Agriculture Experiment Station Scientific Contributions, 1908-2010

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About Agriculture Experiment Station

The New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station was established at the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts with the funds provided by the Hatch Act of 1887. The College was founded in Hanover, NH in 1866, moved to Durham, NH in 1893 and became the University of New Hampshire in 1923. The Experiment Station moved and grew with the college. Faculty articles have been reprinted by the Experiment Station and distributed to gain publicity about the work being done at the Station.

About the Agriculture Experiment Station Scientific Contributions

This series contains essays and articles contributed to scientific journals by faculty members of the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station.

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[Identification of item], Agriculture Experiment Station Scientific Contributions, 1908-2010, UA 18/10/4, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

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Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11908#1, The Influence of Minimum Tempetures in Limiting the Northern Distribution of Insects, by E. Dwight Sanderson.
1908#2, The Fruit Spot of Apples, by Charles Brooks
1909#3, The Oblique-banded Leafroller, by E. Dwight Sanderson and Alma Drayer Jackson. Also, A New Insectary, by E.Dwight Sanderson.
1910#4, The Relation of Temperature to the Growth of Insects, by E. Dwight Sanderson
1912#5, Apple Fruit Spot and Quince Blotch, by Charles Brooks and Caroline A. Black
1912#6, Apple Leaf Spot, by Charles Brooks and Margaret DeMeritt.
1913#7, A Note on the Significance of Sugar in the Tubers of Solanum Tuberosum, by O. Butler.
1914#8, Blossom-end Rot of Tomatoes, by Charles Brooks
1915#9, Methods of Preparation and Relative Value of Borbeaux Mixtures, by O. Butler.
1917#10, The Cuprammonium Washes, by O. Butler.
Box 1, Folder 2Undated#11, A Chest Contour Caliper and Its Adaptability for Measuring Sheep, by E.G. Ritzman
1919#12, The Effect of the Environment on the Loss of Weight and Germination of Seed Potatoes During Storage, by O. Butler.
1919#13, The Minimum, Optimun and Maximum Temperature of Spore Germination in Some Uredinales, by W.L. Doran.
1919#15, Effects of Wounds on Loss of Weight of Potatoes, by O. Butler.
1920#16, On the Amount of Copper Required for the Control of Phytophthora Infestans on Potatoes, by O. Butler.
1920#17, Earless Sheep: Spawn of the Devil, by E.G. Ritzman.
1921#18, Relation of Potassium to Growth in Plants, by T.O. Smith and O. Butler.
1922#19, Effects of External and Internal Factors on the Germination of Fungous Spores, by W.L. Doran.
1922#20, On the Use of the Copper Acetates as Fungicides, by O. Butler and T.O. Smith.
Box 1, Folder 31923#21, Toxicoty Studies with Some Copper Fungicides, by W.L. Doran
1927#22, A Biochemical Study of the False-Blossom Disease of the Cranberry, by C.P. Spaeth and H.R. Krayhill.
1927#23, Studies of the Metabolism of Steers, I-III, by F.G. Benedict and E.G. Ritzman.
1930#24, Effect of Size of Seed Used in Commercial Planting on the Incidence of Leafroll and Mosaic in Potatoes, by O. Butler.
1930#25, Experiments on the Control of Mustard, by Russell Bissey and O. Butler.
1929#26, The Period of Blossom Bud Differentiation in the Baldwin and McIntosh Apples, by E.J. Rasmussen
1930#27, Effects on Plants of Cyanide Fumigation Following Spraying with Bordeaux Mixture, by O. Butler and R.R. Jenkins
1931#28, Maintaining Cultures of Mosquito Larvae, by L.C. Glover.
1930#29, Pollination Studies with the McIntosh Apple in New Hampshire, by L.P. Latimer
1930#30, Cod Liver Meal Experimentation on Chicks and Breeding Birds, by H.O. Stuart and T.B. Charles.
1930#31, Significance of the Probable Error as Applied to Field Experiments with Apple Trees, by G.F. Potter.
1930#32, Comparative Growth Characteristics of the Baldwin and McIntosh Apples, by G.F. Potter and E.H. Putnam
1931#33, The Determination of Lime Requirement by the Direct Addition of Calcium Carbonate, by G.P. Percival
1932#34, The Determination of Sugarsgar in Plant Extracts, by T.G. Phillips
1931#35, Further Observations on Factors Affecting Fruit Setting of the McIntosh Apple in New Hampshire, by L.P. Latimer
1931#36, Cold Storage Tests with McIntosh Under Forced Air Circulation, by E.J. Rasmussen
1933#37, The Relation of Hydrophilic Colloids to Hardiness in Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts and Alfalfa Plants as Shown by the Dye Adsorption Test, by S. Dunn
1932#38, Effect of Nitrate of Potash on the Vigor and Productivity of Healthy and Leaf-Roll Green Mountain Potato Plants Their Progenies, O. Butler and H.L. Murray
1932#39, The Use of Kainite for the Control of Poison Ivy, by O. Butler
1933#40, Cicadellidae Leafhoppers of New Hampshire, by P.R. Lowery
1934#41, Effect on the Growth of Oats of Copper Sprays Used for the Control of Mustard, by O. Butler and R. Bissey
1933#42, Spring and Mid-Summer Applications of Nitrogen in the Apple Orchard, by G.F. Potter
1933#43, The Relation of Weather to Pollination of the McIntosh Apple, by R.L. Boyd and L.P. Latimer
1933#44, A Two-Year Study of Labor and Equipment Used in Spraying Forty-Two New Hampshire Orchards, by E. J. Rasmussen.
1934#45, Effect of Applications of Sodium Chlorate and Ammonium Thiocyanate on Subsequent Sowings of Wheat, by R. Bissey and O. Butler.
1934#46, Results of Incorporating a Heavy Application of Superphosphate Deeply into an Orchard Soil, by G.F. Potter.
1934#47, Effects of Crop and Treatment on Winter Injury to Baldwins, by M.A. Tingley and G.F. Potter
1935#48, Lability of the Basal Metabolism of the Dairy Cow, by F.G. Benedict and E.G. Ritzman.
1936#49, Variations in Yield of Pure Line Green Mountain Potatoes Grown in a Controlled Environment, by O. Butler
1937#50, Factors Affecting Cold Resistance in Plants, by S. Dunn
1937#51, Value of the Dye-Adsorption Test for Predeterming the Degree of Hardiness, by S. Dunn
1937#52, Frost Rings in Hardy Varieties of Apple, by M.A. Tingley
1937#53, Double Growth Rings in Red Astrachan, by M.A. Tingley
1937Not Numbered, Confinement Versus Open Range for Bronze Turkey Breeders, by T.B Charles, P.A. Wilcox, D.W. Flagg, and A.E. Tepper.
1937#54, Unusual and Severe Winter Injury to the Trunks of McIntosh Apple Trees in New Hampshire, by C.O. Rawlings and G.F. Potter
1937#55, A Comparison of Manure and Peat for Greenhouse Tomato Culture, by J.R. Helper
1937#56, Biennial Bearing of McIntosh, by G.F. Potter
1937#57, Can Bees Retain Pollen of Early Apple Varieties for Effective Pollination of Later Blooming Sorts?, by L.P. Latimer
1937#58, Self- and Cross-Pollination in the McIntosh Apple and Some of Its Hybrids, by L.P. Latimer
1937#59, The Effects of Reducing the Number of Functioning Stigmas on Fruit-Setting and Characteristics of the McIntosh Apple, by L.P. Latimer
1938#60, A Freezing Apparatus in which Change of Temperature is Automatically Control, by W.W. Smith and G.F. Potter
1938#61, Case History of Two Winter Injured Baldwins, by M.A. Tingley
1938#62, The Occurence of Seedless Apples as a Result of Frost, by L.P. Latimer, C.O. Rawlings
1938#63, Photoelectric Measurements of Apple Leaf Areas, by G.F. Potter
1938#64, Availability to Apple Trees of Potassium Applied on the Surface of Sod Mulch Orchards in New Hampshire, by G.F. Potter and G.P. Percival
1938#65, Confinement Versus Open Range for Bronze Turkey Breeders, by T.B. Charles, P.A Wilcox, D.W. Flagg, and A.E. Tepper.
1938#66, An Individual Chick Cage for Use in Poultry Nutritional Studies, A.E. Tepper.
Box 1, Folder 41938#67, Incompatability of Early McIntosh and Cortland Apples, by W. Weeks and L.P. Latimer
1938#68, Horizon Variations of Three New Hampshire Podzol Profiles, W.H. Lyford, Jr.
1938#69, Phosphorus and Potassium as Supplements to Nitrogen in Sod Mulch Orchards in New Hampshire, by G.F. Potter, and E.G. Fisher
1938#70, Response to Howard 17 Strawberry to Sodium Salts, by L.P. Latimer
1938#71, Experimental Production of Winter Injury to the Trunks of Apple Trees by Applying Nitrogenous Fertilizers in the Autumn, by M.A. Tingley, W.W. Smith, T.G. Phillips, and G.F. Potter.
1938#72, Variations in Cooking Quality of Potatoes as Influenced by Varieties, by J.L. Haddock and P.T. Blood.
1939#73, Convenient Seedling Support for Growing Plants in Water Culture, by S. Dunn.
1940#74, Studies on Streptococci of Bovine Mastitis, by L.W. Slanetz and J. Naghski.
1939#75, Variations in Cooking Quality of Potatoes as Influenced by Fertilizers, by P.T. Blood and J.L. Haddock.
1939#76, Tree Girth and Yield as Indicators of Subsequent Apple Tree Productivity, by A.F. Yeager and L.P. Latimer
1939#77, Frost Rings in Fall Fertilized McIntosh Apple Trees, by W.W. Smith and M.A. Tingley.
1939#78, Preservation of Soil Profiles by Voight's Method, W.H. Lyford, Jr.
1941#79, Semimicro Method for Determining Copper Reduced by Sugars, by T.G. Phillips.
1941#80, Isolation and Characteristics of Bacteriophages for Staphylococci of Bovine Mastitis, by L.W. Slanetz and E. Jawetz
1941#81, The Influence of a 3-year Rotation and Fertilizer Treatments on the Organic Carbon of Soil, by W.H. Coates
Box 1, Folder 51940#82, Relation of Weather to Prevalence of Internal Cork in Apples, by L.P. Latimer
1942#83, The Organic Carbon Level of New Hampshire Soils Under Virgin, General Farm and Experimental Conditions, by W.H. Coates
1942#84, Isolation of a Filterable Virus from Chickens Affected with 'Blue Comb' Disease, by E.F. Waller
1942#85, The Potency of Digitalis Purpurea Cultivated in New Hampshire, by J.R. Helper, W.T. Ackerman, and B. French
1942#86, The Effect of Light Intensity on the Photosynthetic Efficiency of Carnation Varieties, by W.D. Holley
1942#87, Development of the Storage Disorder, Brown Core, in McIntosh Apples, W.W. Smith
1943#88, The Palatability of Freshly Fallen Forest Tree Leaves to Millipeds, by W.H. Lyford
1943#89, The Response of Strawberries to Boron, by L.P. Latimer
1943#90, The Characteristics of Crosses Between Botanical Varieties of Cabbage, by A.F. Yeager.
Undated#91, How Much Borax Can an Apple Tree Tolerate? by L.P. Latimer and G.P. Percival
1944#92, A Colorimetric Determination of Nicotinic Acid, by A. E. Teeri and S.R. Shimer.
1944#93, Xylem Formation from Ring Grafts, by A.F. Yeager
1944#94, Sawdust, Seaweed and Meadow Hay as Mulch for McIntosh Apple Trees, by L.P. Latimer and G.P. Percival
1944#95, A Comparison of the Effects of Colchine Applications on Plants and Seeds, by A.F. Yeager and W.P. Haubrich.
1944#96, On the Determination of Esterfied Cholesterol, by A.E. Teeth.
1944#97, The Possibility of Producing Forcong Stocks of Lily-of-the-Valley in New Hampshire, by W.D. Holley
1945#98, How to Grow the African Violet, by W.D. Holley.
1944#99, Cambium Temperatures of Peach and Apple Trees in Winter , by Russell Eggert.
1945#100, Inheritance in Begonia Semperflorens, by W. D. Holley.
1945#101, Treatment of Bovine Mastitis with Penicillin, by L. W. Slanetz, Ph.D., and F. E. Allen, D.V.M.
1945#102, Observations on the Causes of the Flow of Sap in Red Maple, by Clark L. Stevens and Russel L. Eggert.
1945#103, How to Grow the Gardenia, by W. D. Holley.
1945#104, The Soils of New Hampshire as Related to a Deficiency in Cattle Responding to Cobolt, by W.H. Lyford, Jr., G. P. Percival, H. A. Keener, and K. S. Morrow.
1946#105, Changes in the Composition of Squash During Storage, by Thomas G. Phillips.
1946#106, Studies on the Chemical Composition of Calf Blood, by A. E. Teeri, H. A. Keener, and K. S. Morrow.
1946#107, Lycopersicon Peruvianum as a Parent in the Development of High Asorbic Acid Tomato Varieties, by A. F. Yeager and Helen J. Purinton.
1946#108, Choline in the Nutrition of Laying Hens, by R. C. Ringrose, and H. A. Davis.
1946#109, Response of the Lowbush Blueberry to Fertilizers, by W. W. Smith, Russel Eggert, A. R. Hodgdon, and A. F. Yeager.
1947#110, Retardation of Sprouting of Potatoes by Carbon Dioxide Storage, by L. T. Kardos, and P. T. Blood.
1948#111, A Study fo Cobalt Deficiency in New Hampshire with Sheep, by H. A. Keener, G. P. Percival, and K. S. Morrow
1947#112, Progress Report on Chemical Weed Control in Blueberry Fields, by W. W. Smith, A. R. Hodgdon, and Russel Eggert.
1947#113, Penicillin Therapy in Streptococcal Mastitis, by L. W. Slanetz, Ph.D., and F. E. Allen, D.V.M.
Box 1, Folder 61947#114, Breeding for Earliness in Vine Crops, by A. F. Yeager.
1947#115, Plant Exploration at Home, by A. F. Yeager.
1947#116, Comparative Value of Sawdust, Hay, and Seweed as Mulch for Apple Trees, by L. P. Latimer and G. P. Percival.
1948#119, Thiamine and the Cyanogen Bromide Reaction, by Arthur E. Teeri.
1949#120, Composition and Digestible Energy of Hays Fed to Cattle, by T. G. Phillips and M. E. Loughlin.
1949#121, Nutritive Properties of Torula Yeast for Poultry, by R. C. Ringrose.
1949#122, Parathion in Early Spring Applications for Bud Moth Control, by J. G. Conklin and G. L. Walker.
1949#123, Blanket Indigo and The Effects of 2, 4-D on Potato Tops and Tubers When Sprayed at the Full Bloom Stage, by Paul Tabor; F. S. Prince and P. T. Blood.
1949#124, Cobalt Tolerance in Young Dairy Cattle, by H. A. Keener, G. P. Percival and K. S. Morrow.
1950#125, The Effect of Sulfathalidine on the Excretion of Vitamin B by Ruminants, by Arthur E. Teeri, Maxim Leavitt, Dorothy Josselyn, Nicholas F. Colovos and Harry A. Keener.
1949#126, The Nutritive Value of Timothy Hay at Different Stages of Maturity as Compared with Second Cutting Clover Hay, by N. F. Colovos, H. A. Keener, J. R. Prescott and A. E. Teeri.
1949#127, Blanket Indigo and The Effects of 2, 4-D on Potato Tops and Tubers When Sprayed at the Full Bloom Stage, by Paul Tabor; F. S. Prince and P. T. Blood.
1949#128, The Nutritive Value of Wood Molasses as Compared with Cane Molasses, by N. F. Colovos, H. A. Keener, J. R. Prescott and A. E. Teeri.
1950#129, A Study of the Function of Cobalt in the Nutrition of Sheep, by H. A. Keener, G. P. Percival, G. H. Ellis and K. C. Beeson.
1950#130, Relationship of Composition of Milk to Methods Used for Determining Adulteration, by H. C. Moore and A. E. Teeri.
1952#131, Pyrethrum Synergists, by R. L. Blickle.
1950#134, Avian Keratoconjuctivitis, by George P. Faddoul, D.V.M. and R. C. Ringrose, Ph.D.
1951#135, Effects of Method of Preservation of Roughage, and of Cane or Wood Molasses on Vitamin Excretion by Cows, by A. E. Teeri, D. Josselyn, N. F. Colovos and H. A. Keener.
1951#136, Cobalt Metablism Studies with Sheep, by H. A. Keener, R. R. Baldwin and G. P. Percival.
1951#139, The Effect of Vitamin D on the Utilization of Energy and Protein of the Ration of Calves, by N. F. Colovos, H. A. Keener, A. E. Teeri and H. A. Davis.
1952#141, Notes on the Mosquitoes (Culicinae) of New Hampshire, by R. L. Blickle.
1951#142, Influence of the Ration on the Excretion of Certain Vitamins by Ruminants, by A. E. Teeri, D. Josselyn, N. F. Colovos and H. A. Keener.
1952#144, Rhodora: Journal of the New England Botanical Club, by A. R. Hodgdon, P. Gigurere, S. B. Krochmal and A. Riel.
1952#145, A New Flurorometric Determination of Thaimine, by Arthur E. Teeri.
1953#146, A Check List of the Trichoptera (Caddis Flies) of New Hampshire, by Wallace J. Morse and Robert L. Blickle.
1952#148, The Relative Absorption of Phosphorus by Apple Trees and Fruits from Foliar Sprays, and from Soil Applications of Fertilizer, Using Radioactive Phosphorus as a Tracer, by R. Eggert, L. T. Kardos and R. D. Smith.
1954#149, The Availability of Magnesium from Organic Carriers in Artificial Substances, by Stuart Dunn and Suzanne S. Roberts.
1952#150, Field Plot Studies with Sawdust for Soil Improvement, by Stuart Dunn, L. P. Wolfe Jr.,W. A. Macdonald and John R. Baker.
Box 1, Folder 71953#151, Sawdust Composts in Soil Improvement: Studies on Aeration, Acid Hydrolysis, Manure, and Waste Materials as Composting Aids, by Leonard P. Wolfe Jr. and Stuart Dunn.
1953#152, Sawdust Composts in Soil Improvement: Pot Culture Studies with Compost Mixtures of Sawdust and Manure, Steam Treated Composts, and Miscellaneous Mixtures, by William A. Macdonald and Stuart Dunn.
1953#153, Phosphorylase and a Branching Enzyme in Squash, by Thomas Phillips and Warren Averill.
1953#154, Diagnosis of Staphylococcal Mastitis, with Special Reference to the Characteristics of Mastitis Staphylococcai, by L. W. Slanetz and Clara H. Bartley.
1953#155, Effect of Sulfur Dioxide-Silage on Vitamin Excretion by Ruminants, by A. E. Teeri, D. Josselyn, N. F. Colovos and H. A. Keener.
1954#156, Tabanidae of New Hampshire, by R. L. Blickle.
1953#157, Metabolic Fate of S35 in the Lactating Cow When Fed S35O2 Preserved Silage, by H. A. Keener, A. E. Teeri, R. V. Harrington and R. R. Baldwin
1953#158, Effect of Excess Amino Acids on Growth of Certain Lactobacilli, by Arthur E. Teeri and Dorothy Josselyn.
1954#159, New Species of Hydroptilidae (Trichoptera), by R. L. Blickle and W. J. Morse.
1954#160, Colorimetric Determination of Blood Calcium with Chloranilic Acid and Determination of Cobalt in Metallurgical Products, by Arthur E. Teeri; and Jorma Kinnunen, Bergt Merikanto, and Bertil Wennerstrand.
1954#161, Effect of D-Amino Acids on Growth of Lactobacilli, by Arthur E. Teeri.
1956#163, A Flesh-Color Chimera in the Peach, by A. F. Yeager and E. M. Meader.
1954#164, Occurrence of 'Stem Pitting' and Necrosis in Some Body Stocks for Apple Trees, by W. W. Smith
1954#166, The Effect of Various Factors on the Vitamin D Content of Several Common Forages, by H. A. Keener.
1954#167, Propagation of Sugar Maple by Vegetative Cuttings, by Stuart Dunn and Ralph J. Townsend.
1954#168, Semi-micro Colorimetric Determination of Calcium in Blood Serum, by Arthur E. Teeri.
1954#168a, Chemical Composition of Some Forage Grasses: Changes with Plant Maturity, by T. G. Phillips, J. T. Sullivan, M. E. Loughlin and V. G. Sprague.
1955#169, Sawdust Composts in Soil Improvement: Pot Cultures Studies with Composts from Outdoor Pits, Wooden Bins with High Moisture, and Other Mixtures, by John R. Baker and Stuart Dunn.
1954#169a, Further Results on the Absorbtion of Phosphorous by Apple Trees, by R. Eggert and L. T. Kardos.
1955#170, Breed and Strain Differences in Shank Pigmentation in Growing Chickens, W. M. Collins, S. C. Thayer and W. C. Skoglund.
1955#171, Results of an Investigation of the Variable Plot Method of Cruising, by Bertram Husch.
1955#173, The Excretion of Vitamin B12 by Dairy Cattle, by A. E. Teeri, H. F. Enos, Jr., E. Pomerantz, and N. F. Colovos.
1955#174, Vitamin Excretion by Deer, by A. E. Teeri, E. Pomerantz, N. F. Colovos and H. A. Keener.
1955#175, Feeding Habits of Tabanidae, by R. L. Blickle.
1955#176, Observation of the Habits of Tabanidae, by R. L. Blickle.
1955#177, The Sunapee Peach, by A. F. Yeager and E. M. Meader.
1955#178, New and Little Known Polycentopus (Trichoptera), by R. L. Blickle and W. J. Morse.
1955#179, The Occurrence and Control of Paratylenchus Hamatus on Celery in New Hampshire, by Avery E. Rich.
1955#180, Die-Back of Asparagus Associated with Botrytis Cinerea in New Hampshire, by Avery E. Rich.
1956#181, Chemical Composition of Some Forage Grasses: Successive Cuttings During the Growing Season, by J. T. Sullivan, T. G. Phillips, M. E. Loughlin and V. G. Sprague.
1956#183, Effect of Frequency of Gathering Eggs Upon Hatchability, by W. C. Skoglund and A. W. Brown.
1956#184, Notes on the Life History of Cephenemyia phobifer Clark (Diptera), by R. L. Blickle.
1957#185, Errors in Drying Silage and Feces for Protein and Energy Determinations: Improved Procedures, by N. F. Colovos, H. A. Keener and H. A. Davis.
1955#186, Late Season Disease of Forage Crops in New Hampshire in 1955, by R. A. Kilpatrick and G. M. Dunn.
1956#187, Selection in Smooth Bromegrass for Resistance to Pyrenophora bromi (Died.) Drechsl, by Donald A. Emery and Gerald M. Dunn.
1956#188, A Mircrobiological Method for the Nutritional Evaluation of Proteins, by A. E. Teeri, W. Virchow and M. E. Loughlin.
1957#189, Distribution of Dermacentor variabilis (Say), the American Dog Tick, in New Hampshire, by R. L. Blickle and J. G. Conklin.
1956#190, Increased Runner Production and Fruit Yield of Virus- Free Strawberry Plants over Commercial Stocks in New Hampshire, by Robert F. Becker and Avery E. Rich.
1956#191, Dapple Apple, an Unusual Fruit Symptom of Apples in New Hampshire, by W. W. Smith, J. G. Barrat and A. E. Rich.
1957#193, New Hydroptilidae (Trichoptera) from New Hampshire, by R. L. Blickle and W. J. Morse.
1957#194, Crossing of Smooth Bromegrass, Bromus inermis Leyss, in the Greenhouse, by K. H. MacKay and G. M. Dunn.
1957#195, Nutritive Value of Fish: Nicotinic Acid, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, and Amino Acids of Various Salt-Water Species, by A. E. Teeri, M. E. Loughlin and D. Josselyn.
1958#196, Blood Composition of White-Tailed Deer, by A. E. Teeri, W. Virchow, N. F. Colovos and F. Greeley.
1958#197, Growth Studies with Calves and Rabbits Fed Timothy Hay Grown on Heavily Fertilized Soils, by H. A. Keener and E. J. Thacker.
1957#199, Debeaking at One Day of Age and the Feeding of Pellets to Broiler Chickens, by M. B. Lonsdale, R. M. Vondell and R. C. Ringrose.
1957#200, State Wide Testing for PPLO Infection of Poultry, by W. R. Dunlop, D.V.M. and R. G. Strout, M.S.
Box 1, Folder 91957#201, The Effect of Cover Crop Management on Soil Moisture in a Young Apple Orchard, by R. Eggert.
1957#202, The Uptake of Magnesium by Different Grasses in Relation to Their Use as Mulch in Orchards, by R. Eggert, L. P. Latimer and G. P. Percival.
1957#204, Additions and Corrections to the List of New Hampshire Trichoptera, by W. J. Morse and R. L. Blickle.
1958#205, Effect of Pulverizes Limestone and Dicalcium Phosphate on the Nutritive Value of Dairy Cattle Feed, by N. F. Colovos, H. A. Keener and H. A. Davis.
1957#206, Debeaking at One Day of Age and the Feeding of Pellets to Broiler Chickens, by R. M. Vondell and R. C. Ringrose.
1958#207, Influence of Plumage Color on Hatching Ratio and Growth Rate in Chickens, by W. M. Collins and Wentworth Hubbard.
1958#208, Effect of Metal Chelates on Growth of Corn in Solution Cultures, by S. K. Majumder and Stuart Dunn.
1958#209, The Effect of Protein and Fat Levels and Calorie to Protein Ratio upon Performance of Broilers, by Richard M. Vondell and R. C. Ringrose.
1958#210, Determination of Potassium in Blood Serum, by A. E. Teeri, Ph.D and P. G. Sesin, M.D.
1959#212, Influence of Flourescent Light Quality of Growth and Photosynthesis of Tomato, by Stuart Dunn and F. W. Went.
1958#213, Observations on Infectious Synovitis, by S. C. Thayer, R. G. Strout and W. R. Dunlop.
1958#214, Fungi Isolated from Ladino White Clover Seeds (Trifolium Repens L.) in New Hampshire, by R. A. Kilpatrick.
1958#215, Value of Adding Corn Silage and Limited Quantities of Hay to a Grass Silage, Limited Grain Ration for Daily Heifers, by H. A. Keener, F. E. Allen, N. F. Colovos, Ann C. Paul and H. A. Davis.
1958#216, Curvularia Leaf Blight of Clovers and its Causal Agent, Curvularia Trifolii, by R. A. Kilpatrick.
1958#217, Pollination Studies on Low Bush Blueberries, by William R. Lee.
1959#218, Effects of Light Quality on Herbicide Toxicity to Plants, by Subhash C. Datta and Stuart Dunn.
1958#219, B-Complex Vitamins in Certain Brown and Red Algae, by A. E. Teeri and R. E. Bieber.
1958#220, Studies in the Prevention, Epidemiology and Etiology of Infectious Synovitis, by William R. Dunlop, D.V.M. and S. C. Thayer, B.S.
1958#221, Nutrition and Physiology of Ruminococcus Flavefaciens, by William A. Ayers.
1958#222, Phosphorylation of Cellobiose and Glucose by Ruminococcus Flavefaciens, by William A. Ayers.
1958#223, What Happens When You Cross a Rose and Male Controls Sprouting, by Norman Young; and Edward B. Risley.
1959#225, A Disease of Ladino White Clover Caused by a Yeast, Rhodotorula Glutinis Var. Rubescens, by R. A. Kilpatrick.
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11959#226, Use of Organic Phosphate in Nutrient Culture, by S. K. Majumder and Stuart Dunn.
1959#227, Modifiying Effect of EDTA on the Copper Toxicity to Corn in Nutrient Solutions, by S. K. Majumder and Stuart Dunn.
1959#228, The B-Vitamin Content of Eggs as Influenced by Antibiotics in the Laying Ration, by A. E. Teeri, P. M. Gannis and R. C. Ringrose.
1959#229, Wood Waste in Composts, by Stuart Dunn and Judith D. Emery.
1959#230, The Immunization of Dairy Cattle Against Staphylococcal Mastitis, by L. W. Slantz, Ph.D.; Clara H. Bartley, Ph.D.; and F. E. Allen, D.V.M.
1959#232, Rhododendron Maximum in New Hampshire, by A. R. Hodgdon and R. Pike.
1959#233, Observation in the Prevention of the CRD Complex, by J. R. Beckman and W. R. Dunlop.
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Box 3
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Box 4
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Box 7
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Box 7
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