Lillian F. Curtis Files, 1931-1954

Collection number: UA 2/2/5
Size: 4 boxes (1.20 cu.ft.)

About Lillian F. Curtis

Lillian F. Curtis served the University of New Hampshire from 1936-1954. Her first position was as Secretary for the Alumni Secretary from 1936-1938. She then took a stenographer position in the President's Office until 1939. She was promoted to Secretary to the President in 1939 where she stayed until 1949. Her last position was as Personnel Assistant in the President's Office from 1949-1954. During that time she also served as the Secretary for the Graduate School from 1949-50 and as the Secretary for the Summer Session from 1949-1951.

About the Lillian F. Curtis Files

This collection contains the files of Lillian F. Curtis during her years at the University of New Hampshire. She held four different positions over the course of her employment: Secretary to the Alumni Secretary, 1936-1938; Stenographer in the President's Office, 1938-1938; Secretary to the President, 1939-1949; and Personnel Assistant, 1949-54. Her files contain information regarding personnel issues and statistics, summer school, general office files and national defense. The latter is well represented for the years 1940-1941, and includes documents that pertain to the relationship between higher education and the nation's war effort.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Lillian F. Curtis Files, 1931-1954, UA 2/2/5, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Arrangement


Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11931-1946Personnel Lists
Box 1, Folder 21931-1950Personnel Report - to check
Box 1, Folder 31940-1941Colleges and National Defense
Box 1, Folder 41941-1944Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 51941-1942Personnel Changes
Box 1, Folder 61943-1944Lists, Personnel Study, etc.
Box 1, Folder 71943-1951Miscellaneous
Box 1, Folder 81944-1949Reports on Vacation and Sick Leave, Clerical Staff
Box 1, Folder 91944Summer School - Faculty
Box 1, Folder 101946-1949L.F.C. to check
Box 1, Folder 111946Summer School
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11946-19471947 Summer School
Box 2, Folder 21947-1951Forms and Circulares
Box 2, Folder 31947Miscellaneous
Box 2, Folder 41947-19481948 Summer School
Box 2, Folder 51948Birth Dates of Clerical and Technical Staff
Box 2, Folder 61948-1949Complimentary Tickets (President's Section)
Box 2, Folder 71948-1949Personnel Changes
Box 2, Folder 81948-1949Retirement Information Regarding Lists etc.
Box 2, Folder 91948Special Cost of Living Adjustment Letters
Box 2, Folder 101949-1951Executive Correspondence and Memos
Box 2, Folder 111949-1950Graduate Assistants
Box 2, Folder 121949-1950Letters of Appreciation
Box 2, Folder 131949-1950Letters of Welcome
Box 2, Folder 141949-1950Personnel
Box 2, Folder 151949-1952Report on Vacation and Sick Leave
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11949Summer Session - Faculty
Box 3, Folder 21949Summer Session - General Files
Box 3, Folder 31950-1951Appointments, Miscellaneous, Summer 1950 - Employment, Extension Courses, Research Projects, Extra Compensation
Box 3, Folder 41950Catalog Copy
Box 3, Folder 51950Contract Forms
Box 3, Folder 61950-1951Military Department Personnel
Box 3, Folder 71950-1954Policy Folder
Box 3, Folder 81950-1951Trustee Meeting Material
Box 3, Folder 91951-1952Gifts
Box 3, Folder 101951-1952General Personnel
Box 3, Folder 111951-1954Personnel Report
Box 3, Folder 121951-1952Personnel Report, Extra Payments, etc.
Box 3, Folder 131951-1952Personnel Report, Promotions
Box 3, Folder 141951-1952Personnel Statistics Studies, etc.
Box 3, Folder 151951Summer Session Faculty
Box 3, Folder 161951Trustee Correspondence - Duplicate for L.F.C. Files
Box 3, Folder 171952L.F.C. to check
Box 3, Folder 181952-1953Additional Salary Payments
Box 3, Folder 191952-1953High School University Day - Expenses
Box 3, Folder 201952-1953Miscellaneous
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11952-1953Personnel Changes - Research Projects
Box 4, Folder 21952-1953Personnel Releases
Box 4, Folder 31952-1953Studies, Miscellaneous - Tuition, Salaries, Income, etc.
Box 4, Folder 41952-1953Studies - Resignations since 1947
Box 4, Folder 51953-1954Executive Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 61953-1954Letters of Appreciation
Box 4, Folder 71953-1954Letters of Welcome
Box 4, Folder 81953-1954Personnel - Additional Salary Payments
Box 4, Folder 91953-1954Personnel - Extra Payment for June 15 Research Projects