Account Book Collection, 1793-1950

Collection number: MC 309
Size: (42 boxes) (25 cu.ft.)

About the Creators of the Account Books

The New Hampshire Account Book Collection creaters made their living through a variety of rural professions, mostly farmers, blacksmiths, doctors, town officials, tanners, cobblers, and other mixed income streams.

About the Account Books

The account books are organized by town within New Hampshire, Maine, Massachussetts, and one from Tennessee.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], [folder number], [box number], New Hampshire Account Book Collection, 1752-1950, MC 309, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Multiple Acquisitions via dealers, 1977-present

Collection Arrangement

This collection is organized alphabetically by county and then alphabetically by town within each county. Towns which have switched counties are placed within their contemporary (2020s) county. The last series at the end contains material not originating in New Hampshire.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Belknap County, 1814-1926

(4.5 boxes)

This series consists of 12 cash and account books from towns currently located in Belknap County. Towns represented are Alton, Belmont, Meredith, Center Harbor, and Sanbornton. Some material also covers New Hampton and Laconia.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Alton: Cash Books, 1852-1868
  • Creator: Hiram Barker (1815-1867)
  • Occupation(s): Clerk, Peddler, Real Estate, Lumber
  • Keywords: Dry goods, livestock, Farmington, Farmington State Bank, Maria (Hayes) Barker
Box 1
Box 1, Folder 2Belmont: Account Book, 1910/1926
  • Creator: Francis Ayers Badger (1868-1927)
  • Occupation(s): Plant breeding, Lumber merchant, Maple Syrup, Farming
  • Keywords: Strawberry breeding, Blueberries, Blackberries, Plums, Pears, Potatoes, Maple Syrup, Lumber, Milling, Belmont Lumber Company, Gilmanton Mills, Named plant varieties.
Box 1, Folder 3Meredith: Account Book, 1835-1855
  • Creator: Jonathan Washington Cram (1780-1859)
  • Occupation(s): Sawmill worker, House construction, Sleigh and Wagon Repair, General labor
  • Keywords: Lumber milling, Lumber inspection, Construction, Shingles, Clapboards, Sleighs, Wagons, Firewood, Farming
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Meredith: Account Book, 1810-1855
  • Creator: John Adams Harper (1779-1816),, William Burleigh (?-?), John T. Coffin (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Laywer, Postmaster, State politician, Notary public
  • Keywords: NH Circuit Court of Common Pleas records (1813-1816), Legal cases
Box 2, Folder 2Meredith / New Hampton / Laconia: Account Book, 1822-1872
  • Creator: Joseph Smith (1760-1848); Covell Family of Laconia
  • Occupation(s): General store owner, Jeweller, Hatmaker, Masonic lodge member
  • Keywords: General merchandise, Shoes, Rum, Hardware, Newspaper clippings, Mt. Lebanon Lodge (Masons) of Laconia, Other Masonic lodges, Comet Swift-Tuttle, Scrapbook.
Box 2, Folder 2Sanbornton: Account Book and Mill Book, 1814-1818
  • Creator:Jonathan Chase Prescott (1795-1847)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Mill owner?, General laberor
  • Keywords: Lumber milling, Farming, Road tax, Road work
Box 2, Folder 3Sanbornton: Daybook, 1826-1838
  • Creator: Dudley Swain (1763-1854)
  • Occupation(s): General labor, Farmer, Tailor?, Cobbler?
  • Keywords: Clothing production, Shoe repair, Oxen, Cod, Rum, Vegetables, Grain, Hay.
Box 2, Folder 4Sanbornton: Daybooks (5), 1823-1835
  • Creator: David Haynes Clark (1785-1848)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Shingle Mill Owner, Trader
  • Keywords: Farrier, Steel tool production, Smithville Factory Co.(Northfield, NH), Clement & Clark Shingle Mills, traveling mill repair, Sleigh and Wagon repair.
Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Folder 1Meredith / Moultonborough: Account Book, 1834-1870
  • Creator: Elbridge Gerry Leavitt (1809-1880)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Carpenter, Furniture maker, Joiner, General laborer
  • Keywords: Tool production, Coffins, Furniture, Wagons and Sleighs, Painting, Haying, Vegetables.
Oversize Box 1, Folder 2-3Center Harbor: Account Books (3), 1860-1878
  • Creator: David B. Smith (bef. 1845-1878 or later), Smith family
  • Occupation(s): Stocking knitting, Piece work employment
  • Keywords: Women's employment, Piece work, Cotton, Wool, Knitting, Socks
Oversize Box 1, Folder 4Meredith (Belknap County): Elbridge Genny1834-1870
Oversize Box 15
Oversize Box 15, Folder 1Alton (Belknap County): J.B. Abbott, 1843-1847

Series 2: Carroll County, 1835-1916

(3 boxes)

Account books and daybooks from the towns of Conway, Ossipee, and Wolfeborough.

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Conway: Account book, 1835-1855
  • Creator: Frye Holt Eastman (1790-1874)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Painter / Stenciler, General Laborer
  • Keywords: Wall stenciling, Furniture building, Sleigh painting, Whitewashing, Lumber, Pruning / grafting trees, Music ["Museck"] box, Cider ["sidar"] production, Oxen.
Box 3, Folder 2Conway: Legal Account Book, 1856-1862
  • Creator: Leavitt H. Eastman (1824-1898)
  • Occupation(s): Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Insurance agent
  • Keywords: Count case details, Bails paid, Attorny names, Court fees.
Box 3, Folder 3Laconia: Account Book, 1823/1828
  • Creator: Belknap Textile Mill (est. ca. 1823-1828)
  • Occupation(s): Textile production
  • Keywords: Women mill workers, Silk, Cambric, Cotton, Shoes, Clothing, Books, Drygoods, Company stores.
Box 3, Folder 4Wolfeboro / Racoonborough: Account book, 1848-1916
  • Creator: Benjamin Edgerly (ca. 1809-1869) and family
  • Occupation(s): Cobbler, Leatherworker, Boardinghouse
  • Keywords: Pleasent Valley, Leatherwork, Orchards, Farming, Livestock, Lake National Bank, Carroll County Savings Bank, NH Legislature, Lake Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Company, John M. Brackett, Moses Thompson.
Oversize Box 2
Oversize Box 2, Folder 1Conway (Carroll County): Noah Eastman, 1809-1814
Oversize Box 2, Folder 2West Ossipee (Carroll County): Henry Pascoe, 1882-1901

Series 3: Cheshire County, 1806-1866

(2 boxes)

Account books from the towns of Alstead, Marlborough, Stoddard, Westmoreland, and the Keene area.

Box 3
Box 3, Folder 4Alstead: Account Book, 1797-1800
  • Creator: Daniel Perrin (1757-1800)
  • Occupation(s): Physician, Dentist
  • Keywords: Medical treatments, Women's health, Dental care, Bartering, Revolutionary War veterans.
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Alstead: Account Book, 1818-1833lh
  • Creator: Arva Cook (1795-1844)
  • Occupation(s): Ironsmith, Soapmaker, Vinegar maker, Lumbering, Cobbler, Farmer
  • Keywords: Tool making, Bucketmaking, Soap, Candles, Cider, Vinegar, Lumber, Leatherwork, Animal husbandry, Butchery, Farming, Bartering
Box 4, Folder 2Marlborough: Estate inventory, 1865-1866
  • Creator: Edwin Buttrick, Joseph Haskell Jr. (1794-1865)
  • Occupation(s): Tavern Keeper, Farmer
  • Keywords: Widow's allowence itemized (Ruth White Haskell), Inventory itemized, Real estate, Auction itemized.
Box 4, Folder 3Stoddard: Account Book, 1806-1845
  • Creator: George Holmes (ca. 1761-1843)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Teamster
  • Keywords: Farming, Sharon Massachusetts, Ox and horse driving business, Scrapbook, Lumbering, Stone hauling, Butchering animals, Barter and trade.
Box 4, Folder 4Westmoreland: Account Book, 1809-1825
  • Creator: Niles Aldrich (1766-1825)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Tax collector
  • Keywords: Highway Tax 1825, Cider mill, Apples, Potatoes, Oxen, Draft horses, General farm labor, Hauling lumber
Box 4, Folder 5Keene area: Account Book, 1856-1858
  • Creator: Unknown Merchant, Keene area
  • Occupation(s): Palm leaf hat merchant
  • Keywords: Outwork / piece work, Women's employment, Manufacture of hats for enslaved Blacks, Westmoreland, Swanzey, Richmond, Chesterfield, Winchester, Ladies Benevolent Society of Westmoreland, Ladies Benevolent Society of Jaffrey.
Oversize Box 3
Oversize Box 3, Folder 1Keene (Cheshire County): Buffum & Parker's Clothing Store, 1851-1853
Oversize Box 3
Oversize Box 3, Folder 2Westmoreland: Daybook, 1844-1852
  • Creator:George Frederick Dunbar (1794-1852)
  • Occupation(s): Physician
  • Keywords: Medical treatments, Women's health, Irish potato famine immigrants, Town paupers.

Series 4: Coos County, no dates

(0 boxes)

There are currently no account books from Coos County in this collection.

Series 5: Grafton County, 1824-1881

(1 box)

Account books from the towns of Bath, Bridgewater, Dorchester, Holderness, Lebanon, and Piermont.

Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Bath: Daybook / Account Book, 1841-1856
  • Creators: William Vance Hutchins (1793-1866), William W. Hutchins (1824-1857)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Attorney
  • Keywords: Pigs, Animal husbandry, Legal disputes, Divorce, Bond.
Box 5, Folder 2Bridgewater: Account Book, 1867-1879
  • Creator: Town of Bridgewater, N.H., Selectmen
  • Occupation(s): Selectmen
  • Keywords: Surveyor's records, Tax records, Road maintenance, Paupers, Grave digging, Bristol NH, Grafton County, Holderness NH, Polly Spencer (town support), Bridgewater Civil War enlistment records (Edward E. Ferrin, Daniel Chase, Charles H. Heath, John Goss).
Box 5, Folder 3Dorchester: Account Book, 1857-1881
  • Creator: Stillman Merrill (1831-1913)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Woodworker, Wheelwright, Cooper, Farrier, Farmer
  • Keywords: Tool production, Maple syrup spiles, Barrels, Churns, Buckets, Oxen yokes, Horse shoeing, Household accounts, Farming accounts.
Box 5, Folder 4Holderness / Rumney: Account Book, 1824-1841
  • Creator: Thomas Cochran (1792- after 1870)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Lumberman
  • Keywords: Oxen, Lumbering, Spinning, Weaving, Oxen yokes, Wagong / Sleigh / Horse rental, Haying, Vegetables, Medical "cures".
Box 5, Folder 5Lebanon: Daybook, 1851-1857
  • Creator: probably Alpheus Goodwin (1795-1881)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, woodworker, Teacher Procter
  • Keywords: Lumber, Produce, Town Farm, Sewing Society, Deer skin mittens, Tree grafting, Wagon repair, Door and window repair
Box 5, Folder 6Piermont: Account Book, 1843-1855
  • Creator: Joseph "Squire" Sawyer (ca. 1785-1858)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Town elder, Tax collector, Lumber dealer
  • Keywords: Farm accounts, Vegetables, Animal products, Town tax collector, Piermont Bridge Company, Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad / Extension Railroad.

Series 6: Hillsborough County, 1754-1914

(10 boxes)

Account books and daybooks from the towns of Antrim, Deering, Goff's Falls (now Manchester), Hillsboro, Hollis, Hudson, Manchester, Milford, Nashua, New Boston, New Ipswich, Pelham, Peterborough, and Weare. Of particular interest is Box 7 folder 6, James Underwood of Nashua's detailed pre-Revolutionary War accounts of legal cases brought before him, some from as far away as Durham.

Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Antrim: Account Book, 1852-1853
  • Creator: Abraham W. Wright (1827-1928)
  • Occupation(s): Woodworker, Inventor
  • Keywords: Patents, Household goods, Wood turning, Carving, Cutting and hauling lumber, general labor.
Oversize Box 3
Oversize Box 3, Folder 1Deering: Daybook 1853-1858
  • Creator: Benjamin Franklin Gove (1797-1859)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Blacksmith, Farrier
  • Keywords: Cider mill, Sheep sales, Wool, Household expenses, Board of town paupers, Pew records, Tool production, Shoeing of animals, Medical remedies, Veteranary medicine.
Oversize Box 3, Folder 2-4Goff's Falls (Manchester): Account Books, 1806-1891
  • Creator: David Webster (1764-1830), Franklin Webster (1801-1885)
  • Occupation(s): Store owner, Boarding house owner, Cobbler
  • Keywords: General store accounts, Cotton, Household goods, Shoes, Oxen, Rum, Marsh hay, General labor.
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 2-3Hillsboro: Daybook and Estate Book, 1847-1855
  • Creator: Leonard M. Kimball (ca. 1806-1855)
  • Occupation(s): Scrivener, Town official, Postmaster, Farmer
  • Keywords: Logging / Firewood, Pew records, Deeds, Franklin Pierce, Henry Dearborn Pierce, Wilton Railroad, Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, Estate of Samuel Kimball, Board of Nancy M. Kimball.
Box 6, Folder 4Hillsboro: Account Book, 1818-1846
  • Creator: Levi Shedd (1810-1877)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, General labor
  • Keywords: Farm labor, Apples, Farm goods, Haying, Oxen, Pasture rent, Logging.
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1(continued: Manchester: Account Book no. 2, 1839-1859)
Box 7, Folder 2Manchester: Daybook, 1857-1859
  • Creator: Rufus Levi Bartlett (1829-1913)
  • Occupation(s): Store clerk or owner
  • Keywords: Men's clothing, Women's clothing.
Box 7, Folder 3Milford: Account Book, 1833-1845
  • Creator: Samuel Lovejoy (1770-1851)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Landlord, Tavern owner, Lumber merchant
  • Keywords: Shingles, Home tavern, Rum, Brandy, Draft animals, Boarding house, Barter to cash exchange, Cider, Farm employment.
Box 7, Folder 4Nashua: Account Book, 1868-1914
  • Creator: Webster P. Hussey (ca. 1843-1903), Unknown second individual
  • Occupation(s): Paymaster, Bank clerk
  • Keywords: Nashua Manufacturing Company, Nashua Trust Company, Morgages, Real Estate, Eastern Railroad Company, Quincey Manufacturing Company, New Hampshire Fire Insurance Company, Boston and Maine Railroad, Huron Mining Company, Manchester Mills, Railroad stocks, Pullman Palace Cars, many others companies.
Box 7, Folder 6Nashua: Account Book, 1754-1774
  • Creator: James Underwood (1731-1808), John Underwood Sr. (1769-1815)
  • Occupation(s): Sheriff, Justice of the Peace
  • Keywords: Household accounts, Legal cases / verdicts / fines, Women legal defendants, Public profanity, Breaking the peace, Fence repair, Debts.
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1New Boston / Dunbarton: Daybook, 1793-1794
  • Creator: Ezekiel Long (?-?) and/or A.G. Burham (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): General store manager, Innkeeper
  • Keywords: General merchandise, Revolutionary War soldiers, Fabric, Dyes, Rum, Chocolate, Salt, Coffee, Tools, Tobacco.
Box 8, Folder 2New Boston: Account Book, 1887-1888
  • Creator: Charles Webster (1847-after 1888)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Laberor
  • Keywords: S.D. Atwood's General Store, Soap, Farm products, Nails, Salvation Army, Household accounts.
Box 8, Folder 3New Ipswitch: Account Book, 1820-1826
  • Creator: Lewis Epps (1798-1871)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Militia commander
  • Keywords: Tool production / repair, Oxen and horse shoeing, Barter system, Independent Grenadiers, Loom repair, Clocks, Spindles.
Box 8, Folder 4Pelham: Daybooks, 1806-1809
  • Creator: Jonathan Gage (1774-1870)
  • Occupation(s): Storekeeper
  • Keywords: General store, Rum, Gin, Tobacco, Fabric, Dry goods, Stationary, Sugar, Tools, Cutlery, Plateware, Tea, Bibles.
Box 8, Folder 5Pelham: Account Book, 1828-1881
  • Creator: James Monroe Hobbs III (1811-1890)
  • Occupation(s): Scrivener, Town Clerk, Town Representitive, Town elder
  • Keywords: Household accounts, Women's employment, Estate inventories, Funerals, Town accounts, Travel, Legal Guardianship.
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1Peterborough: Daybook, 1856-1966
  • Creator: Charles Barber (1826-1885)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Farmer
  • Keywords: Tool production / repair / sharpening, Pasture rental, Oxen and horse Shoeing, Pasture rental, Road construction, Household accounts.
Box 9, Folder 2Peterborough: Account Book, 1834-1847
  • Creator: James Wilkins (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Wheelwright, Wagon repair, General labor
  • Keywords: Wagons, Sleighs, Woodwork, Coffins, Birdhouses, Tool repair, Drygoods, Fabric, Cider, Ox yokes.
Box 9, Folder 3Weare: Account Book, 1816-1866
  • Creator: Members of the Society of Friends (Quakers)
  • Occupation(s): Cooper, Farmer, Cobbler
  • Keywords: Plain Quaker date system, Dowery chests (Mary Stone, Sarah Waldson, Hannah Piesce), Shoe manufacturer Allan Sawyer, Farm labor, Farm goods.
Box 9, Folder 4Weare: Account Book, 1824-1852
  • Creator: Ezra Dow (1802-1887)
  • Occupation(s): Tanner, State representative (1853-1854)
  • Keywords: Animal hides, Hair, Bark, Farm labor, Farm products, Lumber, Cider, Shoes.
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1Weare (South): Daybook, 1816-1817
  • Creators: Dearborn family
  • Occupation(s): General Store Owners
  • Keywords: Rum, Piece work knitting, Drygoods, Tools, Molasses, Gunpowder, Scrapbook, Poetry, Moral entreaties.
Box 10, Folder 2Weare: Account Book, 1816-1826
  • Creators: Jonathan Dearborn (?-?), Levi Harriman Watson (1801-1840s)
  • Occupation(s): Cobbler, Leatherworker
  • Keywords: Shoe production / repair, Photo of Mary Louise Dearborn (1842-1936), Belts, Horse and oxen tack, Saddles, Gloves, other leather goods.
Box 10, Folder 3Weare: Account Book, 1836-1845
  • Creator: Thomas Wilson Thorndike (1797-1888)
  • Occupation(s): Wheelwright, Carriage maker, Elder in Quaker meeting
  • Keywords: Woodworking, Crayon boxes, Sash and doors, Industrial use of machinery, House building, Weare Monthly Meeting
Box 10, Folder 4Weare: Account Book, 1800-1810
  • Creator: Jesse Woodbury (1763-1802), Luke Woodbury (1790-1831)
  • Occupation(s): Tavern keeper, General Store Owner, Revolutionary War
  • Keywords: Rum, Sugar, Molasses, Dry goods, General merchandise, Estate inventory of Jesse Woodbury, Allotment to Abigail Woodbury, Family accounts, Real estate.
Oversize Box 4
Oversize Box 4, Folder 1Deering (Hillsborough County): Benjamin Franklin Gove, 1835-1858
Oversize Box 4, Folder 2-4Goff's Falls (Hillsborough County): Daniel Webster, 3 volumes,1806-1891
Oversize Box 5
Oversize Box 5, Folder 1-2Hollis (Hillsborough County): Augustus Ralph Lovejoy, 2 volumes,1853-1888
Oversize Box 6
Oversize Box 6, Folder 1Manchester (Hillsborough County): Benjamin Warren Corning, 1842-1844
Oversize Box 6, Folder 2Nashua (Hillsborough County): Anonymous blacksmith/wheelwright, 1878
Oversize Box 6, Folder 3Wilton (Hillsborough County): Anonymous general store, 1800-1865
Oversize Box 7
Oversize Box 7, Folder 1Hooksett (Merrimack County): Tenny & Smith butcher shop, 1827-1829

Series 7: Merrimack County, 1773-1900

(4 boxes)

Account books from the towns of Brookfield, Boscawen, Canterbury, Concord, Epsom / Short Falls, Franklin, Hennicker, Hopkinton, Newbury, New London, Sunncook, Pembroke, Salisbury, Warner.

Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1Brookfield: Account Books, 1849-1890
  • Creator: Johnathan W. Sanborn (ca. 1818-1894)
  • Occupation(s): Saw mill operator, Civil War recuiter, Selectman, Overseer of the Poor
  • Keywords: Lumber, Town politics, Support of town paupers, Military, Estates, Household accounts, Tool repair.
Box 11, Folder 2Boscawen: Accounts and Minutes, 1848-1890
  • Creator: School District No. 4, Town of Boscawen, NH
  • Occupation(s): (n/a)
  • Keywords: School establishment, Funding, Maintanence, Curriculum, Teacher employment.
Box 11, Folder 3Boscawen: Account Book, 1833-1859
  • Creator: William Hazeltine Gage (1791-1872)
  • Occupation(s): Merchant
  • Keywords: Farm products, Dry goods, Rum, Molasses, Wool, Cotton, Surveying, Shoes, Lending money.
Box 11, Folder 4Canterbury: Account Book, 1817-1826
  • Creator: Samuel Ames Morrill (1767-1856)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Congregational deacon
  • Keywords: Farm products, Canterbury Shaker Village, Tanning, Cider / Cider mill, Post and beam house construction, Lumber, Pasture rental, Household goods.
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1Concord: Account Book, 1841-1878
  • Creator: Edwin Terry (1832-1893)
  • Occupation(s): Peddler
  • Keywords: Traveling peddler, Granby Connecticut, Household goods, Food, Sewing / Fabric, General labor, Tools, Oxen yokes, Haying.
Box 12, Folder 2Epsom (Short Falls): Account Book, 1884-1886
  • Creator: Florus W. Tripp (1864-1894)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer
  • Keywords: Grange, Minstrel song, Cattle, Pigs, Oxen, Dry goods, Grain, Boarding animals.
Box 12, Folder 3Franklin: Daybook, 1843-1848
  • Creator: John Smith Jewell (1814-1902)
  • Occupation(s): Tanner, Leather worker, Wagonwright, Farmer
  • Keywords: Leather tanning, Wagon repair, Belts, Sheepskins, Wheels, Oxen, Iron, Lumber, Farm products, Lye.
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1Franklin: Account Book, 1839/1876
  • Creator: Asa P. Thompson (1810-1892)
  • Occupation(s): Carpenter, Cider maker, House builder, Boatbuilding
  • Keywords: Cooper, Furniture, Woodworking, Lumber milling, Wagon / Sleigh repair, Schoolhouses, Franklin Town House, Boatbuilding, Drum making.
Box 13, Folder 2Henniker / Hopkinton: Account Book, 1844-1851
  • Creator: Isaac D. Dolby (1811-1904)
  • Occupation(s): Cobbler, Leatherworker
  • Keywords: Shoes, Boots, Leather tack, Barter, Household goods.
Box 13, Folder 3Hopkinton: Account Book, 1830-1877
  • Creator: Isaac Bailey III (1788-1867)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Farmer, Farrier
  • Keywords: Tool making / repair, Animal shoeing, Women's history, Shakers, Household expenses.
Box 13, Folder 4Hopkinton: Account Book, 1828-1835
  • Creator: Stephen Currier (1775-1862)
  • Occupation(s): Doctor, Blacksmith, Teacher
  • Keywords: Medical history, Treatments, Governor Mathew Harvey, William Weeks of Greenland, Judge Samuel Green, Amos Eastman Jr., Revolutionary War veterens, Paupers.
Box 13, Folder 5Newbury: Account Book, 1869-1900
  • Creator: Harvey C. Morse (1822-1908)
  • Occupation(s): Businessman, Farmer, Farrier
  • Keywords: Haying, Logging, Lumber, Cider, House construction, Farm products, Oxen, Civil War, surname Muzzey.
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1New London: Account Book, 1773-1851
  • Creator: Benjamin French (1773-1857)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer
  • Keywords: Family vital records, Farm products, Farm labor, Renting of oxen labor, Wood, Lumber, Coal, Shakers, Medical cures.
Box 14, Folder 2Sunncook / Pembroke: Account Book & Silk sample, 1818-1835
  • Creator: John William Stark (1788-1836)
  • Occupation(s): Silk farmer
  • Keywords: Silk production, Gypsy moths, Pembrook Cotton and Woolen Factory, Travel to India, Silk farming in Dunbarton NH.
Box 14, Folder 3Pembroke: Account Book, 1811-1813
  • Creator: Joseph Farnum Foster (1783-1843)
  • Occupation(s): Paper Mill Owner
  • Keywords: Pratt Paper Mill, Paper Products, Food, Dry goods, Rum, General store / Company store, Books, Scrapbook, Escaped enslaved Black people.
Box 14, Folder 4Pembroke: Account Book, 1869-1872
  • Creator: C.P. Morse & Company / Morse & Hatch
  • Occupation(s): Metal / Stove Merchants
  • Keywords: Tinsmith, Stove dealers, Stovepipe, Tinware, Metal goods, Pails, Pumps, Tools
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1Salisbury: Daybook, 1851-1858
  • Creator: Seth K. Colby (1788-1861)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith
  • Keywords: Tool repair, Tool manufacture, Animal shoeing, Barter, General labor.
Box 15, Folder 2Warner: Daybooks, 1838-1864
  • Creator: Harrison D. Robinson (1807-?)
  • Occupation(s): Lumber merchant
  • Keywords: Personal property inventory, Notes due, Employees, Estates.
Oversize Box 7
Oversize Box 7, Folder 2Loudon (Merrimack County): James William Howarth, 1828-1844

Series 8: Rockingham County, 1752-1950

(Approx. 10 boxes)

Daybooks and account books from the current/former towns of Chester, Candia, Deerfield, Derry, Hawke (Danville), Epping, Exeter, Hampton Falls, Hampton, Hampstead, Kingston, North Hampton, Madbury, Newington, Newmarket, Portsmouth, Raymond, Sanddown, South Hampton, and Stratham.

Box 15
Box 15, Folder 3Chester: Diary / Account Book, 1834-1835
  • Creator: William Graham (1776-1861)
  • Occupation(s): Mill owner, Town official, Landowner
  • Keywords: Lumber mill, Grist mill, Land ownership, Farm labor, Local history, Weather.
Box 15, Folder 4Chester: Account Book, 1835-1840
  • Creator: Richard B. Morse (1811-1889)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Farrier, Town official, Militia captain
  • Keywords: Chester Militia, Town clerk (first), Draft animal shoeing, Tool manufacture / repair, Business accounts, Household accounts, Court cases, School meetings.
Box 15, Folder 5Chester: Account Book, 1829-1852
  • Creator: William Tenney (1807-1891)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Merchant, Tutor
  • Keywords: Farm products, Apple trees, Cider, Firewood, Oxen hauling and rental, Boy's education. [Digitized on enclosed disc]
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 1Deerfield / Candia: Account Book, 1798-1835 (bulk 1799-1803)
  • Creator: Unknown, possibly Luther Phillips (?-?) or Samuel Foster (?-1820)
  • Occupation(s): Physician
  • Keywords: Perscriptions, Medical care, Allenstown, Epsom, Chester, Goffstown, Raymond, Pembroke, Loudon, Barter payments.
Box 16, Folder 2Deerfield: Daybook, 1811-1812
  • Creator: Thomas Jenness (1772-1836)
  • Occupation(s): General Store Owner / Innkeeper
  • Keywords: Tavern, Meat, Farm products, Drygoods, Spices, Sugar, Molasses, Chocolate, Tobacco, Textiles / Cotton, Hardware, Dye (Indigo), Books, Stationary, Bibles, Hymnbooks.
Box 16, Folder 3Derry: Account Book, 1900-1950
  • Creator: Adams School District
  • Occupation(s): School Treasurers
  • Keywords: Educational supplies, Teacher salaries,
Box 16, Folder 4Chester: Scripts Book, 1891-1896
  • Creator: Chester-Derry Railroad Assocation
  • Occupation(s): Business organization
  • Keywords: Business names, Street railroad, Boston & Maine Railroad, Stock subscriptions, Petition to form rail line.
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 1-7Danville / Hawke: Account Books (7), 1817-1876
  • Creator: Jonathan Sanborn (1799-1880)
  • Occupation(s): Cobbler, Farmer, Leatherworker
  • Keywords: Farm labor, Shoes, Animal rentals, Town government, Town meetinghouse, Tithes, Paupers, Women heads-of-household.
Box 17, Folder 8Epping: Daybook / Estate Inventory, 1871-1875
  • Creator: James J. Hopkinson (1849-1875)
  • Occupation(s): Unknown
  • Keywords: Personal finances, Boarding expenses, Estate inventory / auction.
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 1Epping: Account Book, 1829-1847
  • Creator: Mead Fulsom (1785-1864)
  • Occupation(s): Wool merchant, Wool mill owner
  • Keywords: Raymond, Nottingham, Northwood, Deerfield, Wool processing, Barter exchange, Machinery / Wagon repair, Lumber.
Box 18, Folder 2Epping: Guardianship Account Book, 1867-1893
  • Creator: John G. Ordway (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Legal guardian of minor James L. Jones (1852-1909)
  • Keywords: Legal guardianship, Legal affairs, Real estate, Animal renting, Boarding.
Box 18, Folder 3Exeter: Account Book, 1850-1852
  • Creator: Goodwin & Tilton Co.
  • Occupation(s): Stove / Tinware Manufacturers
  • Keywords: Stoves, Pots and pans, Tubs, Buckets, Peddlers, Store stock, Inventory.
Box 18, Folder 4Hampton Falls: Accounts / Journal, 1752-1758
  • Creator: Winthrop Gove (1732-1808)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Carpenter, Wheelwright, General laborer
  • Keywords: Cider mill, Brickmaking, Fish / Whale oil products, Revolutionary War captain, Edward Gove (father), Seabrook Militia Continental Army, Stories / Poetry.
Box 18, Folder 5Hampton: Account Book, 1854-1886
  • Creator: Simon Lamprey Jenness (1818-1897)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Farrier
  • Keywords: Hardware, Animal shoeing, Wagon repair, Tool repair, "Simon L. Jenness & Son".
Box 18, Folder 6Hampton: Account Book, 1825-1840
  • Creator: Edmond Toppan (1777-1849)
  • Occupation(s): Lawyer, New Hampshire Representitive, Postmaster
  • Keywords: Legal accounts, Hampton post office records, Newspapers received in 1841, Writing letters for customers, Household goods, Barter.
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 1Hampstead: Account Book, 1814-1819
  • Creator: Jessie Gordon Jr. (1788-1835), George S. Chase (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Tanner, Cobbler, Leatherworker
  • Keywords: Shoes, Shaving, Cutting, Selection of hides, Tanning.
Box 19, Folder 2Kingston: Account Book, 1862-1867
  • Creator: Levi S. Bartlett (mid 19th century)
  • Occupation(s): Head of household, Town official
  • Keywords: New Hampshire Black people's history, Kingston town meeting minutes, Household accounts, 1830 Census.
Box 19, Folder 3North Hampton: Account Book, 1845-1860
  • Creator: Samuel S. Warner (1807-1882)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith
  • Keywords: Horse and Oxen Shoeing, Tool repair, Plow Repair, Tool Production, Wagon repair.
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 1Madbury: Account Book, 1830
  • Creator: William C. Kelly (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Physician
  • Keywords: Women's health, General health, Dentistry, Barter system, Detailed accounts, Barter system, Strafford, Nottingham, Barrington, Pittsfield, Northwood, Exeter.
Box 20, Folder 2Newington: Daybooks, 1849-1855
  • Creator: Darius Frink (ca. 1810-after 1865)
  • Occupation(s): Unclear
  • Keywords: Business accounts, Woodman Point, Stocks, Real estate, Isaac Frink estate, Cyruss Frink estate, John L. Nutter.
Box 20, Folder 3Newmarket: Account Book, 1816-1823
  • Creator: (possibly) Joseph Brackett (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Shoemaker / Cobbler
  • Keywords: Shoes, Vamps, Boots, "Wheeler boots", Bridle / tack repair, Horse loan, Bartering, Hides, Cider, Lumber.
Box 20, Folder 4Newmarket: Daybook, 1817-1822
  • Creator: Joshua Brackett (?-?)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer
  • Keywords: General labor, Drygoods, Lumber, Wall building, Farm products.
Box 20, Folder 5Newmarket: Account Book, 1823-1846
  • Creator: John Smart (1766-1822) and/or John Smart Jr. (1816-1821)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Cobbler
  • Keywords: Farm labor, Shoes, Boots, Lumber, Firewood, Oxen, Horses, Farm products.
Box 20, Folder 6Newmarket: Account Book, 1809-1942
  • Creator: Peter Folsom Jr. (1773-1839)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer
  • Keywords: Firewood, Freight, Produce, Cider, Farm labor, Doe family.
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 1Portsmouth: Daybook, 1829-1844
  • Creator: Unidentified
  • Occupation(s): Lumber merchant
  • Keywords: Lumber sales, Weather records, Current events, Gundalows, Day labor, "George Long & Co.", Pscataqua River records, Nails, Rum, Cider, Telescopes, Drygoods storage.
Box 21, Folder 2Portsmouth / Kittery: Account Book, 1838-1841
  • Creator: Phillips Family: Joseph S. Phillips (1810-?), John J. Phillips (1836-?)
  • Occupation(s): Mariners, Fish merchants
  • Keywords: Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Women's labor packing fish, Sailors, Gundalows, Lumber, Hay.
Box 21, Folder 3Raymond: Account Book, 1831-1847
  • Creator: Jeremiah H. Fullerton (1804-1848)
  • Occupation(s): General laberor, Farmer?
  • Keywords: Business accounts, Household accounts, Pasture rental, Lantern glass, Highway construction / highway tax.
Box 21, Folder 4Sandown: Account Book, 1896-1899
  • Creator: John D. Kelley (1874-after 1900)
  • Occupation(s): Mason
  • Keywords: Lime, Brick, Cement, Town building (Library) construction, Wine, Potatoes, Hay, Sleeper Bros., General labor.
Box 21, Folder 5South Hampton: Accounts / Documents, 1837-1847
  • Creator: John Palmer (1803-1846)
  • Occupation(s): Scrivner
  • Keywords: Legal documents, Guardian of minors, Estate administrator, Wills, Taxes, Public notices, Certificates, Appraisals.
Box 21, Folder 6Stratham: Daybook / Account Book, 1827-1839
  • Creator: Benjamin Clark (1761-1839)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer
  • Keywords: Meat, Grains, Vegetables, Farm products, Boarders, Debtor's jail, Cider mill, Women's names, Women's handwriting.
Oversize Box 8
Oversize Box 8, Folder 1Deerfield (Rockingham County): Thomas Robie Lane, 1808-1838
Oversize Box 8, Folder 2Epping (Rockingham County): Benjamin Brown, 1825-1828
Oversize Box 8, Folder 3Exeter / Epsom (Rockingham County): Levi Andrews IV, 1842-1860
Oversize Box 9
Oversize Box 9, Folder 1-3Exeter (Rockingham County): Joseph Furnald, 3 volumes, 1812-1838
Oversize Box 10
Oversize Box 10, Folder 1Hampton Falls (Rockingham County): Dudley Dodge / George Hubbard Dodge, 1820-1843
Oversize Box 10, Folder 2Kingston (Rockingham County): Moses Sanborn, 1836-1857
Oversize Box 10, Folder 3Nottingham (Rockingham County): John Ford, 1818-1824

Series 9: Strafford County, 1789-1919

(9 boxes)

Account books and daybooks from Alton, Barrington, Dover, Farmington, New Durham, Rochester, Rollinsford, Salmon Falls.

Box 21
Box 21, Folder 7Barrington: Account Book, 1847-1871
  • Creator: True William McDaniel (1812-1892)
  • Occupation(s): Sawyer, Guardian of minors
  • Keywords: Lumber, White pine, Boston & Maine Railroad, Esabeth Caldwell guardianship, Isaac Marston estate (1850), Abbie Evans estate.
Box 21, Folder 8Dover NH / Sangerville Me: Account / Family Records Book, 1832-1859
  • Creator: John Quinley (1770s-ca. 1855); Joseph Quinley (1828-?)
  • Occupation(s): Unknown
  • Keywords: Vital records, Barter, General labor, Farm products.
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 1Dover: Account Book, 1916-1919
  • Creator: James Suther Clarence Stackpole (1893-1978)
  • Occupation(s): Steam & Gas Fitter, Tin Worker, Roofer
  • Keywords: City Hall, Dover buildings named, Stovepipes, Asbestos, Gas lines, Family Christmas presents, Personal accounts.
Box 22, Folder 2-3Farmington / Dover / Aimsbury MA: Account Books, 1823-1848
  • Creator: Isaac merrill (1803-1885)
  • Occupation(s): Teacher, Butcher
  • Keywords: Aimsbury MA School District #4, Beef, Mutton, butcher Benjamin Wiggin.
Box 22, Folder 4Farmington: Account Book, 1884-1886
  • Creator: George A. Leavitt (1847-?)
  • Occupation(s): Blacksmith, Farrier
  • Keywords: Shoeing of horses, Oxen, Wagron Repair, Tool Production, Neverslip Horse-Shoe Co.
Box 22, Folder 5Farmington: Account Book, 1820-1824
  • Creator: Ephraim Richardson (1786-1872)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, Cobbler, Landlord
  • Keywords: Farm labor, Farm products, Barter, Animal husbandry records, Workers payments, Carpentry.
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 1-3New Durham / Rochester / Alton / Dover: Account Books, 1789-1862
  • Creator: Joseph Mooney Sr. (1764-1836), Joseph Mooney Jr. (1790-1865), Daniel M. Mooney (1808-1838)
  • Occupation(s): Cobblers, Leatherworkers, General merchants
  • Keywords: Leather goods, Shoes, Harnesses, Drygoods, Textiles, Household goods, Hides.
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 1-2New Durham / Rochester / Alton / Dover: Account Books, 1789-1862
  • Creator: Joseph Mooney Sr. (1764-1836), Joseph Mooney Jr. (1790-1865), Daniel M. Mooney (1808-1838)
  • Occupation(s): Cobblers, Leatherworkers, General merchants
  • Keywords: Leather goods, Shoes, Harnesses, Drygoods, Textiles, Household goods, Hides.
Box 24, Folder 3Rochester: Daybook / Account Book, 1807-1815
  • Creator: Peter Folsom (1783-1863)
  • Occupation(s): Saddle maker, Leatherworker
  • Keywords: Harrness construction / mending, Saddles, Homemade book, Boarding of animals, Farm goods,
Box 24, Folder 4Rochester: Account Book, 1837-1862
  • Creator: (possibly) John W. Hurd (ca. 1837-ca. 1909/10)
  • Occupation(s): Tavern Keeper, Militia captain
  • Keywords: 15th New Hampshire Infantry, Local names, Alcohol, Textiles, Cash exchange, Apples, Potatoes.
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 1Rollinsford: Daybook, 1849-1858
  • Creator: Hiram Hall Roberts (1806-1876)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, General laborer
  • Keywords: Farm expenses, Farm products, Women's money, Strafford National Bank, Hired Labor.
Box 26, Folder 2Rollinsford / Salmon Falls: Receipt Book, 1852-1861
  • Creator: Darius K. Scruton (1827-1862)
  • Occupation(s): Molder / Metalworker, took borders among other income streams
  • Keywords: Civil War 3rd Regiment Company K, General labor, Exchange of cash. Died from arm wounds after Battle of Scessionville, South Carolina.
Oversize Box 11
Oversize Box 11, Folder 1Dover (Strafford County): Anonymous dry goods store, 1897
Oversize Box 12
Oversize Box 12, Folder 1Dover (Strafford County): James Richardson, volume 1 of 2 1806-1830
Oversize Box 13
Oversize Box 13, Folder 1Dover (Strafford County): James Richardson, volume 2 of 2 1819-1834
Oversize Box 14
Oversize Box 14, Folder 1Durham (Strafford County): Anonymous, 1801-1809
Oversize Box 14, Folder 2Milton Falls (Strafford County): Osgood family member, 2 volumes 1842-1855
Oversize Box 15
Oversize Box 15, Folder 2Somersworth / Great Falls (Strafford County): Page family member, 1857-1858

Series 10: Sullivan County, 1798-1925

(1 box)

Account books from Acworth, Claremont, and Langdon NH.

Box 26
Box 26, Folder 1Acworth: Account Book, 1798-1813
  • Creator: Nathan Rogers Sr. (1768-1813)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer, General Laborer
  • Keywords: Farm products, Vegetables, Farming of barns, Lumber milling, Logging, Oxen / draft animal rental, Shoemaking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Breaking flax, Spinning, Bricks, Animal husbandry.
Box 26, Folder 2Claremont: Account Book, 1844-1847
  • Creator: Samuel G. Jarvis (1744-1848)
  • Occupation(s): Physician / Dentist
  • Keywords: Women's health, Children's health, Childbirth, Dentistry, Leeches, Vernacular medicine.
Box 26, Folder 3Langdon: Daybook, 1896-1925
  • Creator: Ira Mead Russell (1864-1956)
  • Occupation(s): Farmer
  • Keywords: Farm products, Alcohol, Automobiles, Farm expenses, Household expenses, Hired Labor, Poultry production

Series 11: Towns Outside New Hampshire, 1805-1899

(3 boxes)

Account books from Massachusetts, Maine, and Tennessee.

Box 27
Box 27, Folder 1Aimsbury MA: Account Book, 1838-1842
  • Creator: Thomas Bailey (1788-1852)
  • Occupation(s): Lawyer / Justice of the Peace
  • Keywords: Estate inventories of Thomas Bailey (Sr.?), Judith B. Pressey, William Goodridge, Daniel Weed, Robert Foot, minors Nancy Foot and Oliver Brown guardianship.
Box 27, Folder 2-3Boston MA: Letter / Account Books, 1831-1853
  • Creator: Jessie Tuttle (1795-1846), Jessie Tuttle Jr. (1824-1899)
  • Occupation(s): Fish merchants
  • Keywords: Herring, Mackeral, Cod, Outfitting vessels, Steam engines, Schooners, Cargo.
Box 27, Folder 4Andover MA: Account Book, 1821-1839
  • Creator: Asa French (1760-1842)
  • Occupation(s): Cobbler, General laborer
  • Keywords: Boot / shoe repair, Leather work, Pasture rental for cow, Barter system, Farm labor.
Box 27, Folder 5Pembrook MA: Ship's Account Book, 1805-1837
  • Creator: Smith Family
  • Occupation(s): Bursars, Ship's officers
  • Keywords: Plymouth County, schooners Intrepid, M.K. Bailey, Mary, and Dash, Brig Old Colony, West Indies, Cuba, Triangle Trade, African-American enslavement, Rum, Molasses, Cotton.
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 1Sequatchie, TN: Minutes Book, 1890-1899
  • Creator: Sequachee Manufacturing Company (?-1899)
  • Occupation(s): Sewing machine production
  • Keywords: Sewing machines, Leasing of machinery/buildings, Stock holders, Board meeting minutes.
Oversize Box 15
Oversize Box 15, Folder 3Cape Cod (Massachusetts): Fish merchant, 1865