New Hampshire Diary Collection, 1796-1951

Collection number: MC 311
Size: (8 boxes) (2.33 cu.ft.)

About the Writers of the New Hampshire Diary Collection, 1769-1951

The writers represented in this collection are men and women who lived and worked in New Hampshire during the latter half of the 19th century. All except one diary dates from 1856-1911. The writers were men and women, aged early adulthood through later life, and mostly rural. 2-3 individuals were from larger towns such as Manchester or Salem, while the rest were from farms or rural communities. While most were farmers, a few other trades are represented, such as stone cutting, wagon repair, and teaching.

About the New Hampshire Diaries Collection, 1769-1951

The diaries cover a broad cross section of the state, mostly focusing on farming, agricultural cycles, weather, family life, and social life and customs. Several individuals mention specific details of weather, crop varieties, lumbering and stone cutting trades, and trades of goods and services. Nearly every volume is rich with genealogical information of the family and surrounding townspeople. For more detail, see information included in specific folders.

The last box of the collection contains non-New Hampshire diaries: Hartford CT, Beverly MA, Vinalhaven ME, Wiscoy NY, Plainfield VT, and Mercer VA.

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Collection Arrangement

Arrangement is alphabetical by county then town where the writer lived or is presumed to have lived.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Folder 1Belknap: Gilford: Ida M. Hatch Morrill Diaries (1873, 1874, 1876)
Folder 2Belknap: Gilford: Ida M. Hatch Morrill Diaries (1873, 1874, 1876)
Folder 3Belknap: Gilford: Ida M. Hatch Morrill Diaries (1886, 1887)
Folder 4Belknap: Laconia: Arthur W. Dinsmoor Diary (1897)
Folder 5Carroll: Sanbornville: Ivory Stevens Loud Diary (1900)
Folder 6Carroll: Wolfeboro: Mary L. Berrett Diary 1907-1911)
Box 2
Folder 1Cheshire: Hinsdale: Nancy A. W. Priest Diary (1856)
Folder 2Cheshire: Stoddard: Susan A. W. Joslin Diary (1853)
Folder 3Grafton: Bristol: Marietta Sanborn Brown Diary (1880)
Folder 4Grafton: Bristol: Daisey Dearborn Diaries (1884-1889)
Folder 5Grafton: West Lebanon: Samual Wingate Jones Diary (1850-1899)
Folder 6Hillsboro: Manchester: John Edward Baker Diary (1891-1894)
Folder 7Hillsboro: Manchester: Harriet and Henry Dowst Diaries (1867, 1902)
Folder 8Hillsboro: Manchester: Mary H. Thayer Diary (1856)
Folder 9Hillsboro: Milford: Elizabeth Ann Dutton Diary (1868)
Folder 10Hillsboro: Nashua: Joseph G. Caron Diary (1941-1944)
Box 3
Folder 1Hillsboro: New Boston: George C. Andrew Diary (1863-1864)
Folder 2Hillsboro: Wilton: John Kimball Diary (1835-1841)
Folder 3Merrimack: Bradford: Anonymous Woman's Diary (1871)
Folder 4Merrimack: Allentown: Henry Dowst Diary (1880)
Folder 5Merrimack: Boscawen: Fred Henry James Diaries (1890-1892)
Folder 6Merrimack: Boscawen: Maximillian Jewett Webber (1842)
Folder 7Merrimack: Bow: C. H. W. Carter Diaries (1898-1900)
Folder 8Merrimack: Bradford: Elizabeth A. Eastman Wheeler Diary (1877-1879)
Folder 9Merrimack: Concord: Mary Louise Phillips Diaries (1902)
Folder 10Merrimack: Epsom: James Babb Diary (1819-1820)
Box 4
Folder 1Merrimack: Epsom: Andrew J. Hall Diary (1861-1862)
Folder 2Merrimack: Franklin: Stone Cutter's Diary (1883-1887)
Folder 3Merrimack: Hopkinton: Abraham Brown Horticulture Diary (1788-1808)
Folder 4Merrimack: Newbury / Fishersville: Moses Cilley Diary (1804)
Folder 5Merrimack: New London: Nettie Davis Holmes Diary (1902)
Folder 6Merrimack: Pembroke: Charles O. Moulton Diary (1862)
Folder 7Merrimack: Sutton: Charles C. Marshall Diary (1864)
Folder 8Merrimack: Warner: Addie A. Rand Diaries (1872, 1875)
Folder 9Rockingham: Chester: Cara Lane Diary (1895-1899)
Folder 10Rockingham: Deerfield: Byron Swett Diary (1905-1907)
Folder 11Rockingham: Derry: Tyrell Family Diaries (1910-1911)
Box 5
Folder 1Rockingham: Fremont: James W. Carr Diary (1892)
Folder 2Rockingham: Hampstead: Tristram Little Diary/ Account Book (1835-1843)
Folder 3Rockingham: Hampton: Washington Harrison Hobbs Diaries (1872-1873)
Folder 4Rockingham: Kensington: Susie L. Brown Diaries (1875-1876)
Folder 5Rockingham: Newmarket: Thomas Jewett Chesley Diaries (1899, 1909)
Folder 6Rockingham: Newmarket: Thomas Jewett Chesley Diaries (1911, 1912)
Box 6
Folder 1Rockingham: Nottingham: James Hersey Butler Diary (1856-1857)
Folder 2Rockingham: Rye: Anonymous Farmer's Diary (1877)
Folder 3Rockingham: Salem: Nellie Stanley Diary (1868-1898)
Folder 4Strafford: Barrington: Lydia S. Hall Diary (1872)
Folder 5Strafford: Dover: Mechanics' Steam Mill Co's Clerk's Diary (1860)
Folder 6Strafford: Durham: John Chesley Diaries (1866, 1878)
Folder 7Strafford: Durham: Ellen Clark Diary (1865)
Folder 8Strafford: Durham: Benjamin Doe Diary (1840)
Folder 9Strafford: Farmington: Jeremiah Jones Diary (1850-1853)
Box 7
Folder 1Strafford: Madbury: Madbury N.H. Journal (1843-1854)
Folder 2Strafford: Rochester: Roy Tebbetts Foss Diaries (1890-1891)
Folder 3Sullivan: Langdon: Joseph B. Russell Diary (1888)
Folder 4Sullivan: Sunapee: Lear Family Diaries (1864, 1865)
Folder 5Sullivan: Sunapee: Lear Family Diaries (1868, 1877)
Folder 6Sullivan: Sunapee: Lear Family Diaries (1928, 1951)
Folder 7Sullivan: Sunapee: Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" Angell Lear Diary (1882)
Box 8
Folder 1Hartford: Hartford, CT: Anonymous Author Almanack and Diary (1769, 1771-1772)
Folder 2Essex: Beverly, MA: George B. Gordon Diary (1864-1870)
Folder 3Knox: Vinalhaven, ME: Sadie Alley Diary (1909)
Folder 4Allegheny: Wiscoy, NY: Nesmith Family Diary/Daybook (1866-1870)
Folder 5Washington: Plainfield, VT: Matthew Harvey Watson Diaries (1922-1925)
Folder 6Loudoun: Mercer, VA: Henry D. Whitefield Diary (1934-1935)