College of Life Sciences and Agriculture Dean's Office Files, 1927-1988

Collection number: UA 10/1/3
Size: 18 boxes (5.94 cu.ft.)

About the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

The College of Agriculture was officially formed in 1923. The College was formed from the existing Agricultural Division when the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts became the University of New Hampshire in 1923. In 1969, the College of Agriculture was renamed the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture

About the Dean's Office Files

This series contains files form the Dean's Office of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture.

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[Identification of item], College of Life Sciences and Agriculture Dean's Office Files, 1927-1988, UA 10/1/3, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11961-1975AID-IADS Contract-UNH
Box 1, Folder 2AID-IADS, IADS General Information
Box 1, Folder 31973AID-IADS, AID Handbook
Box 1, Folder 41966AID-IADS, AID-USDA training prospectus
Box 1, Folder 51955-1958ACP- Agricultural Conservation Program
Box 1, Folder 61967Nominees for AFMA (American feed Manufacturers Association) Award
Box 1, Folder 71968AFMA Award Nomination Material
Box 1, Folder 81968AFMA Award Nomination Material
Box 1, Folder 91968AFMA Award Nomination Material
Box 1, Folder 101976Agricultural Land Survey
Box 1, Folder 111976-1977Analytical Services Laboratory Committee
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11965Richard A. Andrews
Box 2, Folder 21974Animal Science Review- January 29-31, 1974
Box 2, Folder 31965Annual Reports, 1965, College of Agriculture, Thompson School Extension
Box 2, Folder 41965-1966Annual Report, College and Department
Box 2, Folder 51967Annual Reports, College of Agriculture to the President
Box 2, Folder 61968Annual Reports, COA
Box 2, Folder 71973-1974Annual Reports, COLSA
Box 2, Folder 81975July 28, Annual Report, COLSA
Box 2, Folder 91975Report: Site Analysis and Design for the proposed livestock activities center
Box 2, Folder 101976-1977Annual Report, COLSA
Box 2, Folder 111975-1976Annual Report, COLSA
Box 2, Folder 121970-1971Annual Report, Division of Continuing Education
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11970-71Annual report of the Coordinator of research
Box 3, Folder 21967Annual report, the environmental requirements of poultry
Box 3, Folder 31964-69Faculty Annual Reports
Box 3, Folder 41967-68Faculty Annual Reports
Box 3, Folder 51967-69Faculty Annual Reports
Box 3, Folder 61972Faculty Annual Reports, June 1972, fldr.1 of 3
Box 3, Folder 71972Faculty Annual Reports, June 1972, fldr.2 of 3
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11972Faculty Annual Reports, June 1972, fldr.3 of 3
Box 4, Folder 21975-1976Faculty Annual Reports
Box 4, Folder 31977Faculty Annual Report, June 1977
Box 4, Folder 41977-1978Faculty Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 51978-1979Faculty Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 6Announcement of Director of Thompson School of Agricultural Sciences Opening
Box 4, Folder 71966-1967Dr. Robert F. Barlow, Academic Vice-President
Box 4, Folder 81971Botany department review- April 12-14, 1971
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11949-1951Irma G. Bowen Collection, range
Box 5, Folder 21970[Buildings and Lands], Animal Diagnostic Laboratory
Box 5, Folder 31973[Buildings and Lands], Animal Science facilities for Capital Budget
Box 5, Folder 41970[Buildings and Lands], Barton Hall dedication, April 10, 1970
Box 5, Folder 51963[Buildings and Lands], Conservatory Greenhouse
Box 5, Folder 61965-1966[Buildings and Lands], Conservatory Greenhouse
Box 5, Folder 71963[Buildings and Lands], Construction of Plant Growth Chamber
Box 5, Folder 81955-1956[Buildings and Lands], Dairy Barn Fire, April 28, 1955 and November 4, 1955
Box 5, Folder 91962-1964[Buildings and Lands], Dairy building- remodeling of
Box 5, Folder 101974-1976[Buildings and Lands], Dairy Barn Remodeling
Box 5, Folder 111964-1971[Buildings and Lands], Forest research Laboratory
Box 5, Folder 121972[Buildings and Lands], Harold C. Grinnell Library Dedication
Box 5, Folder 131966[Buildings and Lands], Horizontal Silo Construction
Box 5, Folder 141969-1970[Buildings and Lands], Dedication Committee, Kendall Hall 1970
Box 5, Folder 151941-1951[Buildings and Lands], Moore Farm
Box 5, Folder 161966-1971[Buildings and Lands], New Nesmith Hall, fldr.1 of 2
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11966-1971[Buildings and Lands], New Nesmith Hall, fldr. 2 of 3
Box 6, Folder 21968[Buildings and Lands], Nesmith Hall Construction
Box 6, Folder 31970[Buildings and Lands], Renovations of Nesmith Hall
Box 6, Folder 41965-1969[Buildings and Lands], Passaconaway Land Sale
Box 6, Folder 51967[Buildings and Lands], Proposed Pesticide Greenhouse
Box 6, Folder 61966-1967[Buildings and Lands], Pettee Hall remodeling
Box 6, Folder 71966-1972[Buildings and Lands], Poultry Plant facilities
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11967-1970[Buildings and Lands], Putnam Hall Addition
Box 7, Folder 21976[Buildings and Lands], Evaluations of Resources Development Center- Water Resources research Center, Jackson Estuarine Laboratory
Box 7, Folder 31975[Buildings and Lands], Riding Arena
Box 7, Folder 41951-1957[Buildings and Lands], Riding Stables
Box 7, Folder 51964[Buildings and Lands], Taylor Hall Construction
Box 7, Folder 61962-1965[Buildings and Lands], TSA Greenhouse
Box 7, Folder 71965-1967[Buildings and Lands], TSA Sawmill
Box 7, Folder 81970-1971[Buildings and Lands], Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Box 7, Folder 91946-1962[Buildings and Lands], Woodlot
Box 7, Folder 101965-1968Mr. Forrester A. Clark
Box 7, Folder 111965College of Agriculture- Ten Year Projection
Box 7, Folder 121964-1966Dairy Salesroom
Box 7, Folder 131962Eastern Experiment Station Photos
Box 7, Folder 141969ESCOP (Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy)- Meeting- Nov. 1969
Box 7, Folder 151969-1970ESCOP
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11969ESCOP and Letters regarding meeting- see agriculture
Box 8, Folder 21969ESCOP Letters, May 5 and 6
Box 8, Folder 31969Committee ESCOP- Clay Center Laboratory
Box 8, Folder 41969ESCOP Meeting, April 29 to May 1, 1969
Box 8, Folder 51969ESCOP, Interim Subcommittee, Sept.28-9, 1969
Box 8, Folder 61975-1976Executive Committee
Box 8, Folder 71973Faculty Activities Form, June 1973
Box 8, Folder 81976-1977Faculty Activities Form, Semester II
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11976-1977Faculty Activities Summary, Semester I
Box 9, Folder 21977-1978Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 9, Folder 31977-1978Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 9, Folder 41978-1979Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 9, Folder 51978-1979Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 9, Folder 61979-1980Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11979-1980Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 10, Folder 21980-1981Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 10, Folder 31980-1981Faculty Assignment Reports
Box 10, Folder 41969-1970Faculty Assignment Reports, fldr. 1 of 2
Box 10, Folder 51969-1970Faculty Assignment Reports, fldr. 2 of 2
Box 10, Folder 61970-1971Faculty Assignment Reports, Semester I
Box 10, Folder 71977-1978Fall Semester-Spring Semester, Course Tally
Box 10, Folder 81958-1960American Cyanamid Grant-Plant Science
Box 10, Folder 91960-1961Grant-California Spray Chemical Corporation
Box 10, Folder 101960-1962General Chemical Research Grant- Botany
Box 10, Folder 111960-1964Grants- general Information
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11960Hess and Clark poultry Grant
Box 11, Folder 21965Lauhoff Grain Company Grant
Box 11, Folder 31960-1961Grant- Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation
Box 11, Folder 41961-1964Chas. Pfizer poultry grant
Box 11, Folder 51961-1965Whitimore Dairy Research grant
Box 11, Folder 61975-1976Guernsey Herd sale
Box 11, Folder 71973-1977Director M.C. Heckel
Box 11, Folder 81974-1976Director M.C. Heckel
Box 11, Folder 9Information for authorizing letter forms
Box 11, Folder 101972Information for review of natural resources section by Dean H.A. Keener
Box 11, Folder 111972INER Review of Graduate Programs- November 1972
Box 11, Folder 121966IRS
Box 11, Folder 131967IRS
Box 11, Folder 141968IRS
Box 11, Folder 151969IRS
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11970IRS
Box 12, Folder 21972IRS
Box 12, Folder 31973IRS
Box 12, Folder 41971-1972Mr. John McQuaid, Sept.17. 1971
Box 12, Folder 51965Memorandum of Understanding with American Potash Institute
Box 12, Folder 61964-1965Memorandum of Agreement with the American Poultry and Hatchery Federation
Box 12, Folder 71942Memorandum of Understanding between the new Hampshire Experiment Station and the Bureau of Animal Industry, USDA- re: variability of poultry
Box 12, Folder 81958Memorandum of Agreement with california Spray Chemical Corporation
Box 12, Folder 91959Memorandum of Agreement with Cooperative Grange League Federation Exchange, Inc.
Box 12, Folder 101963-65Memorandum of Agreement with Diamond Alkali Company
Box 12, Folder 111949Memorandum of Understanding between Office of Experiment Stations and N.H. Agricultural Experiment Station relative to federal state cooperation in marketing research work
Box 12, Folder 121960Memorandum of Agreement- Hess and Clark
Box 12, Folder 131955Memorandum of Agreement between N.H. Agricultural Experiment Station and the International minerals and Chemical Corporation
Box 12, Folder 141946Memorandum regarding cooperation between N.H. Racing Commission and UNH
Box 12, Folder 151953Memorandum of Understanding between N.H. Agricultural Experiment Station and Soil Conservation Service relative to soil surveys
Box 12, Folder 161960Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperative Agreements- recommendations from SESD(State Experiment Station Division)
Box 12, Folder 171959Memorandum of Agreement with Ultra-Life Laboratories Inc., $3900 grant
Box 12, Folder 181960Memorandum of Understanding with USDA-ARS- Improvement of Morgan Horses
Box 12, Folder 191964Memorandum of Agreement between Animal Science and Biochemistry, re: Warbury Manometric Apparatus
Box 12, Folder 20Merger of Hort. and Agronomy- Plant Science
Box 12, Folder 211942-1944Miscellaneous Income- Inspection of feed stuff and fertilizers
Box 12, Folder 221943-1944Miscellaneous Income- Miscellaneous Analysis
Box 12, Folder 23Miscellaneous Income- record of Performance Work
Box 12, Folder 241940-1947Miscellaneous Income, Pullorum Disease Testing
Box 12, Folder 251937Miscellaneous Income, Studies of Blood Composition in relation to Poultry Disease
Box 12, Folder 261972Mission Statements
Box 12, Folder 271967-1968N.H. State technical Services, 1967, Annual Program FY '68
Box 12, Folder 281970N.H. Vocational Technical Teacher Education Study report, March 1970
Box 12, Folder 291975-1977Non-Tenured Faculty Evaluations
Box 12, Folder 301961-1967Northeastern Forest Experiment Station Bulletins
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1Occupational education
Box 13, Folder 21964Organization and Administration of Agricultural Research in the United States
Box 13, Folder 31948-1959Patents
Box 13, Folder 41963-1964Patent Information
Box 13, Folder 51973Future Planning- Dean Keener
Box 13, Folder 61973Future Planning
Box 13, Folder 71972-1973Program Plan
Box 13, Folder 81964Plant Science, Comprehensive Review
Box 13, Folder 91973Plant Science Review, January 22-23, 1973
Box 13, Folder 101965-1966President's Office
Box 13, Folder 111966-1967president's Office
Box 13, Folder 121963-1964President's Office Correspondence, fldr.1 of 2
Box 13, Folder 131963-1964President's Office Correspondence, fldr.2 of 2
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11964-1965President's Office
Box 14, Folder 21959-1968Reprints
Box 14, Folder 31968-1969Reprints and Brochures
Box 14, Folder 41964[Projects], ARA(Area redevelopment Administration)- Project 570, Advisory Committee
Box 14, Folder 51964[Projects], ARA Project 570- Contract
Box 14, Folder 61965-1966[Projects], ARA Project 570, General Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 71964[Projects], ARA Project 570, Preliminary Material
Box 14, Folder 81964-1965[Projects], ARA Project 570, Reports
Box 14, Folder 91966CRF-2, Kernel Red Streak Corn
Box 14, Folder 101929-1953[Projects], Dairy Husbandry projects- (general)
Box 14, Folder 111947-1951[Projects], Proposed Projects, Dairy Husbandry
Box 14, Folder 121940[Projects], Review of Projects in the Department of Dairy Husbandry
Box 14, Folder 131959-1960[Projects], The Dairy Industry (excluding foraging)
Box 14, Folder 141955-1956[Projects], Department of Agriculture Project 12-25-010-193
Box 14, Folder 151959[Projects], Dogfish Project
Box 14, Folder 161962-1963[Projects], Enzymes and Coccidiosis Control, Pfizer Grant
Box 14, Folder 171975-1977[Projects], Heifer Project International
Box 14, Folder 181955-1962[Projects], Interregional Research, IRM-1, Agricultural Price Policy
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11952[Projects], Investigation of Megasul in the control of internal coccidiosis in growing birds and their subsequent performance in laying houses
Box 15, Folder 21951[Projects], Lederle- the effect of low level chemotherapeutic drugs in the control of coccidiosis in growing birds and their performance in laying houses
Box 15, Folder 31957-1959[Projects], NE-33 Trust Fund
Box 15, Folder 41958[Projects], New England Forage Disease Project
Box 15, Folder 51962[Projects], NEC-1, Bird depredation project
Box 15, Folder 61959-1960[Projects], New Hampshire Projects dealing with forage production and utilization
Box 15, Folder 71959-1960[Projects], New Hampshire projects dealing with forestry
Box 15, Folder 81959-1960[Projects], New Hampshire projects dealing with horticultural crops
Box 15, Folder 91959-1960[Projects], New Hampshire projects not included on industry lists
Box 15, Folder 101959-1960[Projects], New Hampshire projects dealing with the poultry industry
Box 15, Folder 111965[Projects], Nutrition Program, 1965
Box 15, Folder 121961-1962[Projects], Progress Reports
Box 15, Folder 131964[Projects], Progress Reports, Dec. 1964
Box 15, Folder 141965[Projects], Progress Reports
Box 15, Folder 151937-1958[Projects], Proposed Projects- Poultry Husbandry
Box 15, Folder 161963-1965[Projects], Regional Project, CRF-1
Box 15, Folder 171963[Projects], Research on nutrition of Chimpanzees
Box 15, Folder 181950-1952[Projects], Rules for resident Students at Greenhouse
Box 15, Folder 191965[Projects], Seacoast Research Project
Box 15, Folder 201977[Projects], Sludge Composting Program
Box 15, Folder 211964-1966[Projects], Soil Conservation
Box 15, Folder 221957[Projects], Soil Conservation Service(SCS), Baboosic Brook Project
Box 15, Folder 231956[Projects], SCS, Bearcamp river Project
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11964-1965[Projects], SCS (Soil Conservation Service), District Meetings, reports etc.
Box 16, Folder 21955-1957[Projects], SCS-Keene Project- Ash Swamp-Chesire Co.-Ashuelot Shed.
Box 16, Folder 31959[Projects], SCS, Lost Nation Project
Box 16, Folder 41956[Projects], SCS, Otto, Garland and Indian Brooks Project
Box 16, Folder 51974-1975[Projects], SCS, "Review of INER Soils Program"
Box 16, Folder 61954-1957[Projects], SCS Water Resources
Box 16, Folder 71950[Projects], Special Project 1- The effect of hatchability of washing eggs by various methods
Box 16, Folder 81951[Projects], Special Project 2A, Comparison of Various Breeds and Crosses for Broiler Production
Box 16, Folder 91952-1953 [Projects], Special Farm Project 3, Intensity of artificial illumination and its effects upon production in meat type in New Hampshire
Box 16, Folder 101957[Projects], Special Project no.55-4, Inheritance of the wild type down pattern in the day old chick
Box 16, Folder 111976[Projects], Special Projects and Gifts- January
Box 16, Folder 121956[Projects], Special Farm Project 55-6 An economic study of the feeding of aureomycin at various levels
Box 16, Folder 131956[Projects], Special Farm Project 55-7, A study of the effects of de-beaking day old broiler chicks
Box 16, Folder 141958[Projects], Special Project 57-8, Feeder Space Requirements of Young Chickens
Box 16, Folder 151954-1957[Projects], Special Project, Abnormal (bulging) eye in New Hampshire
Box 16, Folder 161954[Projects], Special Project, Breed and Strain differences in shank pigmentation in growing chickens
Box 16, Folder 171957[Projects], Special Project, The effect of severe de-beaking at one day of age on adrenal, spleen and bursa of fabricius glad weights of chickens
Box 16, Folder 181961-1963[Projects], Special Projects- Fish Nutrition Projects-(in cooperation with N.H. Fish and game Departments)
Box 16, Folder 191954[Projects], Special Project- growth and Feed Standards of turkeys
Box 16, Folder 201954[Projects], Special Project- A Study in immunity stimulated against Newcastle disease by spraying the blacksburg strain newcastle virus under field conditions
Box 16, Folder 211956[Projects], Special Projects, A study of the causative agent of synovitis and their control
Box 16, Folder 221956[Projects], Special Project, USDA Copper Requirement Project
Box 16, Folder 231953[Projects], Special Project 2, Comparison of various breeds and crosses for broiler production
Box 16, Folder 241951-1952[Projects], Special farm Project- growth and feed standards for new Hampshire
Box 16, Folder 251950-1951[Projects], Farm Project 5, The effect of light and feed on sexual maturity of fall hatched pullets
Box 16, Folder 261956[Projects], Special Farm Project 7, The effect of day length in rates of growth, feed conversion and market quality of June hatched turkeys
Box 16, Folder 271974Review of Biochemistry Department, Jan.29-31,
Box 16, Folder 281927Spray conference with members of staff, suggested outline by Professor O'Kane
Box 16, Folder 291973Special Academic Priorities Advisory Committee, College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
Box 16, Folder 301962-1967State Soil conservation Committee, fldr 1 of 3
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11962-1967State Soil Conservation Committee, fldr. 2 of 3.
Box 17, Folder 21962-1967State Soil Conservation Committee, fldr.3 of 3.
Box 17, Folder 31956 Supervisors manual, Conservation District of New Hampshire
Box 17, Folder 41977Summer Session and DCE
Box 17, Folder 51951-1954A Survey of Water Legislation in the State of New Hampshire
Box 17, Folder 61953A Survey of Water Legislation in New Hampshire, supplementary I
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11972-1974Thompson School, Dr. Lewis Roberts, Jr.
Box 18, Folder 2Review of Animal Science, Biochemistry, Entomology, January 29-31, 1974
Box 18, Folder 31958U.S. Pasture Research Laboratory
Box 18, Folder 41968-1969 University Fees and Charges.
Box 18, Folder 51988Committee for an Equitable Educational Climate


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