Gregg Sanborn, 1970-2005

Collection number: UA 2/2/6
Size: 16 boxes (5.28 cu.ft.)

About Gregg Sanborn

A native of Exeter, NH, Gregg Sanborn graduated from UNH in 1966 with a B.A. degree in zoology. During the Vietnam War, he served in the Air Force as a navigator on KC-135 Stratotankers. After being discharged from the service in 1971, he returned to UNH working part-time in the student affairs office and then at Health Services. Sanborn earned a master's degree in counseling at UNH in 1977.

In the years that Sanborn has served UNH, he has been the assistant vice provost for student affairs; director of the Memorial Union and student activities; and dean of student affairs before accepting the position of executive assistant to the president. He served in that job for a 10-year period during which he served five presidents. In 2004, he joined the Alumni Association as Interim Executive Director before being named to the position on a permanent basis.

About the Gregg Sanborn Files

This series contains the files kept by Gregg Sanborn, primarily during his years as executive assistant to the president. There is information on Athletics, Diversity, Student Affairs and Remarks from various events involving the university, various correspondence, and photos (and proofs). There are minutes, agendas, and other documents from various committees including the Advisory Committee on Governance, University Advisory Committee on Lands and Property, and the SARRC. This collection also includes some material on the Presidents of the University including Dale Nitzschke, Joan Leitzel, the Inauguration of President Ann Hart, and minutes and other information from the Presidential Search Committee. There are programs, procedures, speeches, etc. from Commencements and Honors Convocations as well as information on the Honorary Degrees/Awards Committee. There is also material on Higher Education Planning, Budgets, and VPRPS Program Initiatives.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Gregg Sanborn Files, 1970-2005, UA 2/2/6, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Transfer from President's Office, 10/13/2004

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1June 1990-February 1992AAU/NASULGC Phone Tree
Box 1, Folder 2June 1995-July 1996Administrative and Personal Services Task Force Budget/Funds Handouts, Work Distribution Form
Box 1, Folder 3June 1995-September 1997Administrative and Personal Services Task Force Membership, Meeting notes, Correspondence, E-mail, Report
Box 1, Folder 4February 5, 1997Administrative and Personal Services Task Force Administrative Services Redesign Overview
Box 1, Folder 5Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. I Advisory Committee Report and Appendix I Opinion Survey
Box 1, Folder 6Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. I Appendix II Individual and Group Responses (1-36)
Box 1, Folder 7Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. I Appendix II Individual and Group Responses (37-83)
Box 1, Folder 8Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. I Appendix III Opinion Surveys with Responses (1-50)
Box 1, Folder 9Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. I Appendix III Opinion Surveys with Responses (51-104)
Box 1, Folder 10Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. II Appendix IV Commission on University Governance Report
Box 1, Folder 11Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. II Appendix V Articles
Box 1, Folder 12Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. II Appendix VI Opinion Surveys without Responses (1-100)
Box 1, Folder 13Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. II Appendix VI Opinion Surveys without Responses (101-200)
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Fall 1974Advisory Committee on Governance Vol. II Appendix VI Opinion Surveys without Responses (201-266)
Box 2, Folder 2April 1990-December 1996AMSAA Thompson Hall Project Excerpts of Minutes and Registration for National Historic Places
Box 2, Folder 3February 28, 1994Athletics - Personally Assigned Automobiles Costs
Box 2, Folder 4July 1995-June 2000Athletics - Coach Employment Contracts, Resignation and Career Change and Trade Agreement
Box 2, Folder 51996-2004Athletics - Football and Men's Hockey Ticket and Priority Seating Invitation, Lists, Reservations
Box 2, Folder 6June 1997-November 1999Athletics - Surveys and News Articles
Box 2, Folder 7February 1998-June 2003/04Athletics - Men's & Women's Sports Schedules and 2001 Head Coach List
Box 2, Folder 8October 1997-December 1998Athletics - Correspondence and E-mails
Box 2, Folder 9February 1999-October 1999Athletics - Correspondence and E-mails
Box 2, Folder 10April-December 2000Athletics - Correspondence and E-mails
Box 2, Folder 11January-October 2001Athletics - Correspondence and E-mails
Box 2, Folder 12January 2002-September 2003Athletics - E-mails
Box 2, Folder 13February 2001Athletics - Hockey East Quarterfinals Correspondence and E-mails
Box 2, Folder 14March 2004Athletics - Hockey East Quarterfinals Correspondence, Ticket Distribution, E-mails
Box 2, Folder 15March 15, 1976Athletics - Study Commission
Box 2, Folder 16March-June 1976Athletics - Study 1976 Correspondence, Commission Reports and Statements
Box 2, Folder 17July 1991-October 1992Business Relationships with UNH- Connections, News stories, Resources, Suggestion for governor, Awards-financial
Box 2, Folder 18December 1991-October 1992Business Relationships with UNH- Additional News stories
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1March-April 1987Building a University Community- Strategic Planning: Mission Statements, Assumptions, Outline
Box 3, Folder 2April-June 1994Building a University Community- Correspondence, Status Report, Multiculturalism and Diversity Support Coalition Report on Diversity Recruitment
Box 3, Folder 3July 1997Building a University Community-UNH/Town of Durham Statement of Shared Moral Commitment and NH Main St. Center Application
Box 3, Folder 4July-December 1997Campus Aesthetics Committee-Proposal, Membership, Naming Field House, Dec Minutes
Box 3, Folder 5November 23, 1997Campus Aesthetics Committee-Little Red Wagon - Lee Schuette Contract
Box 3, Folder 6April 1998-November 1998Campus Aesthetics Committee-Annual Report and Meeting Minutes
Box 3, Folder 7January-December 1999Campus Aesthetics Committee-Meeting, Agendas, Minutes, Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 8January 2000-December 2000Campus Aesthetics Committee-Correspondence, Agendas, Minutes
Box 3, Folder 9January 2001-December 2001Campus Aesthetics Committee-Meeting Minutes
Box 3, Folder 10February-November 2002Campus Aesthetics Committee-Revised Mission and Membership List, Correspondence, Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 3, Folder 111898-1996Commencement-Chronological List of Former Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients
Box 3, Folder 121958-1987Commencement-List of Clergy Who Served
Box 3, Folder 13March 1988-February 1989Commencement-Undesignated Gifts Committee Funds Allocation
Box 3, Folder 141989Commencement-Approved Degree Sample
Box 3, Folder 151987-1992Commencement-Sound System
Box 3, Folder 16January 1987-March 1999Commencement-Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 171993-1999Commencement-Dates
Box 3, Folder 181988-2000Commencement-Possible Speakers
Box 3, Folder 19February 1995-January 2003Commencement-Granite State Award Nominations
Box 3, Folder 20December 2001-December 2003Commencement-Honorary Degrees/Award Committee Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 21September 1998-March 2004Commencement- Honorary Degrees/Award Nominations
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1May 23, 1992Commencement- Spring 1992 Program Procedure
Box 4, Folder 2May 22, 1993Commencement- Spring 1993 Program Procedure
Box 4, Folder 3May 18, 1996-June 13, 1996Commencement- Spring 1996 Program, Procedure, Proposals, Photos
Box 4, Folder 4May 24, 1997Commencement- Spring 1997 Program and Procedure
Box 4, Folder 5March 24, 1998-June 11, 1998Commencement- Spring 1998 Invitation, Correspondence, Procedure and Program
Box 4, Folder 6April 15, 1997-September 22, 1999Commencement- Spring 1999 Invitation, Correspondence, Commencement Address, Program, Procedure, Photo
Box 4, Folder 7January 1998-April 2000Commencement- Spring 2000 Barbara Bonney Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 8March 2000-May 2000Commencement- Spring 2000 Awards Committees Correspondence on Graduating Students
Box 4, Folder 9April 2000-May 2000Commencement- Spring 2000 David Gergen Correspondence, Contract, Photo
Box 4, Folder 10April 2000-May 2000Commencement- Spring 2000 Program, Procedure, Food Consultant Thank-you card
Box 4, Folder 11June 2000-May 2001Commencement- Spring 2001 Email, Gwen Ifill Contract, Luncheon, Program, Procedure
Box 4, Folder 12November 2001-May 2002Commencement- Spring 2002 Honorary Degree/Award Nominations, Rice and Kamen Correspondence, Student Awards
Box 4, Folder 13March 2002-May 2002Commencement- Spring 2002 Dr. Richard M Linnehan Correspondence and Commencement Address
Box 4, Folder 14May 2002-June 2002Commencement- Spring 2002 Emails (Musical Selection, Hotel Reservations), Color Guard, Correspondence, Photos
Box 4, Folder 15May 2002-June 2002Commencement- Spring 2002 Faculty Marshall Instructions, Set-up, Platform and Luncheon Members, Procedure, Program
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1May 2002-April 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 NEC Reservations
Box 5, Folder 2January 2003-May 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 Honorary Degrees/Awards, Photo, Committee and Recipients
Box 5, Folder 3March 2003-May 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 Invitations and Guest Lists
Box 5, Folder 4April 2003-May 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 Commencement Committee Memos/Meeting
Box 5, Folder 5May 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 Procedure, Programs, Line-up, Opening Remarks, Review
Box 5, Folder 6May 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 Inclement Weather Plans and Procedure, Media Advisory
Box 5, Folder 7May 2003-September 2003Commencement- Spring 2003 Thank-you letters
Box 5, Folder 8March 2003-August 2004Commencement- Spring 2003 Meryl Streep Commencement Speaker-schedule, speech, honorarium, correspondence, news articles, photo
Box 5, Folder 9November 1991-March 1992Commission on Graduate Education-Memos and By-laws
Box 5, Folder 10April 1978Committees- Standing Committees Membership and Responsibilities
Box 5, Folder 11August 1987-November 1991Committees- USNH Reorganization
Box 5, Folder 12December 1997-December 1998Communication Center Policy Committee-Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 5, Folder 13January 1999-December 1999Communication Center Policy Committee-Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 5, Folder 14January 2000-December 2000Communication Center Policy Committee-Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 5, Folder 15January 2001-November 2001Communication Center Policy Committee-Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 5, Folder 16April 2001-October 2001Consultant Interview-Educational Management Network Nancy A. Martin
Box 5, Folder 17October 2001Consultant Interview- A.T. Kearney, Charles Bunting, Robert Atwell
Box 5, Folder 18October 2001Consultant Interview-Korn/Ferry International R. William Funk
Box 5, Folder 19January 1993-December 1995Correspondence- Azzi, Victor - News, Comments, Campus Planning, Audit Report
Box 5, Folder 20January 1996-June 1996Correspondence- Azzi, Victor Campus Planning, Report, News articles
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1March 2001-July 2004Correspondence- Clara Curtis - Retirement, Performance, Salary
Box 6, Folder 2November 1997-April 2004Correspondence- Gale Ernest F., Jr
Box 6, Folder 3May 1996-April 2003Correspondence- President Joan Leitzel - Progress/Objectives, Retirement, Photo Proofs
Box 6, Folder 4June-August 1999Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 6, Folder 5September 1999-December 1999Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 6, Folder 6January 2000-March 2000Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 6, Folder 7April 2000-June 2000Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 6, Folder 8July 2000-Dec 2000Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1January 2001-March 2001Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 7, Folder 2April 2001-December 2001Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 7, Folder 3January 2002-January 2003Correspondence-Gregg Sanborn
Box 7, Folder 4June 2003-November 2003Council on Communication and Advancement
Box 7, Folder 5August 1991-October 1991Dedication of the Gables-Correspondence, Committee, Agenda and Invitations
Box 7, Folder 6June 19, 1998Discretionary Contingency Fund Report
Box 7, Folder 7May 1985Diversity-Report and Recommendations of the Diversity Committee
Box 7, Folder 8April 1989Diversity-Challenge and Choice
Box 7, Folder 9January 1986-February 1990Diversity-Candlelight March Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 10April 11, 1991Diversity-UNH: A Plan for Increasing Campus Diversity Report
Box 7, Folder 11March 1, 1994Diversity-Making Diversity a Priority
Box 7, Folder 12May 17, 1994Diversity-Final Draft Report on Minority Student and Faculty Recruitment and Retention
Box 7, Folder 13August 2001Diversity-President's Commission on Status of People of Color Final Report
Box 7, Folder 14April 2, 1997Diversity-Building a New University Community
Box 7, Folder 15September 1996-December 1996Durham Business Association-Mission Statement, Minutes, Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 16January 1997-November 1997Durham Business Association-Schedule, Membership, Minutes, Correspondence
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11998Durham Business Association-By-laws, Budget, Work plan
Box 8, Folder 2January 1998-November 1998Durham Business Association-Minutes and Correspondence
Box 8, Folder 3January 1999-December 1999Durham Business Association-Members, Budget, Minutes, Correspondence
Box 8, Folder 4September 2000Durham Business Association-Agendas: Feb./Aug./Sept.
Box 8, Folder 5January 2001-August 2001Durham Business Association-Minutes and Correspondence
Box 8, Folder 6June 1987-1988Electronic Mail-Correspondence, Memo, E-mail
Box 8, Folder 7December 16, 1998Emergency Plan
Box 8, Folder 8May 2002-September 2002Foundation Building Steering Committee
Box 8, Folder 9UndatedHigher Education Planning-Academic Programs Task Force Report
Box 8, Folder 101996Higher Education Planning-Planning Council Report, Recommendations, President's Response
Box 8, Folder 11March 1996Higher Education Planning-Communications Audit
Box 8, Folder 12March 7, 1996Higher Education Planning-Adequacy and Equity in Post Secondary Education
Box 8, Folder 13January 1998-May 1998Higher Education Planning-Vision 2000, UNH Responses to Trustee, UNH Institutional Goals
Box 8, Folder 141998-1999Higher Education Planning-Student Tuition Policy Implications
Box 8, Folder 15January 1999Higher Education Planning-Chancellor's Role
Box 8, Folder 16January 25, 1999Higher Education Planning-UNH 5th Year Interim Report
Box 8, Folder 17November 1999Higher Education Planning-The Status of Higher Education in NH Trends, Opportunities and Challenges
Box 8, Folder 18November 18, 1999Higher Education Planning-Sources to Review Work of Faculty and Academic Departments
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1June 1998-February 2000Higher Education Planning-Testimonies, Long Range Planning and Budget Info.
Box 9, Folder 2February 2000Higher Education Planning-University System Policy Survey
Box 9, Folder 3May 1998-December 1992Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee-Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 4January 1993-September 1998Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee- Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 5April 1999-October 2003Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee- Correspondence and E-mails
Box 9, Folder 61989-2000Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee-Speaker Nominations
Box 9, Folder 7August 1989-2003Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee-Award Recipient Lists and Historical Record
Box 9, Folder 8December 1989-2001Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee-Committee Members
Box 9, Folder 9July 1987-September 1999Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee-Policies
Box 9, Folder 10October 1992-2003Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee-Agendas
Box 9, Folder 111970-2001Honors Convocation-Speakers, Degrees, Awards
Box 9, Folder 12May 5, 1996Honors Convocation Spring 1996-Program Procedure
Box 9, Folder 13February 1997-June 1997Honors Convocation Spring 1997-Correspondence, Set-up, Program, Procedure and Address
Box 9, Folder 14April 1998-May 1998Honors Convocation Spring 1998- Correspondence, Program, Procedure, Set-up
Box 9, Folder 15March 1999-May 1999Honors Convocation Spring 1999- Correspondence, Program, Procedure
Box 9, Folder 16February-May 2000Honors Convocation Spring 2000- Correspondence, Set-up, Program, Procedure
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1April-May 2001Honors Convocation Spring 2001-Set-up and Program Procedure
Box 10, Folder 2February-June 2002Honors Convocation Spring 2002-Correspondence, Set-up, Program, Procedure and Speech (N.E. Kinner)
Box 10, Folder 3March-May 2003Honors Convocation Spring 2003-Correspondence, Set-up, Program, Procedure
Box 10, Folder 4April-May 2004Honors Convocation Spring 2004-Correspondence, Program, Procedure
Box 10, Folder 5July 2002Inauguration Pres. Hart-Office of Public Programs and Events Subcommittee Lists/Plans/Guidelines/Expenses
Box 10, Folder 62002Inauguration Pres. Hart-Guest Lists, Invitations. Table Assignments/Set-up for Ceremony
Box 10, Folder 7July-Sept 2002Inauguration Pres. Hart-Correspondence and E-mails
Box 10, Folder 8November 2002Inauguration Pres. Hart-Office of Public Program and Events Itineraries and Event Schedules/Procedures
Box 10, Folder 9March-April 2003John Hanlon Sports History Project
Box 10, Folder 10September 1991Legislative Football Reception-Correspondence and Guest List
Box 10, Folder 11October-November 1997Legislative Study Committee
Box 10, Folder 12September 1999-May 2000Logo Committee-Correspondence on Meetings
Box 10, Folder 132000-2002Master Plan Subcommittee
Box 10, Folder 14June-July 1990Nitzschke, Dale F. (President) Resume, Biography, Correspondence, News clippings
Box 10, Folder 15August 3, 1987Organization Charts (originals)-Overview of Proposed Senior Management
Box 10, Folder 16Fall 1997-July 1999Organization Charts (originals)- Charts and Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 17July 2000-March 2001Organization Charts (originals)
Box 10, Folder 18May 2001Organization Charts (originals)- President's Office Staff
Box 10, Folder 19April-November 2002Organization Charts (originals)
Box 10, Folder 20March-April 2003Organization Charts (originals)
Box 10, Folder 21December 4, 2002PAT Council-Committee Agenda/Report
Box 10, Folder 22February 2002Pettee Medal-Invitees List
Box 10, Folder 23January 4, 2000Policing in Durham-Memo: Police Powers and Comparison Survey
Box 10, Folder 24March-October 2001Policing in Durham-Memo/Correspondence Police Services, Security Comparison and Policing Costs
Box 10, Folder 25June-July 2002Policing in Durham-Correspondence (Doc. Relating to 1960's), Draft of Agreement of Extended Authority, E-mails
Box 10, Folder 26July 2002Policing in Durham-Correspondence, Drafts of Proposed Legislation, E-mail
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1August-October 2002Policing in Durham-Correspondence: Policing relationship, Policing Analysis, Service, Procedures, Advising Committee
Box 11, Folder 2September 2002Policing in Durham-Memo, Town Council Communication Drafts of Service Agreement/Accreditation and Financial Impact
Box 11, Folder 3August 2003Policing in Durham-Correspondence-Group II Benefits/Communications Memo-Media Relations and news stories
Box 11, Folder 4December 2001-May 2002Presidential Search Committee-Member List, Application Status, Agendas, Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 5February-April 2002Presidential Search Committee-E-mail Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 62002Presidential Search Committee Finalist Candidates-Challenge Profile
Box 11, Folder 7September 2001-March 2002Presidential Search Committee Finalist Candidates-Margaret B. Cozzens
Box 11, Folder 8December 2001-April 2002Presidential Search Committee Finalist Candidates-Jon Whitmore
Box 11, Folder 9January-February 2002Presidential Search Committee Finalist Candidates-David R. Hiley
Box 11, Folder 10January-March 2002Presidential Search Committee Finalist Candidates-Ann W. Hart
Box 11, Folder 11March-April 2002Presidential Search Committee Finalist Candidates-Interview Schedule Campus Visit
Box 11, Folder 12April-July 1996Principal Administrator-Joan Leitzel- Resume, Interview, Election, Photos and Proofs
Box 11, Folder 131995-1996Remarks-Various Events
Box 11, Folder 14April 1995-2001Remarks-Operating Staff Recognition
Box 11, Folder 15May 1995 and Oct 1998Remarks-Dimond Library Welcome Program and Opening
Box 11, Folder 16September 1995-May 1997Remarks-Council of Former Trustees
Box 11, Folder 17Sept 1995 and 2000Remarks-Fall Football Day
Box 11, Folder 18September 1995-February 2001Remarks-Pettee Medal Awards
Box 11, Folder 19March 1996-April 1997Remarks-Women's Commission Awards
Box 11, Folder 20April 1996 and February 1999Remarks-Paul J. Holloway Prize Awards
Box 11, Folder 21April 1996-2001Remarks-Ben Thompson's Birthday Celebration
Box 11, Folder 22Jan 1996 and April 1997Remarks-Concord Rotary Club
Box 11, Folder 23April 1996-1998Remarks-Brierley Presentation on College Teaching
Box 11, Folder 24January 1996-2002Remarks-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Celebration
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1April 1996-2004Remarks-Pancake Breakfast Program
Box 12, Folder 2May 1996-2000Remarks-PAT/EE Recognition Program
Box 12, Folder 3June 1996-2003Remarks-UNH Alumni Luncheon and Ring Ceremonies
Box 12, Folder 41996-2003Remarks-(Re)Dedications: Rudman, T-Hall, Pettee, Dairy Barns
Box 12, Folder 51997Remarks-Various Events
Box 12, Folder 6April 1997 and 1998Remarks-Student Volunteer Recognition Reception
Box 12, Folder 7April 1997-May 2002Remarks-Academic Athletic Achievement Reception
Box 12, Folder 8October 1997 and 1998Remarks-Wildcat Winner's Circle Hall of Honor Celebration
Box 12, Folder 91997, 1998, 2002Remarks-NH Pollution Prevention Conference
Box 12, Folder 101998Remarks-Various Events
Box 12, Folder 11May 1998 and 1999Remarks-Governor's Conference on Volunteerism
Box 12, Folder 121999Remarks-Various Events
Box 12, Folder 132000-2004Remarks-Various Events
Box 12, Folder 14January-December 2001SARRC 2001-Agendas and Minutes
Box 12, Folder 15February-December 2001SARRC 2001-Budget and Correspondence
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1January-August 2002SARRC 2002-Agendas and Minutes
Box 13, Folder 2Jan 2002SARRC 2002-Department of Housing Six Year Plan
Box 13, Folder 3February-March 2002SARRC 2002-Exterioir Painting Survey, Oil Tank and Athletic Field Upgrade
Box 13, Folder 4January-October 2002SARRC 2002-Correspondence and CIRPS Proposal
Box 13, Folder 5February-December 2003SARRC 2003-Agendas
Box 13, Folder 6February-November 2003SARRC 2003-Meeting Minutes
Box 13, Folder 7March-July 2003SARRC 2003-Non-capital Funded Major Project Draft, SARRC Committee List and Operating Charter
Box 13, Folder 8July 3, 2002Service Provider Agreement Revised
Box 13, Folder 9April 1996-September 2002Standing Committees
Box 13, Folder 10September 1997-1999State of the University Address
Box 13, Folder 11February 4, 2004Statement of Shared Civic Commitment (Town of Durham and UNH)
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11973-1987Student Affairs-Student Legal Services Report, Committee, Correspondence and Contract
Box 14, Folder 2April 26, 1978Student Affairs-Student Governance Task Force
Box 14, Folder 3Feb 28, 1997Student Affairs-Response to Update on Levy Report
Box 14, Folder 4Nov 19, 1998Student Affairs-Resignation Letter - Student Body President
Box 14, Folder 5November 1999-September 2000Student Affairs-Voter Registration
Box 14, Folder 6September 19-21, 2003Student Affairs-Student Summit: Promoting Responsible Celebrations
Box 14, Folder 7UndatedStudent Affairs-Student Senate
Box 14, Folder 8October 3, 2003Student Affairs-Student Senate Correspondence Letter Constitution and by-laws session XXV
Box 14, Folder 9October 23, 2003Student Affairs-Student Senate Structure Proposal
Box 14, Folder 10January 1988-December 1991Teaching and Faculty Awards-Correspondence, Committee, Drafts
Box 14, Folder 11August 1989-September 1993Teaching Excellence Tabloid-Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 12July 1989-August 1993Tuition Increase-Correspondence and News articles
Box 14, Folder 13October 1991-July 1993UNH-AAUP Financial Analysis-Faculty Compensation
Box 14, Folder 14February 2-4, 2001UNH Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting
Box 14, Folder 15April-June 1993UNH Foundation-Position Description for Foundation President
Box 14, Folder 16April 1997UNH Foundation-President Criteria Statement
Box 14, Folder 17UndatedUNH Resources in Response to Sept 11, 2001
Box 14, Folder 18June-December 1991UNH-USNH Budget and Personnel Committee
Box 14, Folder 191994-1998Budget Planning
Box 14, Folder 201999FY99 Budget Material
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 12001FY01 Budget
Box 15, Folder 22002FY02 Budget Process
Box 15, Folder 32005Central Budget Committee (including Inventory of Internet Fees)
Box 15, Folder 4March-December 1999University Advisory Committee on Lands and Property-Correspondence and Committee List
Box 15, Folder 5January-December 2000University Advisory Committee on Lands and Property- Correspondence, Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 15, Folder 6January-December 2001University Advisory Committee on Lands and Property- Correspondence, Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 15, Folder 7January-December 2002University Advisory Committee on Lands and Property- Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 15, Folder 82004Proposed Service Level Agreements Between Facilities and the General Admin. Offices
Box 15, Folder 9May 2002VPFA: Presidential Briefing Book
Box 15, Folder 102005Search for VPFA
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11999VPRPS- Program Initiatives
Box 16, Folder 21999VPRPS- Program Initiatives
Box 16, Folder 31999VPRPS- Program Initiatives
Box 16, Folder 41999VPRPS- Program Initiatives