Sports Information Files, ca. 1896-2007

Collection number: UA 16/1
Size: 9 boxes (3 cu.ft.)

About Sports Information Office

The Sports Information Office is responsible for the gathering and dissemination of all UNH sports information through-out the nation. This includes preparation of press releases related to athletics, recreational sports and/or individual athletes for the media, preparing informational materials such as brochures and programs, compiling statistics and arranging photographic coverage of sporting events.

About the Sports Information Files

This collection contains records from the Sports Information office of the University of New Hampshire. This collection is broken into four series. Series one contains administrative records of the office of Sports Information. Series two contains news releases, series three contains schedules for men's and women's sports, and series four contains scrapbooks of UNH sports.

Administrative Information

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], Sports Information Files, ca. 1896-2007, UA 16/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Transfered from the Office of Sports Information

Photographs are also available, filed under UV 16/1

Collection Contents

Series 1: Sports Information Administrative, ca. 1896-2002

(3 boxes)

This series contains administrative records of the Sports Information Office.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11973-1989Sports Information
Box 1, Folder 21975-1982Sports Information Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 31987-1989UNH Important Memos
Box 1, Folder 41986Outstanding Alumni Recognition
Box 1, Folder 51969-1991Annual Results - Fall, Winter, Spring Sports
Box 1, Folder 61972-1990Special Awards
Box 1, Folder 71986-1992Bill Knight Trophy
Box 1, Folder 81985-1988Brice-Cowell Musket Trophy
Box 1, Folder 91982-1983ECAC Championship Calendar
Box 1, Folder 101982-1986Hockey TV
Box 1, Folder 11May 31, 1991Field House Open - Golf Tournament
Box 1, Folder 12Histories of UNH
Box 1, Folder 131987-1989Itinerary/Scheduling
Box 1, Folder 141987-1989Marketing
Box 1, Folder 15Mascot: Wildcat, Brice-Cowell Musket
Box 1, Folder 161978-1984Media Lists
Box 1, Folder 171981Spring Sports Media Guide
Box 1, Folder 181982-1983NCAA Student Athlete Statements
Box 1, Folder 191982-1991NCAA Television
Box 1, Folder 20ca. 1896Newspaper Contacts
Box 1, Folder 211997Kids Club Promotion
Box 1, Folder 22May 2002Academics and Athletics at UNH
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1December, 1998Sports Club Policy Manual and Coach's Edition
Box 2, Folder 21978-1986Program Sales
Box 2, Folder 3Sports Information Surveys
Box 2, Folder 41977-1978Tickets and Programs
Box 2, Folder 5Ticket Promotions
Box 2, Folder 61989Video Tex
Box 2, Folder 71987Fred Walker Fund
Box 2, Folder 81979-1987Woodman-Robinson Memorial Trophy
Box 2, Folder 91976-1977Xerox
Box 2, Folder 101900-1974Letterman Lists
Box 2, Folder 111964-1965Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 121965-1966Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 131966-1967Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 141967-1968Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 151968-1969Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 161969-1970Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 171976-1977Letters and Numerals
Box 2, Folder 181977-1978Letters and Numerals
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11984CoSIDA Digest
Box 3, Folder 21987CoSIDA Digest
Box 3, Folder 31988CoSIDA Digest
Box 3, Folder 41989CoSIDA Digest
Box 3, Folder 51990CoSIDA Digest
Box 3, Folder 61991CoSIDA Digest
Box 3, Folder 71992CoSIDA Digest

Series 2: News Releases, 1951-2007

(3 boxes)

This series contains news releases from the Sports Information Office.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11951-1961News Releases
Box 1, Folder 21961-1962News Releases
Box 1, Folder 31962-1963News Releases
Box 1, Folder 41963-1964News Releases
Box 1, Folder 51964-1965News Releases
Box 1, Folder 61965-1966News Releases
Box 1, Folder 71967-1968News Releases
Box 1, Folder 81968-1969News Releases
Box 1, Folder 91969-1970News Releases
Box 1, Folder 101970-1971News Releases
Box 1, Folder 111971-1972News Releases
Box 1, Folder 121972-1973News Releases
Box 1, Folder 131973-1974News Releases
Box 1, Folder 141974-1975News Releases
Box 1, Folder 151975-1976News Releases
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11976-1977News Releases
Box 2, Folder 21977-1978News Releases
Box 2, Folder 31978-1979News Releases
Box 2, Folder 41979-1980News Releases
Box 2, Folder 51980-1981News Releases
Box 2, Folder 61981-1982News Releases
Box 2, Folder 71982-1983News Releases
Box 2, Folder 81983-1984News Releases
Box 2, Folder 91984-1985News Releases
Box 2, Folder 101985-1986News Releases
Box 2, Folder 111985-1986Women's Weekly, Press Releases
Box 2, Folder 121986-1987News Releases
Box 2, Folder 131987-1988News Releases
Box 2, Folder 141988-1989News Releases
Box 2, Folder 151989-1990News Releases
Box 2, Folder 161990-1991News Releases
Box 2, Folder 171991-1992News Releases
Box 2, Folder 182003-2004Press Releases
Box 2, Folder 192004-2005Press Releases
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 12005-2006Press Releases
Box 3, Folder 22005-2007Press Releases

Series 3: Sports Schedules, 1923-1993

(2 boxes)

This series contains schedules for men's and women's sports.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11923-1949Athletic Schedules
Box 1, Folder 21950-1958Athletic Schedules
Box 1, Folder 31960-1966Athletic Schedules
Box 1, Folder 41957-1958Spring Sports
Box 1, Folder 51967-1968Basketball/Hockey
Box 1, Folder 61968-1969Winter Sports
Box 1, Folder 71968-1969Spring Sports
Box 1, Folder 81969-1970Spring Sports
Box 1, Folder 91970-1971Winter Sports
Box 1, Folder 101970-1971 & 1971-1972Press Guide
Box 1, Folder 111972-1973Press Guide
Box 1, Folder 121973-1974Press Guide
Box 1, Folder 131974-1975Athletic Schedules - Men's Sports
Box 1, Folder 141974-1975Press Guide
Box 1, Folder 151975-1976Press Guide
Box 1, Folder 161975-1976Winter Sports
Box 1, Folder 171975-1976Spring Athletic Schedule
Box 1, Folder 181976-1977Fall Athletic Schedule - Men's and Women's Sports
Box 1, Folder 191976-1977Winter Sports
Box 1, Folder 201977-1978Fall Athletic Schedule - Men's Sports
Box 1, Folder 211977-1978Women's Athletics Brochure
Box 1, Folder 221977-1978Women's Athletics - Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 231978-1979Women's Athletics - Basketball and Gymnastics
Box 1, Folder 241978-1979Women's Athletics - Fall Schedule
Box 1, Folder 251978-1979Women's Athletics - Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 261978-1979Women's Athletics - Spring Schedule
Box 1, Folder 271979-1980Women's Athletics - Fall Schedule
Box 1, Folder 281979-1980Women's Athletics - Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 291979-1980Women's Athletics - Spring Schedule
Box 1, Folder 301980-1981Women's Athletics - Fall Schedule
Box 1, Folder 311980-1981Women's Athletics - Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 321980-1981Women's Athletics - Spring 1981
Box 1, Folder 331981-1982Women's Athletics - Fall 1981
Box 1, Folder 341981-1982Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 351981-1982Spring Schedule
Box 1, Folder 361982-1983Fall Schedule
Box 1, Folder 371982-1983Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 381982-1983Spring Schedule
Box 1, Folder 391983-1984Fall Schedule
Box 1, Folder 401983-1984Winter Schedule
Box 1, Folder 411983-1984Spring Schedule
Box 1, Folder 421984-1985Winter Schedule
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11984-1985Women's Athletics
Box 2, Folder 21986-1987Fall Women's Athletics
Box 2, Folder 31987-1988The Department of Women's Athletics
Box 2, Folder 41987-1988Women's Athletics - "Dedicated to Excellence"
Box 2, Folder 51988-1989Spring Schedule
Box 2, Folder 61988-1989Women's Athletics - Wildcat Winners Circle Brochure
Box 2, Folder 71989Women's Athletics - Awards Reception, May 8th
Box 2, Folder 81989-1990UNH Athletics - Fall Schedule
Box 2, Folder 91989-1990Women's Athletics - Awards Reception
Box 2, Folder 101990-1991Fall Athletics Schedule
Box 2, Folder 111990-1991Women's Athletics - Winter/Spring Media Guide
Box 2, Folder 121992-1993Women's Athletics - Wildcat Winners Circle brochure
Box 2, Folder 13Oct. 11, 1998Wildcat Winners Circle Hall of Fame Celebration

Series 4: Scrapbooks

(1 box)

This series contains scrapbooks of UNH sports.

Box 1
2 Scrapbooks of varying dates and sports
1 Scrapbook of UNH sports in 1967
1 Scrapbook of UNH sports in 1968