Ann Weaver Hart Papers

Collection number: UA 2/1/18
Size: 17 boxes (5.61 cu.ft.)

About Ann Weaver Hart

Ann Weaver Hart earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in History at Utah University. She received her bachelor’s of science in 1970 followed by her masters of arts in 1981. In 1983, she obtained her PhD in educational administration. Research interests that were important to her included: organizational behavior in educational organizations, leadership development and succession, and academic freedom of speech. She has served as editor of the top research journal in her field and has published over 85 articles and book chapters, edited volumes, and five books. From 1993 to1998, she served as the Dean of the Graduate School as well as Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Utah. After serving there she became the provost and vice president of Academic Affairs at California’s Claremont Graduate University. During her career she has been actively involved in many professional and service organizations, serving in various leadership roles.

Ann Hart was appointed eighteenth president of the University of New Hampshire on July 1, 2002 and was inaugurated later that year on Nov. 22nd. During her years at UNH, there was much success in raising private funds as well as a significant increase in sponsored grants supporting research efforts. Her efforts helped establish a strong leadership team as well as the 2003 launch of the Student Summit on Responsible Celebrations. This caused a much needed change in student culture including a successful community relations program called "Durham: It’s Where U Live". Some of her other accomplishments included a successful diversity strategic plan and outreach efforts with minority communities. She also encouraged continued improvements to academic and residential facilities. While at the University she served on the Board of Trustees of the University System of New Hampshire, the Board of Directors of Citizens Bank of New Hampshire, and the Board of Governors of NHPT. In May of 2006, she was elected as the next president of Temple University effective July 1st and the USNH Board appointed an interim president to take over responsibilities upon President Hart’s departure.

About the Ann Weaver Hart Papers

This series contains the presidential papers of Ann Weaver Hart. Topics include: Freedom of speech, diversity on campus, affimative action, alumni association, campus/student conduct, relations between the university and the town of Durham, and gender equality on campus.

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[Identification of item], Ann Weaver Hart Papers, 2002-2006, UA 2/1/18, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These papers were transferred from the president's office, 2006

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1AAC: Survey on Student Athletes Perceptions of the UNH Athletics Dept.
Box 1, Folder 2Dec. 1996-March 1997 AAC: Reduction of Teams at UNH
Box 1, Folder 3May 1997-March 2002 AAC: Friends of UNH Baseball Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 4April 2001-May 2004 AAC: Athletics Advisory Committee
Box 1, Folder 5July 8, 2003 AAC: Elimination of Men’s Lacrosse
Box 1, Folder 6July 23, 2003 AAC: Equity Subcommittee Report
Box 1, Folder 7Nov. 2003-Feb. 2004 AAC: Program Review
Box 1, Folder 8Dec. 1996-Oct. 2006 AAC: Fields and Facilities
Box 1, Folder 9May 2002 AAUP: American Association of University Professors Relative Value Index Executive Summary Report
Box 1, Folder 10Oct. 2002-June 2006 AAUP: Negotiations, Collective Bargaining 7amp; Benefits Committee
Box 1, Folder 11March-Aug. 2004ABET: Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology Review
Box 1, Folder 12Jan. 1998-May 2005 Academic Affairs: Misc. Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 13Nov. 2002-March 2004 Academic Affairs: VPAA Search Committee
Box 1, Folder 14Nov. 21, 1997-Feb. 4, 2003 Academic Calendar: Correspondence, Guidelines and Proposed Calendars 2001-2009
Box 1, Folder 15Sept. 2003 Academic Housing Alliance Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 161995-1996Academic Senate: Agendas, Minutes, News
Box 1, Folder 172003Accreditation: CHEA Council for Higher Accreditation
Box 1, Folder 18July 31, 2003 Accreditation: NAACLS Clinical Laboratory Sciences Program Review Committee Recommendation
Box 1, Folder 19Sept. 30, 2003 Accreditation: Award from NAACLS
Box 1, Folder 202003-2004Accreditation: Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education Correspondence and Report
Box 1, Folder 212004Accreditation: ACOTE Occupational Therapy Report
Box 1, Folder 22Accreditation: Society of American Foresters Summary Findings and Action Report for Forestry Curriculum
Box 1, Folder 232004Accreditation: NRPA/AALR Council Report and Response for Recreation and Management Policy
Box 1, Folder 242004Accreditation: NEASC Misc. Correspondence and Self-Study Report of NEASC Team
Box 1, Folder 252005Accreditation: Review for the Master of Public Health Program by Council on Education for Public Health
Box 1, Folder 262005Accreditation: American Psychological Association Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 272003-2005Accreditation: NASM Correspondence and Action Reports
Box 1, Folder 282002-2005ACE: American Council on Education Misc. Correspondence
Box 1, Folder 292002-2005ACE: Strategic Plan & Leadership Activities
Box 1, Folder 302001-2002ACE: Commission on Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness Meetings
Box 1, Folder 31Oct. 2002ACE: Commission on Women in Higher Education List
Box 1, Folder 322002ACE: Network – State Coordinators, Presidential Sponsors & Executive Board Liaison Assignments
Box 1, Folder 33Sept. 5, 2002ACE Office of Women in Higher Education: Review of Program Evaluation Methods, Findings & Recommendations
Box 1, Folder 34Oct. 25, 2002ACE Office of Women in Higher Education: Commission Agenda
Box 1, Folder 35April 4, 2005ACE Office of Women in Higher Education: Commission Meeting
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1March 5, 2004 ACLS: American Council of Learned Societies Annual Meeting
Box 2, Folder 2Aug. 31. 2005ACLS: Fellowship Award
Box 2, Folder 3Dec. 2002-Sept. 2003Active Retirement Association Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 4May 20, 1998Administrative Services Redesign Project Update
Box 2, Folder 52000-2001Affirmative Action Office: Fourth Annual Report
Box 2, Folder 62001-2002Affirmative Action Office: Fifth Annual Report
Box 2, Folder 72002Affirmative Action: HB-1304
Box 2, Folder 82002Affirmative Action: Advisory Committee of US Civil Rights Commission List
Box 2, Folder 9March 2003Affirmative Action: Report for UNH 2002
Box 2, Folder 102003Affirmative Action: HB-55
Box 2, Folder 11Feb. 2002-April 2005Affirmative Action: Misc. Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 12Alumni: Luncheon Remarks
Box 2, Folder 13Aug.-Oct. 2002Alumni: Advancement Center Meetings and Reports
Box 2, Folder 14Sept. 2002Alumni: Elliott Alumni Center Building Policy
Box 2, Folder 15June 2003Alumni: Meritorious Service Award Association
Box 2, Folder 16June 2003Alumni: Reunion Annual Award Luncheon Remarks
Box 2, Folder 172003-2004Alumni: Executive Director of Alumni Affairs Search Committee
Box 2, Folder 18June 2004Alumni: Reunion Weekend
Box 2, Folder 19July 2004Alumni: Articles of Association
Box 2, Folder 20March 3-7, 2005Alumni: UNH NORCAL Chapter Visit
Box 2, Folder 21June 10, 2005Alumni: 1955 Class Act
Box 2, Folder 22June 18, 2005Alumni: Boston Night at the Pops
Box 2, Folder 23July 26, 2005Alumni: Event Golf Tournament Itinerary
Box 2, Folder 24Aug. 11-13, 2005Alumni: San Diego Alumni Chapter Annual Dinner Visit
Box 2, Folder 25Sept. 1-5, 2005Alumni: UNH NORCAL Chapter Visit
Box 2, Folder 26June 9, 2001Alumni Association: Articles of Association & Bylaws Revised
Box 2, Folder 27June 2002Alumni Association: Datatel Benefactor Info System
Box 2, Folder 282002-2003Alumni Association: Board of Directors List
Box 2, Folder 29April 26, 2003Alumni Association: Board of Directors Spring Meeting
Box 2, Folder 30Sept. 27, 2003Alumni Association: Board of Directors Fall Meeting
Box 2, Folder 312003-2004Alumni Association: Board of Directors List
Box 2, Folder 322003-2004Alumni Association: Committee Assignments
Box 2, Folder 33April 24, 2004Alumni Association: Board of Directors Spring Meeting
Box 2, Folder 34June 12, 2004Alumni Association: Annual Meeting
Box 2, Folder 352004-2005Alumni Association: Board of Directors List
Box 2, Folder 36Jan. 15, 2005Alumni Association: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 2, Folder 37June 11, 2005Alumni Association: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 2, Folder 38Sept. 17, 2005Alumni Association: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 2, Folder 392002-2006Alumni Association: Affairs Resolution and Misc. Correspondence
Box 2, Folder 402005-2006Alumni Association: Board of Directors List
Box 2, Folder 41Anne Weaver Hart Columnist
Box 2, Folder 422002-2003Anthropology Department Misc. Correspondence
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 12001-2004AOP: Administrative Office Professionals Annual Conferences 4th-7th
Box 3, Folder 2June 15, 2006Appointment of Research Faculty Policy and Procedures Revision
Box 3, Folder 3Jan. 2002-Nov. 2003APSC: Academic Planning Steering Committee and Misc. Academic Plan Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 42001-2006Academic Plan
Box 3, Folder 52002-2007Academic Plan
Box 3, Folder 62003-2008Academic Plan
Box 3, Folder 7Art Gallery: Board of Advisors Report & Minutes
Box 3, Folder 8Jan. 12, 2005Art Gallery: View from Italy UNH Artists in Ascoli Piceno Price List
Box 3, Folder 9June 2002-May 2005Art Gallery: Receipts
Box 3, Folder 10Aug. 2004-Feb. 2006Art Gallery: Misc. Records & Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 11June 1996Athletics: Director of Athletic Fundraising Position Description
Box 3, Folder 122001-2002Athletics: Wildcat Athletics Council
Box 3, Folder 13Jan. 2002Athletics: UNH Stadium Study
Box 3, Folder 14July 2002Athletics: “From the Bulls to the Wildcats: The First 20 Years of Men’s Hockey at UNH”
Box 3, Folder 152002-2003Athletics: UNH Sports Gallery Project
Box 3, Folder 16Sept. 2003Athletics: Blue and White Foundation
Box 3, Folder 172003Athletics: Budget
Box 3, Folder 18May 2002-Nov. 2004Athletics: Reinstatement of Baseball
Box 3, Folder 192003-2004Athletics: Honor Roll Letters
Box 3, Folder 202004Athletics: Wildcat Booster Guide
Box 3, Folder 21April 2, 2004Athletics: UNH Baseball/Women’s Softball Meeting
Box 3, Folder 22Nov. 2004Athletics: Strategic Planning for Personnel and Administration of Athletics Fundraising
Box 3, Folder 23Nov. 2002-April 2005Athletics: Hockey Culture, Media, & Coaching
Box 3, Folder 242005Athletics: NCAA Certification & Agreed-Upon Procedure Report
Box 3, Folder 25Feb. 11, 2002Awards: Christa McAuliffe Award for Exemplary Programs in Teacher Education Pre-proposal
Box 3, Folder 26April 15, 2004Awards: EPA’s Environmental Merit Award Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 27Aug. 2004Awards: ASCAP Award recipients
Box 3, Folder 28Jan. 2005Awards: Fidelity
Box 3, Folder 29Feb. 2005Awards: Lindberg Award Letters
Box 3, Folder 30Feb. 2005Awards: Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award Nomination
Box 3, Folder 312004-2005Awards: Gridiron Club of Boston Award Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 32Awards: Army ROTC Awards Correspondence & Program
Box 3, Folder 332005-2006Awards: Brad Perry Award Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 34Aug. 2003Banner HR Memo
Box 3, Folder 35Biographical Information on Ann Weaver Hart, President
Box 3, Folder 36Sept. 2002Biological & Chemical Safety Plan
Box 3, Folder 37Feb. 2002Biomolecular Interaction Technologies Center Annual Report
Box 3, Folder 382003-2004Blood Drives: Durham/American Red Cross
Box 3, Folder 392004-2005Board of Trustees Misc.
Box 3, Folder 402005-2006Board of Trustees Draft Reference Guide
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1CAA: Colonial Athletic Association of Football Institutions
Box 4, Folder 2Nov. 2004CAA: Football Constitution & Bylaws
Box 4, Folder 3Nov. 2004CAA: Proposal for Creation of CAA Football
Box 4, Folder 4Jan. 2004-Feb. 2005CAA: Football League Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 5Dec. 2000Campus Compact: President’s Declaration on Civic Responsibility of Higher Education
Box 4, Folder 6Sept. 2002-June2003Campus Compact: Membership Renewal
Box 4, Folder 7April 2004Campus Compact: Sub Grant for Building the Civic Life of Higher Education
Box 4, Folder 82004-2005Campus Compact: Sub Grant for Community Service Work Study
Box 4, Folder 9Aug. 2005Campus Compact: Annual Membership Survey
Box 4, Folder 10May 2006Campus Compact: Collaborative Board Meeting with NHCUC
Box 4, Folder 112003-2006Campus Compact: President’s Awards Descriptions and Recipients
Box 4, Folder 12July 1994"Campus Journal" Mission Statement
Box 4, Folder 132002-2003Campus Planning Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 141999-2000Campus Recreation: PFT Program Policies
Box 4, Folder 152003Campus Recreation: Recreational Sports Program CAS Standards and Guidelines
Box 4, Folder 162004Campus Recreation: Sport Club Policy Manual, revised
Box 4, Folder 172004Campus Recreation: AAC Program Review & Recommendations
Box 4, Folder 182004-2005Campus Recreation: Inter-collegiate Athletic Consulting Recreation and Athletic Study
Box 4, Folder 192004-2005Campus Recreation: Mission, Vision, and Organizational Structure Usage Report
Box 4, Folder 202002-2005Campus Recreation: Strategic Plan
Box 4, Folder 212003-2006Campus Recreation: Strategic Plan
Box 4, Folder 222004-2007Campus Recreation: Strategic Plan
Box 4, Folder 23July 5, 2005Campus Visit: Janice Jaferian
Box 4, Folder 24April-Oct. 2002Capital Budget Overview Committee Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 25June 4, 1999Capital Campaign Volunteer Leadership Committee
Box 4, Folder 26June 8, 2004Carnegie Classification System 2005 revision
Box 4, Folder 27Carsey Institute: Proposal
Box 4, Folder 28Jan. 2003Carsey Institute: Presentations
Box 4, Folder 29Feb. 2003-Aug. 2004Carsey Institute: Director Search and Interview Guidelines
Box 4, Folder 302002-2005CASE Correspondence Awards & Directory
Box 4, Folder 31Oct. 22, 2000Center of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences Proposal
Box 4, Folder 32Oct. 22, 2000Center for College Health & Safety President’s Leadership Group Award
Box 4, Folder 33Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Research (CLEAR) Proposal
Box 4, Folder 34Feb. 2003Center for Public Responsibility Proposal
Box 4, Folder 35March 2003Center for Public Responsibility Proposal
Box 4, Folder 36April 16, 2003Center for Public Responsibility Endowed Fund Memorandum of Understanding
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 12002Central Budget Committee: Meeting Agendas
Box 5, Folder 22003Central Budget Committee: Meeting Agendas
Box 5, Folder 32004Central Budget Committee: Meeting Agendas
Box 5, Folder 4Oct. 2004Central Budget Committee: RCM Review
Box 5, Folder 52005Central Budget Committee: Meeting Agendas
Box 5, Folder 62006Central Budget Committee: Meeting Agendas
Box 5, Folder 7Sept. 11, 2001Cogeneration: UNH Cogen Feasibility Study
Box 5, Folder 8May 23, 2003Cogeneration: Project History & Scope for 2005
Box 5, Folder 9June 6, 2003Cogeneration: Steering Committee
Box 5, Folder 10Sept. 9, 2003Cogeneration: Steering Committee Meeting & Feasibility of Co-Generation at UNH
Box 5, Folder 112003Cogeneration: Correspondence & Briefing for USNH Chancellor
Box 5, Folder 12Dec. 2003Cogeneration: Executive Summary Strategic Plan for Electricity & Related Utilities
Box 5, Folder 13Feb. 2004Cogeneration: Media Relations Article
Box 5, Folder 142004-2005COLA: Asian Studies Correspondence Request to Reinstate Chinese Language Instruction
Box 5, Folder 152003College Woods: "UNH Woodlands-A Living Library for Continual Learning” by James Barrett
Box 5, Folder 162005College Woods: Winter-Spring Tweets 2005 in NH-A Celebration by James Barrett
Box 5, Folder 172003-2005College Woods: Correspondence of James Barrett
Box 5, Folder 18June 2002COLSA: East Coast Worm Meeting Correspondence
Box 5, Folder 19June 24-29, 2002COLSA: UNH Equine Program Summer Dressage Show
Box 5, Folder 202004-2005COLSA: UNH Poultry Farm Correspondence
Box 5, Folder 212004-2005COLSA: Sustainability Office Virtuous Globalization Dialogue & Correspondence
Box 5, Folder 222004-2006COLSA: Misc. Correspondence
Box 5, Folder 23March 6, 2006COLSA: Programmatic Displacement Joint Review Committee report
Box 5, Folder 242002Commencement – Correspondence & Program
Box 5, Folder 252002Commencement: Platform & Luncheon
Box 5, Folder 262003Commencement – Correspondence & Program
Box 5, Folder 272000Commencement – Thompson School: Program Procedure
Box 5, Folder 282002Commencement – Thompson School: Program Procedure
Box 5, Folder 292003Commencement – Thompson School: Program Procedure
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1July 2005Community Guide for UH Students Living in NH Seacoast Area
Box 6, Folder 22004Communications & Marketing Strategic Plan 2004-2008
Box 6, Folder 32003Compassionate Leave Pilot Program; Procedure & Applications
Box 6, Folder 4200-2003Computing & Information Services: Academic Technology Plan
Box 6, Folder 5May-June, 2005Computing & Information Services: Assistant VP Search
Box 6, Folder 62001-2006Condolences: Letters
Box 6, Folder 72002-2006Condolences: Faculty & UNH Community Deaths
Box 6, Folder 8March 2005Condolences: Professor Stella Arambel
Box 6, Folder 9Aug. 2005Condolences: Professor Charles E. Warren Death & Memorial
Box 6, Folder 10Nov. 2005Condolences: Wakefield, Frederick & Helen Memorial Bench
Box 6, Folder 11Feb.-March 2006Condolences: Dr. Margery Milne
Box 6, Folder 12March 2006Condolences: Crescentia Healy True Death – Office of Sustainability
Box 6, Folder 13March 27, 2006Conflict of Interest Policy Disclosure
Box 6, Folder 14Feb. 25, 2003Congress 107th Appropriations
Box 6, Folder 15May 8, 2000Cooperative Extension: State Conference at the NEC
Box 6, Folder 16June 6, 2002Cooperative Extension: Statewide Conference
Box 6, Folder 17Sept. 16, 2003Cooperative Extension: Deficit Reduction Strategies
Box 6, Folder 18July-Sept. 2004Cooperative Extension: State, County & Federal Funding Issues & Budgets
Box 6, Folder 19Sept-Oct. 2004Cooperative Extension: Farm Viability Study Committee & Budget Reduction
Box 6, Folder 20April-Nov. 2005Cooperative Extension: 4-H Camp
Box 6, Folder 211998-2006Cooperative Extension: Misc. Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 222004CORAJ- Committee on Rights & Justice & the Simweryl Family (includes Photo)
Box 6, Folder 23Nov. Dec. 2002Council on University Communication & Advancement Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 242002Counseling Center Misc. Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 251999-2000DCE: Annual Evaluation
Box 6, Folder 262002-2004DCE: Division of Continuing Education Transformation Strategic Review & Planning Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 27Nov. 2002DCI Group: Evaluation Report for State University
Box 6, Folder 28Dec. 18, 2002DCI Group: Strategic Lobbying for Transportation & Appropriations Presentation
Box 6, Folder 29Jan. 13, 2003DCI Group: Strategic Lobbying for Federal Appropriations Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 30Jan. 28, 1997Delegation of Signature Authority
Box 6, Folder 31Oct. 7, 2002Department of Education Faculty Meeting
Box 6, Folder 32Discovery Showcase Proposal
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Oct. 15, 1999Distance Learning: Conference on Distance Education
Box 7, Folder 2March 2000Distance Learning: UNH Fact Sheet
Box 7, Folder 3April 2, 2004Distance Learning: Model Draft
Box 7, Folder 4Sept. 14, 2004Distance Learning: Proposal Draft Budget
Box 7, Folder 52005-2008Distance Learning: UNH-NHPTV Partnership to Support Distance Learning Analysis Draft
Box 7, Folder 6April 11, 1991Diversity: UNH Plan for Increasing Campus Diversity Report
Box 7, Folder 7Feb. 1994Diversity: Black Student Union Commission
Box 7, Folder 8Nov. 10-13, 1998Diversity: Black Student Union Diversity Agreements
Box 7, Folder 9May 2004Diversity: Analysis of the UNH Faculty Diversity Initiative by William B. Harvey
Box 7, Folder 10Sept. 2004Diversity: Black Student Union Misc. Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 11Spring 2005Diversity: Strategic Planning Task Force Meetings and Guest Speakers List
Box 7, Folder 122002-2006Donation Thank-you Letters
Box 7, Folder 13Durham: Town & UNH Joint Contractual Agreements
Box 7, Folder 14May 2000Durham: Economic Impact of UNH on Local Economy of Durham USNH Office of Policy Analysis
Box 7, Folder 152003-2004Durham: Annual Report of the Durham Mainstreet Program
Box 7, Folder 16Feb. 4, 2004Durham: Town of Durham & UNH Statement of Shared Civic Commitment
Box 7, Folder 17Sept. 29, 2005Durham: Summary & 3 Proposed Municipal Agreements-Water/waste systems, Fire Protection, Oyster River Schools
Box 7, Folder 182005Durham Ambulance Corps EMS Services Update/Review, Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 19Nov. 4, 2005Durham: “The School Agreement” Municipal agreement to Reimburse Durham for ORCSD Costs
Box 7, Folder 202001-2002Durham Town Council: Agendas & Meeting Minutes
Box 7, Folder 21March 14, 2003Durham Town Council: Re-election Letters
Box 7, Folder 222003Durham Town Council: Agendas & Meeting Minutes
Box 7, Folder 232004-2005Durham Town Council: Agendas & Meeting Minutes
Box 7, Folder 242005Durham Town Council: Core Purpose, Values & Goals Statement
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1Nov. 2002Educational Management Network Agreement
Box 8, Folder 22002-2005Emergency Planning/Response: Misc. Correspondence
Box 8, Folder 3Feb. 2006Emergency Planning/Response: Emergency Operations Plan
Box 8, Folder 4March 2005European Aeronautics & Defense Space Proposal
Box 8, Folder 5April 2005European Patent Office
Box 8, Folder 62000-2003Exchange Programs: UNH London Program at Regent’s College Agreement
Box 8, Folder 7May 2001Exchange Programs: Engineering & Physical Science Agreement between UNH and Saint Anselm College
Box 8, Folder 82001-2002Exchange Programs: Agreement between UNH & Kobe Shoin Women’s University
Box 8, Folder 92002Exchange Programs: Agreement between Lancaster University and UNH
Box 8, Folder 102002Exchange Programs: Correspondence with SINO Institute, China
Box 8, Folder 11Jan. 28, 2003Exchange Programs: NE & Quebec Memorandum of Understanding
Box 8, Folder 12Sept. 16, 2003Exchange Programs: Application for Redesignation “J” Exchange Visitor Program
Box 8, Folder 13Jan 26, 2004Exchange Programs: International Memorandum of Agreement between UNH & University of El Salvador
Box 8, Folder 14April 2004Exchange Programs: International Memorandum of Agreement between UNH & Vologda State Pedagogical Univ. & Franklin Pierce Law Center
Box 8, Folder 15May 2004Exchange Programs: Agreement between UNH & University of Delaware
Box 8, Folder 16Dec. 2004Exchange Programs: Agreement between UNH & Glion Institute
Box 8, Folder 17Jan. 21, 2005Exchange Programs: Agreement between WSBE & Nagoya University of Commerce and Business
Box 8, Folder 18June 2005Exchange Programs: Memorandum of Agreement between UNH & Elizabeth City State University
Box 8, Folder 192005-2006Exchange Programs: Semester at Sea
Box 8, Folder 202003-2006Exchange Programs: Agreement between UNH & University College of Utrecht
Box 8, Folder 212002-2003Facilities Service Delivery Model
Box 8, Folder 222006Facility Naming Policy & Developing/Implementing Standards
Box 8, Folder 232004Faculty Senate: Agenda Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Box 8, Folder 242005Faculty Senate: Agenda Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Box 8, Folder 252006Faculty Senate: Agenda Committee Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Box 8, Folder 261995-1996Faculty Senate: Faculty Caucus Vote on Constitution of Faculty Senate
Box 8, Folder 272005Faculty Senate: Faculty Caucus Meeting Minutes
Box 8, Folder 28March 10, 2003Faculty Senate: Meeting Agenda
Box 8, Folder 292004Faculty Senate: Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Box 8, Folder 302005Faculty Senate: Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Box 8, Folder 312006Faculty Senate: Meeting Agendas & Minutes
Box 8, Folder 322005Faculty Senate: Motions IX-M7 & X-M2
Box 8, Folder 33aug. 31, 2005Fall Faculty Forum Agenda & Remarks
Box 8, Folder 342004-2005Family Housing Transition Correspondence & Business Plan
Box 8, Folder 35June 2006First Year Orientation
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 12003-2006Foundation, UNH: Misc. Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 22004-2005Foundation, UNH: Annual Financial Report
Box 9, Folder 3Jan. 27-30, 2005Foundation, UNH: Board Meeting Boca Raton
Box 9, Folder 42005Foundation, UNH: Board of Directors Annual Meeting
Box 9, Folder 52005Foundation, UNH: Audit
Box 9, Folder 62005-2006Foundation, UNH: Endowment Fund Report Letters
Box 9, Folder 72000Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for Tyco Scholars Fund & Fellowship in Ocean Mapping
Box 9, Folder 8April 19, 2004Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for Edward & Selma Bacon Simon Endowed Fund
Box 9, Folder 9Aug. 2004Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for Donald M. Murray Visiting Journalist Program
Box 9, Folder 102004-2005Funds: Granite State Scholars Matching Funds Report
Box 9, Folder 112005Funds: Memorandum of Understanding Young P. Dawkins III Endowed Prize in Creative Writing
Box 9, Folder 12March 2005Funds: Elliott Trust Fund Request for Increasing Diversity in Doctoral Programs
Box 9, Folder 13June 2005Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for Albin Entrepreneurship Fund
Box 9, Folder 14July 16, 2005Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for Dwayne Wrightsman Professorship of Finance
Box 9, Folder 15Oct. 14, 2005Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for Rebecca Jane Lang ’04 Memorial Fund
Box 9, Folder 16Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for UNH Hospitality Management Student and Faculty Development Fund
Box 9, Folder 17Oct. 31, 2005Funds: Memorandum of Understanding for John & Marjorie Beyersdorf Fund for International Research
Box 9, Folder 182005-2006Funds: Edward & Diane Federman Endowed Fund Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 192005-2006Funds: President’s Fund for Excellence Allocation
Box 9, Folder 20Feb. 2006Funds: Katharine C. & Charles H. Sawyer Endowment Fund Papers
Box 9, Folder 212006Gifts Received Lists
Box 9, Folder 22Nov. 15, 2005Global Issues: Invitation by Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus
Box 9, Folder 23July 9, 2003Government Affairs Office State Legislative Session Report
Box 9, Folder 24Grants: Staff Professional Development Grant Program Committee Structure & Operating Policy
Box 9, Folder 25Aug. 1, 2001Grants: Center for New England Culture NEH Challenge Grant Proposal
Box 9, Folder 26May 7, 2002Grants: Proposal to Instructional Technology Faculty Development Grants Program
Box 9, Folder 27Dec. 2002Grants: MacArthur Foundation Grant Award to Support “The Simultaneity of Migrant Incorporation” Project
Box 9, Folder 282003-2005Grants: Sea Grant College Program & Site Review Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 29April 23, 2005Grants: Corporate Grant Agreement UNH Organic Dairy Development Fund
Box 9, Folder 30May 20, 2005Grants: FTA Revision Request
Box 9, Folder 312005Grants: FTA Revision Request
Box 9, Folder 32Sept. 19, 2005Grants: Spencer Foundation Grant Agreement
Box 9, Folder 332005Grants: Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2006 Undergraduate Grants Program
Box 9, Folder 342004Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory 1990-2003 Durham Campus & Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 35Feb. 2004Gregg Hall Proposal
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1Feb. 8, 2000HB 1180: Finance Committee of NH House of Rep. testimony by President Leitzel
Box 10, Folder 2March 8, 2000HB 699: Senate Education Committee Testimony by President Leitzel
Box 10, Folder 3Feb. 5, 2002HB 1304: House Executive Departments & Administration Committee Testimonies
Box 10, Folder 4April-May 2003HB 653: Authorizing the Production of Industrial Hemp 2002 Report & Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 5Feb. 2006HB 1679: Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 6March 8, 2006HJR 21: Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 72003-2004Housekeeping/Cleaning Correspondence & Facilities Transition Plan to Privatization
Box 10, Folder 82002Housing: Six Year Repair, Renovation & Replacement Plan
Box 10, Folder 9Oct. 29, 2002Housing: Status of Housing 4th Annual Statewide Conference Finance Authority
Box 10, Folder 102001-2004Hubbard Center for Genome Studies Progress Report
Box 10, Folder 112003Human Resources Job Descriptions & New Employee Letter
Box 10, Folder 12Oct. 11, 2005Humanities Council 2005 Annual Dinner
Box 10, Folder 132005-2006Hurricane Katrina Relief
Box 10, Folder 142003Incident: Community Response to War in Iraq
Box 10, Folder 152003-2006Incidents: Threats, Fires, Lock-down, Hate Crimes Misc. Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 16May 2002Incubator Feasibility Study
Box 10, Folder 172002Inauguration of Ann Weaver Hart: Congratulation Letters
Box 10, Folder 182002Inauguration of Ann Weaver Hart: Presidential Inauguration Committee Papers
Box 10, Folder 19Nov. 22, 2002Inauguration of Ann Weaver Hart: Ceremony Program
Box 10, Folder 202002Inauguration of Ann Weaver Hart: Thank you letters
Box 10, Folder 212002-2004Institute on Disability/UCED Annual Report & Biennial Report
Box 10, Folder 222002-2005Interagency Agreement Support Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Box 10, Folder 232005Interhostel Travel Program Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 24Jan. 13, 2006James Hall Flood Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 252005-2006James Madison Fellowship Program Faculty Representative Appointment
Box 10, Folder 26April 8, 2002Jazz Festival Damage Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 271996-1998Joan & James Leitzel Center: Draft for a Center for Math, Science & Engineering Education
Box 10, Folder 28June 27, 2002Memorandum of Understanding
Box 10, Folder 29April 30, 2003Joan & James Leitzel Center: Dedication Ceremony
Box 10, Folder 30June 2003June 6-26, 2003 | Joan & James Leitzel Center: Strategic Planning Meeting Attendees & Minutes
Box 10, Folder 31Oct. 13, 2004Joan & James Leitzel Center: Reception
Box 10, Folder 322003Justice Studies: & Dual Major Proposal Approval
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 12005Keep NH Capital Budget
Box 11, Folder 2Kingsbury Hall: Project Booklet
Box 11, Folder 3April 4, 2002Kingsbury Hall: Project Booklet
Box 11, Folder 4April 22, 2002Kingsbury Hall: Engineering Endorsement of the Kingsbury Renovation Plan
Box 11, Folder 5June 2002Kingsbury Hall: Buildable Area, Site & Floor Plan Maps
Box 11, Folder 62002Kingsbury Hall: Capital Project Update and Renovation & Expansion Report
Box 11, Folder 7Oct. 28, 2002Kingsbury Hall: Design Development Submittal
Box 11, Folder 8June 26, 2003Kingsbury Hall: Steering Committee Meeting Outline Agenda & Memo
Box 11, Folder 92003Kingsbury Hall: Naming Opportunities
Box 11, Folder 102003-2004Kingsbury Hall: Gift Agreements & Related Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 112004Kingsbury Hall: DD Estimate Reconciliation & Funding
Box 11, Folder 122004Kingsbury Hall: DD Estimate Reconciliation & Funding
Box 11, Folder 132003-2005Kingsbury Hall: Project Budget History, Bid Alternatives & Material Cost Exposure Presentation
Box 11, Folder 142005Hall: Weekly Updates
Box 11, Folder 15Feb. 24, 2006Kingsbury Hall: Phase I Celebration
Box 11, Folder 162000-2002Leadership & Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 172002-2003Leadership NH Acceptance & Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 18Feb. 21, 2002Legislative Events: Legislative Breakfast Program Agenda & Guest List
Box 11, Folder 19Jan. 17, 2003Legislative Events: Hockey Night Program Agenda & Guest List
Box 11, Folder 20March 27, 2003Legislative Events: Legislative Breakfast Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 21Jan. 10, 2004Legislative Events: Hockey Night Program Agenda & Guest List
Box 11, Folder 22April 1, 2004Legislative Events: Legislative Breakfast Program Agenda & Guest List
Box 11, Folder 23April 28, 2004Legislative Events: Legislators Day Program Agenda & Guest List
Box 11, Folder 24March 29, 2005Legislative Events: Legislative Breakfast Program Agenda & Guest List
Box 11, Folder 25Aug. 27, 2005Legislative Events: Theatre & Dance “The Tempest” Program Agenda, Guest List & Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 26Aug. 4, 2004Legislative Steering Committee Letter
Box 11, Folder 27May 2-6, 2005Letters about Professors: Dr. Larry Dingman
Box 11, Folder 28July 7, 2005London Attacks Correspondence
Box 11, Folder 29Oct. 8-Dec. 2002Managing at UNH: Pilot Program, Goals & Design
Box 11, Folder 30Aug. 2003Managing at UNH: Mentor Orientation
Box 11, Folder 312004Managing at UNH: Special Confidential report for Alumnus & Graduation Program
Box 11, Folder 32may 2005Managing at UNH: Nomination Process, Managing & Supervising Participants
Box 11, Folder 33Aug. 1-3, 2001Math 420 Problem Proposal
Box 11, Folder 34March 15, 2002Math & Science Partnership Letter of Intent
Box 11, Folder 352002-2003Math & Statistics Department: Dr. Eric Green berg Recommendation Letters
Box 11, Folder 362005Miss NH Correspondence & Photo
Box 11, Folder 372002-2003Murkland Hall Project
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 12003-2006Music Copyright Infringement
Box 12, Folder 22005National Council for Research on Women: President’s Circle Membership Registration & Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 32003National Wild Poliovirus Inventory
Box 12, Folder 42003NASULGC: Dues
Box 12, Folder 52000-2004NASULGC: Membership Appointments of Council Representatives
Box 12, Folder 6Nov. 14-16, 2004NASULGC: 117th Annual Meeting in San Diego
Box 12, Folder 72005-2006NASULGC: Board of Directors & Councils & Commissions Definitions
Box 12, Folder 82002-2006NASULGC: Misc. Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 91998-1999NCAA: Gender Equity Survey
Box 12, Folder 101999-2000NCAA: Gender Equity Survey
Box 12, Folder 112000-2001NCAA: Gender Equity Survey
Box 12, Folder 122004-2005NCAA: Misc. Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 13Feb. 18, 2005NCAA: Final Academic Data Report
Box 12, Folder 142005-2006NCAA: Athletics Certification Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 152005-2006NCAA: Academic Performance Committee Data, Collection, Graduation Rates & Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 162005-2006NCAA: Violations of Rules Correspondence & Report
Box 12, Folder 172002New England Air Quality Campaign: Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 18March 18, 2004New England Air Quality Campaign: Press Conference Welcome Remarks
Box 12, Folder 19July 25-26, 2004New England Air Quality Campaign: ICARTT Program
Box 12, Folder 20Oct. 23, 2002NEBHE: New Regional Student Program Apple Books
Box 12, Folder 212002-2003NEBHE: Annual Tuition & Fee
Box 12, Folder 222003NEBHE: Annual Student Vacancy Survey
Box 12, Folder 232002-2005NEBHE: NE Board of Higher Education Misc. Correspondence
Box 12, Folder 24June 2005NEBHE: Larry Warhall Complaint
Box 12, Folder 252002-2004New England Center License Renewals
Box 12, Folder 26April 13, 2005New England Center Audit Comments
Box 12, Folder 27April 2005NEGC-New England Governors’ Conference climate change initiative Invitation & Action Plan
Box 12, Folder 28Nov. 30, 2001NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Notes for Meeting
Box 12, Folder 292001-2002NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Administrative Salary Survey Results
Box 12, Folder 302002NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Agendas & Notes from Meetings
Box 12, Folder 312003NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Agendas & Notes from Meetings
Box 12, Folder 32Feb. 4, 2004NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Summary Video Conference
Box 12, Folder 332002-2005NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Misc. Correspondence & Memos
Box 12, Folder 342005-2006NE Land Grant Universities Council of Presidents: Administrative Meeting Notes
Box 12, Folder 352003Nesmith Hall Renovation Description
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 12001NH College & University Council: Employee Handbook
Box 13, Folder 22003-2004NH College & University Council: Surveys
Box 13, Folder 32004-2005NH College & University Council: Annual Report
Box 13, Folder 4Feb. 15, 2005NH College & University Council: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 13, Folder 5April 19, 2005NH College & University Council: Board Meeting
Box 13, Folder 6July 2005NH College & University Council: Status of Higher Education Presentation
Box 13, Folder 7Sept. 20, 2005NH College & University Council: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 13, Folder 8Feb. 21, 2006NH College & University Council: Board of Directors Meeting
Box 13, Folder 92002NH Congressman Misc. Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 10NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Procedure on Evaluation Reports
Box 13, Folder 111996-2005NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Code of Administrative Rules
Box 13, Folder 122002-2005NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Misc. Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 132002NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Programs in NH
Box 13, Folder 14april 1, 2004NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Evaluation Team Report on Hesser College
Box 13, Folder 15May 5, 2004NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Evaluation Team Report on Franklin Pierce
Box 13, Folder 16Sept. 8, 2004NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Executive Directors Report
Box 13, Folder 17Oct. 11, 2004NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Grant Agreement
Box 13, Folder 18March 23, 2005NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Interagency Agreement
Box 13, Folder 192004-2005NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Governor’s Success Grant Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 202005NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Goals, Agenda, Minutes
Box 13, Folder 212003-2005NH Postsecondary Education Commission: Leveraged Incentive Grants Program
Box 13, Folder 222004NHPTV: Mission Statement
Box 13, Folder 232004NHPTV: Campaign to Prevent Airing of Trapping Story Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 242005NHPTV: Board of Governors Nomination Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 252004-2006NHPTV: Board of Governors Meeting Dates and Handouts
Box 13, Folder 262006NHPTV: Strategic Plan Overview
Box 13, Folder 272003-2005Northeast Passage Program Misc. Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 282005Office Damage Log & Photos
Box 13, Folder 29Office of Presidential Events & Programs: Ideas
Box 13, Folder 302003Office of Presidential Events & Programs: Required Information for Participation
Box 13, Folder 312004Office of Presidential Events & Programs: Revised Templates for Events
Box 13, Folder 322005-2006Office of Presidential Events & Programs: Event Schedule
Box 13, Folder 332004Office of Research & Planning: Strategic Indicators Update
Box 13, Folder 342003O’Kane House Issue Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 352001Operating Staff: Recognition Program Remarks
Box 13, Folder 362003Operating Staff: Recognition Program
Box 13, Folder 372004Operating Staff: Council Meeting Minutes
Box 13, Folder 382004Operating Staff: Recognition Program & Remarks
Box 13, Folder 392004Operating Staff: Council Members
Box 13, Folder 40Feb. 3, 2004OS/PAT/EE Planning Retreat Agenda
Box 13, Folder 41Dec. 9, 2005OS/PAT/EE Planning Retreat Agenda
Box 13, Folder 42May 30,2002PAT/EE Recognition Program
Box 13, Folder 43Dec. 2003PAT: Staff Council Chair Final Report
Box 13, Folder 442004PAT: Staff Council Members & Candidate Nomination Form
Box 13, Folder 452005PCAC Renovations: Suggestions by Associate Prof. Robert Eshbach
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1Police: A Retrospective on Town/University Police
Box 14, Folder 22002Police: Analysis – Comparison between Durham and Keene
Box 14, Folder 3Sept. 23, 2002Police: Town Council Report on Policing Issues facing UNH & Durham
Box 14, Folder 42001-2003Police: Group II Plan Misc. Correspondence & Briefing Paper USNH Police Officers
Box 14, Folder 52003Policy on Ownership and Management of Research Data
Box 14, Folder 61993-1994President’s Commission on the Status of Women: Assessment of Campus Climate
Box 14, Folder 72005-2006President’s Commission on the Status of Women: Membership
Box 14, Folder 82004President’s Leadership Group Membership Application Form
Box 14, Folder 92003-2004Project Search: Annual Report
Box 14, Folder 102004-2005Project Search: Seminars for Advanced High School Students Misc. Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 112004-2005Project Search: Annual Report
Box 14, Folder 121999-2000Project Smart Programs
Box 14, Folder 132003-2005Queer Students Program Course List & Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 14Jan. 14, 2000RCM: Implementation Memo
Box 14, Folder 15April 19, 2004RCM: Decentralized Budgeting at UNH - A Case Study
Box 14, Folder 16Aug. 17, 2005Real Property Acquisition and Disposal Committee Memo on Carroll County
Box 14, Folder 17Oct. 22, 2001Recognized Student Organizations
Box 14, Folder 182004-2005Recommendation Letters Misc.
Box 14, Folder 19Aug. 12, 2004Recommendations of the UNH Alcohol Planning Team
Box 14, Folder 202002-2003Recycled Materials Resource Center: (RMRC) Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 212003-2004Recycled Materials Resource Center: Annual Report
Box 14, Folder 221996Recycling Program Misc. Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 23Nov. 2, 2005Remarks: “An Evening with UNH Entrepreneurial Scholars”
Box 14, Folder 24RFA: ADHOC Committee on Examining the Status & Activities of the Retired Faculty Association
Box 14, Folder 252002-2006| RFA: Emeritus Status Nominations Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 262004Salary Increase FY’05 Correspondence & Report
Box 14, Folder 27Aug. 23, 2005SARRC: New Policy Regarding Transfers of Space Ownership
Box 14, Folder 28Sept. 2005SARRC: Annual Report
Box 14, Folder 291999-2005Scholarships: Lord Scholarship Fund History & Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 302002-2003Scholarships: Arthur H. Carter Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 31Nov. 25, 2003Scholarships: US Department of Veterans Affairs Scholarship for Orphans
Box 14, Folder 32Nov. 29, 2004Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Peter Lino Barili Memorial Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 332003-2005Scholarships: Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarship
Box 14, Folder 342003Scholarships: HERS Scholarship Recommendation Committee Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 352005Scholarships: Robert J. Narkis Scholarship Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 362005Scholarships: Presser Foundation
Box 14, Folder 372005Scholarships: Lakes Region Kennel Club Scholarship
Box 14, Folder 382005Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Robert & Maureen Zock Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 392005Scholarships: Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Graduate Scholarship Program
Box 14, Folder 402005Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Class of 1958 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 412005Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Norvert Valverde Memorial Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 422005Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Richard I and Eliza H. Stark Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 432005Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Roger M. Bougie ’56 Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 442004Scholarships: Memorandum of Understanding for Whelen Engineering Company Scholarship Fund
Box 14, Folder 452005-2006Scholarships: Goldwater
Box 14, Folder 462004Seacoast Learning Collaborative Program Information & Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 472004Senate Task Force on Academic Expectations & Student Behavior Report and Faculty Questionnaire
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1Sept. 11, 2001Sept. 11th: State of the University Address
Box 15, Folder 2Sept. 12-24, 2001| Sept. 11th: Remarks for Service of Mourning & Misc. Correspondence
Box 15, Folder 3Sept-Oct, 2002Sept. 11th: “We Remember” Ceremony
Box 15, Folder 4Service Agreements/Contracts: UNH & Wallace’s Bookstores, Inc.
Box 15, Folder 51994Service Agreements/Contracts: USNH & Merchants Agreement
Box 15, Folder 61995Service Agreements/Contracts: UNH & Globe Facility
Box 15, Folder 71997Service Agreements/Contracts: Marts & Lundy Agreement
Box 15, Folder 82002Service Agreements/Contracts: Interim Law Enforcement Services Agreement
Box 15, Folder 92003-2004Service Agreements/Contracts: C&J Trailways Correspondence
Box 15, Folder 102004Service Agreements/Contracts: RPF Associates Renewal
Box 15, Folder 112004Service Agreements/Contracts: UNH & NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Box 15, Folder 122004Service Agreements/Contracts: Spaceflight Systems Corp.
Box 15, Folder 13June 4, 2005Service & Professional Support Committee Meeting Minutes
Box 15, Folder 14SHARPP: Policies and Procedure Manual
Box 15, Folder 151987-1991SHARPP: Advisory Committee Correspondence & Minutes
Box 15, Folder 162003SHARPP: General Principles for the SHARPP Program
Box 15, Folder 172004SHARPP: Task Force Report
Box 15, Folder 182001-2005SHARPP: Misc. Correspondence, Handouts, Proclamation, History and Relocation
Box 15, Folder 19July 2005State Legislative Affairs Annual Report
Box 15, Folder 202004Storm Water Management Plan
Box 15, Folder 212003Student and Academic Services: VP Position
Box 15, Folder 222005Student and Academic Services: Information on Campus Safety, Alcohol, and Illegal Drugs
Box 15, Folder 232006-2011Student and Academic Services: Strategic Plan
Box 15, Folder 241998-2002Student Affairs: Judicial Programs Office 4-year Trends
Box 15, Folder 252002-2005Student Riots: Correspondence, Costs, News Articles (World Series, Super Bowl, and Hockey)
Box 15, Folder 262005-2006Student Senate: Agendas & Meeting Papers
Box 15, Folder 272004-2005Student Senate: Legal Council & resolution Correspondence
Box 15, Folder 282004-2006Student Senate: Misc. Correspondence
Box 15, Folder 292006Student Senate: Resolutions Passed
Box 15, Folder
Box 15, Folder 30Sept.-Oct. 2004Student Voting
Box 15, Folder 312005System Academic Planning Council Institutional Academic Planning Reports FY’05
Box 15, Folder 32Task Force on Academic Expectations & Student Behavior/Summit Planning Group
Box 15, Folder 332001-2003Task Force on Licensing Issues and Sweatshop Practices Correspondence
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 1Feb. 14, 2003TEACH Act
Box 16, Folder 22005Telecommunications & Client Services UNH Mass Mailing List Policy
Box 16, Folder 3Sept. 2004Theatre & Dance Department Summer Workshop Follow-up Questionnaires
Box 16, Folder 4Aug. 29, 2001Train: UNH Railroad Station Platform Sublease
Box 16, Folder 5Aug.- Oct. 2001Train: Inaugural Train Committee Meetings
Box 16, Folder 6Nov. 20, 2001Train: UNH Rail Corridor Issues Summary
Box 16, Folder 72001-2003Train: Amtrak Service Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 8Nov. 15, 1996Transportation Policy Committee: Statement
Box 16, Folder 9Feb. 10, 2003Transportation Policy Committee: Preview of Final Report
Box 16, Folder 10March-April 2003Transportation Policy Committee: Report Feedback/Recommendations
Box 16, Folder 11June 2003Transportation Policy Committee: Committee Report/Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 12Dec. 2005Transportation Policy Committee: Status Report
Box 16, Folder 132005Travel Itineraries: New York Trips
Box 16, Folder 142004United Way Campaign
Box 16, Folder 152002University Policy Proposal on Additional Pay
Box 16, Folder 162002UNH-M Bachelor’s in Business: Support Letters, Job Announcement, Tuition Model, Survey & External Review Report
Box 16, Folder 172002UNH-M Bachelor’s in Business: Program Proposal & Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 182004UNH-M: Capital Campaign Possibilities
Box 16, Folder 191999-2003UNH-M: Center for Professional Graduate Studies Business Plan & Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 201999UNH-M Commencement: Program Procedure
Box 16, Folder 212000UNH-M Commencement: Program Procedure
Box 16, Folder 222001UNH-M Commencement: Program Procedure
Box 16, Folder 232002UNH-M Commencement: Program Procedure
Box 16, Folder 242003UNH-M Commencement: Program Procedure
Box 16, Folder 252004UNH-M Commencement: Correspondence
Box 16, Folder 262003UNH-M: Inquiry Review Committee Report
Box 16, Folder 27May 15, 2003UNH-M: Media Advisory on Jay Niesse Incident
Box 16, Folder 28Aug. 2, 2004UNH-M: Position Description of Interim Dean
Box 16, Folder 29Oct. 2002UNH Police: Director of Police Services Job Description
Box 16, Folder 302002UNH Police: Policing in Durham
Box 16, Folder 312002UNH Police: UNH Campus Police Station Project
Box 16, Folder 322002UNH Police: Proposed Actions to address off-campus Action
Box 16, Folder 33Oct. 30, 2002UNH Police: Interim Law Enforcement Services Agreement
Box 16, Folder 342002-2003UNH Police: Accreditation
Box 16, Folder 352006UNH Police: Dispatch Services & Accreditation
Box 16, Folder 36March 20, 2006UNH Police: Dispatch Services Issues Summary of
Box 16, Folder 37April 2003UNH Sixx Spirit Crew
Box 16, Folder 38June 2005USNH: Human Resources Annual Report on Employee Benefits
Box 16, Folder 392004USNH: Human Resources Affirmative Action Report
Box 16, Folder 402006USNH: Internal Audit Reports
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 1March 18, 2002USNH President’s Council: Enrollment Management Materials
Box 17, Folder 2Jan.21, 2005USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 3Feb. 18, 2005USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 4March 18, 2005USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 5May 13, 2005USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 6Sept. 27, 2005USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 7Oct. 21, 2005USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 8March 28, 2006USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 9May 19, 2006USNH President’s Council: Meeting Agenda
Box 17, Folder 10June 2005USNH Promotion & Tenure: Final Recommendations
Box 17, Folder 11USNH Residency Appeals Board
Box 17, Folder 12May-June 2001Violence Against Women Committee: Four-Year Strategic Plan
Box 17, Folder 132004-2005Violence Against Women Committee: Annual Report
Box 17, Folder 142002Visits: President George W. Bush visit to UNH
Box 17, Folder 15Jan. 20, 2005Visits: Diane and Ed Federman
Box 17, Folder 16May 5, 2005Visits: Senator John E. Sununu UNH NASA Activities 40 Years of Excellence
Box 17, Folder 17June 15-16, 2005Visits: Greenwich CT & NY City for Jane & Robert Stricker Dinner
Box 17, Folder 18July 11, 2005Visits: Newport RI with Mrs. Margaretta Clulow Kingsbury Inc.
Box 17, Folder 19Aug. 23, 2005Visits: Lynn Wiatrowski Home for Ross Gittell’s Research for NH Women’s Policy Institute Presentation
Box 17, Folder 201998-2003VP Search Research and Public Service Correspondence
Box 17, Folder 212002-2005WERC Program Correspondence & Awards (Waste Management Education and Research Consortium)
Box 17, Folder 22Oct. 27, 2005White House Conference on Helping America’s Youth (Howard University)
Box 17, Folder 232004Wind Symphony Tour Correspondence & Program
Box 17, Folder 24Dec. 1997Woodlands Committee: Mendum’s Pond 1997-1998 Harvest Synopsis
Box 17, Folder 25Dec. 1997Woodlands Committee: UNH 1997 Woodlands and Natural Areas General Info.
Box 17, Folder 261997-2002Woodlands Committee: Mendum’s Pond Misc. Correspondence
Box 17, Folder 272001-2002World Wide Web Resources Proposed Policy
Box 17, Folder 282004WSBE Center for Corporate Citizenship Proposal
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