Guide to People Made the Program Files, 1981

Collection number: UA 14/8/1
Size: 3 boxes (.99 cu.ft.)

About the People Made the Program files

This series contains cassette tapes and slides given to the UNH Archives by Maynard C. Heckel, Director Emeritus of UNH Cooperative Extension and Professor Emeritus of Adult Education. The tapes contain interviews with former Cooperative Extension Professionals from 17 states from Maine to Wyoming.

The interviews were conducted in 1981 and at the time, the persons interviewed were average age of 83.7 with thirteen of the respondents over 90. These were people that had devoted their professional lives to Cooperative Extension and shared valuable hisotric background describing how things were. The comments of the retirees provide a philosophical basis for Cooperative Extension and describe educational methods that demonstrated creativity and innovation.

Included is a sampling of interviews with younger staff that had less than 5 years experience at the time of the interviews.

Also for review is a video tape titled "People Made the Program". This video includes a sampling of the interviews and provides some additional background.

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[Identification of item], People Made the Program Files, 1981, UA 14/8/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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Gift of Maynard Heckel, February 19, 2003

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Slides: Karen Thompson, John Yarborough, Carol Waltham, Grahm, W.B. Hill, Floyd Brown, George James, Colbert, Paul Taff, Edgar Graff, Pollock, M.L. Mosher, Allister McDougall, Helen Strow, Ralph Smith, Virginia Lamb, Sadie Weir, Paul Newell
Box 1, Folder 2Slides: C.C. Keller, Paul Bernard, Paul Gwinn, Doris Ladd, Cloutier, Verne Beverly, Mary Kudlacek, Ethel Saxton, Clara Noyes, Hay, Lower, Lester Cronin, Elizabeth Winegerter, George Ganyard, Warner, A.S. Fromeyer, Sloat, Ellis
Box 1, Folder 3Slides: Newman, William Davis, Staley, Margaret Ide, Knowlton, David Sharp, Elna Miller, Whiting, Barnard, Lemon, L.B. Dietrick, Hughes, Jack Waller, Florence Hall, Helen Scudder, L.G. Sorden
Box 1, Folder 4Slides: Bernie Trierweiller, Small, Fosher, Call, Herman, Burton Marston, H.D. Finch, W.B. Hill, Howerton, Paul Hay, Alice Little, Call, Herman, Cretti, Whippen
Box 1, Folder 5Booklet: "People Made the Program: That's the Cooperative Extension Service"
Box 1, Folder 6Tape 1: (A) Thompson/Yarborough (B) Yarborough - Alabama
Box 1, Folder 6Tape 2: (A) Hill/Grahm (B) Hill - Alabama
Box 1, Folder 6Tape 3: (A) Brown/James (B) James/Colbert - Colorado
Box 2
Tape 4: (A and B) Taff/Graff - Iowa
Tape 5: (A)Pollock - Iowa (B) Mosher - Iowa
Tape 6: (A and B) MacDougall - Massachusetts
Tape 7: (A) Stow - Wash./Babkierk - Maine (B) Smith/Lamb - Maine
Tape 8: (A) Weir (B) Newell - Mississippi
Tape 9: (A) Keller (B) Bernard - Missouri
Tape 10: (A) Gwinn - Kansas (B) Carl - Missouri
Tape 11: (A) Hewlett - Virginia/Cloutier - Maine (B) Ladd/Cloutier - Maine
Tape 12: (A) Beverly - Maine (B) Day - Maine
Tape 13: (A) Kudlacek (B) Saxton - Nebraska
Tape 14: (A) Noyes (B) Nay - Nebraska
Tape 15: (A) McGrew (B) Lower - Ohio
Tape 16: (A) Cronin (B) Winegerter - Ohio
Tape 17: (A) Ganyard (B) Warner - Ohio
Tape 18: (A) Frommeyer/Sloat (B) Ellis - Pennsylvania
Tape 19: (A) Newman (B) Davis/Staley - Pennsylvania
Tape 20: (A) Ide/Newman (B) Ide - Pennsylvania
Box 3
Tape 21: (A) Knowlton (B) Sharp - Utah
Tape 22: (A) Miller (B) Miller/Whiting - Utah
Tape 23: (A) Miller (B) Whiting - Utah
Tape 24: (A) Barnard (B) Lemon - Utah
Tape 25: (A) Dietrick (B) Ostrander - Virginia
Tape 26: (A) Waller (B) Scudder - Washinton, D.C.
Tape 27: (A) Hall (B) Scudder - Washington, D.C.
Tape 28: (A and B) Sorden - Wisconsin
Tape 29: (A) Trierweiller (B) Small/Fosher - Wyoming
Tape 30: (A) Call - Utah (B) Herman - Wyoming
Tape 31: (A) Marston - Wyoming (B) Finch - Colorado
Tape 32: (A) Hill - Alabama/Howerton - Mississippi (B) May - Mississippi
Tape 33: (A) Little - Mississippi (B) Puch - Alabama
Tape 34: (A) Call - Utah (B) Herman - Wyoming
Tape 35: (A) Marston - Wyoming (B) Finch - Colorado
Tape 36: (A) Cretti - Colorado (B) Whippen - New Hampshire
Tape 37: (A) Cretti - Colorado/Whippen - New Hamshire (B) Whippen - New Hampshire
Videotape 1 "People Made the Program" A Cooperative Project


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