Public Relations Videotapes, 1991-2002

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About the Public Relations Videotapes

This series contains promotional videotapes produced for the University. Videotapes T9-T20 include UNH Close-Ups, which was a series of short videos produced by the Instructional Services to air on NHPTV staff that focus on the work being done by University faculty and students 1991-1992.

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[Identification of item], Public Relations Videotapes, 1991-2002, UV 6/4/2, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transferred to the University Archives in 1991 and includes subsequent additions through 2002.

Collection Contents

Tape 1September 17, 1994 (air date)UNH Promo #1: Is our Environment in Danger?

length: 60 second commercial spot; sponsored by: Drure Halloway

Tape 2September 24, 1994 (air date)UNH Promo #2: Are There Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

length: 60 second commercial spot; sponsored by: Drure Halloway

Tape 3October 8, 1994UNH Promo #3: Co-op Extension and Kids at Risk.

length: 60 second commercial spot; sponsored by: Drure Halloway

Tape 4October 15, 1994UNH Promo #4: UNH and NH Business

length: 60 second commercial spot; sponsored by: Drure Halloway

Tape 54/22/91A Winning Partnership: UNH & State Business

length: 11:25:0

introduction by: Dale Nitzschke

2 copies

Tape 6Whittemore Center & Towse Rink - Fundraiser

2 copies

Tape 71994UNH Land, Sea, Space Grant: A Research Update.

This tape was a thank you gift from Dale Nitschke to the trustees for their contributions to the University.

2 copies

Tape 8USNH: Interactive Television.
Tape 9Close Up #101; Catastrophes and Culture: Gravestone Imagery

Time: 6:41

Narrated by: David Watters, Dept. of English

2 copies

Tape 10Close Up #103; Mission To Planet Earth

Time: 6:41

Narrated by: Berrien Moore, Director Institute of Earth, Ocean and Space; Barrett Rock, Prof. Forest Resources/EOS; David Skole, Prof. EOS

2 copies

Tape 11Close Up #105; Polls & Politicians: The UNH Survey Center

Time: 6:28

Narrated by: David Moore, Director

2 copies

Tape 12Close Up #106; Protecting Our Children: The UNH Family Research Lab

Time: 5 min.

Narrated by: Linda Meyer Williams, UNH Research Lab and Dr. David Finkelhor, Director

2 copies

Tape 13Close Up #107; Read Write From the Start

Time: 7:05

Narrated by: Dr. Donald Graves, Education Dept.; Dr. Jane Hansen, Education Dept.; Carol Wilcox, UNH Doctoral Student

2 copies

Tape 14Close Up #108; The UNH 'Swat' Team

Time: 4:25

Narrated by: Dr. John Burger, UNH Entomologist; Staff from the BALSAMS, Dixville, NH

Tape 15Close Up #109; The Language of Music: Select Summer Program in Music and English

Time: 7:17

Narrated by: Dr. Mark DeTurk, Dept. of Music; Dr. Cleveland Howard, Jr., Dept. of Music; Dr. Lester Fisher, Dept. of English; Pamela Ambush, guest artist; Milt Hinton, guest artist

2 copies

Tape 16Close Up #110; Youth Opportunities Unlimited: A UNH Cooperative Extension Program

Time: 7:05

Narrated by: Paula Gregory, Y.O.U. Director; Al Kreinberg, Teen Leadership Coordiantor

2 copies

Tape 17Close Up #111; The Little Red Wagon/Caravan

Time: 6:42

Narrated by: Susan Goldin, Director; Alice Record, NH State Legislator; Doug Tilton, Assistant Director

Tape 18Close Up #112; Beyond Books: The Thompson School of Applied Sciences

Time: 4:30

Narrated by: Dr. Jerilee Zezula, Assoc. Prof. of Applied Animal Sciences

Tape 19Close Up #...; Childcare: Dicovering New Worlds

Time: 4:38

Narrated by: Michael Kolinaski

Tape 20Women in Research, c.1992

Time: 14:45

Interviewed: Chris Kinner, Civil Engineering; Karen Conway, Economics; Marie Farrell, Nursing; Jane Hansen, Education; Stacia Sower, Zoology

Tape 21Building Bridges

Time: 30:00

Office of International Students and Scholars

Tape 22UNH Stories: Proud of What We Do.

Features: 1) Mask and Dagger perform A Midsummer's Night Dream in Korea; 2) Growing a Green Generation: A collaboration between the Department of Plant Biology and the Child Study and Development Center; 3) UNH "Connect", an optional three-day pre-orientation program for students of color; and 4) Northeast Passage, a program that provides sports and recreation opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities.

2 copies

Tape 2311/30/2000UNH "Connected"

Length: 0:30 spot. Includes:(1) NHPTV version and (1) Other Broadcaster version.

2 copies

Tape 24UNH Commercials

Length: 15x:30

1988 Meet the Faculty Campaign features: Hunt Howell, Kathleen McCartney, Berrien Moore, Jan Hansen, Charlie Simic, Paul Mayewski, Subhash Minocha, Jeff Bolster, Ann Bucklin, Raymond Goodman, Tom Ballestero, and Stacia Sower.

1999 UNH Changing the World One Person at a Time features: Rick Lennehan, Dan Burnham, Marcy Carsey.

Tape 251998 Year in Review

Length: 12 minutes

President Joan Leitzel delivers the year-end review from the newly expanded and renovated Dimond Library.

Tape 26September 19991998-1999 Year in Review

Length: 10 minutes

Tape 27Newsreel 2000

Legislative Edition. In a fireside chat, President Joan Leitzel talks about the role of the state's university in New Hampshire.

2 copies

Tape 28Inside Shots Hockey Spot: UNH Cooperative Extension

Length: 4 minutes

John Pike explains Cooperative Extension in this commerical piece, prepared to air during a UNH Hockey game.

Tape 29UNH Presentation Tape

President Joan Leitzel talks about the history of UNH and its contribution to the state.

Tape 30University of New Hampshire At Manchester

Discusses the programs available at UNH-M.

Tape 31October 2001"Why Did You Come to UNH?"

On the street style interview with UNH students.

Tape 321998UNH Promo: 60 Second Spot

Format: VHS

Tape 33September 9, 1996"Undergraduates as Researchers"

Length: 60 seconds

Producer: Stuart Williams

Format: VHS

Tape 34Fall, 1997UNH "Meet the Faculty" Campaign

Features: Hunt Howell, Jane Hansen, Paul Mayewski, Charles Simic, Kathleen McCartney, Berrien Moore III

Producer: Stuart Williams

Tape 35January 2, 1997What Have You Learned Today?

Length: 60 seconds

Tape 36UNH Fall '98 Spots: Bucklin, Goodman, Ballestro, Sower

UNH Magazine Cover Shots

See also UV 6/4/2, T24

Tape 37October 3, 1996The UNH Environmental Technology Program

Press Conference: President Lietzel, Senator Gregg, Trustee Harry Byrd and Dean Torbert.

Tape 38Dec. 10, 2002Crimes Against Children Research Center

5th Anniversary Press Event: President Hart, Senator Gregg, Gov. Lynch and Dean Hoskin, David Finkle, Dean McCarthy.

Tape 39The Artist & The Environment


Time: 4:50

Highlights current exhibits of 17 NH artists.

Tape 40Why I Came to UNH

Testimonials from UNH Students.

Tape 41Welcome to UNH

Personal Orientation Video in which student and faculty comment on thier experiences at UNH. President Hart gives closing statement.

Tape 421998Imagaine Yourself at UNH: A Community of Learners

President Leitzel talks about the research and new programs being done at UNH. The library renovation is featured.