Box 2, Folder 141926-1927Smith, Forrest S.
Box 2, Folder 151926-1931Smith, Forrest and Sarah
Box 2, Folder 161899-1900Smith, Hamilton; File #62.5
Box 2, Folder 17undatedBequest: Smyth, Frederick; Book Fund for worthy students $2,000; File #62.7
Box 2, Folder 181947Bequest: Smyth, Marion C.; "Smyth Memorial Prize" for elocution or debating
Box 2, Folder 191922-1929Stevens, Martha A.
Box 2, Folder 201950Bequest: Stewart, Morris A
Box 2, Folder 211856-1940Thompson, Benjamin
Box 2, Folder 221914-1921Whidden, Samuel S.; Farm in Portsmouth and Greenland, NH for benefit of New Hampshire College; File #62.8
Box 2, Folder 231939-1945Wiggin, Charles H.; Scholarship for needy and worthy students, "Charles H. Wiggin Scholarship"
Box 2, Folder 241932-1933Williams, George H.; Trust Fund of $10,000 for scholarships to deserving students of Dover, NH
Oversize Box 3
Oversize Box 3, Folder 11948-1953Paul, Isabel
Oversize Box 3, Folder 21914-1921Whidden, Samuel S.; File #62.8