Spanish Department Files, 1967-1983

Collection number: UA 9/2/1
Size: 11 boxes (3.63 cu.ft.)

About the Spanish Department Files

This series contains the files of the Spanish Department at the University of New Hampshire from 1967-1982. Included are files on the study abroad programs in Spanish speaking countries.

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[Identification of item], Spanish Department Files, 1967-1983, UA 9/2/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred from the Spanish deprtment on 6/14/1993

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11967-1978Academic Vice-President of UNH (Office of)
Box 1, Folder 21962-1963Accreditation Committee (UNH)
Box 1, Folder 31983-1984Accreditation (UNH)
Box 1, Folder 41975-1983Activities Summaries (Faculty)
Box 1, Folder 51975-1983Activities Summaries (Faculty)
Box 1, Folder 61975-1983Activities Summaries (Faculty)
Box 1, Folder 71966-1983Admissions
Box 1, Folder 81976-1983Admissions Office: Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 91976-1977Advanced Placement Program (Spanish)
Box 1, Folder 101981-1982Advanced Placement
Box 1, Folder 111977-1982Advising (Undergraduates and Graduates)
Box 1, Folder 121978-1979Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures: Curriculum; Policies; Committees; Minutes, etc.; Enrollment Figures
Box 1, Folder 131975-1979Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures (Dept. of): Bylaws
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11980Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures, (Dept. of): Correspondence to and from F. William Forbes, Chairman, 7-1-80
Box 2, Folder 21977-1983Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures, (Dept. of): Minutes of Meetings, March 9, 1977-January 31, 1983
Box 2, Folder 31976-1980Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures, (Dept. of): Correspondence to and from Chairman Grover E. Marshall, July 1, 1976-June 30, 1980
Box 2, Folder 41976-1980Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures, (Dept. of): Correspondence to and from Chairman Grover E. Marshall, July 1, 1976-June 30, 1980
Box 2, Folder 51976-1980Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures, (Dept. of): Correspondence to and from Chairman Grover E. Marshall, July 1, 1976-June 30, 1980
Box 2, Folder 61982-1983Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 71978-1982Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 81978-1982Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 91978-1982Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 101974-1978Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 111974-1978Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 121974-1978Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 2, Folder 131967-1973Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11967-1973Annual Reports (Faculty)
Box 3, Folder 21952-1976Annual Reports: Department of Spanish and Classics
Box 3, Folder 31978Annual Reports (Spanish): Reports of Course Coordinators and Program Directors
Box 3, Folder 41978-1979Award/Prize Committee (Spanish)
Box 3, Folder 51974-1979Bibliographies; Booklists; Syllabi
Box 3, Folder 61987-1988Bookstore
Box 3, Folder 71986-1987Bookstore
Box 3, Folder 81985-1986Bookstore
Box 3, Folder 91984-1985Bookstore
Box 3, Folder 101983-1984Bookstore
Box 3, Folder 111974-1978Bookstore Committee
Box 3, Folder 121972Borges Visit
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11976-1981Budget
Box 4, Folder 21975-1980By-Laws
Box 4, Folder 31970-1971Conference Board of American Programs in Spain
Box 4, Folder 41970Copyright Policy of UNH
Box 4, Folder 51970-1982Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
Box 4, Folder 61980-1981Council on Teacher Education
Box 4, Folder 71973Course Reviews
Box 4, Folder 81976-1979Curriculum Committee
Box 4, Folder 91977-1982Curriculum Committee
Box 4, Folder 101969-1970Dartmouth-Jersey City Program (Tucker Foundation)
Box 4, Folder 111965-1972Department: Minutes
Box 4, Folder 121952-1964Department: Minutes
Box 4, Folder 131968-1983Directory of Faculty and Staff
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11968-1983Division of Continuing Education
Box 5, Folder 21972-1983Division of Continuing Education (DCE)
Box 5, Folder 31973-1980Enrollment Figures
Box 5, Folder 41979-1983Executive Committee
Box 5, Folder 51974-1979Faculty Leaves of Absence
Box 5, Folder 61978-1979Forbes, F. William: Correspondence, etc.
Box 5, Folder 71980-1982Forbes, F. William: Correspondence, Copies, etc.
Box 5, Folder 81983-1984Foreign Language Coordinator
Box 5, Folder 91971-1974Foreign Language Requirement (General)
Box 5, Folder 101969-1970General Education Requirements
Box 5, Folder 111975-1979Grade Distribution
Box 5, Folder 121972-1975Graduate Council
Box 5, Folder 131977-1978Graduate Council
Box 5, Folder 141967-1976Graduate School: Correspondence
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11977-1979Graduate School: Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 21977Hiring Problems
Box 6, Folder 31972-1983Humanities
Box 6, Folder 41980-1982Humanities
Box 6, Folder 51974-1982Institutional Research and Planning
Box 6, Folder 61976-1979Intra-departmental Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 71979-1981Intra-departmental Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 81963-1972Junior Year Abroad: General Information on Programs Overseas
Box 6, Folder 91974Junior Year Abroad
Box 6, Folder 101975-1980Junior Year: Mexico
Box 6, Folder 111970-1971Junior Year in Pamplona: General
Box 6, Folder 121970-1971Junior Year in Pamplona: General
Box 6, Folder 131977-1978Junior Year in Pamplona: Letters from Spain
Box 6, Folder 141971Junior Year in Pamplona (Miscellaneous)
Box 6, Folder 151970-1971Junior Year in Pamplona: Syllabi
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11974-1980Junior Year: Valencia
Box 7, Folder 21980Coordinator's Report on Junior Year in Spain: Valencia
Box 7, Folder 31969-1983Junior Year in Spain (Valencia): Correspondence with Dr. Sanchez
Box 7, Folder 41969-1980Junior Year in Spain (Valencia): Correspondence, General
Box 7, Folder 51977-1978Junior Year in Spain (Valencia): Evaluations
Box 7, Folder 61974-1975Letters from Students in Valencia
Box 7, Folder 71981-1982Dean Kimball: Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 81963-1972Assistant Dean Lawrence: Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 91974-1983Liberal Arts-Dean's Office: Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 101971Liberal Arts (College of): Dean's Communications with
Box 7, Folder 111972-1973Liberal Arts (College of): Dean's Communications with
Box 7, Folder 121973-1982Liberal Arts Executive Committee
Box 7, Folder 131982Liberal Arts Policies Committee
Box 7, Folder 141952-1964Library
Box 7, Folder 151960-1967Library
Box 7, Folder 161965-1966Library
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11971-1979Library
Box 8, Folder 21975-1981Library
Box 8, Folder 31972-1981Library Committee
Box 8, Folder 41973-1982Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures: Library Committee
Box 8, Folder 51973-1982Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures: Library Committee
Box 8, Folder 61967-1971Department (of Spanish and Classics): Library Funds - Spanish
Box 8, Folder 71975-1978Linguistics Program
Box 8, Folder 81981Master Plan
Box 8, Folder 91976-1983Minutes: Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures Meetings
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1Meetings: Semester I, 1976-1977; Semester II, 1976-1977; Semester II, 1975-1976; Semester I, 1977-1978
Box 9, Folder 2Meetings: Semester II, 1977-1978; Semester I, 1978-1979; Semester II, 1978-1979, Semester I, 1979-1980
Box 9, Folder 3Meetings: Miscellaneous
Box 9, Folder 41976-1983Memoranda
Box 9, Folder 51969-1982Memorial Union Building
Box 9, Folder 61975Merger of Language Departments, Committee for
Box 9, Folder 71975Merger of Language Departments, Committee for
Box 9, Folder 81977-1980Merrimack Valley Branch
Box 9, Folder 91977-1978Mini-Dorm (Marston House)
Box 9, Folder 101978Mission Statement
Box 9, Folder 111983-1984Murkland Club, The Fall/Spring Speakers Series
Box 9, Folder 121984-1986Murkland Club, The Lecture Series on Foreign Literatures and Languages
Box 9, Folder 131950-1984Murkland Hall: Physical Plant Development
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11973-1988New Hampshire College and University Council (Consortium) N.H.C.U.C. Also: C.A.P.C. (Coop. Academic Program Committee) of N.H.C.U.C.
Box 10, Folder 21978-1979Newsletter
Box 10, Folder 31977-1980Dean Nielson: Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 41979Openings
Box 10, Folder 51982-1983Dean Palmer, Stuart
Box 10, Folder 61983Personnel Activity Report
Box 10, Folder 71974-1982Personnel Office
Box 10, Folder 81983Portuguese
Box 10, Folder 91981-1982President's Commission on the Status of Women
Box 10, Folder 101961-1978President, Office of
Box 10, Folder 111980-1982President's Office
Box 10, Folder 121978-1979Program Reviews
Box 10, Folder 131975-1981Publicity
Box 10, Folder 141978-1982Registrar's Office
Box 10, Folder 151974-1979Registrar: Communications with
Box 10, Folder 161977-1982Registrar's Office: Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 171975Registration Information
Box 10, Folder 181978-1980Retention/Attrition
Box 10, Folder 1973-1974Semester I
Box 10, Folder 201979-1982Dean Smith: Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 211975-1976Spanish Section
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11976-1983Spanish Section: Administration.
Box 11, Folder 21975-1980Dean Spitz: Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 31976-1983Staffing
Box 11, Folder 41978Statement of Goals and Objectives for the Spanish Section
Box 11, Folder 51974-1982Statistics (Enrollment Figures Taken from Rosters
Box 11, Folder 61955-1983Statistics (Spanish and Classics)
Box 11, Folder 71971-1973Teaching Loads
Box 11, Folder 81976-1983Telecommunications
Box 11, Folder 91975-1980Travel Money Requests
Box 11, Folder 10Utilization Analysis (Ancient and Modern Languages and Literatures)
Box 11, Folder 111975-1982Vice-President for Academic Affairs: Correspondence


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