Harry R. Carroll Files, 1952-1956

Collection number: UA 2/2/1
Size: 5 boxes (1.66 cu.ft.)

About Harry R. Carroll

Harry R. Carroll served as the Administrative Assistant for the Office of the President of the University of New Hampshire from 1952-1956. During this time he served under three university presidents: Robert F. Chandler, Edward D. Eddy (interim), and Eldon L. Johnson.

About the Harry R. Carroll Files

This series contains the files of Harry R. Carroll from his time as Administrative Assistant. They pertain to a variety of subjects on the UNH campus and administration.

Administrative Information

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is held by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Harry R. Carroll Files, 1952-1956, UA 2/2/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Arrangement


Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11952-1953"A"
Box 1, Folder 21952-1953Budgets
Box 1, Folder 31952-1953Committees
Box 1, Folder 41952-1953Committees-American Museum of Atomic Energy
Box 1, Folder 51952-1953Committees-Faculty Council
Box 1, Folder 61952-1953Committees-Farm and Home Days
Box 1, Folder 71952-1953Committees-High School/University Day
Box 1, Folder 81952-1953Committees-Lectures and Concerts (sponsorship)
Box 1, Folder 91952-1953Committees-School and University Relations
Box 1, Folder 101952-1953Committees-Three Day Convocation
Box 1, Folder 111952-1953Conferences
Box 1, Folder 121952-1953"D"
Box 1, Folder 131952-1953Dad's Day
Box 1, Folder 141952-1953Dedication
Box 1, Folder 151952-1953"F"
Box 1, Folder 161952-1953Faculty and Staff listings
Box 1, Folder 171952-1953"H"
Box 1, Folder 181952-1953"M"
Box 1, Folder 191952-1953"N"
Box 1, Folder 201952-1953Room Schedules
Box 1, Folder 211952-1953Senate
Box 1, Folder 221952-1953Staff Directories
Box 1, Folder 231952-1953Student Organizations
Box 1, Folder 241952-1953"U"
Box 1, Folder 251952-1953University Development
Box 1, Folder 261952-1953University T.V. Committee
Box 1, Folder 271953-1954Weekly Letter
Box 1, Folder 281953-1954"A"
Box 1, Folder 291953-1954"B"
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11953-1954Ben Thompson Day
Box 2, Folder 21953-1954Budgets
Box 2, Folder 31953-1954Commencement Arrangements
Box 2, Folder 41953-1954Commencement
Box 2, Folder 51953-1954Committees-Education Television
Box 2, Folder 61953-1954Committees-High School/University Day
Box 2, Folder 71953-1954Committees-High School/University Day
Box 2, Folder 81953-1954Committees-Lectures and Concerts (sponsorship)
Box 2, Folder 91953-1954Committees-Lectures and Concerts (speakers)
Box 2, Folder 101953-1954Committees-Lectures and Concerts (committee meetings)
Box 2, Folder 111953-1954Committees-Lectures and Concerts (Blue and White Series)
Box 2, Folder 121953-1954CORICL (Conference on Religion in College Life)
Box 2, Folder 131953-1954Committees-School and University Relations
Box 2, Folder 141953-1954"F"
Box 2, Folder 151953-1954General Faculty Meeting
Box 2, Folder 161953-1954Faculty and Staff
Box 2, Folder 171953-1954Farm and Home Days
Box 2, Folder 181953-1954"G"
Box 2, Folder 191953-1954"H"
Box 2, Folder 201953-1954UNH Honors Convocation - Program Material
Box 2, Folder 211953-1954"I"
Box 2, Folder 221953-1954"M"
Box 2, Folder 231953-1954"O"
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11953-1954"P"
Box 3, Folder 21953-1954Pops File
Box 3, Folder 31953-1954"R"
Box 3, Folder 41953-1954Room Scheduling
Box 3, Folder 51953-1954Room Scheduling
Box 3, Folder 61953-1954"S"
Box 3, Folder 71953-1954Senate
Box 3, Folder 81953-1954Staff Directory
Box 3, Folder 91953-1954Student Administration
Box 3, Folder 101953-1954University Development
Box 3, Folder 111953-1954Weekly Letters
Box 3, Folder 121954-1955"A"
Box 3, Folder 131954-1956Activities
Box 3, Folder 141954-1955"B"
Box 3, Folder 151954-1955"C"
Box 3, Folder 161954-1955Carillon
Box 3, Folder 171954-1955Conferences
Box 3, Folder 181954-1955"D"
Box 3, Folder 191954-1955"E"
Box 3, Folder 201954-1955Educational Television
Box 3, Folder 211954-1955"F"
Box 3, Folder 221954-1955General Faculty Meetings
Box 3, Folder 231954-1955General Faculty Meetings
Box 3, Folder 241954-1955Farm and Home Days
Box 3, Folder 251954-1955Film Society
Box 3, Folder 261954-1955"G"
Box 3, Folder 271954-1955"H"
Box 3, Folder 281954-1955"I"
Box 3, Folder 291954-1955"J"
Box 3, Folder 301954-1955"K"
Box 3, Folder 311954-1955"L"
Box 3, Folder 321954-1955"Library"
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11954-1955"M"
Box 4, Folder 21954-1955McLaughlin Hall Dedication
Box 4, Folder 31954-1955"N"
Box 4, Folder 41954-1955"O"
Box 4, Folder 51954-1955"P"
Box 4, Folder 61954-1955Program Material
Box 4, Folder 71954-1955"R"
Box 4, Folder 81954-1955Requisitions
Box 4, Folder 91954-1955Requisitions (Travel)
Box 4, Folder 101954-1955Rolling Ridge
Box 4, Folder 111954-1955"S"
Box 4, Folder 121954-1955Senate - Minutes
Box 4, Folder 131954-1955Skating Rink Dedication
Box 4, Folder 141954-1955Student Activities
Box 4, Folder 151954-1955"T"
Box 4, Folder 161954-1955Trustees
Box 4, Folder 171954-1955"U"
Box 4, Folder 181954-1955Unknown Filing
Box 4, Folder 191954-1955University Development
Box 4, Folder 201954-1955"V"
Box 4, Folder 211954-1955"W"
Box 4, Folder 221955-1956"B" Miscellaneous
Box 4, Folder 231955-1956"C" Miscellaneous
Box 4, Folder 241955-1956Campus Calendar
Box 4, Folder 251955-1956Carillon
Box 4, Folder 261955-1956Commencement (Printed and Mimeo Material)
Box 4, Folder 271955-1956Committees
Box 4, Folder 281955-1956Conferences
Box 4, Folder 291955-1956"D" Miscellaneous
Box 4, Folder 301955-1956Dad's Day
Box 4, Folder 311955-1956Deans Conference
Box 4, Folder 321955-1956"E" Miscellaneous
Box 4, Folder 331955-1956Educational Television
Box 4, Folder 341955-1956"F" Miscellaneous
Box 4, Folder 351955-1956Faculty Meetings
Box 4, Folder 361955-1956"G" Miscellaneous
Box 4, Folder 371955-1956Governor Dwinnell presents "This is Your University of New Hampshire" Draft
Box 4, Folder 381955-1956Ground Breaking Ceremony Memorial Union
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11955-1956"H" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 21955-1956Inauguration
Box 5, Folder 31955-1956Inventory
Box 5, Folder 41955-1956"J" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 51955-1956Johnson Installation - June 10, 1956
Box 5, Folder 61955-1956"K" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 71955-1956"L" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 81955-1956"M" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 91955-1956Magrath Testimonial
Box 5, Folder 101955-1956Marshall, John - Commemoration
Box 5, Folder 111955-1956Marshall, John - Celebration Material
Box 5, Folder 121955-1956Mayoralty
Box 5, Folder 131955-1956Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 141955-1956Mother's Day
Box 5, Folder 151955-1956Mother's Day
Box 5, Folder 161955-1956"N" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 171955-1956News Releases
Box 5, Folder 181955-1956"O" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 191955-1956"P" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 201955-1956President's Tea - Invitational List
Box 5, Folder 211955-1956President's Reception and Tea
Box 5, Folder 221955-1956Questionnaires
Box 5, Folder 231955-1956"R" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 241955-1956Requisitions - Secretary
Box 5, Folder 251955-1956Requisitions - Special Events
Box 5, Folder 261955-1956Requisitions - Travel
Box 5, Folder 271955-1956Reservations
Box 5, Folder 281955-1956Rolling Ridge Conference
Box 5, Folder 291955-1956"S" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 301955-1956Senate Minutes
Box 5, Folder 311955-1956Senate Committees
Box 5, Folder 321955-1956Student Organizations
Box 5, Folder 331955-1956"T" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 341955-1956Trustees
Box 5, Folder 351955-1956"U" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 361955-1956"V" Miscellaneous
Box 5, Folder 371955-1956"W" Miscellaneous