Office of the Registrar Files, 1916-1980

Collection number: UA 3/2/1
Size: 18 boxes (5.73 cu.ft.)

About the Office of the Registrar

The University of New Hampshire was originally founded in Hanover, NH in 1866 as the New Hampshire College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts. The College moved to Durham, NH in 1893 and became the University of New Hampshire in 1923. Through all these changes, the Registrar's Office was and remains responsible for the registration and academic record keeping for all students at the University. The Registrar's Office processes all requests for registration and records changes. The office maintains students' permanent records, and produces student schedules, data audits, and grade reports. As suggested in the folder listing, it is also responsible for gathering demographic and statistical data on the students of the University.

About the Office of the Registrar Files

This series contains information compiled by the Office of the Registrar concerning the enrollment and demographics of the University of New Hampshire. Included are annual reports, studies, enrollment surveys and statistics, and overall school and fraternity grade point averages.

These files were transfered from the Office of Institutional Research on September 22, 1986.

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Office of the Registrar Files, 1901-1980, UA 3/2/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library from the office of Institutional Research on September 22, 1986.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged in its original order.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11912-1927Various Committee Meetings
Box 1, Folder 21914-1915Schedule Committee
Box 1, Folder 31914-1915Entrance Committee
Box 1, Folder 41914Advisory Committee
Box 1, Folder 51914-1915Agricultural Committee
Box 1, Folder 61914-1915Arts and Science Committee
Box 1, Folder 71914-1915Athletic Committee
Box 1, Folder 81914-1915Student Organization Committee
Box 1, Folder 91914-1915Engineering Division Committee
Box 1, Folder 101916Reg-Annual Report
Box 1, Folder 111916-1918Office of Registrar Stats
Box 1, Folder 121917Registrar - Annual Report
Box 1, Folder 131918War Department - Training Detachment National Army
Box 1, Folder 141918-1919Office of Registrar Stats
Box 1, Folder 15January-March 1919War Department- Committee on Education and Special Training
Box 1, Folder 16April-August 1919War Department- Committee on Education and Special Training
Box 1, Folder 171919-1920UNH Budget
Box 1, Folder 181919-1920Enrollment Statistics
Box 1, Folder 191919-1923Registrar's Report (War Material)
Box 1, Folder 201919-1920Registrar-Annual Report
Box 1, Folder 211919-1920Office of the Registrar Stats
Box 1, Folder 221920Registration Procedures
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11920-1921Miscellaneous Files
Box 2, Folder 21920-1929Registrar's Studies
Box 2, Folder 31920-1929Registrar's Studies
Box 2, Folder 41920-1929Registrar's Studies (Dropped from College)
Box 2, Folder 51920-1929Registrar's Studies
Box 2, Folder 61921-1922Office of the Registrar
Box 2, Folder 71922Registrar-Annual Report
Box 2, Folder 81922-1927OVH Files
Box 2, Folder 91922-1923Office of the Registrar Statistics
Box 2, Folder 101922-1923Residence of Students Registered
Box 2, Folder 111923-1924Office of the Registrar
Box 2, Folder 121923-1924Residence of Students
Box 2, Folder 131923-1924NH Preparatory School of Freshmen
Box 2, Folder 141923-1929Registrar's Report (War Material)
Box 2, Folder 151924-1925Registrar-Annual Report
Box 2, Folder 161924-1925Office of Registrar Statistics
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11924-1925Residence of Students
Box 3, Folder 21925Enrollment Statistics of Land-Grant Institutions
Box 3, Folder 31925-1926Office of the Registrar
Box 3, Folder 41925-1926Residence of Students
Box 3, Folder 51925-1926Fraternity Averages
Box 3, Folder 61926-1927Office of Registrar, Statistics
Box 3, Folder 71926-1927Residence of Students
Box 3, Folder 81926-1927Fraternity Averages
Box 3, Folder 91927Office of the Registrar "Freshman Mortality"
Box 3, Folder 101927-1928Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 3, Folder 111927-1928Residence of Students
Box 3, Folder 121927-1928Fraternity Averages
Box 3, Folder 131928-1929Office of the Registrar, Stats
Box 3, Folder 141928-1929Fraternity Averages
Box 3, Folder 151929-1930Registrar-Annual Report
Box 3, Folder 161929-1930Office of the Registrar, Stats
Box 3, Folder 171929-1930Fraternity Averages
Box 3, Folder 181929-1930Residence of Students
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11930-1931Office of the Registrar, Stats
Box 4, Folder 21930-1931Fraternity Averages
Box 4, Folder 31930-1931Registrar-Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 41930-1931Residence of Students
Box 4, Folder 51931-1932Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 4, Folder 61931-1932Registrar-Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 71931-1932Residence of Students
Box 4, Folder 81931-1932Fraternity Averages
Box 4, Folder 91931-1932Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 4, Folder 101931-1933Freshmen by High School- Maine, Massachusetts
Box 4, Folder 111931-1933Freshmen by High School- Vt. and Other States
Box 4, Folder 121931-1933Summer School
Box 4, Folder 131932-1933Registrar-Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 141932-1933Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 4, Folder 151932-1933Residence of Students
Box 4, Folder 161932-1933Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 4, Folder 171932-1934Fraternity Averages
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11932-1933Houses Fraternities have occupied
Box 5, Folder 21933-1934Registrar-Annual Report
Box 5, Folder 31933-1934Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 5, Folder 41933-1934Freshmen Admitted
Box 5, Folder 51933-1934Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 5, Folder 61933-1934Freshmen by High School- Maine, Mass., Vt.
Box 5, Folder 71933-1934Freshmen by High School- Other States
Box 5, Folder 81934Summer School
Box 5, Folder 91934-1935Registrar-Annual Report
Box 5, Folder 101934-1935Office of the Registrar's Statistics
Box 5, Folder 111934-1935Freshmen Admitted
Box 5, Folder 121934-1935Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 5, Folder 131934-1935Freshmen by High School- Maine, Mass.
Box 5, Folder 141934-1935Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 5, Folder 151935Alumni Veteran
Box 5, Folder 161935-1936Registrar-Annual Report
Box 5, Folder 171935-1936Office of the Registrar. Freshmen Class Examination Schedule
Box 5, Folder 181935-1936Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11935-1936Freshmen Admitted
Box 6, Folder 21935-1936Fraternity Averages
Box 6, Folder 31935-1936Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 6, Folder 41935-1936Freshmen by High School- Canada, Me., Mass.
Box 6, Folder 51935-1936Freshmen by High School- Vt. and Other States
Box 6, Folder 61936Secondary School Graduates
Box 6, Folder 71936Summer School
Box 6, Folder 81936-1937Registrar's Annual Report
Box 6, Folder 91936-1937Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 6, Folder 101936-1937Residence of Students
Box 6, Folder 111936-1937Freshmen Admitted
Box 6, Folder 121936-1937Fraternity Averages
Box 6, Folder 131936-1937Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 6, Folder 141936-1937Freshmen by High School- Me., Conn.
Box 6, Folder 151936-1937Freshmen by High School- Mass.
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11936-1937Freshmen by High School-Other States
Box 7, Folder 21937Summer School
Box 7, Folder 31937-1938Registrar's Annual Report
Box 7, Folder 41937-1938Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 7, Folder 51937-1938Fraternity Averages
Box 7, Folder 61937-1938Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 7, Folder 71937-1938Freshmen by High School- Mass.
Box 7, Folder 81937-1938Freshmen by High School- Me. and other
Box 7, Folder 91937-1938Study of University English Grade
Box 7, Folder 101938-1939Study of Freshman Success
Box 7, Folder 111938Summer School
Box 7, Folder 121938-1939Time and Room Schedule
Box 7, Folder 131938-1939Registrar's Annual Report
Box 7, Folder 141938-1939Office of the Registrar, Statistics
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11938-1939Fraternity Averages
Box 8, Folder 21938-1939Class Averages
Box 8, Folder 31938-1939Enrollment Statistics
Box 8, Folder 41938-1939Freshmen Admitted
Box 8, Folder 51938-1939Freshmen Admitted by High School-NH
Box 8, Folder 61938-1939Freshmen by High School- Other States C-M
Box 8, Folder 71938-1939Freshmen by High School-Other States, N-V
Box 8, Folder 81939Summer School
Box 8, Folder 91939Clubs and Organizations
Box 8, Folder 101939Bartlett Prize Funds
Box 8, Folder 111939-1940Registrar's Report
Box 8, Folder 121939-1940Enrollment Stats.
Box 8, Folder 131939-1940Fraternity Averages
Box 8, Folder 141939-1940Freshmen Admitted
Box 8, Folder 151939-1940Freshmen by High School (NH)
Box 8, Folder 161939-1940Freshmen by High School- Other States C-M
Box 8, Folder 171939-1940Freshmen by High School- Other States N-V
Box 8, Folder 181940Summer School
Box 8, Folder 191940-1941Registrar Annual Report
Box 8, Folder 201940-1941Registrar's Studies
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11940-1941Fraternity Averages
Box 9, Folder 21940-1941Freshmen Admitted
Box 9, Folder 31940-1941Enrollment Statistics
Box 9, Folder 41940-1941Freshmen by High School
Box 9, Folder 51940-1941Freshmen by High School-Other States C-M
Box 9, Folder 61940-1941Freshmen by High School, States N-V
Box 9, Folder 71940-1945Fratenity Averages
Box 9, Folder 81941-1942Registrar's Annual Report
Box 9, Folder 91941Summer School
Box 9, Folder 101941-1942Enrollment and Statistics
Box 9, Folder 111941-1942Registrar's Studies
Box 9, Folder 121941-1942Freshmen by High School-NH
Box 9, Folder 131941-1942Freshmen by High School- Me., Mass.
Box 9, Folder 141941-1942Freshmen by High School-Other States
Box 9, Folder 151942Summer School
Box 9, Folder 161942-1943Registrar's Studies
Box 9, Folder 171942-1943Registrar's Annual Report
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 11942-1943Enrollment Statistics
Box 10, Folder 21942-1943Freshmen by High Schools-NH
Box 10, Folder 31942-1943Freshmen by High Schools-Me., Mass.
Box 10, Folder 41942-1943Freshmen by High School- Other States
Box 10, Folder 51943-1944Registrar's Annual Report
Box 10, Folder 61943War Training for Women/ Civil Service Jobs for Men and Women
Box 10, Folder 71943-1944Summer School
Box 10, Folder 81943-1944Registrar's Studies
Box 10, Folder 91943-1944Enrollment Statistics
Box 10, Folder 101943-1944Freshmen by High School-NH
Box 10, Folder 111943-1944Freshmen by High School-States C-M
Box 10, Folder 121943-1944Freshmen by high Schools-States N-V
Box 10, Folder 131943-1947Registrar's Office/Campus Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 141941-1944Registrar's Statistics
Box 10, Folder 15Army Academic Progress Report
Box 10, Folder 161944-1945Registar's Studies
Box 10, Folder 171944-1945Registrar's Statistics
Box 10, Folder 181944-1945Freshmen by High School-NH
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11944-1945Freshmen by High School-States C-M
Box 11, Folder 21944-1945Freshmen by High Schools-States N-V
Box 11, Folder 31938-1945Statistical Report
Box 11, Folder 41944-1945Annual Report-Registrars
Box 11, Folder 51945Summer School
Box 11, Folder 61945Income Percentage Data
Box 11, Folder 71945-1946Registrar's Studies
Box 11, Folder 81945-1946Enrollment Statistics
Box 11, Folder 91945-1949Veteran Enrollment
Box 11, Folder 101946-1950Group Averages
Box 11, Folder 111946Summer School
Box 11, Folder 121946-1947Enrollment Statistics
Box 11, Folder 131946-1947Registration Procedure-etc.
Box 11, Folder 141947Summer School
Box 11, Folder 151947-1948Enrollment Statistics
Box 11, Folder 161948Summer School
Box 11, Folder 171948-1949Enrollment Statistics
Box 11, Folder 181949Graduation Stats.
Box 11, Folder 191949Summer School
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11949-1950Enrollment Statistics
Box 12, Folder 21949-1950Letter Distribution Grade Report
Box 12, Folder 31950-1951Summer School
Box 12, Folder 41950-1951Enrollment Statistics
Box 12, Folder 51951-1960Group Averages
Box 12, Folder 61951-1952Enrollment Figures
Box 12, Folder 71951-1952Recorder's Report/Declared Majors, Geographical Distrubution and Occupation
Box 12, Folder 81951-1952Report on Entering Freshmen
Box 12, Folder 91952Summer School
Box 12, Folder 101952-1953Report on Entering Freshmen
Box 12, Folder 111952-1953Enrollment
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11953Transfer Students Study
Box 13, Folder 21953-1954Enrollment Figures
Box 13, Folder 31953-1954Letter Distrubution, Grade Report, Semester I and II
Box 13, Folder 41953Summer School
Box 13, Folder 51954Summer School
Box 13, Folder 61955Summer School Stats.
Box 13, Folder 71956Summer School Stats.
Box 13, Folder 81956-1957Enrollment Figures
Box 13, Folder 91957Summer School Stats.
Box 13, Folder 101957-1958Enrollment Figures
Box 13, Folder 111952-1957Fund Raising Survey Report
Box 13, Folder 121952-1958Veteran Enrollment
Box 13, Folder 131946-19481949-1952, Student Administration Studies
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11958Summer School Stats.
Box 14, Folder 21958-1959Enrollment Figures
Box 14, Folder 31952-1957Veteran's Attendance Records
Box 14, Folder 41947-1957Group Averages
Box 14, Folder 51959-1960Group Averages and Honor Roll
Box 14, Folder 61960-1964Academic Dismissal and Suspension List
Box 14, Folder 71961Committe on Scholastic Standing
Box 14, Folder 81961-1962Scholastic Warning list
Box 14, Folder 91961-1964Group Averages
Box 14, Folder 101962-1964List of Withdrawals
Box 14, Folder 111962-1964Note From the Registrar's Office
Box 14, Folder 121963-1974Statistics of Enrollment
Box 14, Folder 131965-1967Group Averages
Box 14, Folder 141966-1967International Students
Box 14, Folder 151967-1968NDEA Inst. Faculty
Box 14, Folder 161975-1980University Counts
Box 14, Folder 171977-1980Office of Registrar
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11868-1963UNH Data Book/Misc. Data and Table of Contents
Box 15, Folder 21866-1915UNH Data Book/Faculty
Box 15, Folder 31963-1967UNH Data Book/Junior Year Abroad
Box 15, Folder 41941-1972UNH Data Book/Enrollment by College, Class, Sex
Box 15, Folder 51958-1967UNH Data Book/N.E. Regional Students
Box 15, Folder 61942-1968UNH Data Book/Table I-Academic Year Registration
Box 15, Folder 71942-1972UNH Data Book/Table II-Semester I Enrollment
Box 15, Folder 81958-1971UNH Data Book/Table III-Residence Status, All Students; Table III-A-REsidence Status, Undergraduate
Box 15, Folder 91952-1972UNH Data Book/Table IV-Geographic Distribution of Enrollment
Box 15, Folder 101951-1971UNH Data Book/Table V-Enrollment by Counties
Box 15, Folder 111945-1966UNH Data Book/Table VI-Summer Session Enrollment
Box 15, Folder 121940-1967UNH Data Book/Table VII-Extension Enrollment
Box 15, Folder 131945-1960UNH Data Book/Table VIII-Veteran Enrollment
Box 15, Folder 141955-1967UNH Data Book/Table IX-Married Students
Box 15, Folder 151958-1967UNH Data Book/Table X-Admissions
Box 15, Folder 161952-1966UNH Data Book/Table XIII-Age Disrtibution
Box 15, Folder 171936-1937UNH Data Book/Table XIV-Grade Averages
Box 15, Folder 181940-1966UNH Data Book/Table XIV-Grade Averages
Box 15, Folder 191944-1967UNH Data Book/Table XV-Academic Honors
Box 15, Folder 201940-1967UNH Data Book/Table XVI-Academic Suspension
Box 15, Folder 211949-1964UNH Data Book/Table XVII-Undergrad.Students, Registered Year Shown, But Not Registered Next Year
Box 15, Folder 221957-1969UNH Data Book/Table XVIII-Withdrawals
Box 15, Folder 231957-1966UNH Data Book/Table XIX-Reason for Withdrawal
Box 15, Folder 241949-1950UNH Data Book/Degrees Earned by Freshmen
Box 15, Folder 251871-1964UNH Data Book/TableXXI-Degrees Granted
Box 15, Folder 261940-1971UNH Data Book/Table XXII-Degrees by Major
Box 15, Folder 271895-1971UNH Data Book/Table XXIII-Grad. Degrees and Two-Year Certificates
Box 15, Folder 281951-1967UNH Data Book/ Table XXIV-Changes of College
Box 15, Folder 291960-1965UNH Data Book/Table XXV-Declared Majors
Box 15, Folder 301940-1966UNH Data Book/Table XXVI-Student Health
Box 15, Folder 311952-1971UNH Data Book/Table XXVII-Housing
Box 15, Folder 321940-1966UNH Data Book/Table XXVIII-Fratenity/Sorority Membership
Box 15, Folder 331951-19521957-1958 UNH Data Book/Table XXIX-Occupation of Fathers Survey
Box 15, Folder 341868-1939Enrollment by Division (Chart)
Box 15, Folder 351881-1961Honorary Degrees
Box 15, Folder 36Enrollment Statistics
Box 15, Folder 371915-1940Registrar's Statistics
Box 15, Folder 381914-1940Fraternity Averages
Box 15, Folder 391914-1941Scholastic Average by Years
Box 15, Folder 401928-1938Registrar's Office Annual Letters
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11928-1946Old Administration Reports
Box 16, Folder 2192832,34, Entrance Committee Reports
Box 16, Folder 31931-1939High Schools A-C
Box 16, Folder 41931-1939High Schools D-H
Box 16, Folder 51931-1939High Schools J-M
Box 16, Folder 61935-1940I.Q. Ranking
Box 16, Folder 71939-1940US Office of Education Report
Box 16, Folder 81939-1945American Council on Education
Box 16, Folder 91939-1946Misc. Files
Box 16, Folder 101940-1958Misc. Statistical Studies
Box 16, Folder 111940-1973Scholastic Action
Box 16, Folder 121945-1980Registration Procedures
Box 16, Folder 131957-1975Withdrawal Statistics
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11959-1971Retention Study
Box 17, Folder 21959-1976Office of the Registrar
Box 17, Folder 31961-1967Notes From the Registrar
Box 17, Folder 4Dec. 1968University Senate
Box 17, Folder 51968-69Withdrawl Lists
Box 17, Folder 61965, 1966Summer Session
Box 17, Folder 71967Summer Session: School Nursing Workshop
Box 17, Folder 81959-1960Annual Report to date
Box 17, Folder 91945Averages: Computation of, under letter grading system
Box 17, Folder 10Aug. 1969Code Sheets
Box 17, Folder 111946-47Commuters-UNH
Box 17, Folder 121940-1970Credits and Units
Box 17, Folder 131965-1966Drop/Add Activity Prior to 1965-1966
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11962-1963Dual Degree Program
Box 18, Folder 21945-1959Enrollment estimates
Box 18, Folder 31937-1964Enrollment (older material)
Box 18, Folder 4June 5, 1962Enrolment figures: report of tally from spring counselling period
Box 18, Folder 51954-1966Enrollment figures: various counts (as by course, credits, etc.)
Box 18, Folder 61966-1967Enrollment: counts by course and section, Semester 1
Box 18, Folder 71966-1967Enrollment: counts for semester 2
Box 18, Folder 81966-1967Enrollment: geographic distribution, semester 1
Box 18, Folder 91965-1966Enrollment: course counts, semester 2
Box 18, Folder 101965-1966Enrollment: course counts - Fall (includes N.E. Land-gratn comparisons)
Box 18, Folder 111964-1965Enrollment: Course enrollment by resident and non-resident status- Sem. 2
Box 18, Folder 121964-1965Enrollment: Course Count by Section- Sem. 2
Box 18, Folder 131963-1964Enrollment: Course Count by Section- Sem. 2
Box 18, Folder 141963-1964Enrollment: By course, Sem. 1
Box 18, Folder 151962-1963Enrollment by course and section- Sem. 1
Box 18, Folder 161967-1968Enrollment counts: marital status, sem. 1
Box 18, Folder 171966-1967Enrollment: Credit-Hr. Distribution by college and class- Sem. 1
Box 18, Folder 181966-1967Enrollment: Age Distribution of Women 1940-1950; Semester 1 (Res. halls only)
Box 18, Folder 191965-1966Enrollment: Credit-Hr. Distribution by college and class- Semester 2
Box 18, Folder 201964-1965Credit-Hour Registration Distribution by College- Semester 2
Box 18, Folder 211964-1965Credit-Hr. Distribution by college, Semester 1
Box 18, Folder 221966-1967Final exams, semesters 1 and 2
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11941-1970Forms (This folder contains older samples)
Box 19, Folder 21970-1972Forms: Samples
Box 19, Folder 31968-1970Forms: Samples
Box 19, Folder 41966Grades: Grade Point Averages
Box 19, Folder 51963-1967Grade Point Distributions
Box 19, Folder 61964-1965Grade Distribution by Section
Box 19, Folder 71963-1964Grade Distribution by Section, Sem. 2
Box 19, Folder 81939-1970Grades: Group Grade Point Averages (House-Hall Averages)
Box 19, Folder 91967-1968Honors, semesters 1 and 2
Box 19, Folder 101966-1967Honors: Honor roll, semester 1
Box 19, Folder 111965-1966Honors: Honor roll, semesters 1 and 2
Box 19, Folder 121964-1965Honors: Honor roll, semesters 1 and 2
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11963-1964Honors: Honor roll, semesters 1 and 2
Box 20, Folder 21966-1967Honors: Honor roll, semester 2
Box 20, Folder 31961-1965Honors convocation
Box 20, Folder 41938Laws: State of N.H.- Governing UNH
Box 20, Folder 51967Master Plan, UNH
Box 20, Folder 61941-1968Mid-semester warnings
Box 20, Folder 71938-1941IBM (older material)
Box 20, Folder 81959-1968Office organization, staff, etc.
Box 20, Folder 91968-1972Office organization: staff memos, etc.
Box 20, Folder 101967Summer session
Box 20, Folder 111965Correspondence: firms: IBM
Box 20, Folder 121968Correspondence: firms: Xerox
Box 20, Folder 131963-1965Correspondence: Individuals A
Box 20, Folder 141943-1965Correspondence: ASTP letters (also see STAR letters, under S)
Box 20, Folder 151961-1968Correspondence: firms: World Almanac
Box 20, Folder 161985-1967Correspondence: Individuals, Ba-Bh
Box 20, Folder 171965-1967Correspondence: Individuals, Bi-BZ
Box 20, Folder 181965-1967Correspondence: Individuals, C
Box 20, Folder 191964-1972Correspondence: Individuals, D
Box 20, Folder 201961-1972Correspondence: Individuals, E, F, G
Box 20, Folder 211967-1972Correspondence: Individuals, H
Box 20, Folder 221945-1972Correspondence: Individuals, I, J, K
Box 20, Folder 231968-1970Correspondence: Individuals, L
Box 20, Folder 241961-1972Correspondence: Individuals, M
Box 20, Folder 251969-1970Correspondence: Individuals, N, O, P
Box 20, Folder 261967-1970Correspondence: Individuals, R
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11969-1970Correspondence: Individuals, Sa-Sm
Box 21, Folder 21968-1970Correspondence: Individuals, Sn-Sz
Box 21, Folder 31963-1972Correspondence: Individuals, T, U, V
Box 21, Folder 41965-1972Correspondence: Individuals, W-Z
Box 21, Folder 51943-1958Correspondence: STAR unit (Army)
Box 21, Folder 61950-1968Correspondence: Colleges and Universities, A-K
Box 21, Folder 71963-1971Correspondence: Colleges and Universities, L-Z
Box 21, Folder 81967-1968Correspondence: Boston University
Box 21, Folder 91967Correspondence: University of Connecticut
Box 21, Folder 101965-1967Correspondence: Franconia College
Box 21, Folder 111966-1967Correspondence: Harvard
Box 21, Folder 121965-1969Correspondence: Keene State College
Box 21, Folder 131964-1969Correspondence: University of Massachusetts
Box 21, Folder 141965Correspondence: UMass, records system
Box 21, Folder 151955Correspondence: Mount Saint Mary College
Box 21, Folder 161966-1967Correspondence: New England College
Box 21, Folder 171946-1951Correspondence: Plymouth State College
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11901-1902Strafford Hall Account book
Box 22, Folder 21916-1918Ballard and Bickford Halls ledger
Box 22, Folder 31916-1918, 1921-1922Fairchild Hall ledger
Box 22, Folder 41916-1918Smith Hall ledger