Branch Libraries 24-Hour Access Policy


The Engineering and Physical Sciences (E&PS) Branch Libraries at the University of New Hampshire, consisting of the Physics Library in DeMeritt Hall, the Chemistry Library in Parsons Hall and the Engineering, Math and Computer Science (EMCS) Library in Kingsbury Hall are committed to providing high-quality services and excellent access to resources. In order to uphold this commitment, we recognize the need for some researchers to have access to branch library space and physical resources beyond regular library hours.

24-Hour Access

Faculty, Post Docs, and Research Scientists with current appointments in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences are automatically granted access to branch libraries 24 hours per day. CEPS graduate students seeking 24-hour access are required to obtain sponsorship, as indicated on the accompanying  Access Request Form. This form is to be submitted for approval to the branch Library Manager, Heather Castle.


With these considerations in mind, the Library’s policy regarding 24-hour access to the E&PS branch libraries is as follows:

  1. 24-hour access is granted only to Faculty, post docs, research staff and graduate students in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.
  2. Graduate students seeking 24-hour access to branch library space must have the sponsorship of their department graduate coordinator, thesis advisor or research faculty with whom they are working.
  3. The granting of 24-hour access privileges generally pertains only to the E&PS branch library that most immediately supports the requestor’s discipline. For example, Physics Faculty will have automatic privileges at the Physics Library, but not at the other branch libraries.
  4. No part of this policy implies that those with 24-hour access privileges in a branch library have this same privilege at Dimond Library.
  5. Users must adhere to UNH conduct standards at all times, including normal library policies and the library’s Community Standards statement. 24-hour access privileges may be revoked at the discretion of library staff.
  6. Materials must be used within the library only.
  7. Users with 24-hour access may not let anyone into the library.
  8. A user’s University ID may be requested to be seen at closing in order to be allowed to remain in the space. Please note that UNH ID cards are not transferrable and any loss should be immediately reported to the ID Office in Holloway Commons and to the library manager where you have been granted access.
  9. Individuals requesting exception to this policy should speak to the manager of the library to which they seek 24-hour access.

Approved November 2019