Oren V. Henderson Scrapbook, 1871-1942

Collection number: UA 17/3
Size: 3 boxes (0.99 cu.ft.)

About the Oren V. Henderson Scrapbook

Oren "Dad" Vittelius Henderson worked for the University of New Hampshire from 1915 to 1939. He started as the Business Secretary for the college and was also the Purchasing Agent for the Experiment Station. In 1920 he was promoted to Executive Secretary and in 1925 became the Registrar for the University, a position he held until 1939. He died in 1951.

About the Oren V. Henderson Scrapbook

This series contains the scrapbook compiled by Oren V. Henderson during his career at UNH. All of the items relate to the activities of the college and are not from Henderson's personal life. Included are items such as: commencement programs, sports programs, freshman week programs, war training statistics, class day programs, building dedications and various UNH publications.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], Oren V. Henderson Scrapbook, 1871-1942, UA 17/3, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Gift of his daughter, Helen Henderson Scull, July 1, 1986

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11871Graduating Class of
Box 1, Folder 21888Commencement
Box 1, Folder 31893-1897Campus Photos
Box 1, Folder 41904Class Day
Box 1, Folder 5Undated"An Educational Opportunity"
Box 1, Folder 61902Commencement
Box 1, Folder 71903Class Day
Box 1, Folder 81904Commencement
Box 1, Folder 91905Class Day
Box 1, Folder 101906Class Day
Box 1, Folder 111907Dedication of N.H.C. Library
Box 1, Folder 121908Class Day
Box 1, Folder 131909Visitor's Guide to N.H.C.
Box 1, Folder 141910Class Day; Alumni Banquet
Box 1, Folder 151911Class Day
Box 1, Folder 161913Class Day
Box 1, Folder 1719154th Annual Invitational Track Meet; Commencement
Box 1, Folder 181913Alumni Banquet
Box 1, Folder 191915Commencement
Box 1, Folder 201916Photo of Student Body; Lyrics to Songs and Cheers
Box 1, Folder 211916Glimpses of N.H.C. life
Box 1, Folder 221916Commencement; 1st Community Conference
Box 1, Folder 231920Freshman Poster
Box 1, Folder 241917N.H.C. Annual Round-up and Banquet; Seeing Durham
Box 1, Folder 251917Commencement; Catalog Announcement -- Registrar
Box 1, Folder 26UndatedFloor Plans -- Fairchild Hall
Box 1, Folder 271918Training Detachment Listing -- War Department; Car Window Sign
Box 1, Folder 281918Co. F Farewell Banquet; Co. G Smoker; Co. H Banquet
Box 1, Folder 291918S.A.T.C. N.A.T.C.
Box 1, Folder 30UndatedPoints for Student Cooks
Box 1, Folder 311918Patriotic Field Day; Commencement; Draft Men May Enter N.H.C.
Box 1, Folder 321917Domitory Regulations
Box 1, Folder 331919Durham Pageant
Box 1, Folder 341919Commencement; Class Day
Box 1, Folder 351919Farmers and Homemakers Week and Conference Sessions
Box 1, Folder 361919School for Citizenship
Box 1, Folder 371920N.H.C. Bulletin
Box 1, Folder 381920Final Olympic Tryouts and AAU Track Meet
Box 1, Folder 391920Class Day; Commencement
Box 1, Folder 401920Commencement
Box 1, Folder 411921Campus Views
Box 1, Folder 421921Holy Cross v. N.H. State Football Game
Box 1, Folder 431921Opening
Box 1, Folder 441921Commencement; Alumni Banquet
Box 1, Folder 451921List of Donations for Harold Lander
Box 1, Folder 461921Northern New England School of Religious Education
Box 1, Folder 471909Educational Works at N.H.C.
Box 1, Folder 481935Ex. Lg. Bulletin of U.N.H.
Box 1, Folder 491936Commencement
Box 1, Folder 50UndatedBusiness Office, Registrar Coupon
Box 1, Folder 511936Prize Speaking Contest; Commencement; Farmers and Homemakers Week; Rushing Session
Box 1, Folder 521936Dad's Day Program; Announcement of Lewis' Death; Bulletin for Summer School
Box 1, Folder 531937Commencement
Box 1, Folder 54UndatedEngelhardt Inauguration
Box 1, Folder 551938Commencement
Box 1, Folder 561938,1940Residential halls; Farmer and Homemaker; Elementary School; Guidance Announcement; Lectures and Entertainment; Writer's Conference
Box 1, Folder 571939Commencement
Box 1, Folder 581925-1926University Bulletin; Football Schedule
Box 1, Folder 591925"A Brief Statement Relative to the Univ. of N.H.; Dad's Day
Box 1, Folder 601925N.H. Interscholastic Meet
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1UndatedInterscholastic Basketball Tournament
Box 2, Folder 21925Commencement
Box 2, Folder 31925Daniel Webster's Plow in Action
Box 2, Folder 41925Daniel Webster's Plow
Box 2, Folder 51926U.N.H. Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 6UndatedEducational Work at N.H.C.
Box 2, Folder 71921Commencement; Demonstration of Class Work in Physical Education
Box 2, Folder 81927Commencement; Alumni Banquet; Mom's Day; Baccalaureate
Box 2, Folder 91921Baccalaureate; Commencement; Alumni Banquet
Box 2, Folder 101922Commencement
Box 2, Folder 111922N.H. State Alumnus v. 1/n. 2; Commencement
Box 2, Folder 121922N.H.C. Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 13UndatedObituary of Professor Whoriskey
Box 2, Folder 14UndatedDedication of N.H.C. Memorial Athletic Field
Box 2, Folder 151922N.H. State Alumnus v. 1/ n. 1; N.H.C. Songs; Dramatic Club; Alumni Banquet
Box 2, Folder 161922,1923Homecoming; Prize Speaking Contest; Dedication of Memorial Field; N.H.C. Schedule
Box 2, Folder 171922,1923Commencement
Box 2, Folder 181923Prize Speaking Contest; N.H.C. Conference on Intercollegiate Athletics; N.H.C. Schedule
Box 2, Folder 191923N.H. Day
Box 2, Folder 201923Commencement
Box 2, Folder 211923N.H. Alumni Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 22UndatedProgram of the Tercentenary Celebration of the 1st Settlement of N.H. at Dover
Box 2, Folder 231923N.H. Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 24March, 1924N.H. Alumnus
Box 2, Folder 25UndatedBulletin of UNH -- Summer School
Box 2, Folder 261924Commencement
Box 2, Folder 271924Programs -- Class Day; Alumni Day; Baccalaureate
Box 2, Folder 281925Summer School Announcement; Sports Schedule
Box 2, Folder 291925Northern N.E. School of Religious Education
Box 2, Folder 301926Basketball schedule; Residential Halls
Box 2, Folder 311926Commencement; Dad's Day
Box 2, Folder 321927Freshman Week; "The Whole Town's Talking"
Box 2, Folder 331928Graduation Announcement
Box 2, Folder 341928Sports Schedule; Summer School Poster
Box 2, Folder 351928Commencement
Box 2, Folder 361928-1929The Freshman Bible
Box 2, Folder 371929Commencement
Box 2, Folder 381929Football -- BU v. UNH; Dedication of James Hall
Box 2, Folder 391929Alumni Day Baseball Game
Box 2, Folder 401929Bulletin of UNH
Box 2, Folder 411930Commencement
Box 2, Folder 421930Commencement; Class Day; Mask and Dagger; Baccalaureate
Box 2, Folder 431930Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 441930Summer School Poster; Football Schedule
Box 2, Folder 451931Commencement
Box 2, Folder 461931Commencement; Class Day
Box 2, Folder 471931,1935Letters (printed) from "Dad" Henderson
Box 2, Folder 481931UNH Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 491931Freshman Week
Box 2, Folder 501932Commencement; Baccalaureate; Class Day
Box 2, Folder 511932Dedication -- Hood House; Summer School Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 521932UNH Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 531933Commencement
Box 2, Folder 541933Commencement; Baccalaureate; Class Day
Box 2, Folder 55January, 1933NH Alumnus
Box 2, Folder 56UndatedMap of Location A -- New Bridges Provided For
Box 2, Folder 571933UNH Bulletin
Box 2, Folder 581934Commencement
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11934Commencement; Class Day; Summer School Lectures
Box 3, Folder 21934Summer School Supplement and Bulletin; Interscholastic Basketball Tournament
Box 3, Folder 31934UNH Bulletin
Box 3, Folder 4May, 1934NH Alumnus
Box 3, Folder 5October, 1934NH Alumnus
Box 3, Folder 61934Dedication of Little Bay Bridge
Box 3, Folder 71935Outing Club Announcement
Box 3, Folder 81935-1936Course and Room Schedule; Printed Note to "My Freshman Friend" -- Henderson
Box 3, Folder 91935Commencement
Box 3, Folder 101935Commencement; Class Day; Baccalaureate; UNH v. Harvard Football Ticket
Box 3, Folder 111935Summer School Bulletin; Winter Athletics Schedule; Dad's Day
Box 3, Folder 121937Fall Athletics Schedule; Farmers and Homemakers Week
Box 3, Folder 131937UNH Bulletin; Vocations Day
Box 3, Folder 141939UNH Bulletin; Lectures and Entertainment; Mask and Dagger
Box 3, Folder 151939, 1941-1942UHNOC Annual Bulletin; Spring Sports Schedule; Winter Sports Schedule