Vice President for Student Affairs Files, 1963-2005

Collection number: UA 7/5/3
Size: 128 boxes (42.24 cu.ft.)

About Vice President for Student Affairs

The Dean of Student Affairs position was reclassified in July of 1991 and made the Vice President for Student Affairs.

About the Vice President for Student Affairs Files

This series contains the files of Student Affairs office under both the Dean of Student Affairs and the Vice President for Student Affairs. The office deals with all aspects of student life.

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], [Folder number], [Box number], Vice President for Student Affairs Files, 1963-2005, UA 7/5/3, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred from the Vice President of Student Affairs in multiple accessions, occuring in 11/3/92, 1/20/94, 10/10/94, 1996, 1998, 2000. Periodic transfers of records are expected indeinitely.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11981-1985Academic Senate
Box 1, Folder 21993-1989Academic Senate
Box 1, Folder 31982Advising
Box 1, Folder 41986Advising
Box 1, Folder 51987-1990Advisory Committee
Box 1, Folder 6July-Oct 1991Appointment Variance Committee
Box 1, Folder 71983-1986Asbestos
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11970-1974Buckley Amendment-Informational material and regulations
Box 2, Folder 21976-77Buckley Amendment-correspondence
Box 2, Folder 31976-77Buckley Amendment-correspondence
Box 2, Folder 4June 11979, Buckley Amendment-Conference
Box 2, Folder 51972Dean of Students Study Committee Report
Box 2, Folder 61986Budget Development and Planning
Box 2, Folder 71986Budget Development and Planning
Box 2, Folder 8Mar 1982-Sep 1991Calendar and Curriculum Committee
Box 2, Folder 91983-1989Career Services
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1May 1974-May 1985Chancellor
Box 3, Folder 2July 1987Chancellor-New England Board of Higher Education Institutional Assessment
Box 3, Folder 3Sep 1983-May 1989Chancellor
Box 3, Folder 4Jun 1978-Nov 1989Chaplains
Box 3, Folder 5Nov 1981-Nov 1990Child Care-Forest Park Daycare
Box 3, Folder 61984-1987Child Care
Box 3, Folder 7Feb 1988-Apr 1988Child Care
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1May 1988-Dec 1989Child Care
Box 4, Folder 21990Child Care
Box 4, Folder 31990Child Care
Box 4, Folder 41991Child Care
Box 4, Folder 5Apr 1984-May 1986Colleges and Schools
Box 4, Folder 6Oct 1979-Feb 1987Community Task Group
Box 4, Folder 7May 1986-May 1990Commuter Transfer Returning Student Center
Box 4, Folder 81979-1988Correspondences-Dean for Student Affairs
Box 4, Folder 91990Correspondences-Dean for Student Affairs
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11991Correspondences-Dean for Student Affairs
Box 5, Folder 2Jun 1982-Apr 1987Correspondence-President's office
Box 5, Folder 3Jul 1987-Dec 1988Correspondence-President's office
Box 5, Folder 41989Correspondence-President's office
Box 5, Folder 51981-1989Correspondence-Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Box 5, Folder 61984-1989Correspondence-Vice-President for Financial Affairs and Administration
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1June 1989Council of Presidents
Box 6, Folder 21984-1987Counseling Center
Box 6, Folder 3Jan 1984-Dec 1988Cultural Projects
Box 6, Folder 4Nov 1973-Jul 1986Development Office
Box 6, Folder 5Nov 1982-Jan 1986Drug Advisory Committee
Box 6, Folder 6Feb 1986-Dec 1986Drug Advisory Committee
Box 6, Folder 7Jan 1987-Nov 1987Drug Advisory Committee
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Jan 1988-Dec 1988Drug Advisory Committee
Box 7, Folder 2Jan 1989-Dec 1989Drug Advisory Committee
Box 7, Folder 3Jan 1990-May 1990Drug Advisory Committee
Box 7, Folder 4Jun 1990-Sep 1990Drug Advisory Committee
Box 7, Folder 5Oct 1990-Dec 1990Drug Advisory Committee
Box 7, Folder 6Feb 1980-May 1980Elliot Fund
Box 7, Folder 7Mar 1980-May 1984Elliot Fund
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1June 1983Enrollment Planning Task Force
Box 8, Folder 2Jan 1988-Oct 1988Enrollment Planning Committee
Box 8, Folder 3Nov 1988-Dec 1989Enrollment Planning Committee
Box 8, Folder 4Jan 1990-Oct 1990Enrollment Planning Committee
Box 8, Folder 5Nov 1990-Mar 1991Enrollment Planning Committee
Box 8, Folder 6Sep 1989-Apr 1990Enrollment Tracking Committee
Box 8, Folder 7Oct 1989-Jun 1991Environmental Safety/Public Security
Box 8, Folder 8Jun 1987-Jun 1988Governor's Success Grant Program
Box 8, Folder 9Apr 1984-Oct 1986Greek Coordinator
Box 8, Folder 10Dec 1986-Mar 1989Greek Coordinator
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1Jun 1987-Dec 1988Greek Coordinator
Box 9, Folder 2Jan 1989-Jul 1989Greek Coordinator
Box 9, Folder 3Jul 1989-Dec 1989Greek Coordinator
Box 9, Folder 4Feb 1987-Oct 1987Greek Review Committee
Box 9, Folder 5Jun 1982-Feb 1986Health Services
Box 9, Folder 6May 13, 1985Health Services-Presentation to Assess Alternative Health Care Delivery Systems for University Employees, Faculty and Students
Box 9, Folder 7August 1985Health Services-Assessment of Alternative Health Care Delivery Systems
Box 9, Folder 8Mar 1986-Mar 1987Health Services
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1Apr 1987-Dec 1987Health Services
Box 10, Folder 2Jan 1988-Jul 1988Health Services
Box 10, Folder 3Aug 1988-Dec 1988Health Services
Box 10, Folder 4Sep 1988HERS Institute
Box 10, Folder 5May 1984-Oct 1984Housing
Box 10, Folder 6Nov 1984-Feb 1985Housing
Box 10, Folder 7Apr 1985-Jun 1985Housing
Box 10, Folder 8Jul 1985-Dec 1985Housing
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1Jan 1986-Dec 1986Housing
Box 11, Folder 2Jan 1987-Dec 1987Housing
Box 11, Folder 3Jan 1988-Dec 1988Housing
Box 11, Folder 4Jan 1989-Dec 1989Housing
Box 11, Folder 5Jan 1990-Dec 1990Housing
Box 11, Folder 6Jan 1982-Dec 1987Judicial Affairs
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1Sep 1982-Mar 1986Judicial Affairs
Box 12, Folder 2May 1986-Apr 1989Judicial Affairs
Box 12, Folder 3Apr 1985-Nov 1985Judicial Review
Box 12, Folder 4Dec 1985-May 1988Judicial Review
Box 12, Folder 5Nov 1979-Apr 1987Judicial Review Committee
Box 12, Folder 6Feb 1980-Dec 1987Judicial Review Committee
Box 12, Folder 71987-1988Judicial Task Force
Box 12, Folder 8Oct 1977-May 1982Legal/Judicial
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1Mar 1986-Nov 1987Legal/Judicial
Box 13, Folder 2Jul 1986-May 1990Legislative Matters
Box 13, Folder 3May 1987-Sep 1987Messages
Box 13, Folder 4Apr 1989-Jun 1990Minority Recruiting Task Force
Box 13, Folder 5Mar 1983-Dec 1991MIS Committee
Box 13, Folder 61989-1992MIS/Videotex
Box 13, Folder 7Mar 1979-Jul 1981OCR
Box 13, Folder 8Sep 1981-Jun 1989OCR
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1Apr 1984-Oct 1987Orientation
Box 14, Folder 2Nov 1987-Dec 1988Orientation
Box 14, Folder 3Jan 1989-Oct 1989Orientation
Box 14, Folder 4Nov 1989-Jul 1990Orientation
Box 14, Folder 5Jul 1990-Apr 1991Parking (executive committee)
Box 14, Folder 6Sep 1989-Aug 1990Parking and Transportation (executive committee)
Box 14, Folder 7Jan 1982-Mar 1986Physical Plant Development Committee
Box 14, Folder 8Jun 1986-Jun 1987Police Advisory Committee
Box 14, Folder 9May 1980-Nov 1981Policy on Political, Religious, and Commercial Activities
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1Oct 1983-Mar 1991Programming Committee
Box 15, Folder 2Sep 1984-Sep 1985Research/MIS Computers
Box 15, Folder 3Aug 1981-Jun 1989Residency Appeals Board
Box 15, Folder 4Jun 1984-Mar 1988Residential College
Box 15, Folder 5Oct 1986-May 1989Residential College
Box 15, Folder 6Apr 1988-Jun 1990Residential Programs
Box 15, Folder 7Jul 1990-Nov 1990Residential Programs
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 1Mar 1973-Oct 1983Safety and Security Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 2Nov 1983-Apr 1987Safety and Security Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 3Nov 1978-Oct 1979Senate Mini Task Force
Box 16, Folder 41984Senior Day
Box 16, Folder 51985Senior Day
Box 16, Folder 6Jan 1988-Mar 1989SHARP
Box 16, Folder 7Mar 1989-Dec 1989SHARP
Box 16, Folder 8Aug 1985-Nov 1986South Africa
Box 16, Folder 9Oct 1985-Nov 1986South Africa
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 1Sep 1986-Jan 1987Strategic Planning
Box 17, Folder 2Jul 1979-Mar 1989Student Activities-MUB
Box 17, Folder 31973Student Activities-MUB Pub Proposal
Box 17, Folder 41974Student Activities-MUB Pub Proposal
Box 17, Folder 5Aug 1980-Jan 1987Student Activities-UNH Flying Club
Box 17, Folder 61981-1986Student Activities
Box 17, Folder 71981-1986Student Activities
Box 17, Folder 81987-1988Student Activities
Box 17, Folder 91987-1988Student Activities
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11979-1981Division of Student Affairs Priorities for 1979-1981
Box 18, Folder 2Mar 1987-Dec 1989Student Conduct System
Box 18, Folder 3Jan 1972-May 1989Student Government-Student legal services program
Box 18, Folder 4Dec 1982-Jul 1991Student Information System Development
Box 18, Folder 5Apr 261978, Student Senate-Report of Student Governance Task Force
Box 18, Folder 6Jul 1988-Sep 1988Student Senate
Box 18, Folder 7Apr 1980-Apr 1991Student Trustee
Box 18, Folder 81983-Jan 1987Task Force on Student Retention
Box 18, Folder 9May 1986-Sep 1987Task Force on Student Retention
Box 18, Folder 10Oct 1986-May 1987Task Force on Student Retention
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 1Feb 1972-Sep 1988Town/Gown
Box 19, Folder 21989Town/Gown
Box 19, Folder 31990Student Government-Student legal services program
Box 19, Folder 41990Town/Gown
Box 19, Folder 51990Trustee Cost Effectiveness Study
Box 19, Folder 6Nov 1985-Apr 1988Undesignated Gifts
Box 19, Folder 7Apr 1988-Nov 1990Undesignated Gifts
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 1Feb 1972-Sep 1988Town/Gown
Box 20, Folder 2Dec 1986-May 1987University System Student Board
Box 20, Folder 3Jun 1981-May 1990Vending
Box 20, Folder 4May 1982-Feb 1988Women's Commission
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11990Academic Senate
Box 21, Folder 21991Academic Senate
Box 21, Folder 3Board of Trustees
Box 21, Folder 41985-1988Conference Office
Box 21, Folder 5June 1987-June 1988Correspondence Log - Dean for Student Affairs
Box 21, Folder 6Jan.-Sept. 1990Correspondence - President's Office
Box 21, Folder 7Oct.-Dec. 1990Correspondence - President's Office
Box 21, Folder 81990Correspondence - Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11991Correspondence - Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 22, Folder 21991Correspondence - Vice President for Financial Affairs and Administration
Box 22, Folder 3Feb.-March 1987Correspondences
Box 22, Folder 4April-May 1987Correspondences
Box 22, Folder 5June-July 1987Correspondences
Box 22, Folder 6Aug.-Oct. 1987Correspondences
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 1Nov.-Dec. 1987Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 2Jan.-March 1988Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 3April-June 1988Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 4Sept.-Dec. 1988Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 5Jan.-March 1989Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 6April-June 1989Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 7July-Sept. 1989Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 8Oct.-Dec. 1989Correspondences
Box 23, Folder 9Jan.-March 1990Correspondences
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 1April-June 1990Correspondences
Box 24, Folder 2July-Oct 1990Correspondences
Box 24, Folder 31986-1988Diversity Committee
Box 24, Folder 41989Diversity Committee
Box 24, Folder 51990-1991Diversity Committee
Box 24, Folder 61988-1990Division of Student Affairs Planning Committee
Box 24, Folder 7Jan.-Feb. 1991Drug Advisory Committee
Box 24, Folder 8March-Dec. 1991Drug Advisory Committee
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11991Family Policy Task Force
Box 25, Folder 21984-1990Fraternities and Sororities
Box 25, Folder 31989-1991Freshman Camp
Box 25, Folder 41986-1989Graduate Council
Box 25, Folder 51991Greek Affairs
Box 25, Folder 61990Greek Coordinator
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11990-1991Greek Development Committee
Box 26, Folder 21991Gulf War and George McGovern's Visit
Box 26, Folder 31990-1991Parking
Box 26, Folder 41989Student Activities
Box 26, Folder 51990Student Activities
Box 26, Folder 61991Student Activities
Box 26, Folder 71987-1989Student Activities - Catering
Box 26, Folder 81991Student Activities - MUB
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11977-1988Student Activities - MUB, Copyright Laws
Box 27, Folder 21982-1991Student Activities - MUB (MUB Board of Governors)
Box 27, Folder 3Student Activity Tax - History
Box 27, Folder 41972-1989Student Organizations - General
Box 27, Folder 51984-1986Study Space
Box 27, Folder 61979-1980Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 71983Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 81984Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 91985Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 101986Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 111987Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 121988Student Senate
Box 27, Folder 131989Student Senate
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11984-1985Telecommunications
Box 28, Folder 21991Town/Gown Committee
Box 28, Folder 31991Town/Gown - Policing Study
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11976Academic Development Plan, Phase II
Box 29, Folder 21972Ad Hoc Committee on Student Activities
Box 29, Folder 31995Consultants, New UNH Arena
Box 29, Folder 41978-1979Division Goals and Objectives
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11973-1974Division of Student Affairs Goals and Priorities
Box 30, Folder 21981Division of Student Affairs Master Plan
Box 30, Folder 31974-1975Division of Student Affairs Plan of Divisional Objectives
Box 30, Folder 41987Division of Student Affairs Strategic Planning Report
Box 30, Folder 51964-72Division of Student Personnel Planning Report
Box 30, Folder 61985Kappa - Sigma Renovations
Box 30, Folder 71988Institutional Planning and Budgeting Meeting
Box 30, Folder 81982Master Planning
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11977Memorial Union - Student Activities Review Report
Box 31, Folder 21977MUB/Student Activities Review Committee Report
Box 31, Folder 31984-1986National Association of Student Personnel Administators
Box 31, Folder 41985Property and Physical Plant Development Committee
Box 31, Folder 51995Operations Management
Box 31, Folder 61969Report to the Committee on Government Organization
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11975Residence and Dining Services Survey
Box 32, Folder 21983Site Visit Report of NEASC Accreditation
Box 32, Folder 31989-1990Student Affairs Office Financial Aid
Box 32, Folder 41990Student Affairs Office Student Fees
Box 32, Folder 51990Student Conduct
Box 32, Folder 61978Student Governance Task Force Proposal
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11972-1979Student Senate Constitutions
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11985-1987A.I.D.S.
Box 34, Folder 21988A.I.D.S.
Box 34, Folder 31989A.I.D.S.
Box 34, Folder 41990-1991A.I.D.S.
Box 34, Folder 51992-1994Athletics
Box 34, Folder 61992-1993Recreational Sports
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11990-1991Career Services
Box 35, Folder 219921994, Career Services
Box 35, Folder 31988-1990Counseling Center
Box 35, Folder 41991Canceling Center
Box 35, Folder 51992Counseling Center
Box 35, Folder 61992-1993Financial Center Administrator: Anthony Zizos
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11986Financial Center Administrator: Anthony Zizos
Box 36, Folder 21987Financial Center Administrator: Anthony Zizos
Box 36, Folder 31988-1991Financial Center Administrator: Anthony Zizos
Box 36, Folder 41992Financial Center Administrator: Anthony Zizos
Box 36, Folder 51989Health Services, January-May
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 11989Health Services, June-December
Box 37, Folder 21990Health Services, January-April
Box 37, Folder 31990Health Services, May-December
Box 37, Folder 41991Health Services, January-June
Box 37, Folder 51991Health Services, July-December
Box 37, Folder 61992Health Services
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 11993Health Services
Box 38, Folder 21991Housing
Box 38, Folder 31992Housing
Box 38, Folder 419781982-1987, Information Resources and Assessments
Box 38, Folder 51988Information Resources and Assessments
Box 38, Folder 61989Information Resources and Assessments
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 11992Memorial Union Building: General Operations
Box 39, Folder 21993Memorial Union Building: General Operations
Box 39, Folder 31990-1991Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 39, Folder 41992-1993Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 39, Folder 51993-1994Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Search Materials: Committee Papers
Box 39, Folder 61994Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Search Materials: Final Candidates' Papers
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 11994Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Search Materials: Final Candidates' Papers
Box 40, Folder 21982-1993Opening Semester
Box 40, Folder 31984-1987Parent's Association
Box 40, Folder 41988Parent's Association
Box 40, Folder 51989Parent's Association
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 11990Parent's Association, January-April
Box 41, Folder 21990Parent's Association, May-December
Box 41, Folder 31991Parent's Association, January-March
Box 41, Folder 41991Parent's Association, April-December
Box 41, Folder 51992Parent's Association, January-April
Box 41, Folder 61992Parent's Association, May-December
Box 41, Folder 71993-1994Parent's Association
Box 41, Folder 81987-1990Personnel Services
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 11991-1993Personnel Services
Box 42, Folder 21988-1991Police, 1988-July 1991
Box 42, Folder 31991Police, August-December
Box 42, Folder 41992Police, January-February
Box 42, Folder 51992Police, March-June
Box 42, Folder 61992Police, July-December
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 11992Police, January-June
Box 43, Folder 21992Police, July-December
Box 43, Folder 31991Residential Programs, January-April
Box 43, Folder 41991Residential Programs, May-December
Box 43, Folder 51992Residential Programs, January-April
Box 43, Folder 61992Residential Programs, June-December
Box 43, Folder 71993Residential Programs
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 11990S.H.A.R.P.P.
Box 44, Folder 21991S.H.A.R.P.P., Undated
Box 44, Folder 31991S.H.A.R.P.P.
Box 44, Folder 41992S.H.A.R.P.P., Undated-January
Box 44, Folder 51992S.H.A.R.P.P., March-December
Box 44, Folder 61993S.H.A.R.P.P., Undated-February
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 11993S.H.A.R.P.P., March-December
Box 45, Folder 21994S.H.A.R.P.P.
Box 45, Folder 31995S.H.A.R.P.P.
Box 45, Folder 41990Student Conduct System
Box 45, Folder 51991Student Conduct System, January-April
Box 45, Folder 61991Student Conduct System, May-December
Box 46
Box 46, Folder 11992Student Conduct
Box 46, Folder 2Draft of Mission Statement
Box 46, Folder 31996Notes and Correspondence, Meeting to Develop Report
Box 46, Folder 41993-1994Admissions Memos
Box 46, Folder 51996Note and Newsclippings
Box 46, Folder 61994"Building a New University Community" May 1994, "The Influence of Price" by Somers
Box 46, Folder 71996Student Affairs Workshops
Box 46, Folder 8"Building a New University Community"--Final Version
Box 46, Folder 9Early Warning Project
Box 46, Folder 10Diversity Exchange Committee, Student Congress on Diversity
Box 46, Folder 11Black Student Union
Box 46, Folder 12Religious Issues
Box 46, Folder 13Clippings--Black Student Union
Box 46, Folder 14December 1993Memoranda
Box 46, Folder 151996VPSA Diversity, February-September
Box 46, Folder 161996VPSA Diversity, November
Box 46, Folder 17VPSA Board of Trustees
Box 46, Folder 18VPSA Legislative Matters
Box 47
Box 47, Folder 1Kappa Sigma/Student Services Building
Box 47, Folder 21994Enrollment Planning
Box 47, Folder 31995Enrollment Planning
Box 47, Folder 41996Enrollment Project
Box 47, Folder 5Nov. 1996Enrollment Planning
Box 47, Folder 6Higher Education
Box 47, Folder 7Clippings
Box 47, Folder 81994-1995Student Government
Box 47, Folder 91996Chancellor's Office
Box 47, Folder 101991-1996Misc. Correspondence
Box 47, Folder 111991-1995UNH Foundation
Box 47, Folder 121993-1994New England Land Grant Universities
Box 47, Folder 131995-1996NE Resource Center for Higher Ed., Student Affairs Think Tank
Box 48
Box 48, Folder 11997NERCHE-Student Affairs Think Tank
Box 48, Folder 21996Stow, Dr. Cyrus J.
Box 48, Folder 3Retired Faculty Association
Box 48, Folder 4AAUP Negotiations
Box 48, Folder 5Kellog Comm.
Box 48, Folder 61996Building/Facility Security
Box 48, Folder 71996UNH Partnership Council
Box 48, Folder 8Forest Park
Box 48, Folder 91996President's Staff File, 1992-1996
Box 48, Folder 10Sept. 16, 1996Minutes to President's Meeting
Box 48, Folder 11Dec. 15, 1996Recommendation of the Athletic Comm. on the Reduction of Teams
Box 48, Folder 12VP for Student Affairs
Box 48, Folder 13VP for Student Affairs
Box 48, Folder 14VPSA Correspondence
Box 49
Box 49, Folder 11992VPSA Correspondence
Box 49, Folder 21992VPSA Correpsondence
Box 49, Folder 31992-1993VPSA Correspondence
Box 49, Folder 41993VPSA Correspondence
Box 49, Folder 5President's Staff
Box 49, Folder 61996President's Staff
Box 49, Folder 71996President's Office
Box 50
Box 50, Folder 11991President's Office
Box 50, Folder 21991-1992President's Office
Box 50, Folder 31992-1993President's Correspondence
Box 50, Folder 41993President's Correspondence
Box 50, Folder 51992-1993Academic Calendar
Box 51
Box 51, Folder 11992-1993Academic Senate
Box 51, Folder 21993Academic Senate
Box 51, Folder 31991Appointment Variance Committee
Box 51, Folder 41992Athletics
Box 51, Folder 51993Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Box 51, Folder 61993Campus Life
Box 51, Folder 7Campus Planning
Box 51, Folder 81990-1992Chancellors
Box 51, Folder 9Commencement
Box 52
Box 52, Folder 11991-1995Commencement
Box 52, Folder 21991-1993Computer Services
Box 52, Folder 31993Cooperative Extension
Box 52, Folder 41989-1991Data
Box 52, Folder 51992-1993Demographics
Box 52, Folder 6Department Profiles, Counseling Center and Career Services
Box 52, Folder 71993Diversity
Box 52, Folder 81993Division Breakfast Evaluations
Box 52, Folder 91992-1993Enrollment
Box 52, Folder 101991Facility Services
Box 52, Folder 111992Faculty
Box 52, Folder 12FIPSE
Box 52, Folder 131991Freedom of Speech Task Force
Box 52, Folder 14Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Community
Box 52, Folder 15General Council
Box 53
Box 53, Folder 11992Graduate Council
Box 53, Folder 21992Graduate Student Organization
Box 53, Folder 31993-1994Honors Convocation
Box 53, Folder 41989-1991Convocation
Box 53, Folder 51993Kresge Grant
Box 53, Folder 6Homecoming
Box 53, Folder 71991-1992Institutional Research
Box 53, Folder 81991-1992Internal Audit
Box 53, Folder 91993-1994Lighting
Box 53, Folder 101991Minority Scholarships
Box 53, Folder 111991-1992MUB Board of Governors
Box 53, Folder 121993MUB Food Court
Box 53, Folder 131993MUSO
Box 53, Folder 141993NACUBO Benchmarking Report
Box 53, Folder 151990-1994NASPA
Box 53, Folder 161989-1993NASULGC
Box 53, Folder 171993NCAA
Box 53, Folder 181993-1994NE Land Grant Universities
Box 54
Box 54, Folder 11993NH Job Training Council
Box 54, Folder 21991-1992Orientation
Box 54, Folder 31992Orientation Evaluations
Box 54, Folder 41991-1993OS/PAT Council
Box 54, Folder 51990-1993PAT Council
Box 54, Folder 61991-1992Pending for TRIO Meetings
Box 54, Folder 71992Personnel
Box 54, Folder 81993Planning Council
Box 54, Folder 91990Project Next Step
Box 54, Folder 101990-1991PULSE Report
Box 55
Box 55, Folder 1Racism
Box 55, Folder 21992-1994Recycling
Box 55, Folder 31991-1993ROTC
Box 55, Folder 41990-1991Safewalks
Box 55, Folder 51991Scholarships
Box 55, Folder 61992Security
Box 55, Folder 71992-1993Sexual Harassment
Box 55, Folder 81992SHARPP
Box 55, Folder 91991-1992Space Allocations/R and R Committee
Box 55, Folder 101994-1995Sports Fundraising
Box 55, Folder 111992Staff Development
Box 56
Box 56, Folder 1Staff Development
Box 56, Folder 21993Staff Development
Box 56, Folder 31994Staff Development
Box 56, Folder 41994Staff Development-Who's Who Input Sheets
Box 56, Folder 51986-1987Strategic Planning-Folder I
Box 56, Folder 61986-1987Strategic Planning-Folder II
Box 57
Box 57, Folder 1Student Activity Fee Organization
Box 57, Folder 21992SBP/SBVP
Box 57, Folder 31991-1992Student Conduct Oversight Committee
Box 57, Folder 41990-1993Student Senate
Box 57, Folder 5 1987-1991 Town/Gown-Folder I Town/Gown-Folder I
Box 58
Box 58, Folder 11987-1994Town/Gown-Folder II
Box 58, Folder 21992-1993Town/Gown
Box 58, Folder 31991Transportation
Box 58, Folder 41989-1990Tuition
Box 58, Folder 51994Undesignated Gifts Committee
Box 58, Folder 61990-1996UNH Foundation
Box 58, Folder 71991University Publications
Box 58, Folder 81987-1988University Relations Council
Box 59
Box 59, Folder 11985-1993University System of New Hampshire
Box 59, Folder 21990VP for Financial Affairs and Administration
Box 59, Folder 31990VP for Financial Affairs and Administration
Box 59, Folder 41992-1993Women's Commission
Box 59, Folder 51992Work Study
Box 59, Folder 61991-1992Young Drive
Box 60
Box 60, Folder 11994Interim VPSA
Box 60, Folder 21994Interim VPSA
Box 60, Folder 31994Interim VPSA
Box 60, Folder 41994Interim VPSA
Box 60, Folder 51995Interim VPSA
Box 60, Folder 61995Interim VPSA, J. Ray Correspondence
Box 60, Folder 71995VPSA Correspondence
Box 60, Folder 81996VPSA Correspondence
Box 60, Folder 91997VPSA Correspondence
Box 61
Box 61, Folder 1files relocated
Box 62
Box 62, Folder 11986-1996Assoc. Dean Stu. Affairs/Student Development
Box 62, Folder 21990-1996Student Affairs Division Mission Statements
Box 62, Folder 31990Division of Student Affairs
Box 62, Folder 4Associate Dean for Student Affairs Manual-Folder I
Box 62, Folder 5Associate Dean for Student Affairs Manual-Folder II
Box 62, Folder 6Associate Dean for Student Affairs Manual--Folder III
Box 62, Folder 71996AAUP
Box 62, Folder 81993Academic Senate
Box 63
Box 63, Folder 11993-1994Academic Standards Committee
Box 63, Folder 21992-1993Accreditation Steering Committee
Box 63, Folder 31994-1995Administrative Service Charges
Box 63, Folder 41993-1997Admissions
Box 63, Folder 51995-1996Advisory Board on Disability Issues and Concerns
Box 63, Folder 61994-1996Affirmative Action-Folder I
Box 63, Folder 71990-1994Affirmative Action-Folder II
Box 63, Folder 81996-1997Alcohol Policy
Box 63, Folder 91991-1993Allocation of Resources Task Group-Folder I
Box 63, Folder 101989-1991Allocation of Resources Task Group-Folder II
Box 64
Box 64, Folder 11995-1996Aramark
Box 64, Folder 21991-1993Campus Crime Statistics and Report
Box 64, Folder 31995-1996Campus Safety
Box 64, Folder 41995-1996Campus Scan Committee
Box 64, Folder 51995-1997Chancellors
Box 64, Folder 61993-1995Climate for Women and Climate Study
Box 64, Folder 71994Colloquium
Box 64, Folder 81996Committee on Violence Against Women
Box 64, Folder 91995-1996Communications Survey, Student Staff
Box 64, Folder 101996-1997Contracts-Folder I
Box 64, Folder 111996-1997Contracts-Folder II
Box 65
Box 65, Folder 11991-1995Community Health and Information Network, CHAIN
Box 65, Folder 21994-1996Council of President's, NELGU
Box 65, Folder 3Division of Student Affairs Department Profiles
Box 65, Folder 41991-1996Drug Advisory Committee
Box 65, Folder 51996-1997Durham Business Association
Box 65, Folder 61995-1996Durham Rental Housing Commission
Box 65, Folder 71990Escort Service
Box 65, Folder 81996Financial Aid Office
Box 66
Box 66, Folder 11993-94Financial Affairs Subcommittee to Review UNH Athletic Fee
Box 66, Folder 21997UNH Foundation
Box 66, Folder 31994-1995Graduate Council
Box 66, Folder 41992-1995Harassment
Box 66, Folder 51994-1996Homecoming
Box 66, Folder 61994-1995Institutional Research
Box 66, Folder 71995-1996ITV
Box 66, Folder 81995-1996Jackson's Landing
Box 66, Folder 91994-1995Jeff Gutin Fund
Box 67
Box 67, Folder 11992Judicial Oversight Committee
Box 67, Folder 21995-1996Kidder Tolerance Fund
Box 67, Folder 31998Lighthouse Student Ministries
Box 67, Folder 4Master Planning Committee
Box 67, Folder 51992-1994McNair Program
Box 67, Folder 61995-1996NASULGC
Box 67, Folder 71993-1995NCAA
Box 67, Folder 81996NERCHE
Box 68
Box 68, Folder 11989-1995New Hampshire College and University Council
Box 68, Folder 21990-1995Non-Traditional Students
Box 68, Folder 31995-1996Non-Traditional Students Advisory Board
Box 68, Folder 41996-1997Omicron Delta Kappa Society
Box 68, Folder 51994-1995Operating Staff
Box 68, Folder 61995-1996Orientation
Box 68, Folder 71994-1995Parent's Association
Box 69
Box 69, Folder 11996Parent's Association Grant Proposals
Box 69, Folder 21996Parent's Association Parenthesis Information
Box 69, Folder 31993-1996Parking
Box 69, Folder 41994-1995Partnership Council
Box 69, Folder 5PAT/OS Council
Box 69, Folder 6Personnel-Folder I
Box 69, Folder 7Personnel-Folder II
Box 69, Folder 81993-1995Planning Council
Box 69, Folder 91986-1993President's Cabinet
Box 70
Box 70, Folder 11994-1995President's Office Correspondence
Box 70, Folder 21995-1996President's Office Correspondence
Box 70, Folder 31997President's Staff
Box 70, Folder 41997President's Staff
Box 70, Folder 51993-1995Publications
Box 70, Folder 61993Reallocation
Box 70, Folder 71994-1995ROTC
Box 70, Folder 81995-1996Safety and Loss Management Committee
Box 71
Box 71, Folder 11995Safety Zones
Box 71, Folder 21992Staff Development
Box 71, Folder 31996Semester Opening
Box 71, Folder 41996-1998Service Learning/Campus Compact-Folder I
Box 71, Folder 51996Service Learning/Campus Compact-Folder II
Box 71, Folder 61995-1996Sexual Harassment Task Force-Concord
Box 71, Folder 71995-1996Sexual Harassment Task Force-Concord
Box 71, Folder 81994Silva
Box 71, Folder 91995Signage
Box 71, Folder 101992-1993Sports Council
Box 71, Folder 111993-1996Student's Academic Progress
Box 72
Box 72, Folder 11993Student Life Committee
Box 72, Folder 21991-1992Student Life Committee
Box 72, Folder 31989-1991Student Life Committee
Box 72, Folder 41992-1993Student Services Budget and Planning Committee
Box 72, Folder 5Student Services Task Force/ Judy R. and Barbara M.
Box 72, Folder 61996Task Force on New Housing
Box 72, Folder 71990-1991Task Force on the Quality of Campus Life
Box 73
Box 73, Folder 11994-1996Town/Gown-Folder I
Box 73, Folder 21994-1996Town/Gown-Folder II
Box 73, Folder 31995United Way Allocations Committee
Box 73, Folder 41992-1996Tailgating
Box 73, Folder 51996University Club.
Box 73, Folder 61990University of NH Academic Plan-History
Box 73, Folder 71994UNH-Manchester
Box 73, Folder 81994University Picnic
Box 73, Folder 91994-1995Vice President for Academic Affairs
Box 73, Folder 101993-1996Vice President for Research and Public Service
Box 74
Box 74, Folder 11992-1994Vice President for Financial Affairs
Box 74, Folder 21992-1993Volunteerism
Box 74, Folder 31996Voter Registration
Box 74, Folder 41994-1997Women's Commission
Box 74, Folder 51993-1995Betsy Haley-Director of Fin. Mgt and Business Affairs
Box 74, Folder 61990-1992Infor. Resources and Assessment-Folder I
Box 74, Folder 71990-1992Infor. Resources and Assessment-Folder II
Box 74, Folder 81991-1996Career Services
Box 74, Folder 91993-1995Career Services
Box 74, Folder 101993-1994Counciling Center
Box 75
Box 75, Folder 11995Counciling Center
Box 75, Folder 21993Counciling Center Application/Information
Box 75, Folder 3UNH Counciling Center
Box 75, Folder 41994Health Services
Box 75, Folder 51995Health Services
Box 76
Box 76, Folder 11996Health Services
Box 76, Folder 21993-1994Director of Health Services Search
Box 76, Folder 31994FIPSE Grant: Project Breakthrough-Folder I
Box 76, Folder 41992 FIPSE Grant: Project Breakthrough-Folder II
Box 76, Folder 51994FIPSE Health Education
Box 76, Folder 61989-1992Health Services Advisory Committee
Box 76, Folder 71991-1996Health Services
Box 77
Box 77, Folder 1Health Services Accreditation Notebook-Folder I
Box 77, Folder 2Health Services Accreditation Notebook-Folder II
Box 77, Folder 3Health Services Accreditation Notebook-Folder III
Box 77, Folder 4Division of Health Services Brochures
Box 77, Folder 5Alcohol/Other Drug Programs, Health Services
Box 77, Folder 6Memorial Union and Student Activities
Box 77, Folder 71993MUB
Box 78
Box 78, Folder 11996MUB General Operations
Box 78, Folder 21995-1996MUB-ATM
Box 78, Folder 3MUB Audit
Box 78, Folder 41992-1996MUB Board of Governors
Box 78, Folder 5MUB Board of Governors Manual
Box 78, Folder 61994-1995MUB BOG: The GRM Governance Reaffirmation Meeting
Box 78, Folder 71994-1996MUB Bookstore
Box 78, Folder 81995-1996MUB Budget
Box 78, Folder 91997MUB Director Candidates
Box 78, Folder 101995-1997MUB Budget
Box 79
Box 79, Folder 11993-1996MUB/Food Service Survey
Box 79, Folder 21992-1994MUB Phase II
Box 79, Folder 31992-1994Greek Affairs
Box 79, Folder 41995Greek Affairs
Box 79, Folder 51996Greek Affairs
Box 79, Folder 61993-1996Greek Ordinance
Box 80
Box 80, Folder 11988-1991Greek Development/History
Box 80, Folder 2Greek Reports and History of Houses
Box 80, Folder 31995-1996Zeta Chi Fraternity
Box 80, Folder 41992-1993Theta Chi Fraternity
Box 80, Folder 51993-1996Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Box 80, Folder 61992-1993Sigma Nu Fraternity
Box 81
Box 81, Folder 1SAE Fraternity
Box 81, Folder 21992-1996Phi Kappa Theta
Box 81, Folder 31993-1995Lambda Chi Alpha
Box 81, Folder 41985-1994Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Box 81, Folder 51992Gamma Gamma Gamma Fraternity
Box 81, Folder 61992Delta Chi Fraternity
Box 81, Folder 71993-1997Alpha Tau Omega
Box 81, Folder 81993-1996Alpha Gamma Rho
Box 81, Folder 91991-1992Alpha Chi Omega
Box 81, Folder 101992Alpha Phi Sorority
Box 81, Folder 111992-1994Alpha Xi Delta Sorority
Box 81, Folder 12Chi Omega Sorority
Box 81, Folder 131992Delta Zeta Sorority
Box 81, Folder 141992-1994Kappa Delta Sorority
Box 81, Folder 15Phi Mu Sorority
Box 81, Folder 161991-1996IFC/Panel
Box 81, Folder 171993Anti-Hazing Legislation
Box 81, Folder 181993-1995Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 81, Folder 191992Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bisexual
Box 82
Box 82, Folder 11996Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 82, Folder 21994Rec. Sports
Box 82, Folder 31995Campus Rec/Rec. Sports-Folder I
Box 82, Folder 41995Campus Rec/Rec. Sports-Folder II
Box 82, Folder 51996Campus Rec/Rec. Sports
Box 83
Box 83, Folder 11992-1995Recreational Facilities-Folder I
Box 83, Folder 21992Recreational Facilities-Folder II
Box 83, Folder 31993-1994Athletics
Box 83, Folder 41991-1994Athetics Audit
Box 83, Folder 51992-1994Athletics Budget
Box 83, Folder 61992-1993Athletics-Contracts and Agreements
Athletics Mission Statement
Box 84
Box 84, Folder 11993-1994NCAA
Box 84, Folder 21991-1993Title IX
Box 84, Folder 31994-1995Residential Life
Box 84, Folder 41996-1997Residential Life
Box 84, Folder 51994-1995Residence Life Manual
Box 84, Folder 61992-1993Hall Director Manual
Box 85
Box 85, Folder 11987Judicial Review Task Force
Box 85, Folder 21988-1991Student Conduct-Carmen's Files
Box 85, Folder 31993-1995Judicial Programs
Box 85, Folder 41997Judicial Programs
Box 85, Folder 51995-1996Judicial Items
Box 85, Folder 6Judicial Programs Manuall
Box 85, Folder 7Student Conduct Office/Division of Student Affairs
Box 85, Folder 81987-1993Sexual Harassment/Safety Advisory Comm.
Box 86
Box 86, Folder 11993Lifelines Retreat/ Residential Life
Box 86, Folder 21994SHARPP-Folder I
Box 86, Folder 31994SHARPP-Folder II
Box 86, Folder 41996-1997SHARPP
Box 86, Folder 5SHARPP, Division of Student Affairs
Box 86, Folder 61991Forest Park
Box 86, Folder 71987-1995Housing and Conferences/New Housing
Box 86, Folder 81988-1989Conference Office
Box 86, Folder 9Residential Programs "In a Nutshell"
Box 86, Folder 101993Residential Life Staff Vita Material
Box 86, Folder 111992-1993Resident Assistant Staff Manual
Box 87
Box 87, Folder 11992-1993RPO Programming and Resources
Box 87, Folder 21992ETC
Box 87, Folder 31994-95Assistant Director Student Activities
Box 87, Folder 41991-94Student Activities
Box 87, Folder 51995Student Activities
Box 87, Folder 61990-1996Chaplains
Box 87, Folder 71992-1994Freshman Camp
Box 87, Folder 81991-1993Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual
Box 87, Folder 91990-1995Graduate Student organization
Box 88
Box 88, Folder 11989-1991Non-Traditional Students
Box 88, Folder 21994-1995Student Activity Fee Council
Box 88, Folder 31995-1996Student Activity Fee Council
Box 88, Folder 41994-1996Student Organizations
Box 88, Folder 51993-1997Volunteerism
Box 88, Folder 61996WUNH
Box 88, Folder 71995-1996Miscellaneous Student Life
Box 88, Folder 81994-1996Grants-Student Life
Box 88, Folder 91992Community Development Survey
Box 89
Box 89, Folder 11994Police
Box 89, Folder 21995Police
Box 89, Folder 31996Police
Box 89, Folder 41997Police
Box 89, Folder 51997Police
Box 89, Folder 61994Thank yous and Congratulations
Box 90
Box 90, Folder 11995Thank yous and Congratulations
Box 90, Folder 21996Police Thank yous and Congratulations
Box 90, Folder 31995Dispatch
Box 90, Folder 41996LACLEA Accreditation
Box 90, Folder 5Police Dispatcher
Box 90, Folder 61990-1995Security
Box 90, Folder 7Dept. of Police Manual-Folder I
Box 90, Folder 8Dept. of Police Manual-Folder II
Box 91
Box 91, Folder 11997VPSA Correspondence
Box 91, Folder 21995-1997President's Staff
Box 91, Folder 31997AAUP
Box 91, Folder 41990-1991Academic Plan-Draft
Box 91, Folder 51996-1997ACCESS
Box 91, Folder 61992Administrative Office Reviews
Box 91, Folder 71993-1994African American Student Association/Black Student Union
Box 91, Folder 81996-1997Alcohol Policy
Box 91, Folder 91997Americans With Disabilities Act
Box 91, Folder 101995-1997Annual Reports
Box 92
Box 92, Folder 11984Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs
Box 92, Folder 21991Assoc. Dean's Task Force
Box 92, Folder 31996Benchmark Report
Box 92, Folder 41987-1996Boston Church of Christ
Box 92, Folder 51989-1990Budget
Box 92, Folder 6Building Renovations
Box 92, Folder 71997Campus Compact
Box 93
Box 93, Folder 11997Campus Rec.
Box 93, Folder 21997-1998Campus Rec.
Box 93, Folder 31997Capital Campaign
Box 93, Folder 41995-1996Career Services
Box 93, Folder 51997Career Services
Box 93, Folder 61998Career Services
Box 93, Folder 7CHAIN
Box 93, Folder 81997CIS
Box 93, Folder 9Committee on Conferences
Box 93, Folder 101996-1997Counseling Center
Box 93, Folder 111997Crime
Box 93, Folder 12Crisis Management
Box 93, Folder 13Cult Awareness Network
Box 93, Folder 141997Durham Business Association
Box 94
Box 94, Folder 1Diversity
Box 94, Folder 21997Durham Planning Board
Box 94, Folder 31998Emergency Plan
Box 94, Folder 41996-1997Emergency Student Loans
Box 94, Folder 5Enrollment
Box 94, Folder 61997Faculty Senate
Box 94, Folder 7FERPA/Buckley Amendment
Box 94, Folder 81995-1996Finances
Box 94, Folder 9Financial Aid
Box 94, Folder 101997Food Pantry
Box 94, Folder 11Food Service
Box 95
Box 95, Folder 1Greek Affairs
Box 95, Folder 21997Health Services
Box 95, Folder 31997Homecoming
Box 95, Folder 41995-1996Homepages
Box 95, Folder 51995Honors Convocation
Box 95, Folder 61996Hood House
Box 95, Folder 71997Jackson's Landing
Box 95, Folder 81997Kidder Fund
Box 95, Folder 91996-1997Leadership Caucus
Box 95, Folder 101996Levy Report
Box 95, Folder 111997Lighting
Box 95, Folder 12McConnell Scholarship
Box 96
Box 96, Folder 11996Mid-level Managers
Box 96, Folder 2Mission Statements
Box 96, Folder 31997Module One, Personnel Issues
Box 96, Folder 41994-1995MUB
Box 96, Folder 51997MUB
Box 96, Folder 61995MUB Daycare
Box 96, Folder 71997MUB BOG
Box 97
Box 97, Folder 11994MUB Construction
Box 97, Folder 21995MUB Construction
Box 97, Folder 31996MUB Construction
Box 97, Folder 41997MUB GSS
Box 97, Folder 5MUB Phase II
Box 97, Folder 61997NELGU
Box 97, Folder 7NERCHE
Box 97, Folder 8News Coverage
Box 97, Folder 9NHCUC
Box 97, Folder 101996-1997Non Trad. Student Organization
Box 98
Box 98, Folder 1Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 98, Folder 21996-1997Orientation
Box 98, Folder 31994-1995Outing Club
Box 98, Folder 41997Parent's Association
Box 98, Folder 51996-1997Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations
Box 98, Folder 6Personnel
Box 98, Folder 7Planning, FY 1990 and FY 1991 Folder I
Box 98, Folder 8Planning, FY 1990 and FY 1991 Folder II
Box 98, Folder 9Policies
Box 98, Folder 101997Police
Box 99
Box 99, Folder 11990Presentation by Division of Student Affairs
Box 99, Folder 2President's Commission on the Status of People of Color
Box 99, Folder 31994Purchasing Manual
Box 99, Folder 41996-1997RA Manual
Box 99, Folder 51996"Ragin' Moose"
Box 99, Folder 61997Residential Life
Box 99, Folder 7Residential Programs
Box 99, Folder 8Risk Management
Box 99, Folder 9Room and Meals Tax
Box 99, Folder 10ROTC
Box 99, Folder 111997SARRC
Box 99, Folder 121997SCAN Minutes
Box 99, Folder 13Scholarships
Box 99, Folder 141996Skateboard Park
Box 99, Folder 15Service Learning
Box 99, Folder 161997SHARRP
Box 99, Folder 17Strategic Planning
Box 100
Box 100, Folder 1Student Affairs Committee
Box 100, Folder 2Student Awards
Box 100, Folder 3Student Grievance Hearing Board
Box 100, Folder 41997Student Senate
Box 100, Folder 5Title IX
Box 100, Folder 61991Town/Gown
Box 100, Folder 7Whittemore Center Debt
Box 100, Folder 81992Women's Ice Hockey
Box 100, Folder 91994Young Drive
Box 101
Box 101, Folder 11998-1999Student Affairs Committee Board of Trustees
Box 101, Folder 22000-2001Student Affairs Grant Committee
Box 101, Folder 31998-2000Student Affairs Teams
Box 101, Folder 41999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Academic Team
Box 101, Folder 51999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Assessment Team
Box 101, Folder 61999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Educational Team
Box 101, Folder 71999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-First Year Integration
Box 101, Folder 81999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Greek Affairs Team
Box 101, Folder 91999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Judicial Team
Box 101, Folder 101999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Leadership Caucus Team
Box 101, Folder 111999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Service Learning Team
Box 101, Folder 121999-2000Individual Student Affairs Teams-Social Programming
Box 101, Folder 131997-1998Salary Data
Box 101, Folder 141997Space Allocation/R and R Committee (SARRC)
Box 101, Folder 15Jan.-June 1998SARRC
Box 101, Folder 16July -Dec.1998SARRC
Box 101, Folder 171999SARRC
Box 101, Folder 181999SARRC
Box 102
Box 102, Folder 11999SARRC
Box 102, Folder 21999President's Staff
Box 102, Folder 31999President's Staff
Box 102, Folder 42000New Futures
Box 102, Folder 51998MUB
Box 102, Folder 61998MUB
Box 102, Folder 71997-1998Leadership NH
Box 102, Folder 81992Health Services Accreditation
Box 103
Box 103, Folder 11999Durham Master Plan
Box 103, Folder 2Food Pantry and Food Cart
Box 103, Folder 31997Fall Incidents
Box 103, Folder 41998Campus Recreation
Box 103, Folder 51999Campus Recreation
Box 103, Folder 61999Career Services
Box 103, Folder 71997Counseling Center
Box 103, Folder 81998Counseling Center
Box 103, Folder 91999Counseling Center
Box 103, Folder 101997Greek Affairs
Box 103, Folder 111998Greek Affairs
Box 103, Folder 121998Greek Affairs
Box 103, Folder 131999Greek Affairs
Box 103, Folder 141999Greek Affairs
Box 104
Box 104, Folder 11997Health Services
Box 104, Folder 21998Health Services
Box 104, Folder 31999Health Services
Box 104, Folder 41999Judicial Programs
Box 104, Folder 51997MUB
Box 104, Folder 61999MUB
Box 104, Folder 71998Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 104, Folder 81999Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Box 104, Folder 91998Police
Box 104, Folder 101998Police
Box 104, Folder 111998Police
Box 104, Folder 12Roger Beaudoin
Box 104, Folder 13Roger Beaudoin
Box 104, Folder 141998-1999Police
Box 105
Box 105, Folder 11998-1999Police
Box 105, Folder 21999Police
Box 105, Folder 31999Police
Box 105, Folder 41999Police
Box 105, Folder 51999Police Events
Box 105, Folder 61999Police Events
Box 105, Folder 71999Police Events
Box 105, Folder 81998Police Letters
Box 106
Box 106, Folder 11998Police Letters
Box 106, Folder 21999Police Letters
Box 106, Folder 31997Residential Life
Box 106, Folder 41998Residential Life
Box 106, Folder 51999Residential Life
Box 106, Folder 61997Student Life
Box 106, Folder 71998Student Life
Box 106, Folder 81997Parent's Association
Box 106, Folder 91998Parent's Association
Box 106, Folder 101998Parent's Association
Box 107
Box 107, Folder 11999-2001Affirmative Action office
Box 107, Folder 21998Alcohol Abuse Council of Presidents
Box 107, Folder 31989-1995Alcohol Education
Box 107, Folder 41998-1999Bear Hill Information
Box 107, Folder 51990-1992Biennial Review: Drugfree Schools and Communities Act
Box 107, Folder 61992-1994Biennial Review: Drugfree Schools and Communities Act
Box 107, Folder 71998-1999Board of Trustees
Box 107, Folder 81999-2000Board of Trustees
Box 107, Folder 92001Board of Trustees
Box 107, Folder 101999Book Swap
Box 107, Folder 111999Budget
Box 107, Folder 121998-2000Business Services Center
Box 108
Box 108, Folder 11998-2001Calendars
Box 108, Folder 22000Campus Recreation
Box 108, Folder 32000Career Services
Box 108, Folder 41999-2002Central Budget Committee (1 of 3)
Box 108, Folder 51999-2002Central Budget Committee (2 of 3)
Box 108, Folder 61999-2002Central Budget Committee (3 of 3)
Box 108, Folder 71998-2000Coed Housing
Box 108, Folder 81998-2001Community Dialogue
Box 108, Folder 91998Contracts
Box 108, Folder 101999Contracts (1 of 3)
Box 108, Folder 111999Contracts (2 of 3)
Box 109
Box 109, Folder 11973-1987Contracts; Student Legal Services
Box 109, Folder 22000Counseling Center
Box 109, Folder 32000-2002Dining Halls
Box 109, Folder 41998Disabilities Student Organizations
Box 109, Folder 51991-1993Drug Advisory Committee: Annual Reports
Box 109, Folder 61990-1991Drug Advisory Committee Minutes
Box 109, Folder 71991-1992Drug Advisory Committee Minutes
Box 109, Folder 81992-1993Drug Advisory Committee Minutes
Box 109, Folder 91993-1994Drug Advisory Committee Minutes
Box 109, Folder 101994-1995Drug Advisory Committee Minutes
Box 109, Folder 111998Durham Business Association
Box 109, Folder 121999Family Weekend
Box 109, Folder 131994-1995Fee Development and Budget Process (1 of 4)
Box 109, Folder 141994-1995Fee Development and Budget Process (2 of 4)
Box 109, Folder 151994-1995Fee Development and Budget Process (3 of 4)
Box 110
Box 110, Folder 11994-1995Fee Development and Budget Process (4 of 4)
Box 110, Folder 21995-1996Fee Development and Budget Process (1 of 4)
Box 110, Folder 31995-1996Fee Development and Budget Process (2 of 4)
Box 110, Folder 41995-1996Fee Development and Budget Process (3 of 4)
Box 110, Folder 51995-1996Fee Development and Budget Process (1 of 4)
Box 110, Folder 61997-1998Fees and Budgets, misc.
Box 110, Folder 7FIPSE Grant First Year Report
Box 110, Folder 81999Fireside Experience
Box 110, Folder 92001First Year Experience
Box 110, Folder 101999General Counsel's Office
Box 110, Folder 112000-2002General Counsel's Office
Box 111
Box 111, Folder 11999Gilman Scholarship
Box 111, Folder 21998-2000Graduate Student Organization
Box 111, Folder 31991-1994Greek Affairs
Box 111, Folder 42000Health Services
Box 111, Folder 51997-1999Health Services Weekly Update
Box 111, Folder 62000-2001Health Services Weekly Update
Box 111, Folder 71997, 1998Homecoming
Box 111, Folder 81999Huma 401 poster
Box 111, Folder 91997-2001Kidder Tolerance Fund
Box 111, Folder 102001Licensing Task Force (1 of 2)
Box 111, Folder 112001Licensing Task Force (2 of 2)
Box 112
Box 112, Folder 11998-2000Land-Grant Discussion on Alcohol
Box 112, Folder 21998McNair Graduate Program
Box 112, Folder 32000MUB: Student Organizations
Box 112, Folder 41999MUB: Board of Governance By-Laws
Box 112, Folder 51999-2000Memorial Union Building Policies
Box 112, Folder 61998-01National Collegiate Athletic Association
Box 112, Folder 71997NationalCollegiate Athletic Association Self-Study
Box 112, Folder 82001National Science Foundation: CCLI Program
Box 112, Folder 91999-2001New England Land-Grand Universities
Box 112, Folder 102001New Student Housing
Box 112, Folder 111998-2000New Student Orientation
Box 112, Folder 121998Off-campus Student Planning Group
Box 112, Folder 131998-2001Office of International Students and Scholars
Box 112, Folder 141991Office of Measurement Services: Drug and Alcohol Survey
Box 113
Box 113, Folder 12001Office of State Planning: UNH Housing Population
Box 113, Folder 21997Opening Semester
Box 113, Folder 31998-2000Opening Semester
Box 113, Folder 41999-2000Parents Association Grants
Box 113, Folder 52000Parents Association: Madbury Wagon Track Bike Path
Box 113, Folder 62000Parents Association: Memos of Understanding, Articles of Agreement
Box 113, Folder 71998Parents Council
Box 113, Folder 81999Parents Council
Box 113, Folder 92000Parents Council
Box 113, Folder 101998Partnership Council
Box 113, Folder 111997Peer Education Program
Box 113, Folder 121998-1999Peer Education Team
Box 114
Box 114, Folder 11998-2001President's Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
Box 114, Folder 21998-2001President's Commission on People of Color, Reports
Box 114, Folder 32000President's Commission on Status of Women
Box 114, Folder 42001President's Office (letters of thanks)
Box 114, Folder 5Project Break Through: Final Report
Box 114, Folder 61999-2001Project Fresh
Box 114, Folder 71998-1999Recognized Student Organizations
Box 114, Folder 82000-2001Resident Assistants Manual
Box 114, Folder 92000-2001Resident Hall Directors Manual
Box 114, Folder 102001Residence Halls Construction Document
Box 114, Folder 112000Residential Life, memos
Box 114, Folder 122000Residential Life CORE
Box 114, Folder 136/7/2001Responsibility Center Management Transition Report
Box 115
Box 115, Folder 11998-1999SCAN meeting minutes
Box 115, Folder 22001Seacoast United Soccer Club (Moore Fields)
Box 115, Folder 32002Self-Study Committee on the Undergraduate Experience (1 of 2)
Box 115, Folder 42002Self-Study Committee on the Undergraduate Exoeruebce (2 of 2)
Box 115, Folder 51997-1998Service Learning
Box 115, Folder 61997-1998Service Learning
Box 115, Folder 71998Service Learning: Campus Compact
Box 115, Folder 81998-2002Service Learning
Box 116
Box 116, Folder 11999-2000Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)
Box 116, Folder 21996-1998Shotoken Karate, Campus Recreation
Box 116, Folder 32000-2001Space Allocation Repair and Renovation Commmittee (SARRC)
Box 116, Folder 42002Spring Fling
Box 116, Folder 51993Student Activities - Greek System
Box 116, Folder 61999-2000Student Activity Fee Committee
Box 116, Folder 71998Student Affairs - Diversity Workshop
Box 117
Box 117, Folder 11997-1998Student Affairs - Think Tank
Box 117, Folder 21998Testimony Against House Bill 1595
Box 117, Folder 32000Student Life
Box 117, Folder 41995Student Services
Box 117, Folder 51997-2000Summer Conferences
Box 117, Folder 61997-1998Sustainablity Program Advisory Committee
Box 117, Folder 71998Tailgate Committee
Box 117, Folder 82001Undergraduate Research Conference
Box 117, Folder 91997-1999Violence Against Women
Box 117, Folder 1011/2001UNH Discovery Program Proposal, draft
Box 117, Folder 111998VP Leila Moore, Correspondence, Jan.-Feb.
Box 118
Box 118, Folder 11998VP Leila Moore, Correspondence, March-Aug.
Box 118, Folder 21999VP Leila Moore, Correspondence
Box 118, Folder 31998VP Leila Moore, Correspondence, Sept.-Dec.
Box 118, Folder 42000VP Leila Moore, Correspondence, Jan.-Aug.
Box 118, Folder 52000VP Leila Moore, Correspondence, Oct.-Dec.
Box 118, Folder 62001VP Leila Moore, Correspondence, Jan.-June
Box 118, Folder 71996Wellness
Box 118, Folder 81999Y2K Compliance
Box 118, Folder 91998-2000Durham Main Street Program: Committee
Box 118, Folder 101999Durham Main Street Program: By-Laws, Articles of Agreement
Box 118, Folder 111998Durham Main Street Program: Finances
Box 119
Box 119, Folder 11990-2003Fireside Experience Program
Box 119, Folder 21999Greek Affairs
Box 119, Folder 32000Greek Affairs
Box 119, Folder 42000-2001Greek Affairs: Chapter Liaison Program
Box 119, Folder 52001Greek Affairs
Box 119, Folder 62002Greek Affairs
Box 119, Folder 72003Greek Affairs
Box 119, Folder 82004Greek Affairs
Box 119, Folder 92002Greek Awards Banquet
Box 119, Folder 10Handbooks
Box 120
Box 120, Folder 11997-2001IFC/Panhel
Box 120, Folder 21999-2001IFC/Panhel By-Laws and Constitutions
Box 120, Folder 31998National Panhellenic Council Conference
Box 120, Folder 41992-1994Panhel/IFC Agendas
Box 120, Folder 52001-2003NEASC Self-Study
Box 120, Folder 62003NEASC Self-Study Final Report
Box 120, Folder 72003Skate Park
Box 120, Folder 81996-2001Alcohol Abuse/Awareness On-Campus
Box 120, Folder 91999Alcohol Trend Data for UNH
Box 120, Folder 101998-1999Assessment Team Year End Report
Box 120, Folder 111997Athletic Advisory Committee: Draft of Organization, Minutes and Members
Box 120, Folder 121997Athletic Fees Review by Financial Affairs Subcommittee
Box 120, Folder 131998Athletic Compliance Committee Note and Members
Box 120, Folder 14Athletic Trainers Policies and Procedures
Box 121
Box 121, Folder 11995-1997Athletics: Audit Committee Reports and Requests
Box 121, Folder 2Athletics: Fitness Trainer and Instructor Manuals
Box 121, Folder 31995Athletics: Graduation Rates
Box 121, Folder 41996Athletics: Graduation Rates
Box 121, Folder 51997Athletics: Graduation Rates
Box 121, Folder 67/1/1996Athletics: Head Coaches Employment Contract
Box 121, Folder 7Athletics: Misc. Job Descriptions
Box 121, Folder 81995Athletics: Report on Review of the System of Internal Accounting Controls at Intercollegiate Athletics
Box 121, Folder 9Athletics: Student Athlete Academic Support Services Survey
Box 121, Folder 101998Athletics: Student Athlete Handbook Work Model
Box 121, Folder 111998Athletics: Training Correspondence
Box 121, Folder 12Campaign for Academic Excellence
Box 121, Folder 131998Campus Card Concerns: Cats Cache and Wildcard
Box 121, Folder 141998-1999Campus Compact: President's Update
Box 121, Folder 151998-1999Campus Compact: Board of Directors Meetings
Box 121, Folder 161999Campus Compact: AmeriCorps VISTA Literacy Corps Request for Proposals
Box 121, Folder 171999Campus Compact: Strategic Planning Document and Questions
Box 121, Folder 182000Campus Compact: AmeriCorps Education Award Only: Student Service Leadership Corps Application
Box 121, Folder 1911/21/2000Campus Compact: Service Learning Grant Proposal
Box 121, Folder 202000Campus Compact: Misc. Correspondence
Box 121, Folder 21May 2001Campus Compact: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 121, Folder 221999-2000Coed Apartment Living Pilot Program
Box 121, Folder 231997College Alcohol Survey Results
Box 121, Folder 242002Collegiate Readership Program
Box 121, Folder 252001Cooperative Extension Team Assessment Project (TAP) Materials
Box 121, Folder 261996-1997Crisis Response Guidelines
Box 121, Folder 271999-2000Crisis Response Guidelines
Box 121, Folder 282001-2002Defibrillators Correspondence
Box 121, Folder 291999-2003Diversity Team Committee: Reports, Surveys, Correspondence
Box 121, Folder 301998Diversity Training: Train the Trainer Workshop and Correspondence
Box 121, Folder 311997-2002Division of Student Affairs: Vision, Mission, Values
Box 122
Box 122, Folder 11997-1999Drug Advisory Committee: Meeting Minutes and Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 22000-2001Drug and Alcohol Community Coalition: Meetings, Notes, Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 3July-Nov.1998Durham Main Street Program: Organization Committee Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Box 122, Folder 41998Durham Main Street Program: Work Plan
Box 122, Folder 5March 1998Durham Town Charter, Revised
Box 122, Folder 6Oct. 2001Implementing the Vision and Values of UNH: Turning Our Intent Into Effective Action Meeting
Box 122, Folder 7Oct. 30, 1963Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 81965Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 91996Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 101968Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 111969Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 121970Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 131971Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 141972Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 151974-1977Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 161982-1984Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 171985-1986Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 181987Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 191990-1991Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 201992Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 211993-1994Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 221997Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 231998Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 241999Law Enforcement Authority Correspondence
Box 122, Folder 252000Leadership
Box 122, Folder 261998-1999Learning Communities (Misc. Material)
Box 122, Folder 27Feb. 2002Legislation: House Bill 1304 (Preference in hiring)
Box 122, Folder 28Nov. 2002Legislation: Communication Plan for the 2003 NH Legislative Session
Box 122, Folder 292003Legislation: House Bill 55 (enrollment and completion rates)
Box 122, Folder 302003Legislation: House Bill 395 (voter registration)
Box 122, Folder 312003Legislation: House Bill 575-FN (voter registration and in-state tuition )
Box 122, Folder 322003Legislation: Representatives and Senators Who Attended USNH Institutions
Box 122, Folder 332003Legislation: Resource Book for the 2003 Legislative Session
Box 122, Folder 342003Legislation: Senate Bill 15
Box 122, Folder 35Nov. 2004Legislation Recommendations Stemming from Durham Riots
Box 123
Box 123, Folder 11997-1998Marketing Plans: Football
Box 123, Folder 21997-1998Marketing Plans: Gymnastics
Box 123, Folder 31997-1998Marketing Plans: Men's Basketball
Box 123, Folder 41997-1998Marketing Plans: Men's Ice Hockey
Box 123, Folder 51997-1998Marketing Plans: Women's Basketball
Box 123, Folder 61997-1998Marketing Plans: Women's Ice Hockey
Box 123, Folder 71998Martin Luther King Program/Committee
Box 123, Folder 82000- 2002Naming of Dining and Residence Halls
Box 123, Folder 91997NCAA Certification Commitment to Equity Task Force: Minutes and Memos
Box 123, Folder 10NCAA Certification Governance and Compliance Task Force Slate of Meetings
Box 123, Folder 11April 1997NCAA Equity Audit Interview Questions
Box 123, Folder 121996NCAA Gender Equity Survey
Box 123, Folder 131997- 1998NCAA Peer Review Evaluation and Steering Committee: Correspondence, Schedule and Study
Box 123, Folder 141999NHCUC Stakeholders Meeting Against Alcohol Abuse Among College Students: Correspondence, Agenda, Notes, Participants
Box 123, Folder 152000NHCUC Stakeholders Meeting Against Alcohol Abuse Among College Students: Correspondence
Box 123, Folder 162000NHCUC Stakeholders Meeting Against Alcohol Abuse Among College Students
Box 123, Folder 171997- 2002Nontraditional Student Advisory Board: Misc. Correspondence and Meetings
Box 123, Folder 182000- 2002ORCHY (Oyster River Community for Healthy Youth) Coalition Meeting: Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence
Box 123, Folder 191997Organization Oversight Committee Notes
Box 123, Folder 202001Outing Club Agreement
Box 123, Folder 211997-1998Parking and Traffic Rules and Regulations
Box 123, Folder 221993- 2003Parking Concerns: Misc. Correspondence
Box 123, Folder 23June 1990Police Services Arrangement for the Town of Durham and UNH
Box 123, Folder 24Policy Regarding Undercover Agents
Box 123, Folder 251993Policy on Greek System Expansion
Box 123, Folder 261996- 1998Policy and Procedures on Misconduct in Scholarly Activity and Research
Box 123, Folder 271997Policy on H.I.V
Box 123, Folder 281997Policy on Fundraising
Box 123, Folder 291997Policy on Use of USNH Technical Resources
Box 123, Folder 301997Policy Correspondence on Use of Campus Facilities
Box 123, Folder 311997Policy on Alcohol
Box 123, Folder 321997- 1998Policy on Gifts and Grants
Box 123, Folder 331997- 1998Policy Concerns on Student/Medical Health Insurance
Box 123, Folder 341997- 1999Policy Issues on Extra Pay and Reimbursement
Box 123, Folder 351998Policy Correspondence on Qualified Immunity for USNH Volunteers
Box 123, Folder 361998Policy on Firearms
Box 123, Folder 371998Policy (Personnel) on Controlled Substances in the Workplace
Box 123, Folder 381998- 1999Policy on Institutional Policy Development, Review and Approval
Box 123, Folder 391998- 1999Policy Procedures on Travel Risk Management
Box 123, Folder 401998- 2001Policy Procedures: Financial and Administrative
Box 124
Box 124, Folder 1Jan. 1999Policy on Visits by Presidential Candidates and Candidates for Congressional or Statewide Political Offices
Box 124, Folder 21999Policy on Privacy Use of Electronic Communications and Resources
Box 124, Folder 31999Policy Guidelines on Spousal/Partner Expenses
Box 124, Folder 41999Policy on Private Business Use of HEFA Facilities
Box 124, Folder 5May 1999Policy: NASPA Public Policy Advisory
Box 124, Folder 61999Policy Change on Internal Promotion
Box 124, Folder 72000Policy Change by Faculty Senate
Box 124, Folder 82000Policy on Naming Facilities
Box 124, Folder 9May-Sept.2000Policy on Copyright Clearance
Box 124, Folder 10Sept. -Dec. 2000Policy on Mailing Lists/Files
Box 124, Folder 11Jan. 2000-July 2001Policy on Smoke Free UNH
Box 124, Folder 12May 2001Policy Correspondence on USNH PCards
Box 124, Folder 13Sept. 10, 2001Policy Correspondence on Institutional Aid and Withdrawing Students
Box 124, Folder 14Dec. 2001Policy on UNH World Wide Web Resources
Box 124, Folder 15Aug. 2002Policy on Promotion and Advertising
Box 124, Folder 16Oct. 2002Policy on Advisory Councils
Box 124, Folder 17July 14, 1998President's Vision for the Next Decade
Box 124, Folder 18Aug.-Oct.2001Rail Safety
Box 124, Folder 191999-2002Recognized Student Organizations: Policy, List, Form
Box 124, Folder 201998Resale Space in the Memorial Union Building
Box 124, Folder 212001-2004Residential Life Council Goals
Box 124, Folder 22Aug.-Oct.1998Safe Zones Meeting
Box 124, Folder 23Sept. 1997-April 1998Safety and Loss Management: Minutes and Correspondence
Box 124, Folder 24Aug. 18, 1999Special Events Parking Procedure
Box 124, Folder 25Special Interest Housing
Box 124, Folder 26Feb. 20, 1998Staff Evaluation Process
Box 124, Folder 27Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Diversity Team Strategic Plan Contributions
Box 124, Folder 282002Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Goals for the MUB, Services and Programs FY'02
Box 124, Folder 29Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Nontraditional Student Advisory Board Plan Contributions Strategic Action Steps
Box 124, Folder 30Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Research and Assessment Center "A Dynamic Work in Progress" Strategic Plan
Box 124, Folder 31Sept. 1998Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Health Services Goals for FY'99
Box 124, Folder 322000-2003PStrategic Planning: Student Affairs Health Services Strategic Plan
Box 124, Folder 33Oct. 2001Strategic Planning: Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan
Box 124, Folder 34Nov. 2, 2001Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Counseling Center Goals FY'02
Box 124, Folder 352001Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Judicial Programs Goals and Police Strategic Plan
Box 124, Folder 362001Strategic Planning: Student Affairs 3 Year Plan for Campus Recreation
Box 124, Folder 372001-2004Strategic Planning: Student Affairs Residential Life Strategic Plan
Box 124, Folder 38Dec. 1997Student Affairs Assessment Plan
Box 124, Folder 392000-2001Student Affairs Team Descriptions
Box 124, Folder 401995-2004Student Handbook Rights, Rules and Responsibilities Misc. Correspondence
Box 124, Folder 411995-2001Student Insurance: Misc. Correspondence
Box 124, Folder 421996-2001Student Insurance: Accident/Injury and Sickness Plan Brochures
Box 124, Folder 432000-2001Student Insurance: Survey/Study Correspondence
Box 124, Folder 442000-2001Student Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions
Box 124, Folder 452001-2002Task Force on Computer Network Security: Reports and Misc. Correspondence
Box 125
Box 125, Folder 1Jan. 24, 1991Town/Gown Advisory Committee Meeting
Box 125, Folder 2Feb. 11, 1991Town/Gown Committee Recommendations
Box 125, Folder 3Mar. 11, 1991Town/Gown Committee Recommendations on Policing and Dispatching in Durham
Box 125, Folder 4June 30, 2000Town/Gown Meeting
Box 125, Folder 51997-2001Transportation Committee: Reports and Misc. Correspondence
Box 125, Folder 62001-2002UNH RAP- Responsible Alcohol Practices Research Project
Box 125, Folder 72001USNH Goals, Emphases and Initiatives for FY'02
Box 125, Folder 81998-2000Web-based Alcohol Intervention Program Proposal and Funding Request
Box 125, Folder 91997-1998Winter Parking Ban Correspondence
Box 125, Folder 101998-1999Zero Tolerance Program Correspondence
Box 125, Folder 11July 1997-Jan 1998Alcohol Policy Drafts and Correspondence
Box 125, Folder 12June 30, 2004Alcohol Reports: Alcohol Planning Group
Box 125, Folder 131999-2000Alcohol Reports: Status of Student Alcohol Use at the University of NH
Box 125, Folder 14Oct-Nov 2003Alcohol Reports: Study Circles on the Impact of Alcohol on Our Community
Box 125, Folder 15March 2005Americans with Disabilities Act Interagency Agreement
Box 125, Folder 16July 2001-March 2002Athletic/Recreation Fields Upgrade
Box 125, Folder 171999Campus Recreation: Advisory Committee Information and Correspondence
Box 125, Folder 181999-2001Campus Recreation: Annual Reports
Box 125, Folder 192001-2002Campus Recreation: New Initiatives for 2001-2002
Box 125, Folder 201999-2001Career Services Annual Reports
Box 125, Folder 212001-2004Counseling Center: Annual Reports
Box 125, Folder 22May 2001-May 2002Counseling Center: Correspondence
Box 126
Box 126, Folder 12002Fraternity Guide to Rush and Recruitment
Box 126, Folder 2May 1979-April 1998Greek Affairs: Acacia Fraternity Timeline, Media and Correspondence
Box 126, Folder 3June 24, 1999Greek Affairs: Acacia History-Deposition Transcript
Box 126, Folder 41999-2000Greek Affairs: Annual Report
Box 126, Folder 5July 1999-April 24, 2002Greek Affairs: Freshman Pledging Correspondence
Box 126, Folder 6Fall 1996-February 2000Greek Affairs: Scholarship and Membership Reports
Box 126, Folder 72000-May 2002Greek Life: Alpha Gamma Rho
Box 126, Folder 8Feb 2000Greek Life: Tau Kappa Ep
Box 126, Folder 92002-2003Greek Life: Alpha Phi
Box 126, Folder 101998-May 2000Greek Life: Alpha Tau Omega
Box 126, Folder 11Oct 2002-Nov 2003Greek Life: Alpha Xi Delta
Box 126, Folder 12April-May 2002Greek Life: Chi Omega Sorority
Box 126, Folder 13Sept 1999-Sept 2002Greek Life: Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
Box 126, Folder 14April 2001-April 2004Greek Life: Phi Kappa Sigma
Box 126, Folder 15Jan 1998-June 2002Greek Life: Phi Kappa Theta
Box 126, Folder 16Oct 2000-Oct 2002Greek Life: Phi Mu Delta
Box 126, Folder 17Feb 1998-April 2000Greek Life: Pi Kappa Alpha
Box 126, Folder 18June 1998-Sept 2002Greek Life: Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Box 126, Folder 192000-May 2002Greek Life: Sigma Beta
Box 126, Folder 20April 1998-May 2002Greek Life: Sigma Nu
Box 126, Folder 211999-2000Health Services: Annual Report
Box 126, Folder 22Nov 1999-May 2001HEHFA-Housing Projects Correspondence
Box 126, Folder 23June 1, 2005HEFA Steering Committee Discussion
Box 127
Box 127, Folder 1March 2000-Oct 2002Judicial Programs Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 127, Folder 2April 6, 2001Judicial Programs Office: Consulting Report University Judicial System
Box 127, Folder 3Judicial Programs Office Volutneer and Complaint Manuals
Box 127, Folder 4April 2000-Feb 2001Memorial Union Building Service Issues and Policy
Box 127, Folder 5Jan 28, 1997Muslim Student Association Correspondence
Box 127, Folder 62005NCAA Athletics Certification
Box 127, Folder 71995NCAA Champs/Life Skills Program
Box 127, Folder 8April 11, 2002NCAA Division 1 Athletic Certification Interim Report
Box 127, Folder 9June 2001-Aug 2002NCAA Interim Report Planning Correspondence
Box 127, Folder 101995-1996NCAA Report on Agreed Upon Procedures Performed to Comply with NCAA Requirements
Box 127, Folder 11April 1999-Feb 2002Outdoor Swimming Pool Committee and Feasibility Study
Box 127, Folder 12Feb-March 1998Positive Norming
Box 127, Folder 13Sept 2001-Feb 2002September 11th Group Meetings
Box 127, Folder 14Fall 2002Sorority Recruitment
Box 127, Folder 15March 2001-June 2002Strategic Planning
Box 128
Box 128, Folder 11997-1999Student Affairs: Teams Descriptions and General Information
Box 128, Folder 2Jan. 15, 2002Student Affairs: Winter Staff Development � Role in Addressing Sexual Violence
Box 128, Folder 31997-1998Student Affairs Teams: Academic Integration Team Goals/Accomplishments
Box 128, Folder 41997-1999Student Affairs Teams: Assessment Team Report and Goals
Box 128, Folder 5Oct. 30, 2001Student Affairs Teams: Diversity Team Notes
Box 128, Folder 61997-1999Student Affairs Teams: Education Team Goals/Accomplishments
Box 128, Folder 71998Student Affairs Teams: First Year Integration Team Goals/Accomplishments
Box 128, Folder 81997-1999Student Affairs Teams: Greek Affairs Reports and Notes
Box 128, Folder 91997-1998Student Affairs Teams: Judicial Team Report
Box 128, Folder 101996-1999Student Affairs Teams: Leadership Caucus Team Minutes and Goals
Box 128, Folder 11Dec. 1997Student Affairs Teams: Service Learning Team Progress Report
Box 128, Folder 121997-1998Student Affairs Teams: Social Programming Team Report
Box 128, Folder 13Jan. 2001-May 2002Student Health Insurance Renewal Correspondence
Box 128, Folder 14May 2002Student To Student Day Report
Box 128, Folder 151998-2001Student Senate
Box 128, Folder 161997-1999Surveys: Alumni Questionnaire and Report
Box 128, Folder 17Oct. 2002-December 2004Surveys: Institutional Research Correspondence
Box 128, Folder 18Aug. 2001UNH Chaplains Association Correspondence
Box 128, Folder 19Feb.-April 2002UNH Frozen Four Events
Box 128, Folder 202001VPSA Correspondence
Box 128, Folder 212002-2003VPSA Correspondence
Box 128, Folder 221997-2004WUNH Board of Governor's meetings
Box 128, Folder 232000-2005WUNH Constitution, Contracts and Lease Agreements
Box 128, Folder 242000WUNH Fall program guide