Vice President for Academic Affairs Files, 1970-1994

Collection number: UA 3/7/1
Size: 7 boxes (2.31 cu.ft.)

About Office of Academic Affairs

The University is guided by a comprehensive academic plan. Under the direction of the vice-president, the Office of Academic Affairs spearheads the university's progress in academic programming, faculty development, and student academic affairs.

The Office of Academic Affairs provides faculty, department chairs, and deans with resources supporting faculty development in the full range of teaching, research, and outreach activities. The Office of Academic Affairs fosters academic excellence and opportunity, and oversees academic support services for students. The offices of advising, undergraduate research, honors, international education, student-designed majors, the Connors Writing Center, and others fall under the umbrella of academic affairs. So too do the rules, rights, and responsibilities governing the conduct of UNH students.

About the VPAA files

These files contain support materials for the 1983 University Accreditation process, minutes and reports from the General Education committee, Reports from the Master Planning Commission, correspondence with the undesignated gift fund and development of the University of New Hampshire at Manchester (UNHM). During the time these records were created, Raymond Erickson served as interim vice-president of academic affairs from 1983-84; Richard H. Hersh served as vice-president from 1985-87; Charles Owen served as interim vice-president from 1987-88 and Walter Eggers served as vice-president from 1989-1992.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Vice President for Academic Affairs Files, 1970-1994, UA 3/7/1, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Archives in Feb. 1994.

Collection Arrangement

The VPAA filing system of chronologically-arranged alphabetical runs has been retained from the time the records were transferred.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Oct.-Nov. 1990Academic Plan: Response from General Education Committee
Box 1, Folder 21972-1987Accreditation: Programs and Statistics Listed Dates and Status
Box 1, Folder 3Jan. 1982-July 1983Accreditation: Correspondence for 1983 Review
Box 1, Folder 4Dec. 13, 1983Accreditation: President’s Summary of 1983 Exit Interview
Box 1, Folder 51983Accreditation: Evaluator’s Report to Commission
Box 1, Folder 61983Accreditation: Committees List
Box 1, Folder 71983Accreditation: Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Vitae
Box 1, Folder 81983Accreditation: Health Studies Faculty Vitae
Box 1, Folder 91983Accreditation: Liberal Arts Faculty Vitae
Box 1, Folder 101983Accreditation: Liberal Arts Faculty Vitae
Box 1, Folder 111983Accreditation: Life Sciences and Agriculture Faculty Vitae
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11983Accreditation: UNH Oral History Project Interviews with Former Presidents
Box 2, Folder 21983Accreditation: Student Services Faculty Vitae
Box 2, Folder 31983Accreditation: WSBE Faculty Vitae
Box 2, Folder 4May 1984-Dec. 1988Accreditation: Correspondence on 5th Year Report
Box 2, Folder 5Jan. 28, 1988Accreditation: Responses to Areas of Concern in 1983 NEASC Accreditation Report
Box 2, Folder 6Sept. 1988Accreditation: 5th Year Report
Box 2, Folder 7Sept. 22, 1989Accreditation: NEASC Standards Revision Meeting and Criteria for Candidacy and Accreditation
Box 2, Folder 81990Accreditation: Correspondence with NEASC
Box 2, Folder 9June 1, 1990Accreditation: Self-Study Questionnaire for ABET Review of College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Box 2, Folder 10July 1990Accreditation: Profile of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 2, Folder 111992Accreditation: Annual Report Form NEASC
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1Feb. 1986Accreditation by Department: Engineering
Box 3, Folder 2June 1986-Sept. 1991Accreditation by Department: Occupational Therapy
Box 3, Folder 31988Accreditation by Department: Forest Resources
Box 3, Folder 4May 1989Accreditation by Department: Computer Science
Box 3, Folder 51990Accreditation by Department: Theater and Dance
Box 3, Folder 6June-Nov. 1990Accreditation by Department: Nursing and Medical Technology
Box 3, Folder 7March 1991Accreditation by Department: Mechanical Engineering
Box 3, Folder 8April 1991Accreditation by Department: Marriage and Family Therapy
Box 3, Folder 9ndAchieving Change in Educational Policy in American Colleges and Universities
Box 3, Folder 10July 27, 1988Actions for Improving Access to Classes
Box 3, Folder 11n.d.Assessment and Teaching Development of Graduate Teaching Assistants
Box 3, Folder 12March 21, 1991Cooperative State Research Service Program Review-Department of Animal and Nutritional Sciences
Box 3, Folder 13Fall 1991Course Enrollments by Faculty Status
Box 3, Folder 141981Divisional Response to Questions Addressing Mutual Concerns for Men’s/Women’s Athletics and Recreational Sports
Box 3, Folder 151970-72, 1981Exams and Reading Periods
Box 3, Folder 161988F. DeVito Notes on Physical Facilities
Box 3, Folder 17April 22-28, 1988Institutional Planning and Budgeting Meeting Agenda
Box 3, Folder 18Jan. 1982General Education: Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee
Box 3, Folder 19May 1982-1989General Education: Philosophy, Guidelines, Requirements and Report on Clustering
Box 3, Folder 201986-1989General Education: Capacities/Enrollments
Box 3, Folder 21Jan. 11, 1988-Sept. 1992General Education: Diversity Requirement Correspondence
Box 3, Folder 22May 1990General Education: Survey on Writing in General Education Courses
Box 3, Folder 23May 6, 1991General Education: Report to Academic Senate and Capacities/Enrollments 1990-1991
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 1March 29-Dec. 10, 1982General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 2Jan. 4-Dec. 14, 1983General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 31983-1992General Education Committee Voting Members List by Department
Box 4, Folder 4Jan. 20-Dec. 12, 1984General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 5General Education Committee & VPAA Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 4, Folder 6Jan. 23-Dec. 16, 1985General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 7Jan. 28-Dec. 19, 1986General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 8Jan. 27-Dec. 9, 1987General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 9Jan. 27-Dec. 9, 1988General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 10Jan. 30-Dec. 15, 1989General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 11Feb. 9-Dec. 17, 1990General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 12Jan. 28-Nov. 26, 1991General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 13Jan. 27-Nov. 20, 1992General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 14Feb. 16-Oct. 27, 1993General Education Committee Minutes
Box 4, Folder 151990General Education Course Acceptance
Box 4, Folder 161992General Education Course Acceptance
Box 4, Folder 171993General Education Course Acceptance
Box 4, Folder 18n.d.Master Plan Interim Report Introduction
Box 4, Folder 191980-1981University Library Master Plan
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11970-1981Master Planning Commission Report-Division of Continuing Education
Box 5, Folder 2Feb. 27, 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Psychology Department
Box 5, Folder 3March 27, 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Institutional Research
Box 5, Folder 4March 1981-1986Master Planning Commission Report-Army and Air Force ROTC
Box 5, Folder 5March 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Computer Science Department
Box 5, Folder 6March 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Earth Sciences Department
Box 5, Folder 7March 1981Master Planning Commission Report-WSBE
Box 5, Folder 8April 24, 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Cooperative Extension Service
Box 5, Folder 9April 1981Master Planning Commission Report-College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
Box 5, Folder 10April 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Marine Program
Box 5, Folder 11April 1981Master Planning Commission Report-School of Health Studies
Box 5, Folder 12Spring 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Physical Education Department
Box 5, Folder 13June 1981Master Planning Commission Report-Admissions Office
Box 5, Folder 141981Master Planning Commission Report-Chemical Engineering Department
Box 5, Folder 151981Master Planning Commission Report-Chemistry Department
Box 5, Folder 161981Master Planning Commission Report-Civil Engineering Department
Box 5, Folder 171981Master Planning Commission Report-Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Box 5, Folder 181981Master Planning Commission Report-Engineering Technology Program
Box 5, Folder 191981Master Planning Commission Report-Mathematics Department
Box 5, Folder 201981Master Planning Commission Report-Mechanical Engineering Department
Box 5, Folder 211981Master Planning Commission Report-Physics Department
Box 5, Folder 22May 1982Master Plan
Box 5, Folder 23Oct. 1991Mathematics at UNH: Past, Present, and Future Meeting
Box 5, Folder 24April 1981Occupational Therapy Department School of Health Studies Long Range Plan
Box 5, Folder 25Aug. 8, 1983Preliminary Proposal for Improved Program of General Education
Box 5, Folder 26March 1973Report of the Self-Study Committee of UNH
Box 5, Folder 27Feb. 24, 1988Strategic Plan for UNH
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1June 1988-Dec. 1989Undesignated Gifts Requests and Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 2June-Nov. 1990Undesignated Gifts Requests and Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 3Nov. 1990Undesignated Gifts Requests and Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 4Feb. 1991Undesignated Gifts Requests and Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 5March-April 1983Undesignated Gifts Requests and Correspondence
Box 6, Folder 6Sept. 1983UNH Self-Study Report
Box 6, Folder 7Oct. 1986UNH Self-Study Report Focused Evaluation
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1Jan. 1983-April 1985UNHM: Translocation of Merrimack Valley College to UNHM Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 2July 20, 1984UNHM: Preliminary Plan for Translocation of Merrimack Valley College to UNHM
Box 7, Folder 3Nov. 1, 1984UNHM: Report pt the General Court of NH – Plan for Translocation of Merrimack Valley College to UNHM
Box 7, Folder 41985-1986UNHM: Brief History and Mission of UNHM
Box 7, Folder 51985-1986UNHM: Lease Agreement
Box 7, Folder 6Dec. 17, 1986UNHM: Summary of Student Access, Support Services and Career Education
Box 7, Folder 7Feb. 1987UNHM: Report on Focused Evaluation by NEASC
Box 7, Folder 8June 1987-March 1992UNHM: SLL Academic Integration and Cranch Plan Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 9Nov. 1987UNHM: Policy Recommendations for Educating Adults
Box 7, Folder 10April 29, 1988UNHM: Five Year Strategic Plan
Box 7, Folder 11May 1988-Feb. 1989UNHM: SLL Plans for Merger and Degree Programs
Box 7, Folder 121988-1994UNHM: Six Year Strategic Plan
Box 7, Folder 13Aug. 1989-June 1992UNHM: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 14Sept. 5, 1989UNHM: Summary of Proposed 4 Year Academic and Financial Development Plans and Proposed Degrees
Box 7, Folder 15Sept. 1989-Sept. 1991UNHM: Academic Development and Facility Plans and Concerns Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 16Nov. 1989-Oct. 1990UNHM: Five Year Academic Development Program, Staffing, and Financial Plan
Box 7, Folder 171989-1995UNHM: Six Year Strategic Plan
Box 7, Folder 18Oct. 1990-June 1992UNHM: WSBE Program Correspondence
Box 7, Folder 19Jan. 1992UNHM: Proposal for Translocation of Five Year Teacher Education Program