Gift Acceptance Policy

Types of Donations

The library welcomes donations of:

  • money
  • books, videos, and compact discs
  • relevant journals
  • other appropriate material

Gifts that fill existing gaps in our collection and support the curriculum are especially valuable.

We accept most materials as donations, but only add those that are appropriate to the collection. We do not add many gift items to our collection. Gift items that we don't add include:

  • duplicate titles
  • previous editions
  • material that doesn't support our academic mission
  • items in poor physical condition
  • outdated formats such as VHS tapes and LPs
  • textbooks - especially those more than 1-2 years old
  • journal runs of less than ten years of titles that we do not already own in any format

Making a Donation

Options for donating money are outlined on our Giving to the Library page.

For books, journals, etc., please contact Jake Viebrock at (603) 862-2454 or by email to discuss donations you wish to make.

The UNH Library reserves the right to accept or decline any gift. Gifts-in-kind are accepted only with the understanding that once received they are wholly owned by the University. The UNH Library will use, keep, or part with gifts-in-kind at its discretion. The UNH Library does not return items to donors.

The IRS rules governing gifts-in-kind makes it incumbent upon the donor to establish the value of any gift. If a gift's value is over $5,000, a professional book appraiser must evaluate the gift at the donor's expense. Donors can use book sites such as as Amazon to determine the fair market value of their donation. is useful for finding the value of out-of-print books.

UNH faculty and administrators who have purchased items with internal or external funds and donate these materials to the library are included as donors. We evaluate such collections by the same criteria as other gifts.

Library gifts may qualify for an income tax deduction.

We generally will send a letter to donors acknowledging the gift and the number of items donated. However, because of limited staff time, the library cannot provide an itemized list of contributions or acknowledge unsolicited gifts.