Country Dance and Song Society Pamphlets

This collection contains photocopies, many from rare and early dance books.
Call # Title Author
A030.09 Winsor Knot (of Ruby Hue) Pat Shaw
A030.14 Pat Shaw's Dance Class Notes, Pinewoods 1974 Pat Shaw
A030.15 Predominantly Pat Shaw, Germantown Country Dancers, Philadelphia, PA Spring Ball Dances, May 4, 1985 Pat Shaw
A079 Dance Band Tunes, Orchestra scores (11pp.) Anonymous
A084 Choice Collection of Country Dances John & William Neal, ed., Dublin [1726]
A085 Six New Minuets and Twelve Country Dances H. Bishop, London 1788
A086 Quadrille & Cotillion Panorama Thomas Wilson, London 1819
A087 Excerpts from Thomas Wilson's book "A Description of the correct method of Waltzing" 1816 [Genny Shimer, English Dance Week, Pinewoods Camp, 1982]
A088 Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1764 Chas. & Saml. Thompson, London 1764 (2 copies)
A089 A Concise & Easy Method of Learning the Figuring Part of Country Dances by way of Characters Nicholas Dukes
A090 The Address or An Essay on Deportment as Chiefly Relating to the Person in Dancing Thomas Wilson, London 1821 (2 copies)
A092 The Country Bumpkin: Music and Figures from An Unidentified Collection 1 page
A093 Sixteen Cotillions, Sixteen Minuets, Twelve Allemands and Twelve Hornpipes James Fishar, Covent Garden, London [1788]
A094 A New Square Dance, The Princess Margaret's Fancy Composed on the Occasion of HRH's Visit to Cecil Sharp House, June 21, 1949 (Uncredited, 4 copies)
A095 J.T. Craven's Sixteenth Set of Quadrilles, The Airs J.T. Craven
A096 No. 2 Kauntze's Collection of Original & Selected Music G. Kauntze, London (3pp.)
A097.1 Compilation of Country Dances & Music, A-L James E. Morrison, comp.
A097.2 Compilation of Country Dances & Music, M-Z James E. Morrison, comp.
A098 The Ladies Mirror or Mental Companion for the Year 1796 S. Chapple, London, 1796
A099 Longman & Broderip's Third Selection of the Most Favorite Country Dances, Reels, etc. Longman & Broderip, London
A100 Twenty Four New Cotillons or French Dances Longman, London
A101 Le Sylph: An Elegant Collection of Country Dances Thomas Wilson
A102 Six New Minuets and Twelve Country Dances, 1788 H. Bishop, London 1788
A103 Guy Mannering: Quadrilles, White's 52nd set John Charles White, London
A104 A Favorite Set of Scotch Quadrilles Performed by Gow's Band London
A105 Longman and Broderip's Selection of the Most Favorite Country Dances, Reels, etc. Longman and Broderip, London
A106 Variety of English Country Dances for the Present Year Matthew Welch, continued from 1767
A107 Lady Townesend's Delight (from Country Dances, Vol I) I.E. Weyland,
A112.4 The Dancing Master, Vol. I, 4th ed. John Playford
A113.1 The Dancing Master, Vol. III 2nd ed. John Playford
A114.2 The Dancing Master, Vol. IV, 1st ed. John Playford
A115 The Rise of English Country Longways Dancing and Five dances from Richard Wellington's Choice Collection (1700) Anita F. A. Newman, UCLA, M.A. in Dance, 1983
A116 An Analysis of Country Dancing Thomas Wilson, London 1808
A117 Dances from Obscure or Unpublished Sources, Presented at Pinewoods 1978 Helene Cornelius
A122.1 Rutherford's Compleat Collection of 200 of the Most Celebrated Country Dances, Vol 1, 1756 David Rutherford, London 1756
A122.2 Rutherford's Compleat Collection of 200 of the Most Celebrated Country Dances, Vol 2, 1760 David Rutherford, London 1760
A123.1-5 Thompson's Compleat Collection, 1-5 Chas. & Saml. Thompson, London [1780]
A128 Dance Charts Taubert/Lanz (2 copies)
A130.5 A Choice Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances, Vol 5 Jonathan Johnson, London 1750
A131.2 Doctor Vincent's Delight or Vera's Victory Charles Bolton, Harrow Folk Dance Club, 1983
A133 A Collection of Minuets William Napier, London
A136 A Book of Dances for Pittsburgh YWCA Festival, May 19-21, 1967 May Gadd
A137.1 The English Country Dance: An Interview with Pat Shaw by Hugh Rippon Hugh Rippon, ed., 1966
A138 Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1782 T. Skillern, London 1782
A139 English Tunes Common to Playford's Dancing Master... Margaret Dean-Smith, Royal Academy of Music Journal 1952
A140 Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1812 John Conway, compiled, Bury St. Edmunds 1812
A141 Pinewoods 1987 Resource Sheet Christine Helwig, 1987
A142 Dances for the Jane Austen Ball Roy Dommett, n.d.
A143 Social Dances Collected in the Southern Counties Roy Dommett, n.d.
A145 Thompson's Twenty Four Country Dances for 1798 Chas. & Saml. Thompson
A146 G. Walker's Collection of Favorite Dances 1815 G. Walker, London 1815
A148.1-6 Twelfth Night Celebration and Christmas Revels, 1-7, 1983-1989 Arkansas Country Dance Society, Little Rock, 1983-1989
A149 Twenty Four Country Dances for the Years 1732 and 1736 John Walsh, London
A150 In the Beginning...The Origin of the English Country Dance! Ken Reed, Durant Center, Alexandria, Dec. 14, 1988
A167.4 Newcastle I and II: An Account of Known Variations on a Country Dance Theme Geoff Mendham and Tom Cook, EFDSS, 1985
A167.5 Mr. Confesse, His Tune (a dance interpretation) Tom Cook, 1986
A167.6 Put Up Thy Dagger, Jemy (a dance interpretation) Tom Cook, 1986
A172 Eric's First Dance Book Eric Leber, 1979
B035 "The Image of the Clown in the Contemporary Arts: A Metaphor of the Self" by Samuel Howard Miller, and "The Image of the Clown in the Contemporary Arts: The Lord of Disorder" by Wolfgang M. Zucker ARC Directions 5, New York, 1967
B036 'Badby' Morris - Windsor Morris Style Jenny Joyce, 1984 (typescript handed out at Pinewoods)
B038 Morris and Sword Information - loose collection of material
B039 The Long Foot-up Jim Bartlett
B040 Morris Dance Instructions in Manuscript Notes Roberta Yerkes Blanshard,
B041 Old Meg of Herefordshire [1609]. copied from Misallanea Antiqua Anglicana, 1816
B044 Article about Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance. Notes and Queries, June 17, 1933
B045 The Morrice Men. Douglas Kennedy
B046 Cotswold Morris: Heyday, Decline and Revival. Russell Wortley
B053 The Morris Dancer, No. 2 Nov. 1978.
B054 Morris Dance, vertical file of clippings...
C017 Papa Stour - Shetland Sword Dance Instructions Anon.
C022 Clog Steps Taught at Beginning Clog Class at Pinewoods, Second Dance Week, 1977 Peter Brown
C026 Step Dance Ian Dunmur, 1984
C027 Ampleforth Sword Dance - Complete Play [typescript from Sharp, 1913 Book III, pp.52-76] Cecil J. Sharp
C028 Chase That Rabbit (from Long Journey Home: Folklife in the South), Chapel Hill, North Carolina Stephen March and David Holt
C037 Flamborough Sword Dance instructions and music [typescript]
D034 and D035 A Midsummer Night's Dream: Songs and Incidental Music (piano-vocal score) Cecil J. Sharp
D040 International Folk Dances from Maine Folk Dance Camp, Bridgeton, Maine, ca. 1962
D046 A Collection of Various Versions and Scraps of Mummers Plays from the 1950s and 1960s. Russ Houghton
D048 The Mock Wedding: Folk Drama in Saskatchewan and the Plain States (in Folklife Center News, Summer 1989) Michael Taft
D050 John Barleycorn: Script and Program, Boston Arts Festival, performed by John Langstaff and the dancers and musicians of the Country Dance Society, 1961 John Bremer
E040 Terli Terlow: A Christmas Carol from R. Houghton papers
(sheet music; arr. for SAT recorders) (Coventry Mystery Play)
Beatrice Kane McLain
F043 John Barleycorn John Kennedy (collected from Bert Edwards)
F058-F064 Folk Songs (including Folk-Songs Various, Folk-Songs From Somerset, Folk-Songs For Schools and Folk-Song Carols) Cecil J. Sharp and Ralph Vaughan Williams
F125 Collection of English Folk Songs and Ballads
F133 Songsheet: Oats and Beans and other songs (3 copies) Hazel Pilcher, et al.
F134.1 Songs Taught at Pinewoods, 18 August, 1974 Pat Shaw
G039.4 Yr Hudoles (The Dance) Gwyn Bangor
G039.5 Welsh Dances: [Abergenny; Chwe dawns hawdd (six easy dances); Horned ram; Dwy ddawns hawdd (two simple step dances); Pont caerodor; Pont cleddau (Cleddau Bridge); Rasus conwy (Conway Races); Rhif wyth (figure eight), longways dance from llan; Ty coch caerdydd (Cardiff red house); Sawdl y fuwch from Edward Jones (1794); Tair dawns cymdeithasol (three social dances) Lois Blake; Padrig Farfog; Pat Shaw; Cicely Howells; Welsh Folk Dance Society
G048-G049 Five Manx Folk Dances, Set I and Seven Manx Folk Dances Set II (2 copies) Mona Douglas
G061 Twenty Four Original Irish Dances Hime's Musical Circulating Library, Dublin
G063 The Scots Musical Museum John Aitken
G064 Ten New Fashionable Irish Dances For The Piano Forte or Harp Alexander Wills
G067 Dancing Taught Without A Master: The Ballroom Companion Containing All The Fashionable Dances of the Day J. Daniel and Son, Aberdeen, 1879
G068 Welsh Dances Presented by Alexander Hamilton Mae Fraley
G071 History of Irish Dancing (Stair Na Rinci Gaelacha) [typescript] Le Cormac Mac Fhionnlaoich
H011 Les Danses Carrées v.1 Michel Cartier
J014 Musician's Omnibus vols.1-7 Elias Howe
J017.1 Twenty Four American Country Dances as Danced by the British during the Winter Quarters at Philadelphia, New York and Charlestown (3 copies) Mr. Cantelo
J017.2 Admired Airs Arranged as Cotillions for the Flute and Violin with Figures Firth & Hall
J017.3 Complete Practical Guide to the Art of Dancing, 1864 Thomas Hillgrove
J023 Ryan's Mammoth Collection of 1050 Reels and Jigs...and How to Play Them (excerpt of pages not found in Cole's 1000 Fiddle Tunes)
J035.1 Contra Dancing: Traditional with Modern Frills David M. Schwartz, 1979
J036 Syllabus for the Rickey Holden Contra Dance Workshop, 1956 Rickey Holden
J037.1 Contra Workshop Syllabus, Folk Dance House, 1954-1955 Ralph Page
J051 The Clog Dance Book, 1930 Helen Frost
J052 Clog and Character Dances, 1928 Helen Frost
J054 Clog Dancing Made Easy Henry Tucker
J070.2 Some West Virginia Square Dance Calls Robert G. Dalsemer
J132 Playparty Games and Square Dances Taught at The Ozark Folk Center Ozark Folk Center Leaders
J141 Dick's Quadrille Call-Book and Ball-Room Prompter, 1878 Dick & Fitzgerald, New York
J144.1 & J144.2 Howe's Fifty Contra Dances: Hornpipes, Reels, Jigs No. 1 and No. 2 Elias Howe
J145 Clark Cotillion Collection (American Sheet Music Containing Cotillions) Index by John M. Forbes
J145.5 Bingham's Cotillion For the PianoForte F. Johnson
J146 Unidentified tune collection Howe's School for the Flute, 1843
J147 It's Fun to Square Dance Southern Appalachian Calls and Figures Bascom Lamar Lunsford and George Myers Stephens, 1942
J150.1 A Treatise on Dancing Saltator, 1802
J151 Collection of New Cotillions for the Pianoforte, 1806 Mr. Berault
J152 Clog, Jig & Reel and Song & Dance Instructor
J153 Collection of the Most Fashionable Cotillions and Contra Dances F. C. Schaffer, 1810
J154 J. W. Pepper & Son's Universal Dancing Master, 1882 Lucien O. Carpenter
J155 The Fashionable Dancer's Casket or the Ball-Room Instructor, 1856 Charles Durang
J156 Durang's Terpsichore, or Ballroom Guide, 1849 Charles Durang
J157 American Ladies' Pocket Book...New Country Dances and Waltzes for 1818
J158 Square Dancing in the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky Richard Jett & Helen Price Stacy
J159 Collection of the Most Favorite Cottillions for the Pianoforte, Violin or German Flute G. E. Blake, Philadelphia, 1810
J160 Willig's Collection of Popular Country Dances G. Willig, Philadelphia
J161 Collection of the Newest Cotillions and Country Dances, 1794 John Griffiths
J162 New Country Dances in the Lady's Monitor, 1801
J163 Decatur's March P. L. Duport, Baltimore
J164 The African Dance G. Graupner, Boston
J165 Admired Cottillions For Balls and Private Parties Bourne, New York
J166 Young's Vocal and Instrumental Musical Miscellany Dodds and Claus, New York
J167 A New Academy of Compliments, or The Lover's Secretary, 1795
J168 Columbia, a New Country Dance (transcription) Philo Musico [pseud], 1790
J169 The Gentleman & Lady's Companion, 1798 John Trumbull
J170 The Gentleman & Lady's Companion, 1799 Oliver Farnsworth, Newport
J171 Ode To May D. Darwin & James Fisin
J172 The Echo or, Federal Songster, 1799 Various Authors, Merriam, Worcester
J173 The Echo or, Columbian Songster, 1800 Various Authors, Merriam, Worcester
J175 Colonial Dances: The Complete Country-Dancer and The English Archer, 1800, pp. 120-144
J176 Colonial Dances: A Collection of the Newest Cotillions and Country Dances, 1800 Worcester, MA
J180 Colonial Dances: Amusement (Country Dances) [s22194]
J181 Colonial Dances: The President/The Adams/The Constellation/The Falls of Patterson
J182 A Guide to Politeness or, A System of Directions, 1810 Francis D. Nichols
J183 The Merry Medley, or, A Collection of the Newest and Most Favorite Country-Dances, Reels and Cotillions, 1804
J184 American Ladies Pocket Book, Index 1802
J185 The Ladies & Gentlemen's Companion, 1803
J186 New Cotillions M George LaBottiere
J187 Bingham's Cotillion for the Piano Forte Francis Johnson
J188 Elements and Principles of the Art of Dancing J.H. Gourdaux
J189 Mr Francis' Ballroom Assistant, 1801 Francis Johnson
J190 The Figures of the Newest and Most Fashionable Country Dances For the Year 1808 James Hewitt and Peter H. Munson
J191 A Collection of Country Dances and Cotillions, 1802? G. Graupner, Boston
J192 Cotillions & Waltzes, ca. 1815
J193 Cotillions E. G. House, Boston
J194 Two Sets of Cotillons Arranged for the Piano Forte, 1809 G. Schaffer
J195 Two Sets of Cottillions and Two Hornpipes For the Piano Forte, 1814 G. Schaffer
J196 Cotillion Party's Assistant and Ladies Musical Companion, 1817-1818 Vincent Masi
J197 Dancing Exploded, A Sermon Shewing the Unlawfulness, Sinfulness, and Bad Consequences of Balls, Assemblies, and Dances in General, 1778 Oliver Hart, Charlestown, S. Carolina
J198 La Poule, a Popular French Quadrille Arranged As A Rondo Bacon and Co., Philadelphia
J199 New Harmony Community. Manuscript Dances, 1826
J200 Finding List of Southeastern Square Dance Figures J. Olcutt Sanders, Southern Folklore Quarterly, 1942
J202 First Set of Country Dances With Figures John Davies
J203 Sett of Monsieur Labasses Quadrilles with their Proper Figures William Staunton, arranged
J204 Musical Cabinet, pp. 160-164 (Trip to Nahant; Chorus Jigg; Money Musk)
J205 The Letter Writer and Its Accompaniments Being A Choice Collection of Contra Dances, 1833
J206 O Never Fall In Love George Willig, Baltimore
J207 Collection of Cottillions Selected from the Best Composers F.D. Mallet
J208 Letters on Dancing E.A. Theleur
J210 A Second Set of Cotillions A.H. Durocher
J213 Paddy Carey: A Favorite Cotillion George Willig, Philadelphia
J214 The Celebrated Overture to Ladoiska Kreutzer
J215 American Ladies Pocket Book, 1821 New Country Dances and Waltzes For 1821
J216 A Collection of New Cotillions, 1805 [?] Mr. Augustus
J217 The Young Lady's Book, 1837
J218 Country Dances The Universal Fortune Teller, 1830
J219 Ryan's Mammoth Collection: 1050 Reels and Jigs and How To Play Them, 1833 Elias Howe, Boston
J220 The Tri-Colored Quadrilles with the Figures as Danced at Military Balls, 1829-1835
J221 The Basket Cotillion Oliver Ditson, Boston, 1844-1857
J222 A Collection of Cotillions, Scotch Reels, etc. Introduced at the Dancing School of M. B. Brouillett, Logansport, LA Logansport, Louisiana, 1834
J223 The Ninth Set of New Cotillions with their Proper Figures John Cole, Baltimore
J224 The Eighth Set of New Cotillionswith their Proper Figures John Cole, Baltimore
J225 Cole's Selection of Favourite Cotillions John Cole, Baltimore
J226 Cole's Selection of Favourite Cotillions John Cole, Baltimore, 1824-1825
J227 Cole's Selection of Favourite Cotillions John Cole, Baltimore, 1824
J228 A Collection of the New Cotillins Published by Setts Francis Johnson
J229 Les Elegante Quadrilles With Figures by Louis Benoit Thomas Birch, 1825
J230 Select Country Dances Nathan Allen
J231 A Collection of the Most Celebrated Country Dances Willard Blanchard, Windsor 1809
J232 Manual of Basic Western Square Dance Figures Northern New Jersey Square Dancers Association, Sept. 1972
J233 The Basic Movements of Square Dancing Sets in Order American Square Dance Society
J234 Contradances and Cotillions: Dancing in Eighteenth Century Delaware John Gardner
J235 Will You Dance? (3 copies) Cynthia Carlone, Country Living, Nov. 1986
J236 Trifet's Acme of Dances with Calls and Figures F.Trifet, Boston, June 1893
J237 History of Clogging (Flop-Eared Mule, May/June 1983) Bill Nichols
J239 The Anthropology of Dance, pp 110-131 only Anya Peterson Royce
J240 The Duport Mystery Lillian Moore, Dance Perspectives
J243 "Blueberries and Cream" and other dances: typescript Frieda Gratzon
J244 Contra dance: "Sweet Iowa" Frieda Gratzon
J246 Folk Games with Music Winifred Cheney
J247 American Folk Dances Winifred Cheney, compiler
J253 Cotillions and Country Dances Alexander Dupouy
J254 A Collection of the Newest and Most Fashionable Country Dances and Cottillions John Griffith
J255 An Elegant Collection of New Figures Lately Composed For the Use of Dancing Schools, 1798 W.D.
J256 The Hartford Ball, October 31, 1987. Dances from the Collections of John Playford and Pat Shaw Reel Nutmeg. Music by Norb Spencer and Friends; Instruction by Chip Hendrickson
J258 A Select Collection of the Newest and Most Favorite Country Dances, Waltzes, Reels and Cotillions Otsego, 1808
J259 New Ladies Memorandum-Book for the Year 1793
J260 A Collection of Contra Dances of Late, Approved, and Fashionable Figures Walpole, 1799
J261 The Dancer's Instructor, Containing a Collection of the Newest Cotillions and Country Dances J.W., Keene
J262 The Scholars Companion, Containing A Choice Collection of Cotillions and Country Dances M.J.C. Fraisier, 1796
J263 The Wampum Belt James Hewitt
J264 The Sky Lark: or Gentlemen & Ladies' Complete Songster, 1797 Isiah Thomas
J265Select Country Dances Nathan Allen
J266 New Collection of Country Dances for the Year 1799 John Burbank
J267 Ode to May James Fisin
J268 Twenty-Four Figures of the Most Fashionable Country Dances, Together With Eight Cotillions For the Year 1800 John H Ives
J269 A New Collection of Country Dances for the Use of Dancing Assemblies for the Year 1799 Leominster 1799
J270 Twenty Four Fashionable Country Dances for the Year 1799 Norman 1799
J271 Contra Dances
J272 No 1 of a New Sett of Cotilions With Figures Called After the American Navy Pierre Landrin Duport
J273 United States Country Dances with Figures Pierre Landrin Duport
J276.1 A New Set of Cotillions Composed for the Occasion and Performed by Johnson's Band at the Fancy Ball Jan. 24th, 1828 (at the City Dancing Assembly, Philadelphia) Francis Johnson
J276.2 New Cottillions Given at the New Theatre in Honor of Genl. LaFayette Francis Johnson
J276.3 President Boyer's Cotillion Francis Johnson
J276.4 New Cotillions Francis Johnson
J276.5 Deux Quadrilles de Contredanses...La Sonnambula Francis Johnson
J276.6 Johnson's New Cotillions and March Performed at the Grand Ball at the New Theatre in Honor of ...General Lafayette Francis Johnson
J280 Swing Below: A Book Compiled By A Dancer For Square Dancers Ed Moody
J283 Dances of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Washington County workshop by Larry Edelman
J284 Promenade (1941) vol 11, nos 6-9 only
J288 Mr. Francis' Ball Room Assistant (1801) William Francis
J289 A Choice Collection of New and Approved Country Dances Northampton, 1796
J290 Folk Dance House (NYC) Workshop Syllabus, Feb. 7, 1954 Ralph Page
J291 The Fireman's Dance, Hull's Victory,The Wwinster Galop; Haste to the Wedding, The Square Eight (7 copies)
J292 The Yankee Dancing Master: A Legacy from the Past Kate Van Winkle Keller
J293 Dances from Appalachia Christmas Country Dance School
J295 Yankee Dancing Master, A Legacy From The Past - version delivered at the Ralph Page Legacy Weekend, Jan. 13-15, 1989 Kate Van Winkle Keller
J296 Dancing in Prosperity: The Dances of Jerry Goodwin workshop by Larry Edelman
J298 Otto Wood's Square Dances. Typescript from Berea College Archives Otto Wood
J302 Country Dancing in Central and Western New York State James Kimball, New York Folklore, Vol. XIV, Nos. 3-4, 1988
K012 Christmas Mummings on Nevis Roger D. Abrahams (in North Carolina Folklore Journal, Vol. XX1, No. 3, Sept. 1973, pp. 120-131)
K016 North Carolina Folklore Journal, Vol. XXV, No. 1, May 1977 (Special issue devoted to Bascom Lamar Lunsford) 2 copies
K023 Directory & Minutes of Annual Sacred Harp Singings Throughout the United States of America, 1987-1988 Nora Parker, secretary
K093a Flirtie Girtie From Bizertie (Tune from Tunis) Lt. William L. Russell and Sgt. Paul Reif, 1943
K096 Songs Dudley Laufman
K109.1 Amidon's Collection of Songs Peter and Mary Alice Amidon
K100 People's Songs: Songs of Labor and The American People, May 1948 Vol. 3 No. 3
K101 People's Songs, May 1948 Vol. 3 No. 4
K146 Jeff Warner's Song Collection, 1985
K157 Musical Documents: The Films of John Cohen
K159 Musical Appreciation Supplement Folk Songs, (Recreation Circular #33), 1940 Winifred Cheney, compiler
K160 American and European Folk Songs, (Recreation Circular #13), 1940
K161 American Folklore: A Bibliography of Major Works, 1973 Joseph C. Hickerson
K165 Patria, 1917 Mrs. Vernon Castle
K166 The Little Sandy Review, no. 10
K168 Miscellaneous Songs, Pinewood, Folk Music Week 1987
N010 Leaders' Workshop at Pinewoods Camp, Aug 19-26, 1951 (mimeo sheets of "The Bridge" by Ray Smith, "Jessie Polka" by Red Warrick, "The California Girl" by Ed Gilmore, and "The Velco Do-Sa Dew" by Johnny Velotte CDS
N032 Do-it-yourself: A Guide for Folk Dance Leaders Douglas and Helen Kennedy
N040 Becoming Better: A Guide to Applicants to the Experienced Country Class David Chandler
N045 Characteristics of Good English Dancing Adapted by Boston Centre, CDS
N046 The Young Gentleman and Lady's Private Tutor, 177 Matthew Towle
N047 To Twirl (A Lady) or Not To Twirl C. Cyril ("Chip") Hendrickson, 1983
N050 Reflections On A Performing Group Elfrid Windsor
N051 Men's Clothing Workshop for Brookfield's Bicentennial, 1788-1988 Cyril "Chip" Hendrickson
N060 An Easy introduction to Dancing, or the Movements in the Minuet Fully Explained George Bickham, Jr., 1738
N061 Clothing for Ladies and Gentlemen of Higher and Lower Standing Minute Man National Historical, Mass., 1976
N062 Teachers' In-Service Course, NYC Health Education May Gadd, 1961
N069 Bringing Up the Family Musically Fannie Buchanan, 1940
N070 RSCDS Teacher Training - Is It Too Tough? Geoffrey Selling, 1987
N079 International Folk Music: Ten Articles From Musical Quarterly:
N079.01 Folk Songs of Modern Greece Rodney Gallop
N079.02 Folk Music of Eastern Portugal Rodney Gallop
N079.03 Folk music of the Southern Slavs Rodney Gallop
N079.04 The Music of Indian Mexico Rodney Gallop
N079.05 The Celt In Music Leigh Henry
N079.06 Valencian Cross-Roads Violet Alford
N079.07 Hungarian Peasant Music Bela Bartok
N079.08 Haydn and the Folksong of the British Isles Karl Geiringer
N079.09 Gypsy Music or Hungarian Music? Bela Bartok
N079.10 English Folk Dance in the United States Bertha K.Young
N080 Tenth Annual Madelynne Greene Folk Lore Camp, Syllabus Mendocino Woodlands, 1971
O068 Old English and American Games For School and Playground Florence Warren Brown and Neva L. Boyd, 1915
O074 Folk Costume and Tradition of England, Wales & Scotand (a series of eight postcards) Michael Stringer
P012 Our Common Tradition (in English Dance and Song, Vol. XI No. 3, June-July 1947) May Gadd
P017 Fifty Years of Dance and Song, 1915-1965 [presskit] Country Dance Society of America
P018 John C. Campbell Folk School, 1937 and 1938 brochures Mrs. John C. Campbell, director
P019 A Man who Mined Musical Gold...Sharp in Appalachia (in Smithsonian, April 1985/td> Tony Sherman
P020 Newport, RI (copies of various papers re the Assembly there) Joy Van Cleef, collector
P021 Newport Folk Festival Program, July 10-16, 1967
P024 Cecil Sharp: "The Greatest Dynamic in the FolkSong World" produced by Robin Whitworth, 1927
P026 Composition For People Who "Can't" Compose...Interview with John DavisonThe American Recorder, Volume XVIII No. 4, Feb 1978 Pamela Horst
P027 A Fine Country Dance (in Country Journal, Nov, 1988) Sarah Jane Nelson
P031 Journal of the International Folk Music Council, v. III: 1951
P032 Journal of the International Folk Music Council, v. XX: 1968
P058 Paper delivered at SUNY-Stonybrook concerning 18th and 19th Century Dance James E. Morrison, 198-?
P082 George Washington Ate, Drank and Danced Here: A New England Tour(offprint from Yankee, July 1973 Harrison Clark
P086 Frolic: Social Dancing On The Southern Frontier (Dance Magazine, Vol. XXX No. 10, October 1956 John Q. Anderson
P092 Our Folk Dances (in Music and Letters, Vol. IV No. 4, October 1923, pp. 320-333) (2 copies) A. H. Fox Strangways
P093 Profile of Elisha Keeler (in The New Yorker, Feb. 9, 1957 Robert Lewis Taylor
P094 Dance Perspectives: Selected Issues: Nos. 35, 40, 42,43, 44, 59 and 61
P094.35 Trance Dance (in No. 35) Erika Bourguignon
P094.40 The Male Image Ray L. Birdwhistell
P094.42 Feasts and Folias: The Dance in Portugal Jose Sasportes
P094.43 Micronesian Heritage Mary Browning
P094.44 Russian Journals Agnes de Mille/td>
P094.59 Shorashim: The Roots of Israeli Folk Dance Judith Brin Ingber
P094.61 All That Strange and Mysterious Folk: Studies in Ballet Supernaturals Selma Jean Cohen, ed.
P095 The Dancing Dunsings (Journal of Physical Education and Recreation) Kirby Todd
P096.1 The Philadelphia Assemblies Thomas Willing Balch, 1916
P097 Seventeenth Century British Dance and Its Influence on Early American Dance Ken Aldrich
P097.1 Rules and Regulations For the Dancing Assembly of Savannah
P098 Everybody's Doin' It: The Pre-World War I Dance Craze, The Castles, and The Modern American Girl Lewis A. Erenberg
P099 They Come Out of the Hills To Make The Old-Time Music (Clogging: A Collection of Clippings)
P099.1 Amicable Society [Baltimore, 1791]
P100 Bascam Lamar Lunsford's Sixth Annual Minstrel of The Appalachia, October 5 and 6, 1973 Bascom Lamar Lunsford
P100.1 Square Dance Figures of Tidewater Virginia (Journal of Health and Physical Education. 1937) Caroline B. Sinclair
P101 The Negro and His Folklore in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals Bruce Jackson
P101.1 A Country Dance in the Ozarks in 1874 John Q. Wolf
P102 Chronicles of the American Dance (partial copy) Paul David Magriel, ed.
P103.1 Bascom Lamar Lunsford, "Minstrel of the Appalachians": His Ballads and His Songs, His Mountain Square Dancing Pete Gilpin
P109 The Zest of the Past (from Americana, Vol. 15 No.2, May/June 1987) Claudia Mahoney
P113 The Distinction Between Folk and Popular Music Maud Karpeles
P113 Traditional Folksong and 'Folklore' Singers Fritz Bose
P113 "The Distinction Between Folk and Popular Music by Maud Karpeles; "Traditional Folksong and "Folklore" Singers" by Fritz Bose, and "Once Again: On the Concept of 'Folk-Dance'" by Felix Hoerburger (all three articles in Journal of the International Folk Music Council, Vol. XX, 1968)
P115 How Did You Think It Was?:The Political Background to the Folk Revival, 1903-1912 Roy Dommett
P116 Folklore, Fakelore, and Poplore (in Saturday Review, Aug. 26, 1967) Marshall Fishwick
P118 The Maypole: An Engraving of 1751 (from Journal of the EFDSS, Vol. IV, No. 4, Dec. 1943) Violet Alford
P119 Stepping Out: Ballroom Dancing Competitions Combine Hollywood Glitz With Olympic Intensity C.J. Houtchens
P120 Entry for Square Dance for International Encyclopedia of Dance, 1987 LeeEllen Friedland
P121 Ralph Page, Historian David R. Proper
P122 Ring the Banjar! (from Americana, May/June, 1984) Robert F. Baldwin
PA001 Research Notes for Dancing Masters in America to 1840 James E. Morrison
PA003.1 Background Research Material for Research in Early American Music and Dance James E. Morrison
PA003.2 Background Research Material for Research in Early American Music and Dance James E. Morrison
PC001.1 A Folk Dance School (in Dance Observer, Dec. 1940) May Gadd
PC001.2 Spring Folk Dance Festivals (in Dance Observer, June/July 1941, p.77) May Gadd
PC001.3 Folk Dancing In England (in Dance Observer, Nov. 1938, p.130) May Gadd
PC001.4 Square Dances of America (in Dance Observer, April 1937) May Gadd
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