Vice President of Finance and Administration, 1963-1998

Collection number: UA 4/1/2 [Offsite storage]
Size: 35 boxes (35 cu.ft.)

About the Vice President of Finance and Administration

"The Mission of Finance and Administration is to provide expert support to the President and to develop, implement, and continuously improve upon the best practices and highest quality services for students, faculty, and staff that enable and enhance the teaching, research and public service mission of the University of New Hampshire."

About the VPFA Files

35 cubic feet of files dated 1963-1998, in alphabetical order.

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Transferred to the UNH Archives in two accessions, 2000. (#2000.4; 2000.8)

Collection Arrangement

Arrangement is alphabetical.

Collection Contents

Box 1

AAUP; ATM; Academic affairs; Academic Senate; Administrative service charges; Administrative service redesign; Affirmative action; Alcohol; Allocation of resources task force; Alumni Affairs; Antennas; Asbestos management; Athletics; AT&T; Audits.

Box 2
1981-1998Audits (continued)-Budget

Audits; Auxiliary enterprises; Capital projects; Banner; Barnes and Noble Bookstore; Barton Hall; Benefits; Biological sciences; Board of Trustees; Board of Trustees 5% allocation; Brook project (see also Boxes 15 & 35); Browne Center; Budget (FY92-93, FY 94-95, FY 96-97, FY 98-99).

Box 3
1984-1998Budget (continued)-Consulting Center

Budget and Planning Committee; Budget rescission; Business centers; Business office; Cablevision proposal; Campus Planning; Capital appropriations; Capital planning committee; Capital projects; Carlson Travel; Carryforwards; CASB; CCPC; Center for Outdoor Education (later named Browne Center); Child care and family policy; Child study and development; COAST; College of Engineering and Physical Sciences; College of Liberal Arts; College of Life Science and Agriculture; College for Lifelong Learning; Commercial activity; Compensation; Compensation audit; Computing and Information Services; Conant Hall; Consults and conflict of Interest; Consulting Center.

Box 4

Controller's Office; Cooperative Extension Service; Council of Presidents; Counseling and Testing Center; Cowell Stadium bleachers; Credit and collections; Credit card program; Curtailed operations; Dairy center; Dams; Data General; DCE (Division of Continuing Education); Defense Investigative Services (DIS).

Box 5
1981-1998Defence (cont.)-Earned Time

Defense Investigative Services (DIS) continued; Delegation of signature authority; Development, industrial; Development office; Dimond Library; Dining services; Domestic partners; Drafting supplies claim; DRED; Durham Ambulance Corps; Early retirement; Earned time.

Box 6

Eckman Construction Company, Inc.; Educational Talent Search; Elderhostel; Electric computer engineering; Elliot trust fund; Emergency (Seabrook evacuation); Employee fitness program (ELF); Energy: Conservation and the environment committee; Energy management system; Energy surcharge; Enrollment planning; Enrollment and retention; Environmental center proposed for UNH; Environmental health and safety; Environmental Safety director search; Environmental safety and public security; EOS; Equine studies program; Equipment capitalization policy; ERG - Environmental research group; Evangelical church; Excess tuition income requests; Executive Committee on parking; Executive Vice President's Office (now VP for Finance and Administration); Exeter Mental Health Assn.

Box 7
1975-1996FRM-Fire Department

FRM, Inc.; Facilities Planning; Facilities Services; Faculty Housing; Faculty retirement; Family owned business initiative; Family research laboratory; FASB; Federal register; Fee development; Field experience; Field house; Financial Aid; Financial allocation report; Financial policy committee; FINPAC; Fire department.

Box 8
1977-1996Fire Department-Hazardous

Fire Department (cont.); First NH Bank at work; Fiscal operations; Fish and Game Dept.; Forest Park; Foster, Maurice; General Counsel; General Electric Company and foundation; Gerontology; Governor's Cut FY81; Governor's management review; Graduate School; Grants and contracts; GTE Foundation proposal and lecture series; Handicapped accessibility; Hazardous substances.

Box 9

Hazardous waste; Health and Human Services, School of; Health and Safety; Health benefits review committee; Health Services; Higher education; Hinman property; Hockey games on TV; Honors Program; House Bill 1026; Housing and Conferences; Huddleston Hall Project; Human Resources (USNH); Hyperbaric center; Iddles Lecture Fund; Indian Head Bank; Indirect Cost; Institute for Policy and Social Science Research; Institutional Research; Insurance; Interhostel; Internally designated funds; ITPAC; ITV; Jackson Estuarine Laboratory; Kaludis, George, Inc.; Kappa Sigma Building; Kari-Van.

Box 10

Kari-Van (cont.); Kimball-Chase; Lamprey Regional Cooperative; Lamprey River Easement; Land; Lawsuits; Lead Unit – Construction and renovation projects; Leawood Orchards; Legislation; Leisure Management and Tourism; Liability insurance; Logo/licensing; Long range financial plan; mail Services; Management directive; Management information system council; Management problems.

Box 11
1983-1996Marine-New England Center

Marine Program; Memorial Union Building/MUB; Merchant’s Car; Microbiology and Zoology; Microbiology fees; Mile fund; MIS; Modular housing lease; Morse Hall; Multi-Cultural Center; Music; NACUBO; NACUBO / EACUBO / WACUBO; NASULGC; National Direct Student Loans; Department of Natural Resources; New England Center (NEC).

Box 12
1965-1995New England Center (cont.)-NEES Energy,

New England Center (N.E.C.) cont.; NECCE; NEES Energy.

Box 13
1981-1996New England Health Care-Parking

New England Health Care Assembly; NH Council on World Affairs; NH Department of Education; NH Public Broadcasting Council; NH Public Television 1985-1997; State of New Hampshire; NOAA; Noble High School tuition waivers; Nursing Department and relocation; Nursing student loan program; Ocean Process Analysis Lab (OPAL); O'Kane Cottage rental; Ole. E. Haaland Fund; Overseas program; Paint It Company; Parents Fund; Parking and Traffic.

Box 14
1982-1997Parking-Campus Planning

Parking and Traffic (cont.); PAT; Payroll; PCAC; Pease Air Force Base; Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Company; Personnel; Campus Planning.

Box 15
1982-1993Campus Planning (cont.)-College Brook

Campus Planning (cont.); Campus shuttle; Capital budget; Capital funds drive; Capital maintenance deferred; Capital planning committee; Capital projects; Caretakers training program; Carlson Travel Network; Car rental; Career Planning and Placement; Carnegie Foundation; Carter Chair; CASE Awards; Catering; CCPC (Communications Center Policy Committee); Centennial fund; Center for Education Field Services; Center for Health Promotion and Research; Center for the Humanities; Center for Industrial and Institutional Development; Center for International Perspectives; Center for New Hampshire's Future; CEPS; Challenge grant; Chancellor's office; Charge back committee; Chemistry, department of; CIID files list; Child Care Center; Child Care, resource and referral; Child Study Development Center; Class of 1923; College Board; College Brook (See also boxes 2 & 35).

Box 16
1980-1998College of Liberal Arts-President's Office

College of Liberal Arts; College of Life Sciences and Agriculture; College savings bond advisory committee; Commencement; Commission on research and graduate education; Commission on the status of women; Committees, Communications Disorders, Department of; Communication, Department of; Complex Systems Research Center; Personnel (continued and see also Box 35); Petty cash; Philanthropy and service; Physical plant development and utilization; Physical plant operation and maintenance; Physics Department; Plan NH; Planning Council; Planning Council Task Force on Central Support Services; Plant Maintenance; Post-Docs; Prescott Estate; President's Office.

Box 17
1973-1996President's Office-Public Safety

President's Office (cont.); Presidential scholarship proposal; Printing Services; printing Study; Property (General, Alice Dudley Farm, Burley Demerritt Farm, Chase Property, Davis Park, Epsilon Property, Excess Property, Excess Real Estate, Gertrude Brunham Estate, Hinman Property, Ina Thompson (Highland House), Jones Lot, Leawood Property, Lovell River Property, Lubec Property, Mendums Pond, Moore Property, Natural Areas Land Purchases, Parker Tobin (Bay Property), Rosemary Lane, Route 4 bypass, Strafford Ave Extension Deed, Woodlands Management, Woodland Fund, Mildred Zimmerman, Green Dream Farm); Psychology, Department of; Public Programs and Events; Public Safety.

Box 18
1985-1993Public Safety-R&R

Public Safety (cont.), Public Service of N.H., Public Utilities Commission; Purchasing (see also Box 35); Quasi-Endowment Funds (Q Funds); R&R 1985-1993.

Box 19

R&R 1984; Ravine, Beautification of [see also College Brook]; Recreational Facility (Whittemore Arena); Recycling; Repairs and renovations; Registrar's office; Reorganization; Research administration 1986-1993; Research - Jim Morrison.

Box 20

Research, Vice President for; Research and graduate education committee; Research computing center; Research facility; Research investment plan; Reserves; Resident assistant council; Residential Life; Residential tower; Richards House; RIF; Right to Know Law; ROTC; Room and board charges; Rosenberg Conference Center (1980-1990 and various named files).

Box 21
1980-1995RU-Sponsored Programs

Rudman meetings; Safe ride program; Salary equity; Satellites; Safe Our Shore (Save Our Shores?); Scholarships; School of Health Studies; School for Lifelong Learning; Science and Engineering Research Bldg; Scoreboard; Sculpture Department relocation; Sea Grant College program; Sensitive issues council; Sexual harassment; Sexual harassment and rape prevention (SHARPP); Shenandoah Systems Company; Shift differentials; Short term interest; Sigma Beta; Signature Cards; SILRESIM Chemical Corp.; Small Business Development Center; Space allocation committee; Spanish and Classics, Department of; Spaulding Memorial Fund; Sponsored Programs.

Box 22
1981-1995Sponsored Research-Student Activity Fee

Sponsored Research; SPAO; Sports council; State geology program; Staff tuition discounts; Statistics; Strafford Avenue and Pettee Brook leases; Stoke Hall; Stoke Hall renovations; Strafford Place; Strategic Edge; Strategic indicators; Strategic planning; Strengths and weaknesses of UNH; Student activity fee; Student Activity Fee Council (S.A.F.C.).

Box 23
1980-1996Student Affairs-Student Hourly

Student Affairs (1984-1996); Student accounts; Student Conduct; Student Costs; Student counts; Student development; Student employment; Student enrollment; Student fees (housing, dining); Student fees/complaints; Student for a better America; Student affairs; Student health care; Student hourly.

Box 24
1979-1998Student Housing-System Policy

Student Housing (new Gables facility); Sawyer Mills; SOBC - Historic; Surplus properties; Surplus property; Surveys and Questionnaires; Student Senate; New Residence Projects Costs Summary Detail; New Student Facility; New Student Residence; Student Loans; Student Information System (SIS); Study Away; Summer Activity; Summer Youth Music School; Sunset Committee; Sustainability; System Benefits Subcommittee; System Operating Budget Council; System Policy and Procedures.

Box 25

Task Group; Task Force Proposals; Technical Audio Facilities Committee; Telecommunications General.

Box 26

Agreements; AT&T; ATTIS; Telecom Project; New England Center Phone System; Credit and Debit / System 85 implementation; TEM purchase; instalation of the UNH Telecom; Agreement between UNH and NET&T; ATTIS Meetings; Misc. Telephons; Ad hoc committee; General; Northern Telecom; Pay Telephones; Budget; Telephone Credit Cards; UNH Manchester telephones; Safety Phones; Student Services; Telephone Bills.

Box 27
1979-1998Tennis - Town Gown

Tennis Tournament; T.H.E. Journal; Thermal Distribution Project; Theater, Dept. of; Thompson Hall project; Thompson School TSAS; TIAA/CREF; Timber sales Agreement; Tinker Foundation; Title IX; Tour Day 1989; Town Gown (General-Leases).

Box 28
1964-1997Town Gown (Minutes)-Transitional Employment

Town Gown (Minutes-UNH Boat House/Jackson Landing); Reallocation Plan; TQM; Transportation Committee; Transcript Holds; Transitional Employment.

Box 29
1984-1992Travel-Undesignated Gifts

Travel (General-Spousel); Treasurer; Trio; Tuition; Tuition and Fees; Undergraduate Research Opportunities; Underground Storage Tanks; Undesignated Gifts.

Box 30
1979-1997Undesignated Gifts-UNH Foundation

Undesignated Gifts; UNH (General, Bank Accounts); Task Force; UNH Foundation.

Box 31
1891-1998UNH Foundation - United Way

UNH Foundation (cont.); UNH On The Move; UNH 100 Club; UNH Manchester; Union; Unison; United Way.

Box 32

Universities of the 21st Century; University Chairperson; University Club; University Computing; Communications; University Governance; University Magazine; University Museum; University Planning Resources Committee; University Police.

Box 33
1978-1998University Police-USNH

University Police (cont.); University Press of New England; University Technology Center; University Relations; University Seal; University Symbols; University Unrelated-Businesss Income Tax; Upward Bound; US Department of Education; US Naval Memorial Foundation; US Senators; USNH.

Box 34
1981-1998U.S.S. Yorktown-Work Week

U.S.S. Yorktown; Variance Analysis; Vehicles; Venture Research; Vice Chancellor; VPAA; Videotex; Wallaces Bookstore; West Edge Lot; Whittemore Arena; WSBE; Women's Commission; Wooster Estate; Worker's Compensation; Work Week.

Box 35
1980-1990V-Y, Misc. out of order files

Variance Analysis; Vehicles; Vending Contract; Vending Services; Venture Capital; Venture Capital Network; Veterinarian Position; Vice Chancellor; VPAA; VPFA; VPFAA; Vice President for Research and Financial Affairs - job description; Whacker, John and Associates Inc.; Waffle House; White House Fellowships; WSBE; Women's Commission; Women in Higher Education; Woodlands; Yankee Development; Yildiz Brothers; Personnel; Purchasing; Ravine AKA College Brook.

Box 35
1988-1998New Hampshire Public Television

Misc. NHPTV files, 1 personnel file restricted