Christian Family Collection, 1785-2021

Collection number: MC 367
Size: (40 boxes) (13.00 cu.ft.)

About the Christian Family

The Christian Family Collection contains papers from three generations of the Christian, Roberts, Bartlett, and Sanborn families of Raymond and Deerfield, NH. Principle figures include Ralph Sanborn Jr. (1878-1964), Ada (Bartlett) Sanborn (1883-1956), their daughter Priscilla "Patty" (Sanborn) Roberts (1906-1975) and her husband William "Bill" Roberts 1904-1974, and Bill and Patty's daughter Charlotte (Roberts) Christian (1933-2021) and her husband Milton Christian (1925-2011). Other significant family surnames include Quimby, Rollins, and Lake.

Emma Tucker Bartlett was the first woman elected to congress from New Hampshire after women achieved sufferage. She served as a state representitive in Washington from 1918-1919. This period and her activities are well documented in Series 1, Box 3.

Bill and Priscilla Roberts both spent considerable time in the N.H. State Tuberculosis Sanitariaum in Glencliff during the 1920s and 1040s. During this time their daughter Charlotte lived with family members. Both parents were eventually declared healthy and Bill Roberts went on to serve as Raymond's postmaster from 1940-1966. Both the Sanitariam life and Bill's service as postmaster are covered extensively through the correspondence in Series 2.

Milton Christian was a member of the 29th Infantry Division during WWII. His letters home and misc. other war-related ephemera are preserved in Series 3 Box 28.

About the Christian Family Collection (1785-2021)

This collection documents the history of the Bartlett/Roberts/Christian families largely through family correspondence and diaries. Some vital records such as birth, death, and marriage records are included, as well as property deeds. There are limited photographs of the family members. Other miscellanious ephemera such as awards, diplomas, and writings are included at various points.

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[Identification of item], [Folder Number], [Box Number], Christian Family Collection, 1785-2021, MC 367, Milne Special Collections and Archives, University of New Hampshire Library, Durham, NH, USA.

Acquisitions Information

Donation of the Christian family, 2022.

Separated Material

3 cubic feet of material was separated and returned to the donors.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged into three series by generation: Series 1 Bartlett and Sanborn Families, 1782-1979; Series 2 Sanborn and Roberts Families, 1858-1980; and Series 3 Roberts and Christian Families, 1911-2021. Materials are roughly chronological within each series. Family correspondence is sorted by year, while correspondence with friends and extended family is sorted to the decade.

Collection Contents

Series 1: Bartlett and Sanborn Families, 1782-1979

(8 boxes (2.5 cubic feet))

This series contains materials related to Henry J. Sanborn, Addie Lake, Emma L. (Tucker) Bartlett, John T. Bartlett Sr., John T. Bartlett Jr., Ralph J. Sanborn, Ada (Bartlett) Sanborn, and Hannah Lane Tucker. The bulk of the series is correspondence between Ralph J. Sanborn and Ada (Bartlett) Sanborn. Other materials include deeds to the family homestead in Deerfield NH, Henry J. Sanborn's Civil War papers, Ralph J. Sanborn's legal and masonic papers, and many of Ada (Bartlett) Sanborn's poems, short stories, and letters to the editor. One of her short novel manuscripts depicts a woman who goes to Washington D.C. to serve in Congress as Ada herself did.

Box 1
Box 1, Folder 1Henry J. Sanborn Civil War documents, 1865-1919
Box 1, Folder 2Addie Lake’s “Hood’s Sarsaparilla Calendars, 1894-1895
Box 1, Folder 3Emma L. (Tucker) Bartlett: NH State Legislature photos articles and correspondence, 1922-1971
Box 1, Folder 4John T. Bartlett Jr.: Letter to Emma Bartlett, 1920
Box 1, Folder 5John T. Bartlett Sr.: Photo, checks, article, 1916-1963
Box 1, Folder 6John T. Bartlett Correspondence, 1911-1925
Box 1, Folder 7Healey v. Bartlett legal claim, 1904
Box 1, Folder 8Healey v. Bartlett legal transcripts, 1904
Box 1, Folder 9Bartlett family letters, 1897-1941
Box 1, Folder 10Ralph Sanborn and Ada Bartlett marriage materials, 1905
Box 1, Folder 11Unidentified dairy, 1919
Box 1, Folder 12Major John Simpson Farm: History and deeds, 1916-1962
Box 1, Folder 13Ralph and Ada: various documents 1914-1947
Box 2
Box 2, Folder 1Ralph Sanborn & Ada Bartlett: Funerals and Estates, 1956-1964
Box 2, Folder 2Ralph Sanborn's Dairy, 1956-1963
Box 2, Folder 3Ralph Sanborn's Notary Public Diary, 1919
Box 2, Folder 4Ralph Sanborn stock certificates and taxes, 1921-1956
Box 2, Folder 5Ralph Sanborn: Deed related and railroad papers, 1919-1940
Box 2, Folder 6Ralph Sanborn's Masonic Lodge Papers, 1946-1962
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1-2Letters between Ralph and Ada, 1899-1919 and undated
Box 3, Folder 3Ada: Washington D.C. & Teaching Papers, 1919-1922
Box 3, Folder 4-5Bartlett-Sanborn family letters, 1903-1935
Box 3, Folder 6-7Ada’s Washington D.C. letters home, 1918-1919 and undated
Box 3, Folder 8Vivian Culver to Ada and Priscilla Sanborn, 1922-1979
Box 3, Folder 9David A. Mitchell to Sanborns, 1922-1926
Box 3, Folder 10Misc. Letters to Ada, 1902-1919
Box 3
Box 3, Folder 1-3Letters to Ada Sanborn, 1920-1963 and undated
Box 3, Folder 4P. Marian Simms to Ada Sanborn correspondence, 1920-1924
Box 3, Folder 5-7John T. and Emma Bartlett correspondence, 1883-1919 and undated
Box 3, Folder 8-10Ralph Sanborn letters, 1918-1963 and undated
Box 5
Box 5, Folder 1Emma Bartlett Scrapbook, 1915-1920
Box 5, Folder 2Hannah Lake Tucker to daughter Emma Bartlett, 1885-1916
Box 5, Folder 3-8Bartlett Family Letters, 1872-1954 and undated
Box 5, Folder 9Bartlett Family Photos, undated
Box 5, Folder 10Ada Bartlett Sanborn writings, undated
Box 6
Box 6, Folder 1Correspondence course in short stories, 1916
Box 6, Folder 2Novel about a woman going to Washington D.C., ca. 1902
Box 6, Folder 3Novel, “What do you think, Miss. Diane?," 1936
Box 6, Folder 4Comedy “Cupid and the Bookworm,” undated
Box 6, Folder 5-6Letter/essay drafts, undated
Box 7
Box 7, Folder 1-7Dairies, 1897-1951 and undated
Box 7, Folder 8Draft notebook, undated
Box 8
Box 8, Folder 1Ada Sanborn’s Boston Globe scrapbook, 1917-1945
Box 8, Folder 2Unidentified cash books, 1930-1931 and undated
Box 8, Folder 3Deerfield family farm deeds, 1782-1950

Series 2: Sanborn and Roberts Families, 1858-1980

(17 boxes (8.66 cubic feet))

This series focuses mostly on Priscilla "Patty" (Sanborn) Roberts and William J. Roberts. Other individuals include Nellie Decker Roberts, Charlotte Pierce, H.G. Pierce, William Roberts Sr., Anna Pierce, W.A.B. Roberts, Henry S. Roberts, Charlotte (Roberts) Quimby, Catherine E. Quimby, Nellie Gallegos, N.R. Marston, Ada (Bartlett) Sanborn, Ralph Sanborn, and Charlotte Roberts. The bulk of the series is correspondence between Bill and Priscilla Roberts. There are also many documents related to their stay at the NH State Tuberculosis Sanitarium, Bill's appointment as Raymond Postmaster, and misc. older relatives.

Box 9
Box 9, Folder 1Roberts Photos (copies, not originals), ca. 1892
Box 9, Folder 2Nellie (Decker) Roberts – letters to her mother, 1872
Box 9, Folder 3-4Charlotte Pierce – Letters, Funeral Cards, 1903-1905 and undated
Box 9, Folder 5H. G. Pierce, Bill Roberts Sr., Anna Pierce, Bill (Jr.) and Priscilla Roberts, 1924
Box 9, Folder 6William A.B. Roberts Sr., Birth, genealogy, correspondence, 1854-1903
Box 9, Folder 7-8Research into W.A.B. Roberts Jr. and documents/letters related to him, 1961-1980
Box 9, Folder 9Henry S. Roberts: Army papers (mostly), 1904-1974
Box 9, Folder 10Charlotte (Roberts) Quimby correspondence, 1934
Box 9, Folder 11Catherine E. Quimby autobiography, family biographies, undated
Box 9, Folder 12Nellie Gallegos death notice, 19??
Box 10
Box 10, Folder 1N.R. Marston to brother Daniel Marston, 1862
Box 10, Folder 2Priscilla “Patty”10 Sanborn dairy, 1919
Box 10, Folder 3-7Ada Sanborn, Priscilla “Patty” Sanborn correspondence, 1918-1920
Box 10, Folder 8Bill Roberts and Patty Sanborn, early correspondence, ca. 1918-1921
Box 10, Folder 9Patty’s education at Pinkerton Academy and Boston University, 1915-1922
Box 10, Folder 10-11Patty’s correspondence, incl. with Ralph and Ada Sanborn, 1922
Box 11
Box 11, Folder 1Priscilla to Ralph and Ada Sanborn, 1923
Box 11, Folder 2-6Correspondence to Priscilla, 1923-1924
Box 12
Box 12, Folder 1-4Correspondence to and from Priscilla, 1925-1927
Box 12, Folder 5Priscilla’s cash book, 1926
Box 12, Folder 6Bill Roberts to Priscilla Sanborn, 1927
Box 13
Box 13, Folder 1-5Bill Roberts and Priscilla Sanborn correspondence, 1928-1929
Box 14
Box 14, Folder 1-7Bill Roberts, Priscilla Sanborn, and Ada (Bartlett) Sanborn correspondence, 1929-1932
Box 15
Box 15, Folder 1-2Priscilla to Ada Sanborn correspondence, 1932-1934
Box 15, Folder 3To Bill and Patty from friends, 1931-1934
Box 15, Folder 4Bartlett-Anderson, Tuder-Rollins, Quimby correspondence, 1933-1970
Box 15, Folder 5Misc. correspondence to Bill and Patty, 1933-1948
Box 15, Folder 6Bill to Patty correspondence, 1934
Box 16
Box 16, Folder 1Patty to Bill correspondence, 1934
Box 16, Folder 2Patty’s diary, 1934
Box 16, Folder 3Bill and Patty to Ada and Ralph, 1935
Box 16, Folder 4-8Bill and Patty correspondence, 1935
Box 17
Box 17, Folder 1-7Bill and Priscilla Roberts, 1935-1936
Box 18
Box 18, Folder 1Letters to Bill and Patty from friends, 1935-1936
Box 18, Folder 2Letters from Bill to Patty, 1936
Box 18, Folder 3Catherine Roberts Quimby to Patty and Bill, 1936-1936, 1946
Box 18, Folder 4Ada to Patty, 1934-1937
Box 18, Folder 5Bill and Patty to Ada and Ralph, 1936
Box 18, Folder 6Bill to Patty, 1937
Box 19
Box 19, Folder 1Correspondence from Bill and Patty to Ada and Ralph, 1937
Box 19, Folder 2-6Correspondence from Bill and Patty to each other, 1937
Box 20
Box 20, Folder 1-2Bill and Patty to each other, 1937
Box 20, Folder 3To Bill and Patty from friends, 1937-1939
Box 20, Folder 4-5Bill and Patty to each other, 1938
Box 21
Box 21, Folder 1-5Between Bill and Patty Roberts, 1938-1939
Box 22
Box 22, Folder 1-3Between Bill and Patty Roberts, 1939
Box 22, Folder 4To/from Bill and Patty with friends, 1943-1948
Box 22, Folder 5Priscilla to Ralph and Ada, 1949
Box 22, Folder 6Patty to Bill, 1949
Box 22, Folder 7Priscilla to Ralph and Ada, 1950-1957
Box 22, Folder 8To Priscilla from Ada, 1950s
Box 22, Folder 9-10Patty to Bill, 1950
Box 23
Box 23, Folder 1-4Between Bill and Patty Roberts, 1950-1953
Box 23, Folder 5Correspondence to Bill and Patty, 1950-1958
Box 23, Folder 6title
Box 23, Folder 7Patty to Bill, 1951
Box 24
Box 24, Folder 1-2Between Bill and Patty Roberts, 1951
Box 24, Folder 3Charlotte Roberts to Bill and Patty, 1950s
Box 24, Folder 4-6Correspondence to Bill and Patty, 1950-1967
Box 24, Folder 7Charlotte Roberts to Bill and Patty, 1967-1968
Box 24, Folder 8-11Correspondence to Bill and Patty, 1968-1974
Box 25
Box 25, Folder 1-4Correspondence to Bill and Patty from friends and family, 1975 and undated
Box 25, Folder 5-6Between Bill and Patty, 1968 and undated
Box 25, Folder 7To Bill and Patty from friends, undated
Box 25, Folder 8Bill – AT&T Bond note, 1925
Box 25, Folder 9Bill – Misc. Church and School Activities, 1925-1970
Box 25, Folder 10Bill – Flight cadet application materials, 1925-1927
Box 25, Folder 11Bill – Marine Corps materials, 1927-1931
Box 25, Folder 12Bill and Priscilla Roberts Wedding, 1930
Box 25, Folder 13Bill and Priscilla’s California documents, 1931-1940
Box 25, Folder 14Priscilla’s dairy, 1933
Box 26
Box 26, Folder 1New Hampshire State Tuberculosis Sanitarium (Glencliff, NH) documents and Photos, 1934-1938
Box 26, Folder 2Roberts Family WWII Ration books, 1943-1945
Box 26, Folder 3Bartlett Homestead deeds in sale to Roberts family, 1946-1961
Box 26, Folder 4Mistwold Farm bills, 1947-1951
Box 26, Folder 5Priscilla Roberts newspaper articles, 1958-1963
Box 26, Folder 6Priscilla’s diaries, 1960 and 1966
Box 26, Folder 7Bill as Raymond Postmaster, 1940-1966
Box 26, Folder 8Bill’s automobiles and driver’s licenses, 1950s
Box 26, Folder 9Testimonial Dinner upon Bill’s retirement, 1966
Box 26, Folder 10Priscilla’s dairy, 1972-1973
Box 26, Folder 11William “Bill” Roberts birth and death vital records, 1916-1974
Box 26, Folder 12Priscilla (Sanborn) Roberts birth and death vital records, 1906-1975
Box 27
Box 27, Folder 1Roberts family photos, undated
Box 27, Folder 2Other related family photos, undated

Series 3: Roberts and Christian Families, 1911-2021

(13 boxes (ca. 4.0 cubic feet))

This series focuses on Milton Christian and Charlotte (Roberts) Christian. Extensive diaries and notebooks kept by both document daily life in detail, and voluminous family correspondence documents their connection with each other and their children and parents. Milton was a member of the 29th Infantry during WW2, and his war letters and bronze star award (2010) are included. Charlotte was a member of the University of New Hampshire class of approximately 1951. After the war Milton worked as an engineer, and the family moved to Spain for his work for four years beginning in 1952.

Box 27
Box 27, Folder 3Milton Christian Sr., Minnie Lalmond, Dick Whittle, 1943-1964
Box 27, Folder 4Dick Whittle, Estate and vital documents, 1965
Box 27, Folder 5Milton Christian Vital documents and diary, 1911, 1925, 2011
Box 27, Folder 6Milton Grade school and high school, 1940-1943
Box 27, Folder 7UNH Music events, 1943-1950
Box 27, Folder 8-9Milton’s UNH materials, diplomas, thesis, 1943-1949
Box 28
Box 28, Folder 1Milton: School and Navy, 1940-1950
Box 28, Folder 2Milton: Army vital documents, 1943-1945
Box 28, Folder 3Milton: War diaries, 1944-1945
Box 28, Folder 4-6Milton's Letters home from service, 1943-1945
Box 28, Folder 7Letters from Alfred Maarbas, 1946
Box 28, Folder 8-9Milton: Misc. Army letters, 1990-2000s
Box 28, Folder 10-11Army ephemera and mortar firing manuals, 1944-1945
Box 28, Folder 1229th Infantry Veterans Association, 1945-1996
Box 28, Folder 13Milton's Bronze Star Award, 2010
Box 29
Box 29, Folder 1Baby Bracelet, Vital records, High School Graduation, 1933-1950
Box 29, Folder 2Autobiography and journal, 1953-1954
Box 29, Folder 3Misc. documents. Ca. 1935-1950
Box 29, Folder 4Letters home from UNH, 1949-1951
Box 29, Folder 5Hugh Chandler and Charlotte correspondence, 1950
Box 29, Folder 6Charlotte and Milton’s wedding album and certificate, 1952
Box 29, Folder 7Roberts family correspondence, 1953-1955
Box 29, Folder 8Milton and Charlotte’s correspondence, August 1951
Box 30
Box 30, Folder 1-4Milton and Charlotte correspondence, 1951
Box 30, Folder 5Bill and Priscilla to Charlotte, 1951
Box 30, Folder 6-7Milton and Charlotte correspondence, 1952
Box 31
Box 31, Folder 1Milton and Charlotte correspondence, 1952
Box 31, Folder 2-3Charlotte’s diaries, 1952-1953
Box 31, Folder 4Spain: Travel and employment papers, 1955
Box 31, Folder 5-7Letters between Milton and Charlotte, and to Minnie and Dick, 1955-1956
Box 32
Box 32, Folder 1-6Milton, Charlotte, Bill, and Priscilla correspondence, 1955-1970s and undated
Box 32, Folder 7-11Christian family correspondence, 1950s-1999
Box 33
Box 33, Folder 1-2Christian family correspondence, 2000-2020 and undated
Box 33, Folder 3Milton and Charlotte: 50th anniversary, 1982
Box 33, Folder 4Christian children childhood mementos, 1953-1983 and 2019
Box 33, Folder 5Deeds, maps, legal documents re: ownership and sale of camps in Raymond NH, 1920-1990s
Box 33, Folder 6Christian family photographs, undated
Box 33, Folder 7-8Milton Christian Notebooks, 1957-1959
Box 34
Box 34, Folder 1-71-7: Milton’s notebooks, 1959-1966
Box 35
Box 35, Folder 1-9Milton’s notebooks, 1967-1975
Box 36
Box 36, Folder 1-2Milton’s notebooks, 1976-1979
Box 36, Folder 3-9Charlotte’s diaries and notebooks, 1949-1973, 2005
Box 37
Box 37, Folder 1-8Charlotte’s Notebooks, 1974-1989
Box 38
Box 38, Folder 1-7Charlotte’s Notebooks, 1989-2006
Box 39
Box 39, Folder 1-6Charlotte’s Notebooks, 2006-2021 and undated
Oversize Box 40
Oversize Box 40, Folder 1-3Bartlett, Sanborn, Roberts: Oversize materials, 1877-1952
Oversize Box 40, Item 1Deerfield Bartlett Homestead auction broadside, 1918
Oversize Box 40, Item 2-5Ada Bartlett, Priscilla Sanborn, William Roberts Diplomas, 1925-1933
Oversize Box 40, Folder 3John T. Bartlett Sr. & John T. Bartlett Jr.: School and Judicial Materials, 1877-1910itle
Oversize Box 40, Folder 4Ralph Sanborn Judicial Appointments, 1919-1959
Oversize Box 40, Folder 5Mistwold Farm, Fremont (owned by Quimbys) – Ladies Home Journal article, 1952