Graduate School Dean's Office Files, 1939-1989

Collection number: UA 13/1/1
Size: 19 boxes (13.0 cu.ft.)

About the Graduate School

Although graduate study at UNH dates back to 1893, the administrative organization remained rather informal until 1928 when the trustees approved the creation of a school of graduate study under a dean with an executive committee known as the Graduate Council. The first dean was Prof. Herman L. Slobin.

About the Dean's Office Files

This collection contains files from the graduate school including minutes of the graduate faculty meetings, campus correspondence, and reports.

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This collection is open.

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[Identification of item], [Folder number], [Box number], Graduate School Dean's Office Files, 1939-1989, UA 13/1/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

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These records were transferred to the UNH Archives on May 14 1996 and October 2022.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11939Graduate faculty recommendations to the University Senate
Box 1, Folder 21942Suggestions for preparation of a thesis
Box 1, Folder 31945Correspondence (Dean Slobin)
Box 1, Folder 41945New England conference on graduate Education
Box 1, Folder 51949Preliminary report on the reorganization of the Graduate School
Box 1, Folder 61950-1951Council for sponsored research
Box 1, Folder 71951-1969Campus correspondence from the Dean
Box 1, Folder 81952-1956Names of students and titles, graduate theses
Box 1, Folder 91956-1959Correspondence (Dean Reed)
Box 1, Folder 101962-1965Correspondence (Dean Mills)
Box 1, Folder 111963Ten Year Grad. Education Proposals
Box 1, Folder 121964-1973Genetics program
Box 1, Folder 131966-1981Summer faculty fellowships
Box 1, Folder 141964A Survey of Ph.D. Programs at the Six New England State Universities
Box 1, Folder 151966-1967Correspondence (Deans Mills and Drew)
Box 1, Folder 161967"Survey of International Studies at the University of New Hampshire State Universities"
Box 1, Folder 171970-1979Campus correspondence from the Dean
Box 1, Folder 181970-1979Campus correspondence from graduate school
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11971-1972Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 21972-1973Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 31973-1974Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 41974-1975Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 51975-1976Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 61976-1977Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 71977-1978Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 81978-1979Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 91979-1980Admissions Report
Box 2, Folder 101987-1991Admissions Report, Five Year Summary
Box 2, Folder 111966-1967Dean's Conference
Box 2, Folder 121967-1968Dean's Conference
Box 2, Folder 131968-1969Dean's Conference
Box 2, Folder 141969-1970Dean's Conference
Box 2, Folder 151970-1971Dean's Conference
Box 2, Folder 161971Grad. School Data
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11971-1975Grad. School Data
Box 3, Folder 21972-1976Grad. School Data
Box 3, Folder 31973INER Review
Box 3, Folder 41973Review of Graduate Programs Leading to Masters Degrees in INER
Box 3, Folder 51977INER
Box 3, Folder 61978INER
Box 3, Folder 71983INER
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11964-1965NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 21965-1966NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 31966-1967NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 41967-1968NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 51968-1969NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 61969-1970NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 71970-1971NASA Traineeship, Annual Report
Box 4, Folder 81973NASA, Final Summary Report
Box 4, Folder 91975-1976Resource Administration and Management Program
Box 4, Folder 101983-1991Resource Administration and Management Program
Box 4, Folder 111978-1979Translocated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 4, Folder 121979Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 4, Folder 131979-1980Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 4, Folder 141979-1980Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 4, Folder 151980Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 4, Folder 161980-1981Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 4, Folder 171980-1981Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 4, Folder 181981Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 4, Folder 191981-1982Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 4, Folder 201981-1982Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 4, Folder 211982Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 4, Folder 221982-1983Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11982-1983Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 5, Folder 21983Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 5, Folder 31983-1984Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 5, Folder 41983-1984Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 5, Folder 51984Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 5, Folder 61984-1985Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 5, Folder 71984-1985Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 5, Folder 81985Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 5, Folder 91985-1986Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 5, Folder 101985-1986Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 5, Folder 111986Transliterated Course Forms, Summer
Box 5, Folder 121986-1987Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. I
Box 5, Folder 131986-1987Transliterated Course Forms, Sem. II
Box 5, Folder 141978-1988Transliterated Course Forms
Box 5, Folder 151988-1989Transliterated Course Forms
Box 5, Folder 161963Recommendations From The Genetics Group Regarding a Graduate Program in Genetics
Box 5, Folder 171965-1971University of New Hampshire Estuarine Laboratory
Box 5, Folder 181965A Proposal for the Initiation of a PH.D. Program in Psychology
Box 5, Folder 191965University of New Hampshire Estuarine Laboratory
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11965Graduate Traineeship Programs
Box 6, Folder 21966A Proposal for an Expanded Graduate Program in Sociology
Box 6, Folder 31966A Proposal for an Expanded Graduate Program in History
Box 6, Folder 41968Proposal for Establishment of PH.D. Program in Economics
Box 6, Folder 51968Review of PH.D. Program in Zoology
Box 6, Folder 61969Proposal for a PH.D. Program in Engineering
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11969Proposal to NASA for Predoctoral Traineeships in Space Related Sciences
Box 7, Folder 21969Proposal for PH.D. Program in Mathematics Education
Box 7, Folder 31969Proposal for a Masters of Science Degree Program in Physical Education
Box 7, Folder 41971Review of PH.D. Program in Chemistry
Box 7, Folder 51971History of Botany Dept.
Box 7, Folder 61971Review of Graduate Program in Botany
Box 7, Folder 71971Proposal for PH.D. Program in Botany
Box 7, Folder 81972Proposal for a Masters of Science Degree in Natural Resources
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11974Proposal for the Establishment of a Developmental Disabilities Training Program
Box 8, Folder 21975Ad Hoc Committee on Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programs
Box 8, Folder 31976Proposal for a Master's Degree in Education with a Major in Developmental Disabilities
Box 8, Folder 41976WSBE Long Range Academic Planning Committee Report
Box 8, Folder 51977Proposal for a Master's Degree Program in Communication Disorders
Box 8, Folder 61980Proposal for a Master's of Education Degree Option with a Major in Early Childhood: Special Needs
Box 8, Folder 71981Proposal for a PH.D. in Earth Sciences with Options in Geology and Oceanography
Box 8, Folder 81983Proposal for a Masters of Science in Ocean Engineering
Box 8, Folder 91983Proposal for a PH.D. in Animal Nutritional Sciences (Program Development Stage)
Box 8, Folder 101983Proposal for a PH.D. in Animal Nutritional Sciences (Program Approval Stage)
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 12001American Studies New Program
Box 9, Folder 21999Art History MA
Box 9, Folder 31976-2000Biochemistry (Nutrition Option)
Box 9, Folder 42013Biological Science Proposal
Box 9, Folder 52015Biological Science Restructure (MS/PhD)
Box 9, Folder 61971-2006Biology Termination of Program
Box 9, Folder 71971-1989Botany
Box 9, Folder 82009-2013CARSEY Institute Proposal
Box 9, Folder 92000Center for Math & Science Education
Box 9, Folder 102009Chemical Engineering Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 111990-1999Chemical Engineering Program Review
Box 9, Folder 122004Chemistry Education Program Proposal
Box 9, Folder 131969-1986Chemistry PhD
Box 9, Folder 142004-2005Chemistry PhD Education Option
Box 9, Folder 152006Chemistry PhD Proposal
Box 9, Folder 162014Chemistry Self Study
Box 9, Folder 172014Chemistry Self Study External
Box 9, Folder 181977-1990Civil Engineering
Box 9, Folder 191984Civil Engineering (Off Campus-Proposal)
Box 9, Folder 202011-2014Cognate Information Technology
Box 9, Folder 21-231995-2009College Teaching
Box 9, Folder 241995-2010College Teaching Correspondence
Box 9, Folder 251997-1998College Teaching Final Evaluation
Box 9, Folder 261961-1999College Teaching Grad
Box 9, Folder 271993-2004College Teaching Master
Box 9, Folder 281999Summer Institute Marketing
Box 9, Folder 291999Summer Institute Schedule
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 12012Communication Sciences & Disorders
Box 10, Folder 21977-1989Communication & Disorders
Box 10, Folder 31990-2007Communication Science Disorders Masters
Box 10, Folder 41997-1998Communications Proposal
Box 10, Folder 51977-1986Computer Science
Box 10, Folder 62009Computer Science Approval
Box 10, Folder 71987-2001Computer Science PhD
Box 10, Folder 82008Dual Degree Consortium
Box 10, Folder 92010-2011Dual Degree Email Correspondence
Box 10, Folder 102012Dual Degree French Business Administration
Box 10, Folder 112011-2012Dual Degree Master Social Work / Juris Doctor Proposal
Box 10, Folder 12-132007, 2011Dual Degree Reciprocal Agreement List
Box 10, Folder 142007Earth Science Family Studies
Box 10, Folder 152007Earth Science Grad Program Review
Box 10, Folder 16-171976-1981, 1983-1993Earth Science Masters
Box 10, Folder 182012Earth Science Name Change
Box 10, Folder 192011Earth Science Ocean Mapping
Box 10, Folder 20-212006-2007Earth Science Program Review
Box 10, Folder 222005Earth, Ocean, and Space Proposal
Box 10, Folder 231987-1989Earth, Ocean, and Space Study
Box 10, Folder 241989-2007Economic Programs
Box 10, Folder 251975Economics Academic Planning Committee
Box 10, Folder 262006-2012Economics Commencement Ceremony (Holloway Prize)
Box 10, Folder 272006Economics Grad Program Review
Box 10, Folder 28-291995-2012Economics Handbook
Box 10, Folder 302005Economics MBA Program
Box 10, Folder 312006-2007Economics Program Review
Box 10, Folder 32UndatedEconomics Proposal for PhD
Box 10, Folder 332004-2005Economics Self Study
Box 10, Folder 342008-2011Economics: The Wire
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 12005-2010Economics WSBE Programs
Box 11, Folder 21973-2002Education Administration and Supervision
Box 11, Folder 31973Education Administration and Supervision Proposal
Box 11, Folder 4-51973-1995Education Adults and Occupational Education
Box 11, Folder 62005Education Autism Spectrum Disorders
Box 11, Folder 72017Education Change to Leadership Graduate Certificate
Box 11, Folder 8-91976-1985, 1987-2003Education Counseling
Box 11, Folder 101973-1995Education Department
Box 11, Folder 111975-1988Education Developmental Disabilities
Box 11, Folder 122005Education Mentoring
Box 11, Folder 131980-1982Education Proposal for Doctor of Education Degree
Box 11, Folder 141969-1976Education Proposed MED
Box 11, Folder 152011Education Special Administration
Box 11, Folder 161995-2007Education Specialist Degree
Box 11, Folder 172016Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 11, Folder 182007Electrical Engineer Program Review
Box 11, Folder 192007Electrical Engineer Program Review Self Report
Box 11, Folder 201980-1985Masters of Adult Education
Box 11, Folder 212005-2006Plymouth State Doctoral Education Program Proposal
Box 11, Folder 222010Proposal for Deletion of M.A. Elementary Education
Box 11, Folder 232010Proposal for Deletion of M.A. in Counseling
Box 11, Folder 242013Proposal for New Inquiry PhD in Education
Box 11, Folder 252014Proposal for New Option PhD in Education
Box 11, Folder 26-271983-1999Special Education Course Approval
Box 11, Folder 282005System EDD Proposal
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 12004-2009Department of Education Program Review
Box 12, Folder 21984-1991Education Early Childhood and Special Needs
Box 12, Folder 32015Education Evaluation and Policy
Box 12, Folder 41975-1990Education Masters in Reading
Box 12, Folder 5-61976-1989Education PhD in Education Proposal
Box 12, Folder 72014Education Specialist Proposal: Leadership & Counseling
Box 12, Folder 81976-2012Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 12, Folder 92007Electrical Engineer Program Review
Box 12, Folder 102005English External Review
Box 12, Folder 110000English MFA in Writing Correspondence 2006
Box 12, Folder 122004English MFA in Writing Program Proposal
Box 12, Folder 131981-1995Entomology MS Program
Box 12, Folder 141998-2005Environmental Education External Review
Box 12, Folder 151998-2005Environmental Education External Review
Box 12, Folder 161974-1988Family Studies
Box 12, Folder 172011Family Studies Adolescent
Box 12, Folder 182011Family Studies Child Advocacy
Box 12, Folder 192005-2007Family Studies Grad Program Review
Box 12, Folder 201989-2004Family Studies Marriage and Family Therapy
Box 12, Folder 21-231964-1991Genetics
Box 12, Folder 241997-2000Reading and Writing Name Change
Box 12, Folder 251984-2001Reading and Writing PhD Program
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11976-2003Genetics Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 21973-1974Genetics Review
Box 13, Folder 32013-2014Geospatial Decision
Box 13, Folder 42012Geospatial Science
Box 13, Folder 51981German Master's Program
Box 13, Folder 61990-1991Health Administration Master's Program
Box 13, Folder 71990Health Administration Masters Proposal
Box 13, Folder 81981-1988Health Administration Masters Proposal
Box 13, Folder 91981Health Administration Masters Proposal
Box 13, Folder 102006Health and Management Policy
Box 13, Folder 111997Health Management and Policy
Box 13, Folder 121996-1998Health Science and Human Services
Box 13, Folder 131968-2004History Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 142002-2003History Department Program Review
Box 13, Folder 152014History External Review Team
Box 13, Folder 161992-1999History Masters Option
Box 13, Folder 172014History Program Review
Box 13, Folder 182012-2013History Program Review Self Study
Box 13, Folder 192002-2003History Program Review Undergraduate and Graduate
Box 13, Folder 202010IGERT CSI Preproposal
Box 13, Folder 21-232007-2011Information Technology
Box 13, Folder 242015-2017Information Technology Internship Proposed Change
Box 13, Folder 252005Institute of Reading Development
Box 13, Folder 262010Integrated Applied Mathematics
Box 13, Folder 272010Integrated Coastal Ecosystem Science
Box 13, Folder 28UndatedInterdisciplinary Schools
Box 13, Folder 292013-2015International Students Meeting
Box 13, Folder 30UndatedInter-Operability Lab
Box 13, Folder 312002-2003Justice Studies Correspondence
Box 13, Folder 32-332002-2003Justice Studies Masters Proposals
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1-22010, 2017Kinesiology
Box 14, Folder 31996Kinesiology Outdoor Education
Box 14, Folder 42012Kinesiology Program Review
Box 14, Folder 5-61969-1993Kinesiology Program Review MA Physical Education
Box 14, Folder 7-82007-2008Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Box 14, Folder 9-101982-2003Liberal Studies Master of Arts
Box 14, Folder 112013MADPP Model Proposed Changes
Box 14, Folder 122011Marine Biology Grad Program Proposal
Box 14, Folder 132012-2013Marine School Working Group Input
Box 14, Folder 142003, 2013Marine Science and Ocean Engineering
Box 14, Folder 152013Marine Science and Ocean Engineering Proposal
Box 14, Folder 161998Material Science
Box 14, Folder 172005-2008Material Science Correspondence
Box 14, Folder 18-202005, 2007Material Science Program Self Study
Box 14, Folder 212008-2009Mathematics Integrated External Review Team
Box 14, Folder 22-231989-1992, 2008-2009Mathematics Miscellaneous
Box 14, Folder 242013Mathematics PhD in Statistics
Box 14, Folder 251969Mathematics PhD Option
Box 14, Folder 262009Mathematics Proposal Doctoral Program
Box 14, Folder 27November 2012Mathematics Proposal
Box 14, Folder 282003Mathematics Proposal Physical Doctorate
Box 14, Folder 291997-1998Mathematics Statistics
Box 14, Folder 301970-1983Mathematics Undergrad and Graduate Handbooks
Box 14, Folder 312012-2017McNair Program
Box 14, Folder 321977-2012Mechanical Engineering Miscellaneous
Box 14, Folder 331990-2015Mechanical Engineering
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 11969-2003Microbiology
Box 15, Folder 2-42013-2014Molecular Biology Meeting
Box 15, Folder 52012Molecular Biology Proposal
Box 15, Folder 62014Molecular Biology Review Meeting
Box 15, Folder 72013Molecular Biology Review Team
Box 15, Folder 82014Molecular Biology
Box 15, Folder 91986-1988Multidisciplinary CEPS Master of Science Program
Box 15, Folder 102013Music Change Name
Box 15, Folder 111966-2005Music Master of Arts
Box 15, Folder 121992Music National Association
Box 15, Folder 131999Natural Resources Proposals
Box 15, Folder 142007Natural Resources Change in Degree
Box 15, Folder 15UndatedNatural Resources Global Biogeochemical Proposal
Box 15, Folder 161992Natural Resources M.S. Program
Box 15, Folder 172012Natural Resources Name Change
Box 15, Folder 181972-1992Natural Resources; Forest Resources
Box 15, Folder 202004 Nursing Approval
Box 15, Folder 212003-2015Nursing Master's Program
Box 15, Folder 22-231979-1984, 1986-1995Nursing Proposal
Box 15, Folder 24 1982Nursing Proposal Masters
Box 15, Folder 252003-2004Nursing Review
Box 15, Folder 262000Nursing Self Study
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 12015NAVITAS
Box 16, Folder 2-41975-2002Nursing
Box 16, Folder 52016Nursing Doctoral Meeting
Box 16, Folder 62016Nursing Graduate Questions
Box 16, Folder 71979-1996Nursing Masters
Box 16, Folder 82016Nursing Masters Meeting
Box 16, Folder 92016Nursing Program
Box 16, Folder 102006Occupational Therapy
Box 16, Folder 112000Occupational Therapy Miscellaneous
Box 16, Folder 122005Occupational Therapy Program Review
Box 16, Folder 13-142003-2006Occupational Therapy Program Self Study
Box 16, Folder 15-161993-1999Occupational Therapy Proposal
Box 16, Folder 172014Ocean Engineering
Box 16, Folder 181980-2000Ocean Engineering
Box 16, Folder 192011Ocean Mapping
Box 16, Folder 202004Ocean Mapping Certificate
Box 16, Folder 212001-2003Ocean Mapping Proposal
Box 16, Folder 22-232007-2013Oceanography Proposal
Box 16, Folder 242011-2012Painting and Art History Program Review
Box 16, Folder 25-271994-1998, 2010-2014Painting MFA
Box 16, Folder 282011-2012Painting Program Review
Box 16, Folder 29-302004-2005Physics Self Study
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11964-1976Physics Department Report
Box 17, Folder 22006-2007Physics Program Review
Box 17, Folder 3-62004-2005Physics Self Study
Box 17, Folder 71995Physics Student Handbook
Box 17, Folder 81971-1994Plant Biology
Box 17, Folder 9-102001, 2004-2005Political Science
Box 17, Folder 112007-2008Political Science Curriculum
Box 17, Folder 122003-2004Political Science Department Review
Box 17, Folder 131974-2009Political Science Miscellaneous
Box 17, Folder 14-241975-1999Program Review
Box 17, Folder 252011-2015Psychology
Box 17, Folder 262006-2008Psychology Academic Program Review
Box 17, Folder 272005-2006Psychology External Review
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11971-1994Psychology Miscellaneous
Box 18, Folder 2-42005-2008Psychology Program Review
Box 18, Folder 5-62001-2004Public Administration
Box 18, Folder 72000-2001Public Health
Box 18, Folder 82001Public Health Program
Box 18, Folder 9-102001Public Health Proposal
Box 18, Folder 11-132015Public Policy Meeting
Box 18, Folder 142002-2017Recreation and Management Policy New Program
Box 18, Folder 152002-2003Recreation and Management Policy
Box 18, Folder 161983-2009Resource Administration
Box 18, Folder 171988-1994Self-Designed PhD
Box 18, Folder 18-192000-2013Social Work
Box 18, Folder 202002-2016Social Work Certificates
Box 18, Folder 211993-1996Social Work Miscellaneous
Box 18, Folder 222003Social Work Reports
Box 18, Folder 23-241994-2002Social Work Self Study
Box 18, Folder 252002-2014Sociology
Box 18, Folder 261992-2010Sociology Reports
Box 18, Folder 271972-2009Spanish
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 12017Women's Studies
Box 19, Folder 22009WSBE (Paul College): Accreditation
Box 19, Folder 32002-2005WSBE (Paul College): Development Program
Box 19, Folder 42005WSBE (Paul College): Executive Summary
Box 19, Folder 52008WSBE (Paul College): Korea Exchange
Box 19, Folder 6-72002WSBE (Paul College): Management of Technology
Box 19, Folder 8-92001-2015WSBE (Paul College): MBA Program
Box 19, Folder 102005WSBE (Paul College): Project Management
Box 19, Folder 11-122002-2003WSBE (Paul College): Proposal Management and Technology
Box 19, Folder 131987-1989WSBE (Paul College): Student Exchange Sri Lanka
Box 19, Folder 142005WSBE (Paul College): Business Fundamentals
Box 19, Folder 151972-2003Zoology