Carroll County Forestry Division Files, 1935-1972

Collection number: UA 14/2/1
Size: 8 boxes (2.66 cu.ft.)

About Cooperative Extension. Carroll County Forestry Division

The Cooperative Extension of the University of New Hampshire has an office in each county in New Hampshire. The Carroll County Forestry Division kept records about the Forestry Cooperators in that county.

About the Inactive cooperators

This series contains the records of the Carroll County Forestry department. They include the correspondence with inactive cooperators and records of woodland lots in Carroll County. This series is divided into two subseries: subseries I, Woodland surveys; subseries II, Correspondence.

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], [Box number], [Folder number], Carroll County Forestry Division Files, 1935-1972, UA 14/2/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Transfered to University of New Hampshire Archives on May 3, 1993.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Woodland Surveys, 1944-1958

(1 Box)

This series contains woodland surveys of the Carroll County Forestry department.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11951-1956Woodland Examination, "A"
Box 1, Folder 21950-1957Woodland Examination, "B"
Box 1, Folder 31944-1958Woodland Examination, "C"
Box 1, Folder 41946-1958Woodland Examination, "D"
Box 1, Folder 51952-1958Woodland Examination, "E"
Box 1, Folder 61950-1956Woodland Examination, "F"
Box 1, Folder 71944-1958Woodland Examination, "G"
Box 1, Folder 81945-1958Woodland Examination, "H"
Box 1, Folder 91947-1952Woodland Examination, "I"
Box 1, Folder 101949-1956Woodland Examination, "J"
Box 1, Folder 111944-1958Woodland Examination, "K"
Box 1, Folder 121947-1958Woodland Examination, "L"
Box 1, Folder 131946-1958Woodland Examination, "M"
Box 1, Folder 141947-1958Woodland Examination, "N"
Box 1, Folder 151951Woodland Examination, "O"
Box 1, Folder 161944-1958Woodland Examination, "P"
Box 1, Folder 171953Woodland Examination, "Q"
Box 1, Folder 181947-1958Woodland Examination, "R"
Box 1, Folder 191946-1958Woodland Examination, "S"
Box 1, Folder 201944-1958Woodland Examination, "T"
Box 1, Folder 211949-1957Woodland Examination, "U"
Box 1, Folder 221948-1956Woodland Examination, "V"
Box 1, Folder 231946-1958Woodland Examination, "W"
Box 1, Folder 241944-1954Sawmills, Wood Using Plants, Key Individuals, "A to D"
Box 1, Folder 251945-1952Sawmills, etc., "E to L"
Box 1, Folder 261944-1956Sawmills, etc., "M to Z"

Series 2: Correspondence, 1935-1972

(7 Boxes)

This series contains correspondence of the Carroll County Forestry department.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11948Forestry I Cooperator, A.M.C. Camp
Box 1, Folder 21951-1953Abbott, Miss Mary A.
Box 1, Folder 31948Allard, M. #22
Box 1, Folder 41950-1960Ambrose, Jessie L.
Box 1, Folder 51964-1968Appalachian Mt. Club, #28
Box 1, Folder 6Andrews, H. L., #26
Box 1, Folder 71958Annia William H. Colebrook, N.h. Madison, #27
Box 1, Folder 81956Arling, Roy, Tamworth, N.H."
Box 1, Folder 91950-1956Avery, Alfred H., Cambridge 42, MA., #30
Box 1, Folder 101946-1954Balch, Dr. Franklin G.
Box 1, Folder 111953Bancroft, Mrs. E. C., N. Conway, #37
Box 1, Folder 121953-1954Banfield, Laura, #38
Box 1, Folder 131947Barbour, Mrs. Blanche
Box 1, Folder 141969Bartlett Water Precinct, #39
Box 1, Folder 151961Battersby, C. Brenton
Box 1, Folder 161951Beaman, Dr. G. B.
Box 1, Folder 171943Beard, Mr. I. M.
Box 1, Folder 181947-1950Beede, Carl G.
Box 1, Folder 191948Belknap Camp
Box 1, Folder 201967Bickford, Carl, South Tamworth
Box 1, Folder 211959Birbeck, William, #55
Box 1, Folder 221966Bennett, Phil A., #48
Box 1, Folder 231947-1949Birch Intervale Farm
Box 1, Folder 241955Blackwell, Miss Ruth E., Alexandria, Va.
Box 1, Folder 251959Blackwood, James, #57
Box 1, Folder 261942Blakely, Howard G.
Box 1, Folder 271959Blackeney, William P.
Box 1, Folder 281955Bond, Franklin
Box 1, Folder 291957-1958Booker, John R. E. #61
Box 1, Folder 301963-1964Border, John
Box 1, Folder 311962Bowditch, James
Box 1, Folder 321962-1964Blaisdell, Helen L.(deceased)
Box 1, Folder 331960-1962Bradbury, Roger P.
Box 1, Folder 341949Brande, Justin
Box 1, Folder 351960Brendell, Matthew H.
Box 1, Folder 36Briggs, Harold
Box 1, Folder 37Brock, Maynor D. Sr.
Box 1, Folder 381956-1964Brooke, Lawrence G., #71
Box 1, Folder 391947-1958Brookes, Mrs. Norman K., #72
Box 1, Folder 401960-1962Brookfield Trust, #70
Box 1, Folder 411950Bullard, Walter
Box 1, Folder 421962Burgess, Robert S.
Box 1, Folder 431959Butler, John, #81
Box 1, Folder 441961Butterworth, Frederick O.
Box 1, Folder 451949Callahan, Miss Edna
Box 1, Folder 461964-1965Camp Quinebarge, Remondini, Ernest B., #88
Box 1, Folder 471960Campbell, Charles, #86
Box 1, Folder 481955Carmen, Kevie, South Chatham
Box 1, Folder 491959Carr, Roland
Box 1, Folder 501951Cate, Murray, Center Ossipee
Box 1, Folder 511951Caverly, Miss Helen, Providence, R.I.
Box 1, Folder 521952Chapman, Reverend Paul H., Tamworth, N.H.
Box 1, Folder 531964Charnock, Barbara
Box 1, Folder 541946-1948Charles, Albert and E. Walton
Box 1, Folder 551956Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Donald A., Iron Mountain House, Jackson, N.H.
Box 1, Folder 561950Chase, G. Elmer, Conway, N.H.
Box 1, Folder 571958Chick, George
Box 1, Folder 581962Church, Robert
Box 1, Folder 591949-1959Clark, Lawrence G.
Box 1, Folder 601957Clark, William B.
Box 1, Folder 611950Clayton, Albert
Box 1, Folder 621956Cleveland, Richard, Intermont, Tamworth, N.H.
Box 1, Folder 631952Clow, Dr. John H., Wolfeboro, N.H.
Box 1, Folder 641950Colby, Dr. Charles L., Bradford, MA.
Box 1, Folder 651946-1951Congregational Church
Box 1, Folder 661958Corson, Bernard W., Ossipee, N.H.
Box 1, Folder 671965Conway Village park, #105
Box 1, Folder 681946-1960Coulter, Eliot B.
Box 1, Folder 691960Crystal Hill Lodge, Mr. and Mrs. Brown
Box 1, Folder 701950-1951Crory, Mrs. Frederick J.
Box 1, Folder 711946Curtis, Mrs. W. H.
Box 1, Folder 721957-1964Dame, Miss Bertha
Box 1, Folder 731940-1957Damon, Harry Sr.
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11957-1959Damon, Herbert
Box 2, Folder 21957Darneille, Charles, Lord's Hill
Box 2, Folder 31963-1964Davis, George, M.. #121
Box 2, Folder 41957-1964Davisson, Mr. Alan T., #123
Box 2, Folder 51949Davidson, Mrs. Ethel M.
Box 2, Folder 61950-1958Davis, Mrs. Betty, Madison, N.H.
Box 2, Folder 71960Davis, Ray
Box 2, Folder 81959Davol, Stephen
Box 2, Folder 91951-1963Dawes, Norman H., Pittsburgh 13, Pennsylvania
Box 2, Folder 101946Dearborn, Richard
Box 2, Folder 111953Deutsch, Dr. Felix, North Wolfeboro
Box 2, Folder 121948DeWitt, Albert
Box 2, Folder 131960DeZaliwski, Alexandre, #129
Box 2, Folder 141959Diffenderfer, Hon. Marcus
Box 2, Folder 151946-1952Dix, Miss Mildred, Nashua, N.H.
Box 2, Folder 161961-1962Doherty, Miss Mary, #153
Box 2, Folder 171959-1969Dolce, Dr. John, #134
Box 2, Folder 181957-1961Donahue, Joseph, Woodlot in Wakefield
Box 2, Folder 19Donavan, Jerry, #135
Box 2, Folder 201946Dore, Leon C.
Box 2, Folder 211959Dougherty, Howard
Box 2, Folder 221957-1962Draper, Robert C., #137
Box 2, Folder 231952-1962Duffy, J. Henry
Box 2, Folder 241947Cragin, Stewart
Box 2, Folder 251955-1957Earle, B. Richard, Center Conway
Box 2, Folder 261958Edwards, Harold M.
Box 2, Folder 271962Elliot, Edward
Box 2, Folder 281959Elliot, Edwin
Box 2, Folder 291965Eland Co. Inc., Center Sandwich
Box 2, Folder 301957-1968Emmil, Robert, #146
Box 2, Folder 311959Epply, Mr. Jos. W. Jr.
Box 2, Folder 321963-1966Erskine, Alan R. L., #147
Box 2, Folder 331958Evans, Orville
Box 2, Folder 341950Farrell, William, Andover, Ma.
Box 2, Folder 351955Flanagan, Miss Jessy, Center Sandwich
Box 2, Folder 361935-1965Fahr, Arthur, #149
Box 2, Folder 371960-1961Fall, Bernon
Box 2, Folder 381943Farnum, Whipple
Box 2, Folder 391961-1967Farrington, Ervin S., #151
Box 2, Folder 401947-1949Ferguson, Malcolm
Box 2, Folder 411954Fisher, Robert
Box 2, Folder 421946-1954Fleming, Major General Phillip B. Sandwich, N.H.
Box 2, Folder 431960Fleischmann, Jeff
Box 2, Folder 441950Flickinger, Miss Loise
Box 2, Folder 451952Follett, Robert, Center Harbor, R.F.D.
Box 2, Folder 461950Foote, Charles
Box 2, Folder 471951-1952Ford, Mrs. Nelson G.
Box 2, Folder 481956Forrest, Henry and George, Silver Lake
Box 2, Folder 491964Franson, Elmer, #156
Box 2, Folder 501968Freeto, Robert P., South Tamworth, N.H., #152
Box 2, Folder 511952-1953Fryeburg Water Works, East Conway
Box 2, Folder 521951-1952Garland, Clifton R., Bartlett, N.H.
Box 2, Folder 53Garland, James
Box 2, Folder 541960Gasson, Henry D.
Box 2, Folder 55Gates, Charles P.
Box 2, Folder 561948-1956Geauque, Edwin P., Sanbornville, R.F.D., N.H.
Box 2, Folder 571954Glaws, Mrs. John, Chocorua, N.H.
Box 2, Folder 581942-1955Gale, Mrs. Arthur P.
Box 2, Folder 591950-1955Garfield, Mrs. Alva
Box 2, Folder 601950Garner, S. Frederick, R.F.D. Intervale
Box 2, Folder 611949-1957Geiss, Joseph
Box 2, Folder 621950George, Franklin, Map 85
Box 2, Folder 631949Gilbert, O. Rundle
Box 2, Folder 641951Gilfoy and Sheppard
Box 2, Folder 651955-1958Glackens, Mrs. Ira., Center Conway
Box 2, Folder 661966Glidden, Ralph, #167
Box 2, Folder 671957Glover, Joseph N.
Box 2, Folder 681957Goode, Mrs. Frederick D.
Box 2, Folder 691956Gray, Glenn, Kearsarge
Box 2, Folder 701942Graves, Jerome
Box 2, Folder 711957-1958Gray, Lee and Son Paul
Box 2, Folder 721952Griswold, Mr. amd Mrs. E. W.
Box 2, Folder 73Grott, Robert
Box 2, Folder 741958Hagan, William
Box 2, Folder 751946Hale Camp
Box 2, Folder 761953Hall, John
Box 2, Folder 771952Hamilton, Willard J.
Box 2, Folder 781954Hancock, Robert
Box 2, Folder 791951Hatch, Mrs. Alvan, Wolfeboro
Box 2, Folder 801950Hausmann, Adolai, South Conway, #174
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11958-1959Hawkins, Richard O.
Box 3, Folder 21948Hayward, Harold B.
Box 3, Folder 31949-1963Hazen, Harold L., #177
Box 3, Folder 41948Hemenway, Ralph
Box 3, Folder 51956Henry, Mrs. J.J.
Box 3, Folder 61957-1964Hill, Carroll
Box 3, Folder 71946-1952Hill, Percy G., Ridgewood, N.J.
Box 3, Folder 81961Hilton, Ted B., #183
Box 3, Folder 91957-1961Hoag, Miss Elinor
Box 3, Folder 101963-1966Hoag, John N., #185
Box 3, Folder 111961-1966Hodgdon, Edwin J., #189
Box 3, Folder 121948Holden, Dudley F.
Box 3, Folder 131960Holmes, Sumner M., #193
Box 3, Folder 141968Hopewell, Henry C. Jr., Center St. Wolfeboro, N.H.
Box 3, Folder 151947Holt, Benjamin
Box 3, Folder 161959Hopkins, Fayette
Box 3, Folder 171957Hoppin, John J.
Box 3, Folder 181956Houghton, Charles E.
Box 3, Folder 191958Howe, Rev. David B.
Box 3, Folder 201954Hoyt, Robert, Conway
Box 3, Folder 211950Hudson, Ray M., deceased
Box 3, Folder 221964Humphrey, Alvin
Box 3, Folder 231950Hunt, Mrs. Alma C.
Box 3, Folder 241949Hutchins Estate
Box 3, Folder 251957-1958Gray, Norman
Box 3, Folder 261951Hainert, Mrs. Emma B.
Box 3, Folder 271954Hamm, L. Winston, Wolfeboro
Box 3, Folder 281956Hammond, Victor C.
Box 3, Folder 291957Head, Richard
Box 3, Folder 301951-1955Heard, William
Box 3, Folder 311957Hersey, Mrs. Edwin C.
Box 3, Folder 321946-1966Hersey, Harold g.
Box 3, Folder 331955Holmes, Sumner, Melvin Village, N.H.
Box 3, Folder 341949-1958Hubbard, Joseph
Box 3, Folder 351954Hughes, Miss Jeanie E.
Box 3, Folder 361946Ingles, Mrs. Helen E.
Box 3, Folder 371957-1964Ives, John, #201
Box 3, Folder 381958-1959Jeenings, Bernard
Box 3, Folder 391949-1956Jesche, George W.
Box 3, Folder 401956-1959Johnson, Fred r., #203
Box 3, Folder 411953-1955Jordan, T.E.
Box 3, Folder 42Jose, Edwin H., Jr.
Box 3, Folder 431955-1959Town of Jackson
Box 3, Folder 441950Jackson, Ronald
Box 3, Folder 451959Johnson, Lillian
Box 3, Folder 46Kahler, Walter
Box 3, Folder 471957Kelley, James
Box 3, Folder 481959-1960Kelly, John J.
Box 3, Folder 491958Klock, Dr. J. H.
Box 3, Folder 50Kugel, Dr. Victor
Box 3, Folder 511955Kushner, Mrs. Alexander , South Chatham, N.H.
Box 3, Folder 521950Keasbey, Avertson
Box 3, Folder 531961Raymond Kelley, #207
Box 3, Folder 541969Keeney, Jack and Elizabeth, Louis Albano
Box 3, Folder 551943-1954Kenney, W. H.
Box 3, Folder 561951-1955Kidger, Horace
Box 3, Folder 571961-1962King, John E.
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11949-1952King, Margaret and Irwin
Box 4, Folder 21969Kingswood Regional High School, C/O Wayne Shipman
Box 4, Folder 31960-1961Knight, Mrs. Mildred, #219
Box 4, Folder 41972Knowlton, Frank, #220
Box 4, Folder 51950Korn, Werner E.
Box 4, Folder 61962-1966Grant Kramer, #225
Box 4, Folder 71955-1969Kroner, Ernst F., #227
Box 4, Folder 81947Kurth, I. Edward
Box 4, Folder 91947-1954Larson, Peter
Box 4, Folder 101956-1964Lucy, Fred
Box 4, Folder 111951Lyman, Sam
Box 4, Folder 121957Lamprey, Stewart
Box 4, Folder 131957Landry, Martin
Box 4, Folder 141950Lane, Phillip
Box 4, Folder 151958-1960Lamprey, Robert J.
Box 4, Folder 161953Lattie, A.N.
Box 4, Folder 171952-1954Lawless, H. P.
Box 4, Folder 181955-1956LeBonte, Harry A.
Box 4, Folder 191960Leach, Arthur
Box 4, Folder 201958-1959Leonard, Irving A.
Box 4, Folder 211956-1957Little, H. E.
Box 4, Folder 221959Littlefield Wilmer
Box 4, Folder 231956-1958Lord, Roland
Box 4, Folder 2419471-1948Loud, Leavitt
Box 4, Folder 251964Lowd, Ray
Box 4, Folder 261960Lucy, Chester
Box 4, Folder 271966Lunt, John, Madison
Box 4, Folder 281967McGee, E. David
Box 4, Folder 291960Magruder, Calvert
Box 4, Folder 301960Magouan, Richard
Box 4, Folder 311958-1960Mallard, Bernard
Box 4, Folder 321946-1955Manley, Mrs. William
Box 4, Folder 331953Marriott, J. Willard
Box 4, Folder 341959-1967Marsh, Stephen W.
Box 4, Folder 351943Martin, R. J.
Box 4, Folder 361948Mason, Walker
Box 4, Folder 371959Masterman, J. Vernon
Box 4, Folder 381949-1954Mayo, Mrs. Charles
Box 4, Folder 391957-1958Meyers, Donald M.
Box 4, Folder 401962-1964Miliner, Avon W.
Box 4, Folder 411961Milliman, Crosby
Box 4, Folder 421961Monroe, Arthur C.
Box 4, Folder 431950-1960Morgan, Barry L.
Box 4, Folder 441966Morgan, Frank T.
Box 4, Folder 451963Monroe, Ernest (Red)
Box 4, Folder 461954-1960Morton, Mrs. Pearl B.
Box 4, Folder 471958McGarty, Chandler
Box 4, Folder 481957McFarland, Mrs. Bertha
Box 4, Folder 491950Memorial Hospital
Box 4, Folder 501950-1961Merrow, Parker
Box 4, Folder 511955Marsh, R. H.
Box 4, Folder 521954Meister, Joseph
Box 4, Folder 531951-1956McCormack, George
Box 4, Folder 541954McGlaughlin, John T.
Box 4, Folder 551957Mills, Alonzo
Box 4, Folder 561951-1955Minor, Robert F.
Box 4, Folder 571946-1955Morton, George
Box 4, Folder 581948Monroe, Mr. John
Box 4, Folder 591950Munoz, Juan
Box 4, Folder 601959Murphy, William
Box 4, Folder 611956Moulton, Arthur
Box 4, Folder 621948-1952Morrill, M.D.
Box 4, Folder 631951Moore, Wilton P.
Box 4, Folder 641958Moore, K.G.
Box 4, Folder 65Moir, John A
Box 4, Folder 661951-1952Mixer, C. M.
Box 4, Folder 671958Myers, Donald
Box 4, Folder 681954-1955Nadler, Daniel
Box 4, Folder 691956Neal, Harold C.
Box 4, Folder 701951-1952National Council of the Churches of Christ
Box 4, Folder 711958Neal, Mr. Cecil M.
Box 4, Folder 721958Neely, Julius C.
Box 4, Folder 731945Nesmith, Mrs. Joseph
Box 4, Folder 741958New England Box Co.
Box 4, Folder 751956-1961N. H. Forestry Association
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11950Perkins, Emma H.
Box 5, Folder 21959-1962Nichols, David (map #279, photo 5N-9)
Box 5, Folder 31962-1963Niblett, Sam (map #441, photo #DXT-4N-70)
Box 5, Folder 41959Nickerson, George
Box 5, Folder 51968-1969Nickerson, Murray E.
Box 5, Folder 61948Nielson, C.R.
Box 5, Folder 71956Norwood, R.J.
Box 5, Folder 8Nunan, Raymond
Box 5, Folder 91960Olivier, James (map 444, Photo-2N-166, 2N-167 (best)
Box 5, Folder 101946Oliver, Wendell F.
Box 5, Folder 111950-1955Olton, Percy T., Jr.
Box 5, Folder 121961-1969O'Rourke, James, Freedom, NH (Robinson-New Owner)
Box 5, Folder 131965-1967O'Sullivan, Terry
Box 5, Folder 141947Otto, Mr. George
Box 5, Folder 151961-1964Owen, Robert W.
Box 5, Folder 161964-1966Page, Hutcheson
Box 5, Folder 171963Peterson, Osler L.
Box 5, Folder 181957-1962Pick Point Lodge - Nelson Newcomb
Box 5, Folder 191951-1960Poehler, Mrs. Jane E. (map 173, photo 2N-52)
Box 5, Folder 201963Powers, Gerry (photo 4N-36)
Box 5, Folder 211961-1967Pratt, Francis D.
Box 5, Folder 221943-1958Prince, Rev. Dr. Herbert (map 62)
Box 5, Folder 231958Paris, Roy (map 410, photo 3N-111)
Box 5, Folder 241960Parker, Elizabeth
Box 5, Folder 251951-1958Palmer, Robert
Box 5, Folder 261944-1945Parker, Mrs. Helen
Box 5, Folder 271948-1954Parker, Harold M.
Box 5, Folder 281950Parker, John
Box 5, Folder 291958-1959Parker, T.R. (map 72, photo 3N-48)
Box 5, Folder 301951Parmenter, John H.
Box 5, Folder 31Pascoe, William (map 394)
Box 5, Folder 321960Patten, Harry (photo 447, map #4N-16)
Box 5, Folder 331956Pearce, Mrs. Margarite
Box 5, Folder 341950-1952Pennock, Miss Grace
Box 5, Folder 351957-1958Perry, Mrs. Irving C.
Box 5, Folder 361947Penrose, John
Box 5, Folder 371957Peterson, John R.
Box 5, Folder 381951Peterson, Lawrence
Box 5, Folder 391948Pettingill, Averell H.
Box 5, Folder 401949-1950Pevear, George
Box 5, Folder 411948Phillips, T.E.
Box 5, Folder 421955Phillips, Jules
Box 5, Folder 431951Picard, Maurice
Box 5, Folder 441949-1950Pike, Arthur L.
Box 5, Folder 451950Pike, A.B.
Box 5, Folder 461956Piper, Mrs. Ardra
Box 5, Folder 471948-1959Pluss, Mr. Max (map 172, photo 1N-114)
Box 5, Folder 481952-1955Pope, Mrs. H.S.
Box 5, Folder 491953-1957Pope, Mrs. Murray
Box 5, Folder 501958Porter, Charles H.
Box 5, Folder 511959Potter, Harold
Box 5, Folder 521957Porter, F.H.
Box 5, Folder 531952-1960Price Farm (map 177, photo 2N-37 homestead, 2N-168 woodlot)
Box 5, Folder 541955Prescott, George A.
Box 5, Folder 551959Quimby, Clifton C., Sandwich
Box 5, Folder 561953Quimby, Dr. R.S.
Box 5, Folder 571951-1958Remick, Charles
Box 5, Folder 581943Remick, Norman
Box 5, Folder 591948Remick, Earl H.
Box 5, Folder 601956Remick, Mrs. Edwin
Box 5, Folder 611949-1950Rich, N.B.
Box 5, Folder 621949Robertson, P.
Box 5, Folder 631955-1957Camp Robin Hood
Box 5, Folder 641962Rhoads, George
Box 5, Folder 651958Richardson, John (map 52)
Box 5, Folder 661956-1957Ricker, Miss Edna
Box 5, Folder 67Riley, W.J.
Box 5, Folder 681956-1958Rines, Philip (map 343, photo 1M-149)
Box 5, Folder 691943-1958Rockwell, Mr. George H.
Box 5, Folder 701948-1954Rogers, Dr. Alfred Paul
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11962Rogers, T.W.
Box 6, Folder 21959Rolfe, Mrs. Merton (map 428, photo 4N-17)
Box 6, Folder 31959Roth, Theodore F. (map 423, photo 2N-130)
Box 6, Folder 41957-1958Rowe, William
Box 6, Folder 51947-1948Russell Cottages - Kearsarge, NH
Box 6, Folder 61947-1956Russell, Miss Dorothy
Box 6, Folder 71961-1966Russell, Lee C.
Box 6, Folder 81954Russell, Thomas
Box 6, Folder 91952Rymes, W.H.
Box 6, Folder 101959-1961Rand, Roger (map 432, photo 5N-7)
Box 6, Folder 111959Shaughnessy, Stephen (map 430, photo 1N-430)
Box 6, Folder 121961Rymes, William H.
Box 6, Folder 131956Sanborn, Lloyd
Box 6, Folder 141968Sanborn, Lloyd D., RFD Center Ossipee, NH
Box 6, Folder 151946Sanborn, Sherburne
Box 6, Folder 161953-1955Sanders, Mrs. Norma
Box 6, Folder 171969Sandoz, Edouard
Box 6, Folder 181959Sanger, J. Prentice (map 425, photo 2N-180)
Box 6, Folder 191960Savard, Francis (photo 1N-121, map 440)
Box 6, Folder 201958-1961Scammon, Lawrence (map 421, photo 1N-43)
Box 6, Folder 211956-1959Schemmp, Dr. Edwin
Box 6, Folder 221971Schwartz, (Puss and Boots Motor Lodge)
Box 6, Folder 231962Schofield, Raymond
Box 6, Folder 241953Sears, Winthrop M.
Box 6, Folder 251948-1951Seavey, Roger
Box 6, Folder 261942-1950Shaw, Grover C.
Box 6, Folder 271958Shaw, Herbert A.
Box 6, Folder 281959Shoyowitz, Mr. and Mrs. Mike
Box 6, Folder 291952-1953Silvey, Frank
Box 6, Folder 301950-1960Simonds, James
Box 6, Folder 311964Simpson, Miriam R.
Box 6, Folder 321956Sloat, Bruce
Box 6, Folder 331959Smart, Mr. Harry
Box 6, Folder 341948Smart, Preston B.
Box 6, Folder 351957Smith, Mrs. Florence B.
Box 6, Folder 361950Smith, Guy (photo DXT - 4N-17)
Box 6, Folder 371962Smith, Guy W. (photo 4N-17)
Box 6, Folder 381969Smith, J.P.
Box 6, Folder 391947Smith, Walter J.
Box 6, Folder 401954Smith, Mrs. Harriet
Box 6, Folder 411963Smith, Roy H. (photo 2N-28)
Box 6, Folder 421951Smith (Seldon Lot)
Box 6, Folder 431969Sohier, Dr. William D.- #341
Box 6, Folder 441969Solari and Shaw
Box 6, Folder 451953Spaulding, R.
Box 6, Folder 461959Spates, Mr. Paul
Box 6, Folder 471951Spicer, Rolf
Box 6, Folder 481958-1960Spofford, Rev. Wm., Jr.
Box 6, Folder 491959Sredl, Henry J.
Box 6, Folder 501958-1959Stacy, William H. (map 420, photo 4N-47)
Box 6, Folder 511956-1957Steele, Dana (map 334, photo 3N-156 and 180)
Box 6, Folder 521948-1958Steele, Mrs. Lincoln (map 63)
Box 6, Folder 531964Stetz, W. Frank, Mrs.
Box 6, Folder 541952Stevens, Brenton
Box 6, Folder 551969Stiles, A. Hall Jr.
Box 6, Folder 561965Stiles, J. A. (Bert)
Box 6, Folder 571948Stockman, Frank L.
Box 6, Folder 581946-1947Stone, R.N.
Box 6, Folder 591958-1959Stone, Ralph C. (map 396)
Box 6, Folder 601946-1953Sturtevant, Foster E.
Box 6, Folder 611955Tallman, Leon
Box 6, Folder 621948Taylor, David
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11951-1952Taylor, Mrs. G.B.
Box 7, Folder 21949Taylor, Paul N.
Box 7, Folder 31959Templeton, Mrs. Theodora
Box 7, Folder 41952-1965Textile House-Effingham Falls
Box 7, Folder 51963-1965Thomas, Bruce S.
Box 7, Folder 61957Thompson, James L. Jr.
Box 7, Folder 71960-1961Thompson, George (map 453, photo 4N-14)
Box 7, Folder 81955Thompson, Guy
Box 7, Folder 91960Thompson, Rachel B. (photo 1N-59)
Box 7, Folder 101951Thurrell, Robert F.
Box 7, Folder 111951Tobey, John
Box 7, Folder 121957Toppan, Roland L., Jr.
Box 7, Folder 131952-1958Towle, P.D.
Box 7, Folder 141951Treanor, Miss Gertrude
Box 7, Folder 151948Turner, H.C.
Box 7, Folder 161960Tyson, J. Gillmur
Box 7, Folder 171950Updegraff, Robert
Box 7, Folder 181947-1948Valicenti, Dr. Virgil
Box 7, Folder 191956Vestner, Eliot N.
Box 7, Folder 201960Vittum, Paul (map 1N-49, photo, 452)
Box 7, Folder 211956-1959Volckmann, Herbert
Box 7, Folder 221948Voris, Floyd T.
Box 7, Folder 231951Vosburgh, William
Box 7, Folder 241952Wacker, Warren P.
Box 7, Folder 251964Wade, Edward
Box 7, Folder 261957Wagner, Mrs. Paul
Box 7, Folder 271955-1960Wallace, Capt. Henry K.
Box 7, Folder 281952-1953Walsh, John J.
Box 7, Folder 291951-1958Watt, R.M., Jr. (map #53)
Box 7, Folder 301948Webb, W. Caldwell
Box 7, Folder 31Webster, Guy
Box 7, Folder 321962Wiggins Airways
Box 7, Folder 331969Weed, Martha (photo 2N-65)
Box 7, Folder 341950-1955Weed, Rogers, Jr. (map 58)
Box 7, Folder 351956Weeks, Glen S.
Box 7, Folder 361950Weeks, Miss Lucy
Box 7, Folder 371950Weld, Stephen (Milton, MA)
Box 7, Folder 381958-1959Welfare Agency
Box 7, Folder 391943Welles, E.R.
Box 7, Folder 401965-1966West, Lillian
Box 7, Folder 411968West, Donald H.
Box 7, Folder 421964Winter Harbor Trust (photo 2N-25)
Box 7, Folder 431969Winters, Ellen (Mrs.)
Box 7, Folder 441964Wolfeboro Water and Sewer Department
Box 7, Folder 451951-1960Wood, William H., Jr.
Box 7, Folder 461966White, Maurice B.
Box 7, Folder 471964-1965Wiggin, Bruce R.
Box 7, Folder 481950-1963Williams, Arnold
Box 7, Folder 491947-1956Wiggin, Mrs. Mary
Box 7, Folder 501944White, Walter
Box 7, Folder 51Wheeler's Fish and Game Club (photo 4N-78, map #417)
Box 7, Folder 521948-1950Wert, Miss Lilian M.
Box 7, Folder 531954-1956Werner, Mr. Carl
Box 7, Folder 541951Wenzel, J. Merritt
Box 7, Folder 551946-1953Wend, Mr. Milton
Box 7, Folder 561956Weiner, Norbert
Box 7, Folder 571948Weise, S.H.
Box 7, Folder 581952Welch, Richard
Box 7, Folder 591950Weld, Stephen M. (map 59)
Box 7, Folder 601948-1949Welden, Lt. Com. Frederick (photo)
Box 7, Folder 611957Wiggin, John A.
Box 7, Folder 621960Williams, Ira S.
Box 7, Folder 631954Willits, Dr. Joseph
Box 7, Folder 641958-1960Winslow, Marcella
Box 7, Folder 651946-1948Woelfle, John W.
Box 7, Folder 661956Wormwood, Frank W.
Box 7, Folder 671959Woodward, Robert V.
Box 7, Folder 681949Wormwood, J. Howard
Box 7, Folder 691958Woodman, Mrs. Earl H.
Box 7, Folder 701952Woodbury, Wendel- #55
Box 7, Folder 711955-1958Woodbury, Ronald S., Jr.- #55
Box 7, Folder 721959Witte, Boris
Box 7, Folder 731949Wilkins, Mrs. R.S.
Box 7, Folder 741965Wright, Arthur