Office of the President Papers, 1941-1980

Collection number: UA 2/1/12
Size: 93 boxes (31 cu.ft.)

About the Office of the President Papers

This collection contains files which were maintained by the Office of the President. They cover a wide range of topics which were addressed by the Office of the President, 1941-1980. Numerous files span more than one academic year and more than one presidential administration. Thomas N. Bonner, Eldon L. Johnson, John McConnell and Eugene S. Mills are represented in the collection.

About the Office of the President, Papers

This series is arranged in the same manner which the files were maintained by the Office of the President. The arrangement is alphabetical. Thomas N. Bonner, Eldon L. Johnson, John McConnell and Eugene S. Mills are represented in the collection. This series also contains files which cover four presidents who have their own archival series. These presidents are Fred Engelhardt, Harold W. Stoke, Arthur S. Adams and Robert F. Chandler.

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This collection is open.

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Copyright is retained by the University of New Hampshire.

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[Identification of item], [Folder], [Box], Office of the President Papers, 1941-1980, 2/1/12, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

These records were transferred to the University Library for storage prior to the establishment of the University Archives in 1992.

Collection Contents

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 11961-1968Academic Calendar Proposals (trimester, 3-term-3-course, quarter, etc.)
Box 1, Folder 21979The USNH Academic Plan, vol.1, University System Survey
Box 1, Folder 31979The USNH Academic Plan, vol.2, Individual Campus Plans
Box 1, Folder 41962-1974Campus Planning Committee
Box 1, Folder 51970-1971Academic Planning Committee Organization Subcommittee
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 11977A Planning Model for Identification of Long-Range Academic Program and Resource Needs- Preliminary Draft- not for distribution
Box 2, Folder 21978A Planning Model for Identification...etc.
Box 2, Folder 31959-1964Academic Programs and Teaching Methods, Committee on
Box 2, Folder 41979-1980Academic Senate
Box 2, Folder 51966Academic Vice President
Box 2, Folder 61952Acceleration, Committee on
Box 2, Folder 71958-1964Accreditation, AMA-AOTA
Box 2, Folder 81962Accreditation, Dietetic Association
Box 2, Folder 91950-1961Accreditation, Engineering Departments, fldr.1
Box 2, Folder 101961-1964Accreditation, Engineering Departments, fldr.2
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 11964-1980Accreditation, Engineering Departments, fldr.3
Box 3, Folder 21959-1963Accreditation, New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools [NEACSS], fldr.1
Box 3, Folder 31959-1963Accreditation, NEACSS, fldr.2
Box 3, Folder 41974-1975INER [Institute of National and Environmental Resources], Accreditation
Box 3, Folder 51954-1967Accreditation, Music Department
Box 3, Folder 61973-1974Accreditation Report
Box 3, Folder 71973March- Accreditation- Self Study Report- UNH
Box 4
Box 4, Folder 11970-1981Society of American Foresters (re. withdrawal of UNH accreditation by council)
Box 4, Folder 21971Hisato Adachi
Box 4, Folder 31976-1979Administration Budget
Box 4, Folder 41979-1980Administration Budget
Box 4, Folder 51977-1979Administrative Conference
Box 4, Folder 61963-1966Administrative Intern, fldr.1
Box 4, Folder 71963-1966Administrative Intern, fldr.2
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 11978Administrative Personnel
Box 5, Folder 21969-1971Administrative Reorganization
Box 5, Folder 31957-1972Admissions Committee
Box 5, Folder 41958-1961Advisory Council on School and University Relations
Box 5, Folder 51960-1962African Scholarship Program of American Universities
Box 5, Folder 61955-1959Agency for International Development, f.1
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 11959-1960Agency for International Development, f.2
Box 6, Folder 21961-1962Agency for International Development, f.3
Box 6, Folder 31962Agency for International Development, f.4
Box 6, Folder 41956-1959Agency for International development-(A.F. Daggett's semi-annual report)
Box 6, Folder 51962Agency for International Development- A Program for the Development of Fundamental Sciences at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru- by A.F. Daggett
Box 6, Folder 61961-1962Agency for International Development- "Agreement Aid- 2317"
Box 6, Folder 7Alumni Association
Box 6, Folder 81973Alumni House Fund
Box 6, Folder 91973-1978Alumni Center Campaign, Report to the BOT
Box 6, Folder 101977Alumni Center Campaign, Honor Roll
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 11957-1958Alumni Lecturer, Dr. Edward W. Sinnott
Box 7, Folder 21958-1959Alumni Lecturers
Box 7, Folder 31958-1959Alumni Lecturer, general correspondence
Box 7, Folder 41959-1960Alumni Lecturer
Box 7, Folder 51978-1980Alumni Patio
Box 7, Folder 61955Alumni Sponsored Fund Raising Projects
Box 7, Folder 71968Alumni sponsored Public relations Office in Concord
Box 7, Folder 81961-1962Alumni Visitors
Box 7, Folder 91968Ambulance Service
Box 7, Folder 101965-1966American Association of University Professors
Box 7, Folder 111965-1966American Studies Program
Box 7, Folder 121961-1962Architects General
Box 7, Folder 131961-1962Arts Exchange League (Dartmouth/UNH Cooperative Arts Program)
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 11967Assurance, Public Health Service
Box 8, Folder 21944-1947Athletic Programs (Report of the Commission on)
Box 8, Folder 31976-1981Auerbach, Men's Athletics
Box 8, Folder 41964Bachelor of Music Degree, established
Box 8, Folder 51961Horse Barn (replacement)
Box 8, Folder 61972-1974Barrat, John- Student Legal Services
Box 8, Folder 71957Bassett, Memorial Fund, Raymond E.
Box 8, Folder 81963Buildings- Dairy Barn Replacement
Box 8, Folder 91963-1964Buildings- Dairy Processing Plant
Box 8, Folder 101959Ben Thompson Convocation- April 20, 1959, Citation Dinner
Box 8, Folder 111959Ben Thompson Convocation, General Arrangements
Box 8, Folder 121959Ben Thompson Convocation, Miscellaneous Correspondence and Acknowledgements
Box 8, Folder 131959Ben Thompson Convocation, Afternoon Convocation
Box 9
Box 9, Folder 11959Ben Thompson Convocation, Citation Nominations and Invitation List, fldr.1
Box 9, Folder 21959Ben Thompson Convocation, Citations etc., fldr.2
Box 9, Folder 31959Ben Thompson Convocation, Transfer Orders
Box 9, Folder 4Benefits-(Early Retirement Plan for faculty and Staff)- Prop. eff. date: 7/1/77
Box 9, Folder 51978-1980Budget Billing Process July 1978 to FY.1980
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1FY'79 Budget Planning
Box 10, Folder 21979-1980Capital Campaign (Feasibility Study), fldr.1
Box 10, Folder 31979-1980Capital Campaign (Feasibility Study), fldr.2
Box 10, Folder 41961-1962CAPTM Progress Reports, from Dean to Board
Box 10, Folder 51956Campus Mores, Advisory Committee on
Box 10, Folder 61952-1966Campus Planning Committee
Box 10, Folder 71958-1959Carillon
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 11964"CHAOS"
Box 11, Folder 21970Chicago 3- May Days
Box 11, Folder 31969-1970Chronological Summary of Campus Demonstrations
Box 11, Folder 41964Civil Rights Act of 1964- Cooperative Extension Service
Box 11, Folder 51961Civil Defense Demonstration (April 28, 1961)
Box 11, Folder 61977Collective Bargaining
Box 11, Folder 71966College of Education
Box 11, Folder 81978College of Life Sciences and Agriculture- Evaluation of Ten-Year Goals Report
Box 11, Folder 91964-1967College Work-Study Program
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 11923-1930Commencement
Box 12, Folder 21932-1940Commencement
Box 12, Folder 31941-1943Commencement
Box 12, Folder 41944-1946Commencement
Box 12, Folder 51947-1948Commencement, Budget and requisitions (July 1, 1947 to June 30, 1948)
Box 12, Folder 61944-1948Commencement Inventories
Box 12, Folder 71928-1946Commencement Committee Minutes, 1928-46, and miscellaneous material
Box 12, Folder 81943-1944Commencement Committee- Budget and Requisitions
Box 12, Folder 91944-1945Commencement Committee Requisitions
Box 12, Folder 101945-1946Requisitions-Department of Commencement Committee
Box 12, Folder 111946-1947Commencement Committee- Requisitions
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 11979Charles S. Parsons- Honorary Degree- Commencement
Box 13, Folder 21965-1969Commencement
Box 13, Folder 31980Commencement- May 18- fldr.1
Box 13, Folder 41980Commencement- May 18- fldr.2
Box 13, Folder 51980Commencement- May 18- fldr.3
Box 13, Folder 61961Commission on Civil Rights
Box 13, Folder 71972Commission on Compensation Report to Board of Trustees
Box 13, Folder 81962Commission on Education: Questionnaire Completed by John Reed, Acting President
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 11944-1968Committee Membership Lists
Box 14, Folder 21945-1968Committees, Miscellaneous
Box 14, Folder 31948Committee on Alumni scholarships
Box 14, Folder 41960Committee on School and University Relations
Box 14, Folder 51963Community Colleges
Box 14, Folder 61973Compensation, Commission on - Report(UNH/Durham Task Force on)
Box 14, Folder 71973-1974Compensation Study Commission Task Force
Box 14, Folder 81960-1964Conservatory GreenHouse
Box 14, Folder 91970Contingency Committee
Box 14, Folder 101968Cooperative Extension, Program for equal Employment Opportunity
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1Coordinating Board--Permanent
Box 15, Folder 21973-1974Coordinating Board of Advanced Education
Box 15, Folder 31974-1975Computation Center
Box 15, Folder 41968Cost of Residence Hall Construction
Box 15, Folder 51955-1959Crop Protection Institute
Box 15, Folder 61962-1966Crotched Mountain School for the Deaf
Box 15, Folder 71960-1967Council on Teacher Preparation
Box 15, Folder 81962County Organization
Box 15, Folder 91954-1957Counties- Memorandums of understanding between UNH and Counties
Box 15, Folder 101962Course Re-numbering
Box 15, Folder 111968-1969Curfew women's Rules-A.C.T.I.O.N.
Box 15, Folder 121944-1966Curricula Committee
Box 15, Folder 131960-1962Daggett and Sweezy, documents pertaining to incidents
Box 15, Folder 141956Daggett and Sweezy, documents pertaining to Incidents - the Paul M. Sweezy Incident
Box 15, Folder 151954-1963Daggett and Sweezy, documents pertaining to Incidents - G.H. Daggett
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 11954Daggett and Sweezy, documents pertaining to incidents, Petition
Box 16, Folder 21972Davidson Lecture, May 10, 1972, honoring Simon Kuznets
Box 16, Folder 31967-1968Dedications
Box 16, Folder 41972Dedication, Daggett Forum Room
Box 16, Folder 51970-1973Dedications, Programs, Invitations, etc., f.1
Box 16, Folder 61973-1979Dedications, Programs, Invitations, etc., f.2
Box 16, Folder 71966-1978Dedication Program
Box 16, Folder 81973Dedication, Adam's Residential Tower
Box 16, Folder 91977Dedication, Alumni Center
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 11970Dedication, Barton Hall
Box 17, Folder 21971Dedication, Bratton Recital Hall
Box 17, Folder 31974Dedication, Warren Brown Memorial, Sawyer Lounge
Box 17, Folder 41979Dedication, Carter
Box 17, Folder 51973Dedication, The Carter Gallery
Box 17, Folder 61980Dedication, Chase Reception
Box 17, Folder 71969The Jere Chase Testimonial Committee
Box 17, Folder 81970Dedication, Christensen Hall
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 11976Dedication, David G. Clark Library, DeMerritt Hall
Box 18, Folder 21976Dedication, Collier Lounge
Box 18, Folder 31960Dedication, Charles M. Dale Lounge
Box 18, Folder 41967-1968Dedication, Data Processing Communications Com.
Box 18, Folder 51973Desmond Memorial
Box 18, Folder 61966Dedication, Devine Hall
Box 18, Folder 71970Dedication, Dimond Library
Box 18, Folder 81972-1982Dedication, East/West Park
Box 18, Folder 91947Dedication, Engelhardt Hall
Box 18, Folder 101966Dedication, Field House
Box 18, Folder 111965Dedication, Five Finger Point Squam Lake
Box 18, Folder 121973Dedication, Frost Room
Box 18, Folder 131971Dedication, Granite State Room
Box 18, Folder 141978Grant Dedication
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 11972Dedication, Grinnell Library
Box 19, Folder 21963-1965Dedication, "Dad" Henderson Room (Carillon)
Box 19, Folder 31976Dedication, Warren Henderson Beef Facilities
Box 19, Folder 41978Dedication, Hodgdon Herbarium, Pike Library
Box 19, Folder 51965Dedication, Howe Auditorium and Swain Auditorium
Box 19, Folder 61968Hubbard-Babcock Dedications
Box 19, Folder 71963Dedications, Huddleston, Phillips, Richards, Scudder
Box 19, Folder 81971Dedication, Iddles Auditorium
Box 19, Folder 91970Dedication, Jackson Estuarine Dedication
Box 19, Folder 101970Dedication, Kendall Hall
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 11950Dedication, Kingsbury Hall
Box 20, Folder 21973Dedication, Leavitt Service Center
Box 20, Folder 31978Dedication, Thomas J. LeBel '78 Room (Classroom, Zais Hall)-AFROTC
Box 20, Folder 41968Dedication, Lundholm Gymnasium
Box 20, Folder 51971Glenn l. Maxey Memorial Award
Box 20, Folder 61971Dedication, McConnell Hall; Davidson Lecture honoring Paul A. Samuelson
Box 20, Folder 71969Dedication, McCord-Davidson
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 11974Dedication, Bradford W. McIntire
Box 21, Folder 21955Dedication, McLaughlin Hall (New dormitory for women)
Box 21, Folder 31979Gene and Dotty Mills Testimonial
Box 21, Folder 41979Dedication, Dr. Douglas and Helena Milne Rare Book room, Dimond Library
Box 21, Folder 51976Dedication, Mini-Dorms
Box 21, Folder 61976Dedication, Mini-Dorms
Box 21, Folder 71980Dedication, Mitchell Way
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 11970Dedication, George M. Moore, Magnolia Tree and Plaque
Box 22, Folder 21975Dedication, Harriet M. Nason Lounge
Box 22, Folder 31970Dedication, Barbara King Newman Dance Studio
Box 22, Folder 41973Dedication, Parker Laboratory
Box 22, Folder 51966Dedication, Parson's Hall
Box 22, Folder 61971Dedication, Philbrook Hall
Box 22, Folder 71971Dedication, R.W. Smith Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Box 22, Folder 81964-1965Dedication, Snively Arena
Box 22, Folder 91977Dedication, Social Science Center
Box 22, Folder 101979Dedication, James R. Carter Professorship of Management and J.R. Carter Student Scholarship
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 11966Dedication, Stoke Hall
Box 23, Folder 21969Dedication, Swasey Swimming Pool
Box 23, Folder 31966Dedication, Paul M. Sweet Oval
Box 23, Folder 41970Dedication, L.V. Tirrell Light Horse Center
Box 23, Folder 51970Dedication, Whittemore School
Box 23, Folder 61978-1979Dedication, Zais Hall (ROTC Building)
Box 23, Folder 71972-1974Dedication, Williamson Hall
Box 23, Folder 81979-1980Development
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 11955-1958Development Council, UNH's
Box 24, Folder 21973Developmental Disabilities Masters Program Proposal
Box 24, Folder 31974Disaster Control Planning
Box 24, Folder 41948-1967Discipline, Advisory Committee on
Box 24, Folder 51948-1949Discrimination
Box 24, Folder 61957Distinguished Lectures-printed Lectures- "Yeats and the Belief in Life"- Archibald MacLeish
Box 24, Folder 71957Distinguished Lectures- printed lectures- "Man's Future Birthright"-Herman J. Muller
Box 24, Folder 81957Dist. Lect.-"The Role of the Creative Arts in Contemporary Society"- Lewis Mumford
Box 24, Folder 91958Dist. Lect.-"The U.S. and Underdeveloped Countries"-Clarence B. Randall
Box 24, Folder 101958Dist. Lect.- "Meetings at the Summit: A Study in diplomatic Method"- Dean Acheson
Box 24, Folder 111959Dist. Lect.- "The Pleasures of Music"- Aaron Copeland
Box 24, Folder 121959Dist. Lect.- "Racial Tensions: A Study in Human Behavior"- Oliver C. Carmichael
Box 24, Folder 131959Dist. Lect.- "Judges, Juries and Bureaucrats"- William O. Douglass
Box 24, Folder 141961Dist. Lect.- "Goethe and Weimar"-William Heckscher
Box 24, Folder 151961Dist. Lect.- "Fiction and New England"- Alfred Kazin
Box 24, Folder 161965Dist. Lect.- " Athens and Jerusalem: Confrontation and Dialogue"- Will Herberg
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 11956-1957Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 21957-1958Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 31958-1959Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 41959-1960Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 51960-1961Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 61961-1962Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 71962-1963Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 25, Folder 81979-1980Distinguished Lecture Series, correspondence
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 11964-1966Division of Industrial and Community Services
Box 26, Folder 21948UNH Draft Law
Box 26, Folder 31973Drugs
Box 26, Folder 41972Durham Declaration
Box 26, Folder 51977-1979Early Retirement Policy
Box 26, Folder 61975Ecumenical Ministry to UNH
Box 26, Folder 71970Department of Education: Retrospect and Prospect
Box 26, Folder 81979-1988"Earned Time"
Box 26, Folder 91962-1965Electron Microscope
Box 26, Folder 101957-1961Elementary Education
Box 26, Folder 111957Enrollment Prospect survey, 1956-73
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 11979-1980Elliot Discretionary Fund
Box 27, Folder 21979-1980Elliot Film
Box 27, Folder 31979Elliot Trust Fund
Box 27, Folder 41944-1946Employer-Employee Relationships, Committee on
Box 27, Folder 51949Enriching the Cultural Life on Campus, Committee for
Box 27, Folder 61966Executive Vice-President
Box 27, Folder 71966Expansion of Physical Facilities of Durham Campus, Keene and Plymouth, S.C.
Box 27, Folder 81975Faculty Children Exchange
Box 27, Folder 91949-1954The Faculty Council, #1
Box 27, Folder 101955-1961The Faculty Council, #2
Box 27, Folder 111961-1963The Faculty Council, #3
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 11963-1964The Faculty Council, #4
Box 28, Folder 21963-1967The Faculty Council, #5, fldr.1
Box 28, Folder 31963-1967The Faculty Council, #5, fldr.2
Box 28, Folder 41963-1967The Faculty Council, #5, fldr.3
Box 28, Folder 51965-1966The Faculty Council, #6, fldr.1
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 11965-1966The Faculty Council, #6, fldr.2
Box 29, Folder 21967-1969The Faculty Council, #7
Box 29, Folder 31963-1964The Faculty Council, #8
Box 29, Folder 41945-1946Faculty Welfare Committee
Box 29, Folder 51945-1952Faculty Welfare Committee, fldr.2
Box 29, Folder 61953-1955Faculty Welfare Committee, fldr.3
Box 29, Folder 71962-1966Faculty Housing Development
Box 29, Folder 81962Faculty Lounge and Study Area
Box 29, Folder 91964-67Faculty and Administrative Staff, new members
Box 29, Folder 101975Faculty Sharing Project. Land Grant Universities of New England.
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 11975-1976Feasibility Study Committee (Barn Issue)
Box 30, Folder 21965Feldman Bill-fldr.1
Box 30, Folder 31965Feldman Bill-fldr.2
Box 30, Folder 41965Feldman Bill-fldr.3
Box 30, Folder 51965Feldman Testimony
Box 30, Folder 61954-1965Fellowships, George F. Dwinell Memorial Fellowships
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 11960-1961Festival of Arts
Box 31, Folder 21961-1962Festival of Arts
Box 31, Folder 31954-1955Fifteen Year Plan
Box 31, Folder 41979-1980Financial Affairs, Vice President for
Box 31, Folder 51944-1959Fine Arts, Committee on
Box 31, Folder 61953Financial Conditions of the University of New Hampshire
Box 31, Folder 71963-1967Five Finger Point (Squam Lake)
Box 31, Folder 81956Food Survey
Box 31, Folder 91959Foreign students enrolled
Box 31, Folder 101960-1963Forest Hills Hotel - advisory council for Deptartment and Hotel administration
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 11955-1961Forest Park
Box 32, Folder 21965Forest Resources, Dept. of, name change
Box 32, Folder 31952-1970Forestry Accreditation
Box 32, Folder 41968-1971Fort Dearborn Property Proposals
Box 32, Folder 51963Franconia College
Box 32, Folder 61959-1961Fraternity and Sorority Discrimination, Committee on
Box 32, Folder 71949-1950Fraternity Survey Committee
Box 32, Folder 81953-1954Freedom of Speech and Thought, Committee on
Box 32, Folder 91973Gay Liberation Organization
Box 32, Folder 101973Gay Students Organization
Box 32, Folder 111962G.E. College Bowl
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 11970General Public Events Planning
Box 33, Folder 21967Geological Archives
Box 33, Folder 31966Government, Department of - Name Change
Box 33, Folder 41962Graduate Research Fund
Box 33, Folder 51961Graduate Schools, Council of
Box 33, Folder 61962Graduate Student Housing
Box 33, Folder 71968-1976Granite State Awards
Box 33, Folder 81970Granite State Awards Luncheon
Box 33, Folder 91978Handicapped Accommodations for (Task Force on)
Box 33, Folder 101978Handicapped of the University of New Hampshire, Report of the Task Force on the Accommodation of
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 11967Health Services, Work in Allied
Box 34, Folder 21974Health Studies, School of
Box 34, Folder 31948Heating Plant Addition and Steam Tunnels
Box 34, Folder 41958-1965Hennessey Theatre
Box 34, Folder 51945High School for Durham, Committee for
Box 34, Folder 61963-1967Higher Education Facilities Act - Title 1 - Folder 1
Box 34, Folder 71963-1967Higher Education Facilities Act - Title 1 - Folder 2
Box 34, Folder 81967Higher Education Facilities Com. (New Hampshire)
Box 34, Folder 91952-1973Historical Records and Museum Committee
Box 34, Folder 101969-1971Home Economics Accreditation
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 11973Honorary Degrees awarded prior to Spring - alphabetical listing
Box 35, Folder 21966-1969Honorary Degrees
Box 35, Folder 31967-1968Honorary Degrees
Box 35, Folder 41969-1970Honorary Degrees
Box 35, Folder 51970-1973Honorary Degrees
Box 35, Folder 61971Honorary Degrees
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 11947-1962Honorary Degrees Committee 1
Box 36, Folder 21949-1951Honorary Degrees Committee 2
Box 36, Folder 31952-1953Honorary Degrees Committee 3
Box 36, Folder 41954-1955Honorary Degrees Committee 4
Box 36, Folder 51956-1957Honorary Degrees Committee 5
Box 36, Folder 61958-1961Honorary Degrees Committee 6
Box 36, Folder 71961Hotel Administration
Box 36, Folder 81969-1970Huddleston Hall Affair
Box 36, Folder 91966Immigration and Naturalization Service
Box 36, Folder 101963Inauguration Fund, President's
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 11963Inauguration Fund, President's
Box 37, Folder 21963Inauguration Fund, President's
Box 37, Folder 31963Inauguration Greetings
Box 37, Folder 41971Inauguration - Academic Procession
Box 37, Folder 51971Inauguration (Thomas Bonner)
Box 37, Folder 61975Inauguration, Mills - Presidential Convocation
Box 37, Folder 71974-1975Inauguration, President's Installation Planning
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 11978-1979Inauguration - Institutional Presentation
Box 38, Folder 21944-1945Information and Publication, Committee on
Box 38, Folder 31949-1952Institutes and Conferences Committee
Box 38, Folder 41970Institute of Environmental Resources
Box 38, Folder 51963-1964Institute of Industrial Cooperation
Box 38, Folder 61945-1947Institutional Building, Advisory Committee on
Box 38, Folder 71947Instruction Evaluation - Rating Scale/Student Reaction Study
Box 38, Folder 81963Intercollege Programs
Box 38, Folder 91960-1964International Association of Universities
Box 38, Folder 101963International Education Programs Director
Box 38, Folder 111970-1971Intramural Football Incident
Box 38, Folder 121973-1983Jackson, M. Scholarship
Box 38, Folder 131968Jackson Estuarine Laboratory
Box 38, Folder 141969Jenks Committee Report
Box 38, Folder 151969Joint Admissions and Scholastic Standing Committee Report
Box 38, Folder 161956Joint Alumni Study Committee
Box 38, Folder 171971-1972Joint Board of Black Student Affairs
Box 38, Folder 181969Joint Committee on Student Rights and Rules - Final Report
Box 38, Folder 191962-1975Joint Town - UNH Advisory Committee
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 11970-1972Joint Town and University Advisory Committee: Police matters
Box 39, Folder 21962-1973Joint Town and University Planning Board
Box 39, Folder 31962-1973Joint Town and University Planning Board
Box 39, Folder 41968Journal of Comparative Administration
Box 39, Folder 51961-1962Journalism
Box 39, Folder 61964-1967Junior Year at Dijon
Box 39, Folder 71963-1968Junior Year in Germany - Marburg
Box 39, Folder 81970Junior Year Abroad - Spain
Box 40
Box 40, Folder 11963-1969W.K. Kellogg Foundation (New England Center for Continuing Education)
Box 40, Folder 21969-1990W.K. Kellogg Foundation (New England Center for Continuing Education)
Box 40, Folder 31964-1965Ketchum, Inc.
Box 40, Folder 41970Kirk Affair
Box 40, Folder 51979-1980Knox, William E. Papers
Box 40, Folder 61964Labor Education Center, University of Connecticut
Box 40, Folder 71960Labor Union
Box 40, Folder 81959-1967Lake Nubanusit Property
Box 40, Folder 91962Languages - Master's Degree
Box 40, Folder 101978-1980Lamprey Solid Waste Cooperative
Box 40, Folder 111950Leadership, Committee on
Box 40, Folder 121962-1969Lectures Committee, fldr. 1
Box 41
Box 41, Folder 11962-1969Lectures Committee, fldr. 2
Box 41, Folder 21945-1962Lectures and Concerts Committee
Box 41, Folder 31945-1961Legislature
Box 41, Folder 41947Legislature
Box 41, Folder 51971Legislature, Status
Box 41, Folder 61958-1961Letter from Durham
Box 41, Folder 71974-1975Liberal Arts, Department of
Box 42
Box 42, Folder 11946-1950Library Committee
Box 42, Folder 21949-1960Library Committee
Box 42, Folder 31959-1966Library Committee
Box 42, Folder 41965Library Conversion at Keene and Plymouth
Box 42, Folder 51958Library Dedication
Box 42, Folder 61970Library, Friends of the UNH
Box 42, Folder 71963-1964Library - German Room
Box 42, Folder 81949-1950Library, Student Advisory Committee
Box 42, Folder 91970-1971Life Studies, Proposal and Summary Evaluation
Box 42, Folder 101965Line-item Budget Purchasing
Box 43
Box 43, Folder 11964-1967Livestock and Light Horse Center
Box 43, Folder 21949-1956Lord Estate
Box 43, Folder 31951-1959Loyalty Oath, Gen. NH State
Box 43, Folder 41961Management Survey
Box 43, Folder 51964-1966Manton - MacDowell
Box 43, Folder 61959-1962Marching Band
Box 43, Folder 71966-1973Marine Affairs Committee
Box 43, Folder 81946-1964Marine Biological Laboratory
Box 43, Folder 91964-1966Marine Biological Laboratory
Box 44
Box 44, Folder 11968-1983Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarship
Box 44, Folder 21964-1965Massachusetts, Univ. of Labor Relation and Research Center
Box 44, Folder 31964Masters Program - Business Administration
Box 44, Folder 41963Masters of Education - Library
Box 44, Folder 51962-1965Masters of Education Program for Teachers of the Deaf
Box 44, Folder 61962-1964M.A. - 3 Program, Ford Foundation
Box 44, Folder 71967Masters Degree in Geology
Box 44, Folder 81965Masters Degree in Music
Box 44, Folder 91966Masters Degree in Physical Education
Box 44, Folder 101962-1965Master of Public Administration Program
Box 44, Folder 111962Master of Science for Teachers
Box 44, Folder 121971McConnell Testimonial
Box 44, Folder 131946Medical School
Box 44, Folder 141958Meiklejohn, Alexander Academic Freedom Award
Box 44, Folder 151958Membership List - Organizational Dues paid by UNH
Box 44, Folder 161968Memo of Understanding - UNH and U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Box 44, Folder 171949-1961Memorial Union Building Committee
Box 44, Folder 181957-1961Memorial Union Dedication
Box 44, Folder 191957-1958Memorial Union Insurance
Box 44, Folder 201949-1965Memorial Union Planning Committee
Box 45
Box 45, Folder 11953Memorial Union Scrapbook
Box 45, Folder 21977Merrimack Valley College
Box 45, Folder 31967Merit Scholarship
Box 45, Folder 41961Microbiology, Department of
Box 45, Folder 51957-1958Milk Control Board Study by the College of Agriculture
Box 45, Folder 61967-1970Mill Tax
Box 45, Folder 71946Millage Tax, Report - UNH in Service of the State
Box 45, Folder 81946-1947Millage Tax, Report - UNH in Service of the State - Comments
Box 45, Folder 91962Multivariate Statistical Procedures
Box 45, Folder 101951Naming of New Dormitories, Committee on
Box 45, Folder 111958-1973Names for New University Buildings (Durham)
Box 46
Box 46, Folder 11951-1970NCATE Accreditation (Durham) fldr.1
Box 46, Folder 21951-1970NCATE Accreditation (Durham) fldr.2
Box 46, Folder 31958-1961National Defense Education Act of 1958 (P.L. 864)
Box 46, Folder 41965-1966National Defense Education Act 1958
Box 46, Folder 51960-1965NSF Undergraduate Instructional Scientific Equipment Program
Box 47
Box 47, Folder 11965Natural Area (College Woods)
Box 47, Folder 21968-1969New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 47, Folder 31961-1972New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
Box 47, Folder 41968-1969New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) fldr.1
Box 47, Folder 51968-1969New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) fldr.2
Box 47, Folder 61970-1973New England Board of Higher Education
Box 48
Box 48, Folder 11974-1975New England Board of Higher Education
Box 48, Folder 21956-1957NEBHE - Dental, Medical
Box 48, Folder 31970-1973New England Board of Higher Education - Executive Committee Meeting
Box 48, Folder 41970-1973New England Board of Higher Education - Research Proposal
Box 48, Folder 51970-1973NEBHE - Regional Medical School Compact
Box 48, Folder 61969-1972NEBHE - Regional Student Compact
Box 48, Folder 71963-1964New England Center, Beginnings of
Box 48, Folder 81968-1969New England Center for Continuing Education
Box 48, Folder 91968-1969New England Center - Council of Arts fldr. 1
Box 49
Box 49, Folder 11968-1969New England Center - Council of Arts fldr. 2
Box 49, Folder 21968New England Center - Gerontology
Box 49, Folder 31955-1964New England Center - Hotel
Box 49, Folder 41955-1964New England Center - Hotel, Report of Harris, Kerr, Foster and Company
Box 49, Folder 51979New England Center Internal Audit Dec. 21,1979
Box 49, Folder 61978-1988New England Center (Kellogg Proposal)
Box 49, Folder 71978-1988New England Center (Kellogg Proposal) UNH Proposal to Kellogg Foundation
Box 49, Folder 81978-1988New England Center (Kellogg Proposal) UNH Proposal to Kellogg Foundation
Box 49, Folder 91968-1969New England Center Printed Matter
Box 49, Folder 101975New England Center Special Programs
Box 49, Folder 111968-1969New England Council
Box 50
Box 50, Folder 11968-1969New England Council on Environmental Education - New England Center - Dec. 3, 1968
Box 50, Folder 21968-1969New England Land Grant Presidents
Box 50, Folder 31974-1975New England Presidents (Open University Task Force)
Box 50, Folder 41965New England Regional Center, Memo of Understanding with 6 New England States
Box 50, Folder 51968-1969New England Resource Commission
Box 50, Folder 61971New England Consortium on Air Pollution
Box 50, Folder 71971-1972New England School of Law
Box 50, Folder 81963New England State Universities Fund
Box 50, Folder 91960The New Hampshire
Box 50, Folder 101959-1960The New Hampshire, Investigations of - I
Box 50, Folder 111959-1960The New Hampshire, Investigations of - I
Box 50, Folder 121959-1960The New Hampshire, Investigations of - II
Box 50, Folder 131959-1960The New Hampshire, Investigations of - II
Box 51
Box 51, Folder 11973-1974New Hampshire College and University Council
Box 51, Folder 21968-1969New Hampshire College and University Council
Box 51, Folder 31968-1969New Hampshire Council on Economic Education
Box 51, Folder 41966New Hampshire Council for Institutional Cooperation
Box 51, Folder 51968-1969New Hampshire Department of Education
Box 51, Folder 61962New Hampshire Educational Loan Assistance Program
Box 51, Folder 71968-1969New Hampshire Governor
Box 51, Folder 81962New Hampshire Heart Association
Box 51, Folder 91966New Hampshire State audit of UNH and Reply
Box 52
Box 52, Folder 11968-1969New Hampshire Legislator
Box 52, Folder 21969New Hampshire Legislation - Bills Pertaining to UNH
Box 52, Folder 31974-1975New Hampshire Network Public Broadcasting Council
Box 52, Folder 41968-1969New Hampshire State Departments Miscellaneous
Box 52, Folder 51965-1974New Hampshire State Fiscal Requirements (Taft)
Box 53
Box 53, Folder 11971New Hampshire Times
Box 53, Folder 21969-1970New Hampshire Tomorrow
Box 53, Folder 31967New Left
Box 53, Folder 41973Nicoll Report - Joint Operations Committee - N.E. Pres.
Box 53, Folder 51959-1960North Country Advisory Committee
Box 53, Folder 61967Northeast Radio Observatory Corp.
Box 53, Folder 71972Nulsen Power Laboratory
Box 53, Folder 81965-1966Nurses Education
Box 53, Folder 91975-1976Nursing Accreditation
Box 53, Folder 101963-1966Nursing, Department of
Box 54
Box 54, Folder 11973-1974Nursing, Department of
Box 54, Folder 21983Nursing Department - Committee on Gerontology
Box 54, Folder 31965-1971Nursing - National League Accreditation
Box 54, Folder 41965-1971Nursing - National League Accreditation (Report of Visit for Accrediting Process)
Box 54, Folder 51965-1971Nursing - National League Accreditation (UNH Department of Nursing Jan. 1971)
Box 54, Folder 61965-1971Nursing - National League Accreditation (NLN Accreditation Report Sept. 1969)
Box 54, Folder 71984-1988Nursing - Nursing Prop. for Greater Keene Region (Nursing Education in Southwestern NH)
Box 54, Folder 81958-1960Nutrition Laboratory
Box 54, Folder 91968-1969"O" Miscellaneous
Box 54, Folder 101971-1972Occupational Therapy Department
Box 54, Folder 111963-1966Occupational Therapy, Department of, Establishment of
Box 54, Folder 121968-1969Oceanography fldr. 1
Box 54, Folder 131968-1969Oceanography fldr. 2
Box 54, Folder 141971Oceanography
Box 55
Box 55, Folder 11979OCR/HEW Compliance Review - March 1979
Box 55, Folder 21960-1967Office of Marine Affairs fldr. 1
Box 55, Folder 31966-1967Office of Marine Affairs fldr. 2
Box 55, Folder 41966-1967Office of Marine Affairs fldr. 3
Box 55, Folder 51967Office of Marine Science and Technology
Box 55, Folder 61974-1975Oil Refinery
Box 55, Folder 71974Oil Refinery in NH (Preliminary Study)
Box 55, Folder 81961-1967O'Kane House
Box 56
Box 56, Folder 11972-1973Ombudsman Reports
Box 56, Folder 21972-1974Ombudsman Reports
Box 56, Folder 31973-1974Open Space Land Study Commission
Box 56, Folder 41975Operating Staff Council Role (1975)
Box 56, Folder 51954-1962Organization - Administrative
Box 56, Folder 61964Organization - Dean of Student Office
Box 56, Folder 71961Organization of the University
Box 56, Folder 81972Outreach
Box 56, Folder 91972Objectives and goals for the University
Box 57
Box 57, Folder 11968-1969"P" Miscellaneous
Box 57, Folder 21964-1965Paradise Point
Box 57, Folder 31969Parietal Hours
Box 57, Folder 41965-1967Passaconaway Land
Box 57, Folder 51950-1972Patent and Copyright Committee
Box 57, Folder 61952Paul, Isabel - Will
Box 57, Folder 71968-1969Pease Air Force Base - Extension
Box 57, Folder 81959-1960Pease Branch, University of New Hampshire
Box 57, Folder 91972Permanent Files
Box 57, Folder 101968-1969Personnel Officer
Box 57, Folder 111945Personnel Policies, Committee on fldr. 1
Box 58
Box 58, Folder 11945-1946Personnel Policies, University Committee on fldr. 2
Box 58, Folder 21957-1962Personnel Form Revisions
Box 58, Folder 31967-1968Petmeyers, Constantine A., Scholarship Fund
Box 58, Folder 41940-1948Pettee Medal Award
Box 58, Folder 51948-1974Pettee Medal Award
Box 58, Folder 61964Luella Pettee House - International Studies
Box 58, Folder 7Phi Beta Kappa
Box 58, Folder 81963-1966Phillips Exeter - UNH Foreign Students
Box 58, Folder 91966Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Box 58, Folder 101970Ph.D. Economics
Box 58, Folder 111969-1970Ph.D. in Economics
Box 58, Folder 121969-1970Ph.D. Economics
Box 59
Box 59, Folder 11968-1973Ph.D. in Engineering
Box 59, Folder 21969Ph.D. "A Proposed Doctoral Program in Engineering"
Box 59, Folder 31969Ph.D. "A Proposed Doctoral Program in Engineering"
Box 59, Folder 41966-1969Ph.D. English
Box 59, Folder 51966Ph.D. Evaluations
Box 59, Folder 61963-1965Ph.D. Program in Genetics
Box 59, Folder 71965Ph.D. Program in German
Box 59, Folder 81965-1969Ph.D. History
Box 59, Folder 91969-1970Ph.D. Math
Box 60
Box 60, Folder 11962-1965Ph.D. Mathematics Program
Box 60, Folder 21961Ph.D. Microbiology
Box 60, Folder 31961Ph.D. Physics
Box 60, Folder 41970Ph.D. Physics
Box 60, Folder 51964-1965Ph.D. Programs - Planned
Box 60, Folder 61965-1969Ph.D. Psychology
Box 60, Folder 71964-1967Ph.D. Sociology
Box 60, Folder 81963-1974Physical Education
Box 61
Box 61, Folder 11963-1968Physical Education, School of
Box 61, Folder 21963Physical Education, Division of - Director (Final Results - Selection Committee)
Box 61, Folder 31968-1969Physical Education - Director
Box 61, Folder 41968-1969Physical Education - General
Box 61, Folder 51962Physical Education - Programs Evaluated
Box 61, Folder 61969Physical Plant Development, Committee
Box 61, Folder 71968-1969Physical Plant Development, Director
Box 61, Folder 81963-1966Physical Plant Plans
Box 61, Folder 91964-65Physical Plant (University Planning Committee)
Box 62
Box 62, Folder 11964-1965Pi Kappa Alpha Fire 6/22/64
Box 62, Folder 21968-1969Placement Service
Box 62, Folder 31968-1969Plymouth State College
Box 62, Folder 41970Plymouth State College
Box 62, Folder 51963-1964Plymouth Housing Situation
Box 62, Folder 61951-1976Policy
Box 62, Folder 71952-1956Policy and Programs, University, Committee to Study
Box 62, Folder 81950-1964Policy - Academic Freedom
Box 62, Folder 91965Policy - Adjunct Professors
Box 62, Folder 101971-1972Policy - Admissions
Box 62, Folder 111964Policy - Admissions Procedures
Box 62, Folder 121972-1973Policy - Alcoholic Beverages
Box 63
Box 63, Folder 11965Policy - Ambulance Corps
Box 63, Folder 21967Policy - A.C.L.U., Student Rights
Box 63, Folder 31972Policy - Associates Degree in General Studies
Box 63, Folder 41962-1964Athletic Policy
Box 63, Folder 51972Policy - Bachelor of General Studies Degree
Box 63, Folder 6Policy - Business Operations for State Colleges as Divisions of UNH
Box 63, Folder 71968-1970Policy - Campus Disturbances
Box 63, Folder 8Policy - Classrooms
Box 63, Folder 91964-1965Policy - Closing University, holidays, etc.
Box 63, Folder 101964Policy - Composition of Student Body
Box 63, Folder 111963Policy - Course Enrollment Fees for Faculty and Staff
Box 63, Folder 121962-1968Policy - Discrimination
Box 63, Folder 131963Policy - Disposal of Land
Box 63, Folder 141966Policy - Drugs
Box 63, Folder 151967Policy - Due Process Procedures
Box 63, Folder 161962Policy - Educational Television
Box 63, Folder 171953-1962Policy - Emeritus Rating
Box 63, Folder 181960-1965Policy - Eldon Johnson Theatre
Box 63, Folder 191966Policy - Entertainment
Box 63, Folder 201967Policy - Enrollment in Extension Policy
Box 63, Folder 211972Policy - Faculty and Staff Holding Political Office
Box 63, Folder 221958Policy - Fees for Conferences and Institutes
Box 63, Folder 231966-1969Policy - Graduate Student Physical Education Fee
Box 63, Folder 241969Policy - Guidelines for Special Programs
Box 63, Folder 251963Policy - Council for Honors Society
Box 63, Folder 261973Policy - Honorary Degrees and Awards
Box 63, Folder 271956-1963Policy - Injury
Box 63, Folder 28Policy - Institute Housing and Food Service
Box 63, Folder 291959Policy - Landscaping Policies and Practices
Box 63, Folder 301971Policy - Leaves of Absence
Box 63, Folder 311958-1962Policy - Library
Box 64
Box 64, Folder 11956Policy - Lost and Found
Box 64, Folder 21969-1970Policy - UNH Policy Manual
Box 64, Folder 31962-1972Policy - Meeting Rooms
Box 64, Folder 41962-1963Policy - Moving Expenses
Box 64, Folder 51965-1966Policy - Outside Speakers Policy of Calif. Univ.
Box 64, Folder 61951-1967Policy - Personnel Policies and Regulations
Box 64, Folder 71965Policy - Oyster River Arena
Box 64, Folder 81962-1968Policy - Oyster River School
Box 64, Folder 91961Policy - Parking
Box 64, Folder 101960Policy - Patent
Box 64, Folder 111965Policy - Perquisites of a Lecturer; or Adjunct Professor, academic
Box 64, Folder 12Policy - Permanent Tenure Keene
Box 64, Folder 131964Policy - Permanent Tenure Plymouth
Box 64, Folder 141967-1968Policy - Personnel Non-Exempt
Box 64, Folder 151964Policy - Personnel. State Teacher's Colleges
Box 64, Folder 161968-1972Policy - Placement, recruitment, and Student Demonstrations
Box 64, Folder 171963-1971Policy - Police and Security
Box 64, Folder 181950Policy - Political Activity Policy- 2/1/50
Box 64, Folder 191948-1972Policy - Printing Department
Box 64, Folder 201965Policy - Purchasing
Box 64, Folder 211971-1972Policy - Rebates and Refunds
Box 64, Folder 221968-1972Policy - Recruitment
Box 64, Folder 231958Policy - Repairs and Replacements
Box 64, Folder 241963Policy - Requests for News Media in re Unusual Events
Box 64, Folder 251962-1963Policy - Research Affiliations between the University and Outside Firms
Box 65
Box 65, Folder 11944-1973Policy - Retirement
Box 65, Folder 21966-1968Policy - Room Prepayment
Box 65, Folder 31965Policy - Sabbatical Leave
Box 65, Folder 41962Policy - Scheduling of Events
Box 65, Folder 51966Policy - S.C.U.B.A.
Box 65, Folder 61965-1966Policy - Draft (Selective Service)
Box 65, Folder 71965Policy - Sick Leave, Faculty and Administration
Box 65, Folder 81944-1945Policy - Student Committee on Educational Policy
Box 65, Folder 91962-1972Policy - Student Conduct
Box 65, Folder 101958-1959Policy - Student Labor Rates
Box 65, Folder 111961-1962Policy - Student related
Box 65, Folder 121964-1968Policy - Summer Session Salary
Box 65, Folder 131956-1960Policy - Switchboard
Box 65, Folder 141938-1964Policy - Tenure
Box 65, Folder 151970-1972Policy - Transfer of Credit Earned
Box 65, Folder 161962Policy - Special Events
Box 65, Folder 171963-1966Policy - Travel
Box 65, Folder 181962-1969Policy - University Extension and Summer Session
Box 65, Folder 191970-1972Policy - UNH Fund Allocation
Box 65, Folder 201966-1967Policy - Vendors
Box 65, Folder 211963Policy - Wages
Box 65, Folder 221970Policy - Weapons
Box 65, Folder 231949Policy - Summer Session
Box 65, Folder 241962-1963Political Education, Committee on (Joint Trustee, Faculty, Student)
Box 65, Folder 251962-1963Political Science Department Controversy
Box 66
Box 66, Folder 11962-1963Poultry Plant Recreation
Box 66, Folder 21955-1960Preceptorial Program, (Carnegie)
Box 66, Folder 31945-1946President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 41953-1954President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 51954-1955President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 61957-1958President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 71958-1959President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 81959-1960President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 91960-1961President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 101961-1962President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 111962-1963President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 121963-1964President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 131964-1965President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 141965-1966President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 151966-1967President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 161968-1969President's Annual Report
Box 66, Folder 171968Annual Report of the President, Sept. 1968, "The University Community and Its Goals"
Box 67
Box 67, Folder 11968-1969Annual Report
Box 67, Folder 21969-1970President's Annual Report
Box 67, Folder 31969-1970President's Annual Report, 2nd file
Box 67, Folder 41969-1970Annual Report Draft
Box 67, Folder 51969-1970President's Annual Report
Box 67, Folder 61970-1971President's Annual Report
Box 68
Box 68, Folder 11970-1971Annual Report Original Copy
Box 68, Folder 21971-1972President's Annual Report
Box 68, Folder 31973-1979President's Annual Reports for the years 73/74, 75/76, and 78/79
Box 68, Folder 41973-1974Annual Reports from Colleges and Schools- UNH at Durham, fldr.1
Box 68, Folder 51973-1974Annual Reports, etc., fldr.2
Box 68, Folder 61973-1974Annual Reports, etc., fldr.3
Box 68, Folder 71973-1974Annual Reports, etc., fldr.4
Box 69
Box 69, Folder 11971-1973President's Council
Box 69, Folder 21976-1977President's Staff
Box 69, Folder 31975-1976U.S. Presidential Candidates
Box 69, Folder 41970-1971Presidential Search Committee
Box 69, Folder 51972Printing
Box 69, Folder 61966-1967Procedures for Selecting Deans
Box 69, Folder 71971-1973Promotion and Tenure
Box 69, Folder 81973-1974Promotion and Tenure
Box 69, Folder 91968-1969Properties, Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent
Box 69, Folder 101974-1975Provost
Box 69, Folder 111966-1968Psychology department
Box 69, Folder 121970-1971Public Administration Service-UNH
Box 69, Folder 131946-1958Publicity
Box 69, Folder 141947-1948UNH Public Information Reorganization(Howe Report)
Box 69, Folder 151951-1952UNH Public Information, UNH Film project (Francis Robinson)
Box 69, Folder 161966-1967Public Relations Committee (ad hoc)
Box 70
Box 70, Folder 11968-1969Q-Miscellaneous
Box 70, Folder 21968-1969Questionnaires
Box 70, Folder 31968-1969R-Miscellaneous
Box 70, Folder 41947-1971Radioactive Materials Committee
Box 70, Folder 51979-1980Ravine Study
Box 70, Folder 61963Reaccreditation
Box 70, Folder 7circa 1970-1979Reaccreditation
Box 70, Folder 81963Recognition Ceremonies
Box 70, Folder 91971-1975Recreation and Parks Program
Box 71
Box 71, Folder 11967-1969Recruiting Issue
Box 71, Folder 21949Recreation, Committee on
Box 71, Folder 31953-1958Regional Cooperation, Vermont-New Hampshire Agreement
Box 71, Folder 41972-1973Regional Medical Compact, Dartmouth
Box 71, Folder 51968-1969Registrar
Box 71, Folder 61970-1971Registrar, Annual Report
Box 71, Folder 71956-1959Relationship of UNH to Agriculture in NH, committee to study
Box 71, Folder 81956Relationship of UNH to Agriculture in NH, Preliminary Reports
Box 71, Folder 91956Relationship of UNH to Agriculture in NH, report to committee
Box 71, Folder 101958-1960Religious Survey
Box 72
Box 72, Folder 11968-1969Reports - Vacation and Sickness
Box 72, Folder 21962-1974Research Center
Box 72, Folder 31968-1969Research Coordinator
Box 72, Folder 41968-1969Research - NASA Proposals
Box 72, Folder 51968-1969Research, National Science Foundation
Box 72, Folder 61972Residency status
Box 72, Folder 71979-1980Resource Development Center
Box 72, Folder 81967Resource Development Center
Box 72, Folder 91977Retirees
Box 72, Folder 10"Right to Know Law"
Box 72, Folder 111964-1965ROTC - 2 year and 4 year program
Box 72, Folder 121965-1972ROTC Air Force
Box 72, Folder 131968-1974ROTC Army
Box 72, Folder 141947-1967Rules Committee
Box 73
Box 73, Folder 11968-1969S - Miscellaneous
Box 73, Folder 21964-1972Safety Committee
Box 73, Folder 31093-1974Safety and Security
Box 73, Folder 41965-1970Salary
Box 73, Folder 51942-1949Salary Study
Box 73, Folder 61944-1961Salary Study
Box 73, Folder 71941-1946Sauveur Library
Box 73, Folder 81971"Savage Case"
Box 73, Folder 91961-1970Scheduling Committee
Box 74
Box 74, Folder 11962-1973Scholarships
Box 74, Folder 21956Scholarship, Chief Louis Bourgoin
Box 74, Folder 31957-1960Scholarships- Granite State
Box 74, Folder 41957-1966Scholarships, J. Herbert Marceau Awards
Box 74, Folder 51963-1964Scholarships, Peruvian
Box 74, Folder 61944-1972Scholastic Standing Committee
Box 74, Folder 71971Scudder Gallery
Box 74, Folder 81968-1969Seacoast Region
Box 74, Folder 9Seacoast Region
Box 74, Folder 101973-1974Sea Grant
Box 75
Box 75, Folder 11979-1980Sea Grant College
Box 75, Folder 21966-1973Sea Grant Reports
Box 75, Folder 31965-1973Sea Grant University
Box 76
Box 76, Folder 11965-1966Selection Committee, L.A. Dean
Box 76, Folder 21963Selection Committee, Graduate Dean
Box 76, Folder 31946-1966Selective Services
Box 76, Folder 41968-1969Senate
Box 76, Folder 51976-1982Senate - University
Box 76, Folder 6Sheltered Annuities
Box 77
Box 77, Folder 11964-1971Sidore Lectures
Box 77, Folder 21972-1975Sidore Lectures
Box 77, Folder 31971Simulex Project
Box 78
Box 78, Folder 11957-1961Smith, Fred Trust
Box 78, Folder 21964-1967Valentine Smith Scholarship
Box 78, Folder 31979Smyth Music trust
Box 78, Folder 41979"Single Governing Boards in Multi-campus Systems" - Leo Redfern, Keene College, 1979
Box 78, Folder 51972Snively Arena
Box 78, Folder 61966-1971Social Work Correspondence
Box 79
Box 79, Folder 11980Social Work Major
Box 79, Folder 21968-1969Social Work Printed Material, fldr.1
Box 79, Folder 31968-1969Social Work Printed Material, fldr.2
Box 79, Folder 41968-1969Social Work Printed Material, fldr.3
Box 79, Folder 51966-1970Sociology and Anthropology, department of
Box 79, Folder 61952Songbook, University Committee on
Box 79, Folder 71959-1962Space Study, Student Personnel- ROTC
Box 80
Box 80, Folder 11955-1965Spaulding Charitable trust, The Harriet M.
Box 80, Folder 21969-1975Spaulding-Potter Special Projects
Box 80, Folder 31956-1966Spaulding Distinguished Lectures- General Correspondence, fldr.1
Box 80, Folder 41965-1966Spaulding Distinguished Lectures- General Correspondence, fldr.2
Box 81
Box 81, Folder 11967-1971Spaulding Distinguished Lecture
Box 81, Folder 21950-1964Speaker's Policy
Box 81, Folder 31970-1971Special Services Program
Box 81, Folder 41948-1967Sponsored Research, Council for
Box 81, Folder 51978Sports Council
Box 81, Folder 61946-1961Staff Handbook
Box 81, Folder 71970Staff, Office and Technical Workers' Council
Box 82
Box 82, Folder 11963Staff Services, Committee for
Box 82, Folder 21970-1972State Alumni Committee
Box 82, Folder 31968-1969State Public Investment Plan
Box 82, Folder 41954-1970State Employees Association-Durham
Box 82, Folder 51965-1966State Technical Services Act of 1965
Box 82, Folder 6State Trust Funds
Box 82, Folder 71963Statistics
Box 82, Folder 81970-1974Status of Women at UNH
Box 82, Folder 91960Stillings, Charles E.
Box 82, Folder 101978-1982Student Affairs
Box 82, Folder 111972-1973Student Affairs Office
Box 83
Box 83, Folder 11972-1973Student Affairs Reorganization
Box 83, Folder 21968-1969Students, Associate Dean McQuade
Box 83, Folder 31968-1969Students, Associate Dean Stevens
Box 83, Folder 41965Student Counseling, ad hoc Committee on
Box 83, Folder 51968-1969Students, Dean of
Box 83, Folder 61968-1969Students, Dean of Reports, Judiciary, etc.
Box 83, Folder 71948-1972Student Exchange Committee
Box 83, Folder 81966-1970Students for Democratic Society (SDS)
Box 83, Folder 91967Students for Democratic Society
Box 83, Folder 101970Student Incidents, GE, Huddleston Affair, fldr.1
Box 84
Box 84, Folder 11970Student Incidents, etc., fldr.2
Box 84, Folder 21973Student Legal Services
Box 84, Folder 31966Student Legal Services-CNVA, 1966
Box 84, Folder 41972-1973SLSC (Student Legal Services Committee)
Box 84, Folder 51968-1969Students, Miscellaneous
Box 84, Folder 61968-1969Student Organizations
Box 84, Folder 71971-1972Student Organizations
Box 84, Folder 81942-1956Student Organizations Committee, fldr.1
Box 84, Folder 91949-1969Student Organizations Committee, fldr.2
Box 85
Box 85, Folder 11968-1969Student Political Union and Student Unrest
Box 85, Folder 21968-1969Student, Rights and Freedoms of
Box 85, Folder 31946-1956Student Services, Committee on
Box 85, Folder 41961-1968Student Services Committee 2
Box 85, Folder 51970Student Welfare Committee
Box 85, Folder 61947-1948Studies, University Finances
Box 85, Folder 71968Committee to Study the Greek System
Box 85, Folder 81947Study, Statistics of Attendance from /School and Society
Box 85, Folder 91971Study Year Abroad, Salzburg Austria
Box 85, Folder 101967Subversive Activities
Box 85, Folder 111962-1967Summer Faculty Fellowships
Box 85, Folder 121959-1962Summer Music School
Box 85, Folder 131968-1969Summer Session
Box 86
Box 86, Folder 11977-1978Summer Session
Box 86, Folder 21960-1961Summer Session Tuition Grants
Box 86, Folder 31965Summerskill Report- Couns. Serv.- 2/1/65
Box 86, Folder 41956-1957Sweezy File
Box 86, Folder 51956Sylvester Farm
Box 86, Folder 61968Systems Implementation Plan
Box 86, Folder 71968-1969T - Miscellaneous
Box 86, Folder 81970Citizens Task Force, Excerpt from Report
Box 86, Folder 91969Governor's Task Force, Presentation for UNH
Box 86, Folder 101964Technical Institute
Box 86, Folder 111956-1958Technical Position Survey
Box 86, Folder 121968-1969Technology Dean
Box 86, Folder 131968-1969Technology, General Correspondence
Box 86, Folder 141968-1969Television, Printed Matter
Box 86, Folder 151968-1969Testing Service
Box 86, Folder 161964-1966Tenure for Librarians
Box 87
Box 87, Folder 11967-1969Themis Project, fldr.1
Box 87, Folder 21967-1969Themis Project, fldr.2
Box 87, Folder 31966Thompson School Name Change
Box 87, Folder 41963Thompson School Associates Degree
Box 87, Folder 51967Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America
Box 87, Folder 61952Tickets, Complimentary, UNH Committee
Box 87, Folder 71966-1967Timberlane- Clinical Professors
Box 87, Folder 8Topical Outline of Task Force Presentation
Box 87, Folder 91962-1964Tour Guide Service
Box 87, Folder 101965-1969Traffic Committee
Box 87, Folder 111961-1963Construction, WENH--North Country VHF Translator
Box 87, Folder 121946-1948Travel Studies
Box 87, Folder 131968-1969Treasurer
Box 87, Folder 141968-1970Tuition Policy
Box 88
Box 88, Folder 11957-1958FCC (FCC only copies of some of the material in this folder)
Box 88, Folder 21958-1963FCC complete- T.V.
Box 88, Folder 3Two Year College Programs
Box 88, Folder 41965Two-Year Curriculum, Thompson School
Box 88, Folder 51976Trustee and System Information
Box 88, Folder 61968-1969U - Miscellaneous
Box 88, Folder 71960-1966URPP- National Science Foundation
Box 88, Folder 8URPP- National Science Foundation
Box 88, Folder 91968U.S. Depts.- Office of Civil Rights
Box 88, Folder 101968-1969U.S. Depts.- General
Box 89
Box 89, Folder 11968-1969U.S. Dept of HEW
Box 89, Folder 21963-1965University at San Marcos, Peru
Box 89, Folder 31963University College
Box 89, Folder 41976-1981University Development
Box 89, Folder 51963-1964University Development Council
Box 89, Folder 61967University Extension Consultant Group
Box 89, Folder 71968-1969University Extension Service- Director
Box 89, Folder 81968-1969University Extension Service- General Correspondence
Box 89, Folder 91973-1974University Governance
Box 89, Folder 101974University Governance
Box 90
Box 90, Folder 11967-1969University Government
Box 90, Folder 21969-1970University Government
Box 90, Folder 31966University Health Service
Box 90, Folder 41970-1971University Information, fldr.1
Box 90, Folder 51970-1971University Information, fldr.2
Box 90, Folder 61962-1964University Historian
Box 90, Folder 71974UNH History Book Project
Box 90, Folder 81977UNH-Durham Fire Department (proposed)
Box 90, Folder 91968-1973University Press
Box 90, Folder 101968-1969University Relations Director
Box 90, Folder 111974-1975University Senate
Box 90, Folder 121968UNH System Capital Budget request for 68-70, 69-71, approved by trustees 29Jn.69
Box 90, Folder 131965Urban Job Training Center
Box 90, Folder 14US Court Rules in Disciplinary Cases at Public Colleges
Box 90, Folder 151968-1969V - Miscellaneous
Box 90, Folder 161979-1980Vaporpack- energy conservation
Box 90, Folder 171956-1957Veterans' Testing Service of the Educational Testing Service
Box 90, Folder 181968Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Box 91
Box 91, Folder 11967-1968Vice President for Research
Box 91, Folder 21968-1969Vice President for Research
Box 91, Folder 31968Vietnam War Commission
Box 91, Folder 41965Vocational Education Act of 1963
Box 91, Folder 51968-1969W - Miscellaneous
Box 91, Folder 61964-1970Water Resource Center at UNH
Box 91, Folder 71968-1969WENH-TV
Box 92
Box 92, Folder 11960-1967Whittemore School
Box 92, Folder 21968-1969Whittemore School of Business
Box 92, Folder 31963-1968Whittemore School- Board of Visitors, fldr.1
Box 92, Folder 41963-1968Whittemore School- Board of Visitors, fldr.2
Box 92, Folder 51963Whittemore School Dedication
Box 92, Folder 61967Fifth Anniversary of WSBE and Dunaway Recognition
Box 93
Box 93, Folder 11968-1969Whittemore School- General Correspondence
Box 93, Folder 21970Winston Affair
Box 93, Folder 31970Winston Case
Box 93, Folder 41975-1978Women's Commission (Commission on the Status of Women)
Box 93, Folder 51967Women's Rules
Box 93, Folder 61963WUNH- FM Radio Station
Box 93, Folder 71968-1969X-Y-Z, Miscellaneous
Box 93, Folder 81969Yankee Conference- June 19,20, 1969
Box 93, Folder 91977Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Oversize Box 1
Oversize Box 1, Folder 1March, 1952Two issues of "Town Crier" concerning proposed air base in Portsmouth
Oversize Box 1, Folder 21954-1955NH Legislature, UNH Testemony and Supplemental data
Oversize Box 1, Folder 31954-1955NH Legislature, UNH Testemony and Supplemental data