Agricultural Experiment Station Research Projects, 1925-1985

Collection number: UA 10/2/6
Size: 2 boxes (0.66 cu.ft.)

About New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station

This series contains the files for the research projects conducted by the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station. Support for the research came from various funds: the Hatch Act, Bankhead-Jones Fund, Purnell Act and the Adams Fund.

About the Agricultural Experiment Station Research Projects

The series contains research reports, budget reports and correspondence of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], Agricultural Experiment Station Research Projects, 1925-1985, UA 10/2/4, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transfered to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11954-1956Hatch Project Budgets
Box 1, Folder 21955-1956Hatch Project Programs
Box 1, Folder 31956-1967Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 41957-1958Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 51958-1959Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 61959-1960Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 71960-1961Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 81961-1962Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 91962-1963Hatch Project Programs
Box 1, Folder 101963-1964Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 111963-1964Hatch Program
Box 1, Folder 121954-1955Adams Project Budgets
Box 1, Folder 131954-1955Adams Project Budgets
Box 1, Folder 141954-1955Bankhead-Jones, Project BudgetsBJ(5)
Box 1, Folder 151954-1955Bankhead-Jones, Project UpdateBJ(9)
Box 1, Folder 161955-1956Bankhead-Jones, Project ProgramBJ(5)
Box 1, Folder 171955-1956Bankhead-Jones, Project ProgramBJ(9)
Box 1, Folder 181954-1955Purnell Project Budgets
Box 1, Folder 191955-1956Purnell Project Budgets
Box 1, Folder 201955-1956State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 211956-1957State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 221958-1959State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 231959-1960State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 241960-1961State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 251961-1962State Projects
Box 1, Folder 261962-1963State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 271963-1964State Project Program
Box 1, Folder 281964-1966State Station Programs
Box 1, Folder 29Outstanding Results, Research Work - Experiment Station
Box 1, Folder 301925Electricity and Agriculture - Experiment Station
Box 1, Folder 311925Miscellaneous Reports on Electricity in its Relation to Agriculture
Box 1, Folder 321926Statistic - Experiment Station
Box 1, Folder 331953-1962Regional Research Fund Allotments
Box 1, Folder 341953Inspection
Box 1, Folder 351958IR - Interregional Research - Population Genetics
Box 1, Folder 361959Coordinating Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Research
Box 1, Folder 371960Report of Sub-Committee on Research Needs of the Nursery and Floriculture Industries
Box 1, Folder 381964Memorandum of Understanding - Division of Resources Development and AES - Forestry Research
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11954-1967Interregional Research - Potato ResearchIR-1
Box 2, Folder 21956-1965Interregional Research - Stone Fruit DiseasesIR-2
Box 2, Folder 31965-1966Interregional ResearchIR-3
Box 2, Folder 41964-1972A Study of Cultural Practices for Balsam Fir Christmas Tree ProductionMS-1
Box 2, Folder 51964-1970The Application of Mathematical Programming Models to Planning Over Time in Forest EnterprisesMS-2
Box 2, Folder 61969-1971Economic Guidelines for Timber Stand Improvement in New HampshireM-7
Box 2, Folder 71967ProjectsNCT
Box 2, Folder 81967Forest Resources Based Recreation Markets in the North Central RegionNCT-93
Box 2, Folder 91967Quality and Safety for Volume Food ServiceNCT-94
Box 2, Folder 101962-1968Breeding and Evaluation of Turf GrassesNEC-3
Box 2, Folder 111967-1968The Physical Properties of SoilsNEC-5
Box 2, Folder 121967Disposal and Utilization of Dairy and Poultry Manures by Land ApplicationNEC-6
Box 2, Folder 131972Forage Management and Physiology - terminated 11/77NEC-8
Box 2, Folder 141973-1974Floriculture and Ornamental HorticultureNEC-11
Box 2, Folder 151970-1971Rural DevelopmentNEC-12
Box 2, Folder 161971-1975Rural DevelopmentNEC-14
Box 2, Folder 171975-1980Greenhouse Engineering - terminatedNEC-15
Box 2, Folder 181972Gypsy MothNEC-16
Box 2, Folder 191975-1976Resistance to Mastitis in Dairy CattleNEC-25
Box 2, Folder 201977-1978Biting FliesNEC-26
Box 2, Folder 211981Economic Impacts of Expanding Ethanol Fuel Production on Northeast Agriculture - terminatedNEC-42
Box 2, Folder 221981-1986Fuelwood - terminatedNEC-43
Box 2, Folder 231956-1957Breeding CattleW-49
Box 2, Folder 241967Interrelationships of Amino Acids and Vitamin UtilizationW-57


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