Edward D. Eddy, Jr. Files, 1949-1960

Collection number: UA 2/2/3
Size: 6 boxes (2.00 cu.ft.)

About Edward D. Eddy, Jr. (1921-1998)

Edward D. Eddy served in several different positions at the University of New Hampshire. From 1949-1954, he was the Assistant to the President. In 1952, he also took on duties as Director of University Development until 1955. For the academic year 1954-1955, while the University searched for a new President, he filled in as Administrative Officer. In 1955, he was promoted to Vice President and Provost, a position he held until 1960. He was also an instructor of English at various times during these years.

About the Edward D. Eddy, Jr. Files (1949-1957)

This collection contains those papers of Edward D. Eddy covering the years 1949-1957, and include those records that pertain to the four positions he held at the University: Assistant to the President; Director of University Development; Vice President and Provost, and English Instructor. His files have been divided into three series according to the three major positions that Eddy held at the University.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Edward D. Eddy, Jr. Files, 1949-1960, UA 2/2/3, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Arrangement

This collection has been organized into three series: Series I: Assistant to the President; Series II: Director of University Development; and Series III: Vice President and Provost.

Collection Contents

Series I: Assistant to the President

(2 boxes)
Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11949-1950Daughters of American Revolution
Box 1, Folder 21949-1950Land-Grant Association Expense Account
Box 1, Folder 31949-1950Memos to A.S. Adams
Box 1, Folder 41950-1951Dean's Conference Minutes
Box 1, Folder 51950-1951On-Campus Training Committee
Box 1, Folder 61950-1951Rolling Ridge Conference on Campus Affairs
Box 1, Folder 71950-1951Rolling Ridge Conference on Campus Affairs
Box 1, Folder 81950-1951Rolling Ridge Conference on Campus Affairs
Box 1, Folder 91950-1951Rolling Ridge Conference on Campus Affairs
Box 1, Folder 101951-1952American College Public Relations Association
Box 1, Folder 111951-1952Committee on Church and College
Box 1, Folder 121951-1952Dean's Conference Minutes
Box 1, Folder 131951-1952English I
Box 1, Folder 141951-1952Faculty Follies
Box 1, Folder 151951-1952Freshman Camp for 1952
Box 1, Folder 161951-1952Freshman Camp - Sept. 14-17, 1951; Camp Carpenter, Londonderry, NH
Box 1, Folder 171951-1952General Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 181951-1952International Farm Youth Exchange - E.D. Eddy Chairman
Box 1, Folder 191951-1952Land-Grant Association Expense Account
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11951-1952Rolling Ridge Conference
Box 2, Folder 21951-1952Rolling Ridge Conference - Oct. 21-22, 1951
Box 2, Folder 31951-1952Rolling Ridge for 1952
Box 2, Folder 41951-1952Sons of American Revolution
Box 2, Folder 51951-1952Students on Scholastic Probation and who have withdrawn from University
Box 2, Folder 61952-1953American College Public Relations Association
Box 2, Folder 71952-1953The Berry School
Box 2, Folder 81952-1953English I and II
Box 2, Folder 91952-1953English Material
Box 2, Folder 101952-1953General Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 111952-1953International Farm Youth Exchange
Box 2, Folder 121952-1953Rolling Ridge

Series II: Director of University Development

(8 boxes)
Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11951-1952Aaronsburg Story
Box 1, Folder 21951-1952DUD - Campus Bus Tours
Box 1, Folder 31951-1952DUD - Campus Development
Box 1, Folder 41951-1952DUD - Committee on School and University Relations
Box 1, Folder 51951-1952DUD - Friends of Library
Box 1, Folder 61951-1952DUD - Gift Letters
Box 1, Folder 71951-1952DUD - Marts and Lundy Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 81951-1952DUD - Marts and Lundy Survey Blanks
Box 1, Folder 91951-1952DUD - Marts and Lundy Survey Reports
Box 1, Folder 101951-1952DUD - Personal Contacts
Box 1, Folder 111951-1952DUD - Personnel
Box 1, Folder 121951-1952DUD - Projector (Slide)
Box 1, Folder 131951-1952DUD - Publications
Box 1, Folder 141951-1952DUD - Student Promotion
Box 1, Folder 151951-1952DUD - Survey
Box 1, Folder 161951-1952DUD - UNH Movies
Box 1, Folder 171952-1953Director of University Development
Box 1, Folder 181952-1953DUD - Addresses and Titles
Box 1, Folder 191952-1953DUD - Budget
Box 1, Folder 201952-1953DUD - Campus Bus Tours
Box 1, Folder 211952-1953DUD - Capital Funds Campaign
Box 1, Folder 221952-1953DUD - Capital Funds Campaign Director
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11952-1953Comments on "to enrich their lives"
Box 2, Folder 21952-1953DUD - Committees, Friends of the Library
Box 2, Folder 31952-1953DUD - Committees, School and University Relations
Box 2, Folder 41952-1953DUD - High School University Day Committee
Box 2, Folder 51952-1953DUD - High School University Day, Student Promotion
Box 2, Folder 61952-1953DUD - Letter from Durham
Box 2, Folder 71952-1953DUD - McBee House Lists
Box 2, Folder 81952-1953DUD - Marts and Lundy, Inc. Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 91952-1953DUD - Marts and Lundy, Inc. Survey Reports
Box 2, Folder 101952-1953DUD - News Bureau Clippings
Box 2, Folder 111952-1953DUD - News Letters
Box 2, Folder 121952-1953DUD - Opportunity Leaflets
Box 2, Folder 131952-1953DUD - Personal Contacts
Box 2, Folder 141952-1953DUD - Personnel
Box 2, Folder 151952-1953DUD - Projector (Slide)
Box 2, Folder 161952-1953DUD - Regional Theater Workshop
Box 2, Folder 171952-1953DUD - Requisitions OUD (Bookkeeping Sheets)
Box 2, Folder 181952-1953DUD - University Movie
Box 2, Folder 191952-1957DUD - University Projects and Suggestions
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11953-1954Aaronsburg Story
Box 3, Folder 21953-1954American College Public Relations Association
Box 3, Folder 31953-1954Budget
Box 3, Folder 41953-1954Budget
Box 3, Folder 51953-1954Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 61953-1954Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 71953-1954Evaluations
Box 3, Folder 81953-1954Faculty Evaluations
Box 3, Folder 91953-1954Film Series
Box 3, Folder 101953-1954Film Series
Box 3, Folder 111953-1954Freedom of Speech, Info. sent by H.J. Moss
Box 3, Folder 121953-1954Freshman Camp
Box 3, Folder 131953"Records of the 1953 Freshman Camp"
Box 3, Folder 141953"Master List of Organization at Camp Fatima"
Box 3, Folder 151953Freshman Camp
Box 3, Folder 161953-1954Freshman Camp
Box 3, Folder 171953-1954Freshman Camp (Area and Committee Reports)
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11953-1954Freshman Convocation
Box 4, Folder 21953-1954High School/University Day
Box 4, Folder 31953-1954Letter from Durham
Box 4, Folder 41953-1954Memorial Name Listing
Box 4, Folder 51953-1954News Bureau
Box 4, Folder 61953-1954Director of University Development
Box 4, Folder 71953-1954Newsletters
Box 4, Folder 81953-1954Opportunity Leaflets
Box 4, Folder 91953-1954Personnel
Box 4, Folder 101953-1954Projector (Slide)
Box 4, Folder 111953-1954Projects (suggested)
Box 4, Folder 121953-1954Rolling Ridge Conference
Box 4, Folder 131953-1954Rolling Ridge Conference
Box 4, Folder 141953-1954Rolling Ridge Conference
Box 4, Folder 151953-1954School and University Relations Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 161953-1954State University Budget Relations
Box 4, Folder 171953-1954Television
Box 4, Folder 181953-1954University Movie
Box 4, Folder 191953-1954University Promotion
Box 4, Folder 201953-1954W. Colston Leigh, Inc.
Box 4, Folder 211954-1955Congratulatory Letters
Box 4, Folder 221954-1955Letter from Durham
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11954-1957Freshman Camp
Box 5, Folder 21954-1955Rolling Ridge Conference
Box 5, Folder 31954-1955American College Public Relations Association
Box 5, Folder 41954-1955Projector
Box 5, Folder 51954-1955Projects (suggested)
Box 5, Folder 61954-1955School and University Relations Committee
Box 5, Folder 71954-1955University Development
Box 5, Folder 81954-1955University Development
Box 5, Folder 91954-1955Correspondence
Box 5, Folder 101955-1956Correspondence: "A"
Box 5, Folder 111955-1956ACPRA
Box 5, Folder 121955-1956ALGCU
Box 5, Folder 131955-1956ALGCU Circulars
Box 5, Folder 141955-1956"B"
Box 5, Folder 151955-1956Blewett, Dean Edward Y.
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11955-1956DUD Budget
Box 6, Folder 21955-1956"C"
Box 6, Folder 3undatedChronology (July 1, 1955-December 31, 1955)
Box 6, Folder 4undatedChronology (January 1956-June 1956)
Box 6, Folder 51955-1956Clippings
Box 6, Folder 61955-1956Committees
Box 6, Folder 71955-1956President's Committee on Education Beyond H.S.
Box 6, Folder 81955-1956Council for Financial Aid to Education
Box 6, Folder 91955-1956Cooperative Extension
Box 6, Folder 101955-1956"D"
Box 6, Folder 111955-1956Danforth Fellowship
Box 6, Folder 121955-1956Deans Conference
Box 6, Folder 131955-1956Director of University Development
Box 6, Folder 141955-1956Donovan, Dean Edward T.
Box 6, Folder 151955-1956"E"
Box 6, Folder 161955-1956Educational Television
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11955-1956Exhibits (suggested)-DUD
Box 7, Folder 21955-1956"F"
Box 7, Folder 31955-1956Faculty (general)
Box 7, Folder 41955-1956Faculty Meetings
Box 7, Folder 51955-1956Freshman Camp
Box 7, Folder 61955Freshman Camp
Box 7, Folder 71955Freshman Camp: Reports-Workbooks
Box 7, Folder 81955-1959Freshman Camp: Workbooks
Box 7, Folder 91955-1956Freshman Week Activities
Box 7, Folder 101955-1956"G"
Box 7, Folder 111955-1956Grinnell, Dean Harold C.
Box 7, Folder 121955-1956"H"
Box 7, Folder 131955-1956"I"
Box 7, Folder 141955-1956"J"
Box 7, Folder 151955-1956"K"
Box 7, Folder 161955-1956"L"
Box 7, Folder 171955-1956Library
Box 7, Folder 181955-1956"M"
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11955-1956Miscellaneous
Box 8, Folder 21955-1956Memorial Union Finance
Box 8, Folder 31955-1956Memorial Union General
Box 8, Folder 41955-1956Memorandum
Box 8, Folder 51955-1956"N"
Box 8, Folder 61955-1956News Releases
Box 8, Folder 71955-1956News Releases
Box 8, Folder 81954NHEA Centennial
Box 8, Folder 91955-1956"O"
Box 8, Folder 101955-1956"P"
Box 8, Folder 111955-1956Photo Service
Box 8, Folder 121955-1956Questionnaires
Box 8, Folder 131955-1956"R"
Box 8, Folder 141955-1956"S"
Box 8, Folder 151955-1956Sackett, Dean Everett B.
Box 8, Folder 161955-1956Senate
Box 8, Folder 171955-1956Summer Session
Box 8, Folder 181955-1956Superintendent of Properties
Box 8, Folder 191955-1956"T"
Box 8, Folder 201955-1956Trustees
Box 8, Folder 211955-1956Trusts
Box 8, Folder 221955-1956University Extension
Box 8, Folder 231955-1956"V"
Box 8, Folder 241955-1956"W"
Box 8, Folder 251955-1956Weekly Records
Box 8, Folder 261955-1956"XYZ"

Series III: Vice President and Provost

(5 boxes)
Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11956-1957Admissions
Box 1, Folder 21956-1957Advisory Committee for Educational Advertising- Council for Financial Aid to Education
Box 1, Folder 31956-1957American Council on Education
Box 1, Folder 41956-1957American Colleges Public Relations Association
Box 1, Folder 51956-1957Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities
Box 1, Folder 61956-1957Budget
Box 1, Folder 71956-1957Budget: University Development
Box 1, Folder 81956-1957Buildings
Box 1, Folder 91956-1957Care Drive
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11956-1957Clippings
Box 2, Folder 21956-1957Commencement
Box 2, Folder 31956-1957Commission on Student Personnel
Box 2, Folder 41956-1957Commission on Student Personnel
Box 2, Folder 51956-1957Committee for College Teachers Conference
Box 2, Folder 61956-1957Committee on Education beyond the High School
Box 2, Folder 71956-1957Committee on Education beyond the High School
Box 2, Folder 81956-1957Committee on Education beyond the High School
Box 2, Folder 91956-1957Committee on Education beyond the High School
Box 2, Folder 101956-1957Committees General
Box 2, Folder 111956-1957Continuing Education Center
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11956-1957Cornell Alumni
Box 3, Folder 21956-1957Correspondence from President Johnson
Box 3, Folder 31956-1957Counseling Service
Box 3, Folder 41956-1957Division of Student Personnel
Box 3, Folder 51956-1957Education General
Box 3, Folder 61956-1957Freshman Camp
Box 3, Folder 71956-19571957 Freshman Camp: Policy Board
Box 3, Folder 81956-1957Freshman Camp: Printed Material
Box 3, Folder 91956-1957Letters of Congratulation and Welcome
Box 3, Folder 101956-1957News Bureau
Box 3, Folder 111956-1957Personnel
Box 3, Folder 121956-1957Public Relations
Box 3, Folder 131956-1957Questionnaires
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11956-1957Recommendations
Box 4, Folder 21956-1957Religious Study Committee
Box 4, Folder 31956-1957Requests for Information
Box 4, Folder 41956-1957Scholarships and Exchanges
Box 4, Folder 51956-1957Senior Skulls
Box 4, Folder 61956-1957Survey Project Committee
Box 4, Folder 71956-1957University Development, Candidates for Director
Box 4, Folder 81956-1957University Development, Candidates for Director
Box 4, Folder 91956-1957University Development Council and Joint Alumni Study
Box 4, Folder 101956-1957University Development, Requisitions
Box 4, Folder 111956-1957University Extension and Summer Session
Box 4, Folder 121956-1957Wildcat Roundtable
Box 4, Folder 131956-1957Yale Club of New Hampshire
Box 4, Folder 141956-1957Chronological File, July 1956 - November 1956
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11956-1957Chronological File, November 1956 - March 1957
Box 5, Folder 21956-1957Chronological File March 1957 - July 1957
Box 5, Folder 31957Freshman Camp: Registration Lists
Box 5, Folder 41957Freshman Camp: Letters
Box 5, Folder 51960June 18 - E. Eddy remarks at Alumni Luncheon "In Retrospect and Prospect"