New Hampshire Vertical Files Collection, 1732-2012

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About The New Hampshire and Durham Vertical Files

The NH and Durham Vertical Files were collected by the archive over ca. 30 years and contain materials accumulated mostly by subject rather than creator.

About The New Hampshire and Durham Vertical Files Collection

The New Hampshire and Durham vertical files contain historical information and publications covering a very wide array of New Hampshire's history. Areas include social, racial, women's, academic, agricultural, and governmental history.

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Many acquisitions, 1980s to 2000s

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Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Advertisements & Broadsides, 1800-1926 and undated

Bickford Novelty Manfacturing Co. Knitting Machine (Portsmouth); Dr. Trask's Medicated Vapors for Consumptives (Newmarket); Trafton's Bal Masque, Turner's Quadrille Band (Great Falls Dec. 1874); "The Manchester Assurance Company" (Dover 1903); United Firemen's Insurance Company, Dana W. Baker Agent (Exeter); the State of New Hampshire Publicity Bureau (Concord); Manchester Telegram 1890 & 1893; Hampton Beach Farmer's Day, Exeter Cornet Band 1896; Hanging of Frank Almy at Concord (1893); Benjamin Floyd Book-Binder (Portsmouth, ca. 1800); Cheap goods from Jonathan Holmes of Amherst, 1810 (reverse: draft notice for Luther D. Brooks, Amherst NH, June 20 1814); Centennial Celebration of Commodore Perkins Day (Contoocook, 1935); Thomas J. Whittem of The American Ballot (Exeter) for estate of Jeremiah Brown Dec. 1863; Parker & Young Co. pianos (Lisbon, 1896); spelling contest at Folsom Hall (Laconia, 1875); G.W. Hodgdon (blackface minstrel performer, South Kingston); Alton Bay carnival (1926); two bank notes from the Farmington Bank; Phrenological Journal list of works (New York); Maid of the Mist (Niagra Falls), Community Mutual Advertising Service's New Hampshire and Maine Traveler's Guide.

Box 1, Folder 2New Hampshire Agricultural Pamplets, 1876-1963

New Hampshire Plant Grower's Association (1959); 24th Meeting of the NH Farm Bureau Federation (1940); NH State Grange 2nd Farm Prodcuts Show (1939); Legal Standards for Grading, Packing and Inspection of New Hampshire Apples (1942); Bulletin of the State Board Of Agriculture (1876); Manure is Perishable! Treat it Right (n.d.); New Hampshire Egg Publicity Committee (1950s-1950s); Eastern States Exposition (1950s); Suggested Seeding Mixtures for New Hampshire (1914); Opportunity offered by New Hampshire for Agricultural Progress (n.d.); Notice of Quarantine on Account of the Satin Moth (1941); Granite State Nurseries, Inc. (1935); Ninety-Nine Herbs (1920s?); NEw Hampshire-Vermont Breeding Association Digest (1954; 1961-1963); Natural Organic Farmer's Association (n.d.); Problems Which May Concern New Hampshire Dairymen (1963); Flushing Bar to Save Pheasants; Comparative Statisitcs on Mondern Facilities for New Hampshire Farms (1950); Notice about destruction of gypsy and brown tail moths; New Hampshire Homes: Farm and Country Home Edition (1914).

Box 1, Folder 3Scenic Folder of Alton Bay, Ca. 1900
Box 1, Folder 4American Iris Society bulletins, NH Chapter, 1986-1989
Box 1, Folder 5Antrim: Goodell Company Catalogue of Table Cutlery, etc., 1888
Box 1, Folder 6Atkinson, New Hampshire: Land Use and Its Management (David Johnson), 1977
Box 1, Folder 7New Hampshire Audubon Society, 1979-2008

Newsletters, promotional material, annual reports, and pamplet publications.

Box 1, Folder 8Authors (selected) of NH, 1969, 1998

"New Hampshire Authors" (NH School Library Association 1969); Sandwich Historical Society newsletter about Cornelius Weygandt (1998)

Box 1, Folder 9Banking in New Hampshire, 1855-1953

Incorporation & By-Laws of the New Market Bank, New Market NH (1855); Laws of New Hampshire relating to State Baniks, Savings Banks etc., (1892); Savings Banks Association of New Hampshire (1953).

Box 1, Folder 10Barnstead, 1976

Locke Lake Colony in Barnstead, N.H. (David Eggleton, 1976); Iventory of Physical Features and Natural Resources of Barnstead, N.H. (Lee Alexander, 1976).

Box 1, Folder 11Bicentennial edition of the Foster's Daily Democrat, 1976
Box 1, Folder 12Business & Manufacturing Booklets, 1831-1899

Winnipiseogee Lake Cotton and Woollen Manufacturing Company booklets (1831-1886); Untitled report Re: Lake Sunapee (1884); Great Falls Manufacturing Co. (1875); New Hampshire Board of Trade (1891); Pioneer Fire Company of Concord (1899).

Box 1, Folder 13Campaign tickets, New Hampshire, 1877-1890

Democratic Tickets 1882, 1884, 1886, 1888, 1890, ; Prohibition Tickets 1888, 1890; Republican Tickets 1878 (multiple tickets for multiple candidates), 1880, 1882, 1884, 1886, 1888, 1890; MA Liberty Ticket (1840); National Greenback Labor Ticket 1880; Democratic Republican Tickets 1878 (2), 1880;. Many of these tickets contain handwritten notations of the number of votes each candidate received.

Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1A Brief History of Canterbury, by Earl Goodale, ca. 1970s
Box 2, Folder 2Church Manuals/Histories, 1850-1929

First Church of Dover 1853, 1876, 1884; Newington Town Church women's group "The Reapers" (n.d.); Congregational Church in Exeter calendar of March 17 1929; Congregational Church Durham Point NH 1800s.

Box 2, Folder 3Civil Defence, 1934-1968

Air Raid Precautions, Durham NH 1942; Portsmouth Naval Shipyard tour 1934; Emergency Food Supply 1955; Fallout (the bulletin of the NH Civil Defence Agency) 1968; Fifth Annual Institute of Public Affairs on Civilian Defence in New Hampshire (UNH, 1942);

Box 2, Folder 4Claremont, 1878-1971

Claremont's Manufacturing Industries (1879); Claremont's First Patriots' Day Exercises (1894); Historical Sketches of the Governor's Farm in Claremont (1895); Monograph of Union "Mark" Lodge, Claremont NH (1891); Audit of the City of Claremont (1971).

Box 2, Folder 5Conservation, 1972

Iterim Report to the New England Governors' Conference on "Strategies for Natural Resource Decision-Making" - New England River Basins Commission (1972).

Box 2, Folder 6Constitution of the State of New Hampshire, 1851-1935

Includes Resolutions, 1876 Constitutional Convention, 1877 Amendments, Constitution booklets 1931 and 1935.

Box 2, Folder 7Constitutional Conventions, 1850-1963

Amendments, statement of clerk of the Courts of Common Pleas, Speech of Mr. F.M. Beckford of Laconia at the 1889 convention, Speech by Hon. Edgar Aldrich on Trusts and Monopolies, Constitutional Amendment ballot from 1923, Convention to Revise the Constitution 1948, Summary of the Report of the Commission to Study the State Constitution (1963); Grafton County report to the Constituional Convention 1850; Hillsborough County report to Convention of 1850.

Box 2, Folder 8Counties in NH - Misc. documents, 1820-1923

Organization of the Strafford Guards (1820); Proceedings of the Convention of County Commissioners (1885); Belknap County Expenses (1923); Historical Sketch of Belknap County (n.d., covers ca. 1840-1880, no author).

Box 2, Folder 9Crotched Mountain School Materials, 1952-1968

History, promotional materials, photographs, reports to the NH Dept. of Education on the progress of what was then called the Crotched Mountain Rehabilition Center.

Box 2, Folder 10Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, Ca. 1930

Undated promotional booklet set in letterpress for the Gallery.

Box 2, Folder 11Dover, New Hampshire, 1887-1998

Dover Police Mounted Patrol Guide (1998); Back River School District, Dover (by H.W. Stevens, 1887); The Old Landing School District, Dover (by H. W. Stevens, n.d.); Pine Hill School District (H.W. Stevens, personal copy with corrections, n.d.); Tolend School District (H.W. Stevens, n.d.); Upper Factory School District (H.W. Stevens, n.d.); Dover Open Space survey, 1976; program from dedication fo Little Bay Bridge, Dover Point (1934); Dover High and Area Vocational School program (1957).

Box 2, Folder 12James & Moses Bamford Genealogy, 1994-1996
Box 2, Folder 13Durham Center School Day Letters & 1948 Yearbook, 1948-1954
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Durham Chronicle, Vol. 1 No. 1 (Reprint), 15 May, 1732

Also includes a copy of the act making Oyster River Plantation into Durham.

Box 3, Folder 2Durham Conservation Commission Publications, 1980s

Outdoore recreation maps, a walking map of the town, and proposal to change zoning ordinances to protect wetlands.

Box 3, Folder 3Durham Cooperative School District, 1949- ca. 1965

Student publications; mailers re: votes to expand (1949-1965); letters about whether to join Spaulding High School (Rochester); Graduation programs (1960); 1962 space study; Guidance Manual (1961); Reports to voters; Annual Meeting fliers; Administrative materials; Town meeting warrants; Proposed budgets, etc.

Box 3, Folder 4Durham Daily, 1943 (May)

WWII-era newsletter covering agricultural topics of interest to residents of the town of Durham and surrounding area.

Box 3, Folder 5"Your Rights in [Durham] District Court", Ca. 1970s
Box 3, Folder 6Durham Town Financial management, 1896-1961

Includes topics such as zoning, property taxes, and town administrative structure.

Box 3, Folder 7Frost / Ffrost Family, Durham Merchants, 1958-1959

"A Hundred Years of Frost Family Enterprise in Durham, New Hampshire" (Robert W. Lovett, Harvard Business School)

Box 3, Folder 8Durham Historic Association, 1959-1988

Publicity, program fliers, typed copy of the 1851 consitution, photograph of a gundalow from 1913, two 1969 newsletters.

Box 3, Folder 9Durham Oral Histories, 1937, 1996

Interview with Rosamund Leland (1937); Letter from Helen Henderson (1996).

Box 3, Folder 10Historic Durham Houses and Pound, 1940-1960

Invitation, postcard of the Town Pound, letter re: Durham houses in the early 20th century. Newspaper photocopy articles were removed from this folder but can be found in the historical records of their respective publications.

Box 3, Folder 11"Land Survey of the Town of Durham, NH" (C.E. Walker), 1931

Includes maps and other data.

Box 3, Folder 12The Durham Letter (town newsletter), 1989-1991
Box 3, Folder 13Durham Post Office Mural, 1959

Program from the dedication ceremony and pamphlet from the Women's Club explaining the now highly controversial mural.

Box 3, Folder 14Durham League of Women Voters, 1946-1977

Informational pamphlets about Durham; LWV program from 1948; Voters guides for 1858-1960; Booklet entitled "This Is Durham" (1966). See also the Durham League of Women Voters Collection.

Box 3, Folder 15"Durham NH Map & Guide", 1999-2003
Box 3, Folder 16Durham Entertainment, Ca. 1915-1930

Menus from Grant's Cafe; three Durham Community Church programs from spring 1926; undated (1920s?) playbills from Franklin Theater, ariel photo of Durham form the 1950s-1970s; Ben Hill's Store ad (ca. 1929); Letter about Tom Schomaker's bowing alley (1969); programs from tenor Roland Partridge, 1920s.

Box 3, Folder 17"Old Roads and Historical Points of Durham, NH" (Speech by C.W. Thompson), 1962
Box 3, Folder 18Durham History Pagent, 1918

"An Out-Door Drama Presented by the People of the Town and of New Hampshire College in Celebration fo the Two Hundreth Anniversary of the founding of the Durham Congreagational Church".

Box 3, Folder 19Durham Players /Town and Gown Players Programs, 1930-1958

Johnny Appleseed & Paul Bunyon; A Lady to Call; Home; Sparkin; The Farce of the Tub; A Marriage Proposal; The Crimson Cocanut; Double Door; Ring Around Elizabeth; Miranda; Angel Street; Papa Is All; Night Must Fall. See also UNH Theater and Dance Files.

Box 3, Folder 20Durham Swans, 1970s-1980s

Many articles about the Durham millpond swans, Alice and Hamilton, some by their keeper Marjorie Milne.

Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1Women's Club of Durham, 1913-1941

The Women's Club was founded in 1896. Folder includes program (1913); "A Mural History of the Town of Durham" (ca. 1950); "Activities About Durham Landing" (Victor & Mabel Smith, 1941); "Ships and Ship Building" (Bradford McIntire, ca. 1920s); "Historical Points Around Oyster River and Great Bay" (Arthur W. Johnson, n.d.). Last contains information about Belmont and Venus Barhew and their children, African American residents of Durham enslaved by Deacon Jeremiah Burnham during the 1760s-1800s.

Box 4, Folder 2Durham Youth Association, 1954-1958
Box 4, Folder 3Paradigm Times (community newspaper, Epping), 1996
Box 4, Folder 4"Epsom Town Report" (Bill Mead and Dick Lewis), Ca. 1976
Box 4, Folder 5Exeter, 1885-1938

1885 Exeter High School Graduation program; fascimille and typed transcription of original Exeter land grant; First Church in Exeter 275th anniversary program (1913); program of the Exeter Trade and Carnival Week (1914); Tercentenary Celebration of Exeter (1938)

Box 4, Folder 6Farmington NH Marriage Intentions typescript, 1799-1836
Box 4, Folder 7Fast Day Tradition in Early NH, 1961
Box 4, Folder 8N.H. Fish & Game, 1970-1990

Pamplets and research materials on animals, hunting/fishing, and the role of the organization within New Hampshire.

Box 4, Folder 9Forests and Forestry in NH, 1916-1989

Informational publications related to NH forests and forestry, including Forests & Lands newspaper, Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest booklet, policy brochures, The Fox Trust Fund for Forest Research (1935); Caroline Fox Research and Demonstration Forest (1936); "New Hampshire Forest Facts" (1956); 6th Annual Report of the NH Timberland Owners Association (1916); Gale River Experimental Forest (1936).

Box 4, Folder 10Franklin Falls: First Baptist Sunday School programs, 1885-1887
Box 4, Folder 11John Taylor Gilman, 1828-1839 and undated

Index cards, photograph of statue, and typed and handwritten essays on the life of John Taylor Gilman (1753-1828) of Exeter, who was a Revolutionary War soldier, politician, and member of the Continental Congress.

Box 4, Folder 12Gilmanton Town History Essays, 1881-1976
Box 4, Folder 13NH Government and McCarthyism / Red Baiting, 1933-1963

Diagrams and discussions of county and state governmental structures in NH, including "New Hampshire Interim Commission on Subversive Activities" (1950s) which lists NH organizations considered 'Communist,' 'Facist,' 'Totalitarian,' 'Subversive,' and so forth. Also includes an issue of Granite Stater (1963) entitled "Know Your Government" featuring photographs and explainations of New Hampshire's various politicians.

Box 4, Folder 14NH Governor's Council, Ca. 1960s to 1985

History, interviews, correspondence, Raymond Burton campaign leaflets, duties, and other related materials.

Box 4, Folder 15Govenors of New Hampshire (Selected), 1956-2003

John H. Lynch and John W. King inauguaral programs; Proclamation of Old Home Week (1956); Speeches of Hugh J. Gallen index (1982).

Box 4, Folder 16Great Bay Nat. Estuarine Research Reserve: Sandy Point Trail brochure (Stratham), 1990s
Box 4, Folder 17Grange - N.H. State Patrons of Husbandry, 1912
Box 4, Folder 18Greenland, NH: Solid Waste Disposal Study, 1977
Box 4, Folder 19Piscataqua Gundalow, 1978-2006

Two articles on the history of gundalows, along with contemporary and historical photograph reproductions.

Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Hampton: "Receipts and Expenditures of the Selectmen", 1841
Box 5, Folder 2Hampton Falls, 1977

"Open Space Vs. Housing Development at Elton Orchards" by Ann Horsburgh.

Box 5, Folder 3Health and Disability in New Hampshire, 1889-1967

Standards Relating to Fire Escapes and Fire Exits in NH (1938); Address of JW Patterson to the College for the Deaf, Washington DC (1889, Concord NH); "Report of Activities in Serving the Physically Handicapped Persons of the State of New Hampshire (1947); "Licensed Nursing and Rest Homes in New Hampshire" (1967); New England Health Institute 13th Conference program, UNH, mid 20th cen.

Box 5, Folder 4Hopkinton, 1902; 1976

Celebration of Old Home Day 1902; Zoning ordinance review study by a UNH student (1976).

Box 5, Folder 5Hotels / Resorts in New Hampshire, Ca. 1900-1983

Camp Belknap on Lake Winnipesaukee (1913); Swift River Inn in Conway (n.d., 1930s?); Brettonwoods Ski Resort (Mt. Washington, 1970s); Waumbek Inn of Jefferson (1973); Mountain View House of Whitefield (1967); Pemigewasset House in Plymouth (ca. 1900); Hotel Franconia in North Woodstock (ca. 1940s); Rye Resorts (historical photos, pub. 1983); Highland View Summer Resort of Candia (n.d., ca. 1930s); Ben Mere Inn on Lake Sunapee (n.d. ca. 1900); Seacoast Region guide book (1958); New Hampshire Recreation Guide (1979); Camping in New Hampshire (1970s); Directory of children's summer camps (1985); advertising brochure entitled "You Can't Eat Tradition" (1940s).

Box 5, Folder 6"Information Tests on New Hampshire", Ca. 1935

Brief multiple choice booklet intended to teach residents about history, geography, population, and government within NH.

Box 5, Folder 7Interstate Journal, Vol. 10 no. 1, 1905

Essay and photograph of the wreck of the schooner Lizzie Carr, January 7 1905, Rye beach. Published at White River Junction, VT.

Box 5, Folder 8Keene and Cheshire County NH guide, Ca. 1930
Box 5, Folder 9Kensington, 1968-1977

"The Kensington Study, 1968"; "Kensington and the Airport Controversy" (1977, Peter Mestinooke).

Box 5, Folder 10Lafayette, Marquis de, 1825

Typed account of Lafayette's June 1825 visit to Dover from the Dover Republican; Retyped eulogy.

Box 5, Folder 11Lancaster Historical Society newsletter entitled "Sketchbook", 1987-1990 incomplete
Box 5, Folder 12Land Grant Universities and Justin Smith Morrill, 1888-1962
Box 5, Folder 13League of New Hampshire Arts and Crafts, 1944-1957

A Newsletter from 1944, two pamplets, and "A Partial LIst of Craftsmen and Handicraft Groups in the United States" (1947).

Box 5, Folder 14Lebanon, 1872-1890

The Thunderbolt, Vol. II No. 1 (September 1872); Carter & Churchill, Manufactures of Sporting Garments (1886); Services at the Dedication of Soldiers' Memorial Building (1890).

Box 5, Folder 15Libraries in New Hampshire, 1850-1971

Dover Public Library catalogues (1850 + 1859 suppliment, 1888); Civil War Booklist at Nashua Public Library (1961); Keene Public Library history (1960s); Hanover Library's 50th Anniversary (1950); NH Public Library Summer School Program (1934); Concord Public Library annual reports 1970 & 1970. See also 'State Library' folder.

Box 5, Folder 16Litchfield: "Farming vs. Development" (by E. Bossart and L. Grandmaison), 1977
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Living Legacy Calendar (NH notable buildings), 2003-2004
Box 6, Folder 2Loeb, William, 1966

Article from the Columbia Journalism Review about the imfamous editor of the Union Leader.

Box 6, Folder 3Lyndeborough, Ca. 1977

Paper entitled "Why Are People Moving to Lyndeborough?" on the current and future development of the town. By Gunter Shaffer.

Box 6, Folder 4MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, 1932-1977

Marian MacDowell's The First Twenty Years of the MacDowell Colony (1951); a brochure (undated, ca. 1932); The Edward MacDowell Association 1907-1932, the MacDowell Dam on Nubanusit Brook information fliers; Reports for 1965 and 1976; a newsletter from spring 1984, an an article about writing a novel at the Colony by Lucinda Franks (1977).

Box 6, Folder 5Manchester, 1881-1971

NHLI Annual prize Speaking Contest program (1898); Graduation Manchester H.S. Classs of 1881, 1882, 1886; Manchester High and Grammer Schools Musical Festivals (1883, 1891); program from Testimonial dinner to Mayor Josaphat Benoit (1961); Inaugural Address by Josaphat Benoit (1948); Manchester Water Wooks 100 years (1971); Dedication of Stark Park oration by Gen. Charles H. Bartlett (1893); Manchester History written by 8th Grade at Webster School (ca. 1940s-1960s).

Box 6, Folder 6NH Manufacturing, 1940s-1970s
Box 6, Folder 7Map information, 1891

Advertisement for "Carter's Colored Charts" showing the new (1891) districts of NH. For actual maps see the New Hampshire Map Collection.

Box 6, Folder 8"Milford, New Hampshire in the Abolitionist Era" (John Russell Ulrichson, Jr.), 1968
Box 6, Folder 9Milton: A Town Report (Michael M. Labelle), 1976
Box 6, Folder 10Motor Vehicle Department: Accidents/Deaths/Injuries Data, 1935-1938
Box 6, Folder 11NH Music Festivals and Traveling Performers, 1889-1976

New Hampshire Youth Orchestra program (1940 and undated posters); Western New Hampshire Music Festival Association (1889); NH Chapter of the American Guild of Organists (1954); Seacoast Music Festival Association (1938); Rockingham Choral Society (1958); "Bibliography of the Songs of the Hutchinson Family in Library Books" (Alan Lewis, 1976).

Box 6, Folder 12Mystery Hill (Salem, NH.) archealogical dig article, 1961
Box 6, Folder 13New Castle Bi-Centennnial program, 1893
Box 6, Folder 14New Hampshire College and University Council, 1940s-1970s

Annual reports, Library bylaws, Newsletters, related materials.

Box 6, Folder 15New Hampshire Farm Museum Newsletter, 1986-1989
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Mountains in New Hampshire, 1930s-1940s

Pamphlets for Belknap Mountains Recreation Area (ca. 1940s); The Flume Reservation at Franconia Notch maps and info (1930s); Old Man of the Mountains (1930s); Franconia Notch (1940s).

Box 7, Folder 2New Hampshire Sun, The, 1983-1989

Energy conservation newspaper published in Manchester by the Energy Association of New Hampshire.

Box 7, Folder 3New Hampshire Water Pollution Commission Publications, 1947-1958

"Why Control Water Pollution?"; "Guide to Stream Classifications".

Box 7, Folder 4NH Water Works Association Newsletter, 1995-2001
Box 7, Folder 5New Hampshire Women in Higher Education Administration Newsletter, 1980-1984
Box 7, Folder 6New Hampton Institution, 1917

Viewbook showing the various buildings of the NHI. See also Historical Sketch of the New Hampton Institution, New Hampton, N.H. Prepared for the Centennial (1876) in the archive's NHamp Collection.

Box 7, Folder 7Oration, poem, and chronicles, delivered before the alumni of New Ipewich Appleton Academy, New Ipswich, N.H., 1861
Box 7, Folder 8Newfields, 1949-1977

"Newfields, N.H. Town Hall August 1949" (a history of the town and its families, by H.K. Torrey); "Comprehensive Land Use Planning in Newfields, N.H." (Jody McDevitt, 1977).

Box 7, Folder 9Newmarket, 1966

Short study on the town compiled by the Public Administration Service at UNH. Includes vital statistics, town culture, government system, industry, etc.

Box 7, Folder 10North Conway: Study for expansion of Echo Lake State Park, 1962
Box 7, Folder 11North Country Council, Inc., 1980-1982

Newsletters, annual reports.

Box 7, Folder 12Northern New England Junior Academy of Science, 1963

Program, Biennial Report

Box 7, Folder 13Old Man on the Mountain (Franonia Notch), 1955-1960

Photographs, drawings, a history, articles, souveniers related to the Old Man and efforts to save it.

Box 7, Folder 14Peterborough, Ca. 1890-1983

12 historical postcards ca. 1890s onwards; Reunion of School District No. 5 "Caper Corner" and description of the school (1910); Manual of the Union Congreagational Church (1952); Peterborough Transcript Pictorial Suppliment for the Hurricane of 1938; Peterborough Players 50th Anniversary (1983).

Box 7, Folder 15Phillips Exeter Academy Centennial, 1884

"Documents and Statistics Relative to the Property and Funds of Phillips Exeter Academy 1783-1884"; "Centennial Celebration of Phillips Exeter Academy".

Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1Franklin Pierce, 1949

"Franklin Pierce and Abraham Lincoln - Parallels and Contrasts" by Elwin L. Page. In The Abraham Lincoln Quarterly, December 1949.

Box 8, Folder 2Piscataqua Current, 1978-1984

Newsletters and article about the Piscataqua Gundalow Project.

Box 8, Folder 3Pittsfield, Ca. 1970

"Pittsfield: Industry and Zoning" by Norma Surprenant and Marcia Valiante.

Box 8, Folder 4Plymouth, 1887-1894

Grafton and Coos Bar Association Annual Address given by John H. George Esq. (1887) and Charles R. Gorning (1888); New Hampshire Summer Institute catalog (1894).

Box 8, Folder 5Poetry Society of New Hampshire - publications and emphemera, 1950-1980
Box 8, Folder 6Political Parties Materials, 1818-1960

Congressional Ticket Democratic-Republican party ca. 1818; NH Gubinatorial ticket ca. 1860; Letter to Concord newspaper editor JW Patterson from the Republican State Committee (1867); "The Presidential Problem from the Standpoint of Practical Politics..." (1900); "William E. Chandler in the Canvass of 1912," "To the Republican voters of New Hampshire 1906"; Focus (NH Democratic State Committee, 1962); Sample ballot (1960); Progressive Party of New Hampshire letter (1948).

Box 8, Folder 7Prescott Park Arts Festival Programs, 1983-1988
Box 8, Folder 8Public Service Commission / Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), 1914-1993

Report of the Public Service Commission of New Hampshire (1914, 1915); Informational pamphlet 1952; 1950s information on Merrimack Station (Bow), Schiller Station (Newington) and Comerford Station (Littleton); Energy Education Free Film List (1984); Electricity and NH Economy (1986); "PCU Update" newsletter (1992-1993); PSNH management audit (1986); "New Hampshire Energy-Use Guide" (1980s).

Box 8, Folder 9Portsmouth Music Hall information, 1980-ca. 1990

Survey, history, correspondence related to the PMH.

Box 8, Folder 10Portsmouth: 19th Century Records at National Archives, n.d.
Box 8, Folder 11Portsmouth Peace Conference, 1905-1970

Later writings on the PPC between Japan and Russia, 1905. Photocopies of commemoration articles from 1970s.

Box 8, Folder 12Portsmouth Tourist Materials, 19th - 20th centuries

Postcards (1923); Tourist brochures with ample photographs of historic landmarks.

Box 8, Folder 13Portsmouth Economic History, 1889-1986

Portsmouth Trust / Guarantee Company flier (1889); Tricentennial booklet and program 1923; Jackson House invitation for tea and art viewing (1948); Artist rendering of Portsmouth marine terminal (1962-3) and associated correspondence; Program from the 5th anniversary of the Wentworth-Coolidge Commission (1986); Annonymous report entitled "Port of Portsmouth New Hampshire" which touts the economic potential of a maritime terminal and doubtless contributed to the Great Bay Oil Refinery attempt.

Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1Portsmouth African Burying Ground / Black Heritage Trail news articles, Ca. 1980-2012
Box 9, Folder 2Railroads in New Hampshire: Statutes & Consolodation, 1881-1903

Statutes, legal arguments. Lake Shore Railroad, NH Railroad consolidation 1883 (multiple arguments for and against); NH Statutes relating to railraods 1893; "Railroad Reform in New Hampshire" by William E. Chandler.

Box 9, Folder 3Railroads in NH: Hazen Bill, Booklets, 1887

Booklets related to the Hazen Bill (1887) Hearings and the consolodation and privatization of NH railroads.

Box 9, Folder 4Railroads in NH, Booklets: Cont., 1848-1889

Booklets about the Boston & Maine Railroad ("a notorious tax-dodger!"), Testimony for the defendants with Concord Railroad (1890s?), Report on a Railroad Route from Sanbornton Upper Bay to Garven's Falls, NH (1848); "Argument of Col. John H. George, in Burke, et als., vs. Boston, Lowell & Concord Railroads" (1881); Audit of the state of NH's interest in the Boston & Maine and Concord Railroads (1889); Manchester &Lawrence Railroad V. Concord Railroad Corporation (1889).

Box 9, Folder 5Railroad Booklets continued, 1860s-1913

Nashua and Rochester Railroad meeting notice (1860s?); Interstate Commerce Commission Docket re: rates for the Boston and Maine Railroad and others (1912-1913); Study and view book from the Concord & Montreal Railroad's White Mountains / Merrimack Valley Route (1891).

Box 9, Folder 6NH Recreation, 1938-1968

Promo booklets; "New Hampshire Recreation Conference" programs (1940-1941); "Proposed Madbury Recreation Area" (1968)

Box 9, Folder 7Revolutionary War, 1976 and undated

Pamphlet "New Hampshire's Revolutionary War Heritage" (1976); Bibliography of Published Monographs on New Hampshire's Role in the American Revolution, 1763-1789, based on the holdings of the NH State Library (Concord).

Box 9, Folder 8Road Maps of NH, 1920s-1980s
Box 9, Folder 9Robinson Seminary, Exeter NH, 1886-1913

Also known as "Robinson Female Seminary". Commencement programs from 1886 and 1913 as well as a photo post card of the building (a photograph of a building at Vassar College is glued to the back).

Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1Salmon Falls Speeches, 1850-1853

Speeches from the Salmon Falls Lyceum and Salmon Falls Evening School, including "My Trip To Washington D.C." and "Journey to the West."

Box 10, Folder 2Sawmills in NH, 1958

Directory of Sawmills and Other Primary Wood-Using Industries of New Hampshire (1958); material on the Nichols-Colby Sawmill (Bow) which was destroyed 1938.

Box 10, Folder 3Schools in NH, 1862-1965

Annual Circular of the New Hampshire Conference Seminary and Female College for 1862-3; 2nd Annual Conference on Elementary Education (UNH 1939); Dedication of the School House at Newington NH, 1921; Elocutionary Contest by the pupils of the Union School District of Concord (1931); "Need for Regional Cooperation in New England Education" (1952); "Report of the Committee on New Hampshire Educational Survey" (1929); Report on the State Normal School (1877); undated St. Anselm College brochure; "Sargent v. Union School-District in Concord" (1886); Pamphlet on "Planning for Vocational and Adult Education in Post-war New Hampshire" (1944); Dedication of the Derryfield School (1965).

Box 10, Folder 4Seacoast Arts & Cultural Allance Newsletter, 1989-1990
Box 10, Folder 5Seacoast Audubon Newsletter, 1987-2001
Box 10, Folder 6Skiing in NH, incl. Rope Tow Information, 1940s-1990s
Box 10, Folder 7Sobering News, newsletter of NH Concerned Citizens Against Drunk Driving, 1987-1993
Box 10, Folder 8Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities (SPNEA), 1911-1985

Newsletters and pamphlets, detailing the work of the SPNEA and especially the background of its various historic properties across New England. Articles on the Bunker Garrison House (Durham NH) and the Dover Manufacturing Co. Print Works / Cocheco Printworks (Dover NH) are included.

Box 10, Folder 9Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF), 1933-1995

Brochures and informational booklets. Topis include the Flume Reservation; Bretzfelder Memorial Park; Monadnock Ecocenter; Lost River; and estate planning/membership drives. See also the archive's SPNHF Collection.

Box 10, Folder 10Star Island Corp. Brochures, 1964-1965
Box 10, Folder 11State Board of Education, 1921-1961

Superintendents conference program (1921); Regulations for the approval of superintendents (1925); cost per pupil broken down by town (1937-1939 and 1959-1960); "State Aid for Public Education in New Hampshire" (1961).

Box 10, Folder 12Vocational Agriculture News-Letter (NH State Board of Education), 1922-1925
Box 10, Folder 13State Library of New Hampshire Materials, 1950-2003

Pamphlets and statues related to the funding and establishment of the State Library system.

Box 10, Folder 14New Hampshire State Prohibition Club (articles of incorporation), 1885
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1Strafford, 1900-1977

"Catalog of Books in the Strafford Public Library" (1900) and Suppliments for 1902 & 1905; "Land Use and Development in Strafford" (by J. Batt, 1977).

Box 11, Folder 2Strawbery Banke, 1961-1984

Site plan brochure, publicity.

Box 11, Folder 3John Sullivan (Gen.) of Durham, 1894-1896

A photocopied article from the New Hampshire College Monthly which includes a photo of "The Sullivan Slave-House" (article by Edna Ethel Foss) and a partial proof copy of "Dedication of the Sullivan Monument at Durham New Hampshire" by Alonzo Hall Quint (Sept. 27 1894).

Box 11, Folder 4Supreme Court of New Hampshire, 1890-1953

"The Highest Courts of Law in New Hampshire - Colonial, Provincial, and State" (Charles R. Corning 1890); Photograph of the five justices (Blandin, Duncan, Goodnow, Kenison, Lampron) taken in October 1953.

Box 11, Folder 5Tax & Tax Law, N.H., 1846-1990

Speeches at the Annual Taxpayers Day Dinner (Vaughn D. Griffin, John Langmuir, 1946); "The Heavy Reliance on Property Taxes in New Hampshire: Good or Bad?" (Campbell, ca. 1980-1990); Budget Making for New Hampshire Towns (Mabie, 1917); Speech of Mr. Hill, Of New Hampshire, on the Subject of Mr. Clay's Resolutions in Relation to The Tariff (1832); The Protective System Considered in Connection with the Present Tariff (1846); "Invoice and Taxes Taken April 1, 1944" (town not listed); Tax circular from Ronald Reagen (1981).

Box 11, Folder 6Tourism in NH, 1910-1940

Brochures, some general and some with specific focus (e.g. fishing, covered bridges, historic buildings, state parks, and so forth.) Also includes dedication program of the Daniel Webster Highway (1939), brochure from the Wentworth Mansion Museum in Salmon Falls (ca. 1910s); Mt. Washington auto road and rail cog information; magazine articles.

Box 11, Folder 7Trust for New Hampshire Lands newsletter, 1987-1989
Box 11, Folder 8Teamsters Union Local #633 of New Hampshire, 1970s

Posters, mailings, etc. Especially geared towards workers at the University of New Hampshire.

Box 11, Folder 9Universalist-Unitarian Church, 1963

Programs, annual meeting report, newsletters. Mostly focused on Durham and Exeter.

Box 11, Folder 10New Hampshire Veterans' Association Programs, 1905-1915
Box 11, Folder 11American War in Vietnam: Casualty List (N.H.), 1975
Box 11, Folder 12Votors' Guides for New Hampshire, 1912-1959
Box 11, Folder 13Warren (Town of), 19XX

"The Story of Our Elephant Hunt" by I.H. Morse of the Morse Museum in Warren, N.H.

Box 11, Folder 14White Mountain National Forest, 1927-1990

Tourism and geographical information. "White Mountain National Forest Fire Plan (Gerald R. Hyde 1927); financial reports of the park; information about the proposed highway through Franconia Notch (1960s); Ice measurements from Mt. Washington (1937); Programs from the naming of Mt. Eisenhower

Box 11, Folder 15"Women Artists in the White Mountains 1840-1940", 2012

Includes biographical and extensive listing of women artists of the White Mountains.

Box 11, Folder 16Women's Suffrage and Social Standing in New Hampshire, 1913-1971

"New Hampshire Women Legislators"; "Women's Status in New Hampshire from 1783-1930"; "A Brief History of Women's Suffrage in New Hampshire" and more.

Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1Women Writers of New Hampshire, Ca. 2001

Compiled by Barbara White, lists names, dates, and genres separated by regions of the state.

Box 12, Folder 2Women of New Hampshire, 19-early 20th Cen.

Information/Images of: Ella Knowes Haskell, Sarah J. Hale; Abby Hutchinson; Jane Pierce and son Benjamin Pierce; Hannah Davis's Bandboxes; Eleanor Parten; Photographs of the tombstone of Sarah Judson wife of Rev. Abraham (?) Judson (d. April 12 1850); Harriet Livermore of Concord; Celia Thaxter's cottage on Londoner's Island (Isles of Shoals); Abby Hutchinson Patton; An essay about Colonial women; "A Tale of Nottingham" about travelers arriving at 'Butler's Tavern' in 1773 and Abigail Butler's refusal to shelter a Tory; poem by Elizabeth Whitridge Moniere entitled "Tea Drinking in New Hampshire" (1892).

Box 12, Folder 3Utilization of Timber Products, Ca. 1947-1960

Northeastern Wood Utilization Council newsletter and minutes (1947-1952); "Wood Using Industries of New Hampshire (1947).

Box 12, Folder 4Wood products - The Brown Company, 1950s

Bulletin, calendar, and other material about the Brown Company (Berlin, NH) - logging and timber products. Includes a drawing of a log drive.

Box 12, Folder 5World War Two and Post-War Planning in NH, 1944-1945


Box 12, Folder 6Works Progress Administration (WPA), 1936

Book of cartoons illustrating the WPA Historic Records and Buildings Survey; "Children at play" (WPA NH, 1936); "Raging Rivers and the WPA" about the Flood Disaster of 1936 in NH;