Guide to the Department of Occupational Therapy 50th Anniversary

Collection number: UA 11/2/1
Size: (10 box) (3.30 cu.ft.)

About the Department of Occupational Therapy

The University of New Hampshire Occupational Therapy program was initiated in 1942 as a major program offered by the Art Department of the College of Liberal Arts. It was first accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association and the American Medical Association in 1945 when it graduated its first student.

In July 1963, led by Prof. Marguerite Abbott, the program attained the status of a department within the College of Liberal Arts and in 1963-64 joined the Biological Sciences Division.

The School of Health Studies was organized in 1968-69 and the OT department started operation within this School in 1969-70.

In the summer of 1995, 120 OT alumnae returned to UNH to celebrated the 50th anniversary of the department.

About the 50th Anniversary collection

This collection contains memorabilia and artifacts compiled as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the OT program. Included are student's course files, craft notebooks, newspaper clippings, photographs and information on the UNH Occupational Therapy programs.

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], Department of Occupational Therapy 50th Anniversary, 1945-1994, UA 11/2/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Archives on February 9, 1996.

Separated Material

Craft items that were made by students as part of their OT training and donated back to the university for the 50th anniversary program are housed in the UNH Museum. These objects include ceramics, textiles, carved wood objects, leather work and puppets.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11945-1954Essentials of an Acceptable School of Occupational Therapy
Box 1, Folder 21945-1954Handicrafts
Box 1, Folder 31945-1954Historical Information
Box 1, Folder 41945-1954Miscellaneous Brochures
Box 1, Folder 51945-1954Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 61945-1954Newspaper Clippings
Box 1, Folder 71945-1954 OT Program
Box 1, Folder 81945-1954OT 47 and 48 Final Examinations
Box 1, Folder 91945-1954Photographs
Box 1, Folder 101945-1954Student Report on Clinical Training
Box 1, Folder 111955-1964AMA and AOTA Survey
Box 1, Folder 121955-1964Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 131955-1964Newspaper Clippings
Box 1, Folder 141955-1964OT 50
Box 1, Folder 151955-1964OT 50
Box 1, Folder 161955-1964OT 51
Box 1, Folder 171955-1964Photographs
Box 1, Folder 181965-1974AJOT Articles
Box 1, Folder 191965-1974Basic Improvement Grant
Box 1, Folder 201965-1974Curriculum Survey Materials
Box 1, Folder 211965-1974Clinical Affiliation and Orientation
Box 1, Folder 221965-1974Day on Campus
Box 1, Folder 231965-1974Department Related Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 241965-1974Essentials of an Accredited Curriculum in OT
Box 1, Folder 251965-1974History
Box 1, Folder 261965-1974Job Description and Personnel Policies
Box 1, Folder 271965-1974Major Requirements
Box 1, Folder 281965-1974Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 291965-1974Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 301965-1974Miscellaneous OT Brochures
Box 1, Folder 311965-1974Miscellaneous Publications
Box 1, Folder 321965-1974OT Application for Training Grant
Box 1, Folder 331965-1974OT Newspaper Clippings
Box 1, Folder 341965-1974OT Operating Budget
Box 1, Folder 351965-1974OT Special Improvement Grant
Box 1, Folder 361965-1974OT 300
Box 1, Folder 371965-1974OT 411
Box 1, Folder 381965-1974OT 412
Box 1, Folder 391965-1974OT 512
Box 1, Folder 401965-1974OT 515
Box 1, Folder 411965-1974OT 515
Box 1, Folder 421965-1974OT 520
Box 1, Folder 431965-1974OT 522
Box 1, Folder 441965-1974OT 524
Box 1, Folder 451965-1974OT 526
Box 1, Folder 461965-1974OT 580
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11965-1974OT 583
Box 2, Folder 21965-1974OT 624
Box 2, Folder 31965-1974OT 627
Box 2, Folder 41965-1974OT 681
Box 2, Folder 51965-1974OT 681
Box 2, Folder 61965-1974OT 683
Box 2, Folder 71965-1974OT 683
Box 2, Folder 81965-1974OT 698
Box 2, Folder 91965-1974OT 702
Box 2, Folder 101965-1974Professors
Box 2, Folder 111965-1974Progress Reports
Box 2, Folder 121965-1974Senior Thesis
Box 2, Folder 131965-1974SRA Traineeship Grant Request
Box 2, Folder 141965-1974UNH Magazine
Box 2, Folder 151975-1984Colleague Letter and Annual Report
Box 2, Folder 161975-1984Curriculum Schedule
Box 2, Folder 171975-1984Day on Campus
Box 2, Folder 181975-1984Department Long Range Plan
Box 2, Folder 191975-1984Education Data Survey
Box 2, Folder 201975-1984Miscellaneous
Box 2, Folder 211975-1984Mission Statement
Box 2, Folder 221975-1984Newspaper Clippings
Box 2, Folder 231975-1984OT 412
Box 2, Folder 241975-1984OT 510
Box 2, Folder 251975-1984OT 512
Box 2, Folder 261975-1984OT 582
Box 2, Folder 271975-1984OT 634
Box 2, Folder 281975-1984OT 644
Box 2, Folder 291975-1984Report of Status and Personnel Actions Requested
Box 2, Folder 301985-1994Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 311985-1994Miscellaneous
Box 2, Folder 321985-1994Newspaper Clippings
Box 2, Folder 331985-1994The Role of the University of New Hampshire in Health and Human Services: A Vision for the Future
Box 2, Folder 34AIDS: Implications for Health Services Management: An Annotated Bibliography
Box 2, Folder 351964AMA and AOTA Survey
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1ndAttractive Quilts and Rugs
Box 3, Folder 2ndBlock Printing With Ivory Soap
Box 3, Folder 3ndCatholic Medical Center: Application for Certificate of Need
Box 3, Folder 4ndCeramic Decoration
Box 3, Folder 5ndCertificate of Need: New Hampshire Lithotripter Center, INC
Box 3, Folder 6ndClass of 1956 Commencement Program
Box 3, Folder 7nd1956 Commencement Exercises Program
Box 3, Folder 8ndCommonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health Application for Determination of Need
Box 3, Folder 91991A Comprehensive Plan for Health Care Regulatory Reform
Box 3, Folder 101991-1992Connecticut Nursing Home Statistical Analysis
Box 3, Folder 11ndThe Consolidation of the Augusta General and the Gardiner General Hospital into the Kennebec Valley Medical Center Report
Box 3, Folder 12ndCorrespondence Related to 50th Anniversary Contributions
Box 3, Folder 13ndCrahca Research News
Box 3, Folder 14ndDefinitions of Assessment Scores by Need: Illinois Department of Public Aid Long Term Care Reimbursement System
Box 3, Folder 15ndDefinitions of Types of Nursing Care
Box 3, Folder 16ndDeveloping a Hospice Care Program: The Worcester Experience
Box 3, Folder 17ndDiane Howe: OT 7-8 projects
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1ndDiane Howe: Zoology 19 cards
Box 4, Folder 2ndDiane Howe: Zoology 19 cards
Box 4, Folder 31965Elizabeth Blesdell: OT 526 Reports
Box 4, Folder 4ndThe Facts: Hospitals in New Hampshire
Box 4, Folder 5nd50 Years of Occupational Therapy at UNH
Box 4, Folder 6nd50th Anniversary Donation Sheets
Box 4, Folder 7ndGrafton County Data Sheet
Box 4, Folder 8ndHammet's Handweaving Handicraft Catalog
Box 4, Folder 91983Health Care Costs: New Hampshire
Box 4, Folder 10ndHealth 2000: A Vision for Meeting Community Health Needs
Box 4, Folder 11ndHospitals and Health Care System Consultants
Box 4, Folder 12ndHuck Towel Patterns
Box 4, Folder 13ndIndian Beadwork
Box 4, Folder 14ndKnotting and Braiding with Pyro
Box 4, Folder 15ndThe Lockport Quilt Pattern Book
Box 4, Folder 16ndA Manual of Decorative Textile Techniques for the Occupational Therapist
Box 4, Folder 17ndA Manual of Woodwork Techneques for the Occupational Therapist
Box 4, Folder 18ndMetal Tooling
Box 4, Folder 19ndMinimum Data Set for Nursing Home Resident Assessment and Care Screening
Box 4, Folder 20ndMiscellaneous Notes
Box 4, Folder 211992New York State Hospitals: Vital Community Resourced
Box 4, Folder 22ndElizabeth Blesdell: OT 41 notebook
Box 4, Folder 23ndJoyce Clark: OT 561 Physiological Psychology notebook
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1ndThe Objectives and Functions of Occupation Therapy
Box 5, Folder 2ndThe Objectives and Functions of Occupation Therapy
Box 5, Folder 3ndThe Objectives and Functions of Occupation Therapy
Box 5, Folder 4ndThe Occupational Therapy Reference Manual for Physicians
Box 5, Folder 5ndOT Cards- Shoulder Girdle, Shoulder Joint, Elbow and Radioulman, Wrist and Hand
Box 5, Folder 6ndOT Cards- Hip Muscles, Knee Joint, Ankle and Foot Joint, Thorax and Abdominal
Box 5, Folder 7ndPortsmouth Hospital Long Range Plan/ Master Plan
Box 5, Folder 8ndPortsmouth Hospital: Proposal to Prepare a Strategic Long- Range Plan
Box 5, Folder 9ndPortsmouth Hospital Selection Committee
Box 5, Folder 10ndPortsmouth Hospital: Strategic Assessment, Program Plan, and Master Facility Plan
Box 5, Folder 11ndPriscilla Italian Artwork Book
Box 5, Folder 12ndPro-Health: A Program for Improving Health Care for New Yorkers
Box 5, Folder 13ndProposal for Consulting Assistance in the Portsmouth Hospital
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1ndA Proposal to Develop a Long Range Strategic Plan and a Site and Facilities Master Plan
Box 6, Folder 21982Proposed State Health Plan for Maine
Box 6, Folder 3ndSilk Screen Printing
Box 6, Folder 4ndSilk Screen Printing
Box 6, Folder 5ndSquare Knot Booklet
Box 6, Folder 6ndA Sylabus of Cerebral Palsy Treatment Techniques
Box 6, Folder 7ndA sylabus of Occupational Therapy Procedures and Techniques as Applied to Orthopedic and Neurological Conditions
Box 6, Folder 8ndTeresa R. Ilsley: Senior Thesis for OT 698
Box 6, Folder 91963-1964Time and Room Schedule
Box 6, Folder 10ndTwo Needle Argyles
Box 6, Folder 11ndMiscellaneous
Box 6, Folder 12ndUnidentified Neurology Notebook
Box 6, Folder 13ndUS Army Occupational Therapy Clinical Affiliation Program
Box 6, Folder 14ndVariety
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11965Craft Notebooks
Box 7, Folder 21965Craft Notebooks: Leather, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 31965Craft Notebooks: Fly Tying, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 41965Craft Notebooks: Miscellaneous, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 51965Craft Notebooks: Cross Stitch and Embroidery Manuals, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 61965Craft Notebooks: Crape Paper Craft, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 71965Craft Notebooks: Soap Carving, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 81965Craft Notebooks: Chip Carving, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 91965Craft Notebooks: Cord Knitting, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 101965Craft Notebooks: Crocheting and Knitting, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 111965Craft Notebooks: Metal Tooling, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 121965Craft Notebooks: Basketry, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 131965Craft Notebooks: Card Weaving, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 141965Craft Notebooks: Paper Mache, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 151965Craft Notebooks: Wool Sculpture, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 161965Craft Notebooks: Stenciling, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 171965Craft Notebooks: Simple Bookbinding, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 181965Craft Notebooks: Sources of Supply, by C. Franzeim
Box 7, Folder 191965Craft Notebooks: Instruction Manual, by C. Franzeim
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1c. 1945Craft Notebook by Priscilla Garran Bergethon, Class of 1945
Box 8, Folder 2c. 1945Scrap Book by Priscilla Garran Bergethon, Class of 1945
Box 8, Folder 3c. 1959Craft Notebook by Diane Howe Lenters, Class of 1959
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1ndNeedlecraft Notebook by Teresa Ilsley - OT 412
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 101983State of New Hampshire Application for Certificate of Need for HCA Health Services of New Hampshire, INC.


Letters & Postcards
Manuscripts & Typescripts
Minutes & Reports
Newspapers & Publications
Photographs, Slides & Negatives