New England Region Projects Files, 1954-1985

Collection number: UA 10/2/4
Size: 5 boxes (2.00 cu.ft.)

About New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station

The Hatch Act, passed by Congress in 1887, established agricultural experiment stations around the country. It provided $15,000 a year for research and experimentation. The Act was amended in 1955. These funds were used to conduct the New England Region Projects.

About the New England Region Projects Files

This series contains the correspondence and reports which pertain to each of the research projects which deal with economic and agricultural topics relative to New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], New England Region Projects Files, 1954-1985, UA 10/2/4, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transfered to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11960-1961Proposed Revision to Regional Research Project NE-13, "Studies of the Physical Properties of Behavior and Forms of Forage as Related to Engineering Application"
Box 1, Folder 21958-1968Mechanization, fldr.1NE-13
Box 1, Folder 31958-1960Mechanization, fldr.2NE-13
Box 1, Folder 41975-1977Pesticide Residues in or on Raw Agricultural CommoditiesNE-36
Box 1, Folder 51975-1982Nitrates in Soil, Water and PlantsNE-39
Box 1, Folder 61956-1966Soil NitrogenNE-39
Box 1, Folder 71962-1964Principles of Mechanical Harvesting of Fruits and VegetablesNE-44
Box 1, Folder 81958-1967Forage Crop DiseasesNE-45
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11962-1968Milk CompositionNE-46
Box 2, Folder 21963-1969Social and Economic Consequences of Changes in Employment upon Selected Northeastern CommunitiesNE-47
Box 2, Folder 31965Soil-Plant-Water RelationshipsNE-48
Box 2, Folder 41963-1968The Control of Bird DepredationNE-49
Box 2, Folder 51962-1966The Performance of Populations of Domestic Fowl as Influenced by heritable physiological traits and by genes with known pleiotropic effectsNE-51
Box 2, Folder 61963-1967Utilization of Amino Acids from ProteinsNE-52
Box 2, Folder 71974-1977Degradation of Agricultural Pesticides in Biological SystemsNE-53
Box 2, Folder 81963-1967PesticidesNE-53
Box 2, Folder 91974Improvement of Efficiency of Harvesting ApplesNE-54
Box 2, Folder 101965-1968Improvement of Efficiency of Harvesting ApplesNE-54
Box 2, Folder 111966-1969Aquatic Weed ProjectNE-55
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11966-1968Air Pollution ProblemsNE-56
Box 3, Folder 21967-1971Successor to NE-56
Box 3, Folder 31967-1982Breeding and Evaluation of Kentucky Bluegrass for Turf- terminatedNE-57
Box 3, Folder 41970-1974An Economic and Sociological Study of Agricultural Labor in the Northeast StatesNE-58
Box 3, Folder 51966-1968An Economic Study of Agricultural Labor in the Northeast StatesNE-58
Box 3, Folder 61967-1969Regional Research Coordination Northeastern RegionNE-59
Box 3, Folder 71967-1974Relationship between Known Genetic Markers and Composition of Milk and Other Economically Important TraitsNE-62
Box 3, Folder 81968-1977Disposal and Utilization of Dairy and Poultry Manures by Land ApplicationNE-63
Box 3, Folder 91968-1975Biology of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes, Pratylenchus Penetrans, terminatedNE-64
Box 3, Folder 101973-1978Genetics and Physiology of Sweet Corn Quality and Biological Efficiency, terminatedNE-66
Box 3, Folder 111970-1977Engineering Systems for Forage Crop Production and UseNE-70
Box 3, Folder 121972-1983Nutrition Improvement in the Northeast RegionNE-73
Box 3, Folder 131971-1976Breeding of Improved Varieties of Forage Species Adapted to the NortheastNE-74
Box 3, Folder 141971-1976Regional Forage Crops Technical CommitteeNE-74-75
Box 3, Folder 151971-1976Breeding for Improved QualityNE-75
Box 3, Folder 161972-1973Techniques for Eradicating[sic] of Infectious Diseases of PoultryNE-76
Box 3, Folder 171971-1975Community Devices for the Non- metropolitan People in the NortheastNE-77
Box 3, Folder 181971-1977Consumer Marketing and Laboratory Studies of Flame Resistant Items, terminatedNE-79
Box 3, Folder 191971Improvement of Social and Economic Opportunities for Rural PeopleNE-80
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11972-1976Economic Analysis of Impact of Pollution Control on Marketing Poultry and Eggs in the NortheastNE-81
Box 4, Folder 21972-1973The influence of Air Pollution on Plant Productivity in the NortheastNE-82
Box 4, Folder 31975-1976Eco. and Mktg. Potentials for Ornamentals in the Middle Atlantic StatesNE-85
Box 4, Folder 41973-1978Effects of Alternative Pricing Structures and Pooling Methods on the Dairy Industry in the Northeast- terminatedNE-86
Box 4, Folder 51973-1977Future Economic Adjustments in the Marketing of Selected Northeast Fruits and VegetablesNE-88
Box 4, Folder 61973-1978Community Structure and Quality of Life: Measurement and Analysis, terminatedNE-89
Box 4, Folder 71973-1977Rural Land Use Policy in an Urbanizing Environment, terminatedNE-90
Box 4, Folder 81976Eco, Evaluation of Alternative Management Strategies and the Atlantic Coast Clam IndustryNE-91
Box 4, Folder 91971-1980Phenology, Weather and Crop Yields, terminatedNE-95
Box 4, Folder 101977Analysis of Rural Land Market in the NortheastNE-97
Box 4, Folder 111975Rural Land MarketNE-98
Box 4, Folder 121956-1980Biology and the Control of Vascular Disease in Trees- terminatedNE-99
Box 4, Folder 131975-1980Recreation Marketing Adjustments in the Northeast, terminatedNE-100
Box 4, Folder 141978-1980The Impact of Nematode Populations on Crop Yields - terminatedNE-101
Box 4, Folder 151978-1981Implications of Demand. and energy changes for the Northeastern Poultry Population and Egg Industries, terminatedNE-105
Box 4, Folder 161976-1983Breeding Cool Season Forage Species for Improved Feeding, Value and ProductivityNE-106
Box 4, Folder 171976-1981Regional Potato Testing, terminatedNE-109
Box 4, Folder 181978Integration and Evaluation of Forage Production, Handling and Utilization Systems, terminatedNE-111
Box 4, Folder 191977-1985Families' Time UseNE-113
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11979-1984Impact of in and out Migration and Population Redistribution in the NortheastNE-119
Box 5, Folder 21976-1984Rural Gerontology, terminatedNE-120
Box 5, Folder 31978-1980Economic Factors Affecting Northeast Market for Local Fruit and VegetablesNE-122
Box 5, Folder 41978-1983Socio-economic Factors and Rural Land UseNE-125
Box 5, Folder 51977-1982Economic Impacts of the 200-mile limit on Rural Northeastern CommunitiesNE-128
Box 5, Folder 61979-1983Socio-Economic ImpactsNE-129
Box 5, Folder 71977-1981Rural Development research, terminatedNE-141
Box 5, Folder 81960-1969NEM Miscellaneous, fldr.1
Box 5, Folder 91960-1962NEM Misc., fldr.2
Box 5, Folder 101961-1962NEM Misc., fldr.3
Box 5, Folder 111954-1966NEM Florist and Orn.